Let The Reading Begin

I have an entry in this competition as well. Please take a look and vote for your favorites!


I just have a couple of things to ask and then I will get out of your way so you can get to the stories …

Authors … please encourage your friends and fans to read all the stories …. please keep your story a secret for now … it might be fun to see who knows your writing style without being told …

Readers … Please take the time to read ALL the stories even if they are different from your favorite fandoms … who knows you might just find a new fandom …Some of our authors are first timers ..let’s keep that in mind when reviewing and I do encourage you to review, rate, like, and share …And please NO FLAMING

I believe I have all stories listed … if you submitted a story but don’t see it listed please get in touch with me ASAP….

Okay, Okay…

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