What are we grateful for?

Kittyinaz  just gave me an idea.  First, thanks for reading my story update, Kitty and second thanks for the idea! 🙂


Most of us are swimming in pools of crapitude about the upcoming premiere of True Blood so I thought I would try and find some things that I am grateful for about the show.  Please feel free to jump in and add if you have things, too!


1- John Quinn was not a character on the show.  (though if he were he should have been played by Vin Diesel but even that goodness would not have been enough to make the Tiger showing up a treat.)

My pick for John Quinn

My pick for John Quinn


2- Victor Madden did not show up to rain on our Viking’s parade.  (though Matt Smith would have been a good choice for that character, I think)

My pick for Victor Madden- and winner for best hair, ever.  I'm so frackin' jealous!

My pick for Victor Madden- and winner for best hair, ever. I’m so frackin’ jealous!


3- No Freyda


4- No Appius, though I think they channeled some of that malice and crazy into the Russell Edgington recontruction.


What about you guys?


11 thoughts on “What are we grateful for?

  1. Kittyinaz says:

    Reblogged this on Kittyinaz and commented:
    Lol! I spawned an idea!! Love it!

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  2. Kittyinaz says:

    Godric. He is hands down the most fantastic thing to come from true blood!! I love him and truly, he is the character that brought me to this fandom.

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    • idream3223 says:

      I love Godric, too. That was genuis. The contrast between his smaller form and Eric’s large frame, and having to wrap your head around where the real power was and that your eyes were telling you wrong. It caused the most wonderful crash up in my head, and that was just the look of it. There was also the feel and the great acting by all parties.

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    • theladykt says:

      Totally agree. I loved Godric. So sad that they killed him off so quickly.

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  3. That there was no cluviel dor and that Sookie was not tortured by Lochlan and Neave.
    I also think the set designs are great and so detailed that you can still pick out stuff you didn’t notice upon first watch.

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  4. idream3223 says:

    ohh, those are good! 🙂


  5. Cari Arias says:

    At the end you do not care what may happen to Sookie. TB Sookie is almost unbearable, SVM Sookie, we had not realized it was almost unbearable.

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  6. theladykt says:

    Pretty good observations. This is going to be the worst season and series finale ever. CH and AB need to be blackballed and writing/producing ever. Blech


  7. lostinspace33 says:

    I am forever thankful for Alexander Skarsgard’s fantastic portrayal of Eric Northman. In fact, I’m most thankful for TB introducing me to the perfection that is Alexander Skarsgard! 🙂

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  8. idream3223 says:

    Oh, Nelsan Ellis, I am grateful for him!

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  9. gwynwyvar says:

    No Rhodes and yucky Andre trying to force blood on Sookie. And making her resent Eric for saving her/forming bond.

    No ‘I don’t know if what I feel is real, or all the magical bond’ …. only to then realize she did freaking love him without the bond…. and then ‘the magic of the clavier dur was why I slept with Sam… oh well, maybe we might start a relation ship’ Double Standard Much?

    Hmm, mini rant. Guess I’m not over that bit of the last book.

    Oh, and no, ‘I was just lying, I always planned to turn you’

    Geez, I should stop now. No more ranting.

    Yay for Godric, although they could have had him, but had Godfrey fry himself.

    And Yay for Lafayette living!

    And Yay for Arlene not turning into psycho bitch 🙂 Even if I am blasé about her TB character 🙂

    And Yay for Jesus! He was great 🙂

    Gonna shut up now. I agree with everything everyone else has said too 😀


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