Skarsgard: Generation Kill- What Would You Be?


I have seen a couple of mentions for Generation Kill in different posts and wanted to ask what you all thought about the scene above.

I will confess that I only bought it because I had run out True Blood to feed the Swedish monkey that was on my back, but I really enjoyed the story.  It was much more emotional than I expected a male driven war piece to be and some of the things that were portrayed as having really happened were very upsetting for me.

It’s ok, though because I think the point is that I was SUPPOSED to be upset.

When I saw the scene above, I burst into tears.  It doesn’t affect me that way now, but at the time I just totally lost my shit.  I suspect it was the emotional build up of the entire series that tipped me over in the moment when I saw Brad Colbert running through that field, arms spread, and I tried to understand what his answer was to the question, “If you weren’t a marine, what would you be?”

Any thoughts on what Brad meant with his answer?


2 thoughts on “Skarsgard: Generation Kill- What Would You Be?

  1. jules3677 says:

    When I watched that scene I immediately thought that Brad was trying to get the rest of squad to relax. Sometimes when in a prolonged stressful situation its the silly lighthearted things/actions that get you through to the other side. Brad had spent all that time sitting in the first vehicle that was going through the enemy territory so to just relax he needed to burn off some energy. His men watching their Sgt doing something silly got them all talking & relating to each other again.

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    • idream3223 says:

      I like your thought. It does sound like what Brad would do to make sure that everyone had what they needed. He was such a complicated character with his past and his high ideals that no one not even himself could live up to in a situation that was beyond his control in every way.

      When I saw him with his arms out running around the field and pretending he was flying it really just kicked me right in the heart.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! 🙂


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