Follow the Bloody Brick Road


This is going to cover the books the TV Show and possibly some of the best guarded secrets of the Universe.  Consider yourself warned.  Flee or read on brave soul.


I kept subconsciously trying to hijack everyone’s blog strings on the finale to tell my story.  Then I would remember I had my own voice and I needed to get over here and use it.

I found Eric Northman in May of 2013.  It was my birthday, and I was on vacation looking for something to amuse me when I saw that Amazon Prime had the first episode of  seasons 1-4 up for free.  I am blessed to be the kind of person who can start in the middle of the story and go forward or back so it was no hardship for me to skip around like that, in fact I rather enjoyed it.

The first episode of the first season showed me a heroine that I felt I could admire.  Sookie Stackhouse, standing up for the oppressed and helpless vampires by saving Bill Compton from the drainers, and proving that there was good in everyone.  Ok, I can dig that.

The first episode of season two, there is a VERY large, VERY violent, VERY bloody vampire in foil, tearing a dude apart with his bare hands.  WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?

The first episode of season three, there is very LARGE, very NAKED, very HANDSOME vampire in what looked like the same basement where he had just ripped that other dude apart.  WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?

The first episode of season four there was a VERY HOT, VERY ELOQUENT, VERY SINCERE vampire uttering the words, “I. NEVER. DID.”

I was in.  I bought the seasons for myself for my birthday and lost myself in the world of Bon Temps.  It was seriously a great time.  I over identified, lost my sense of self and became obsessed with Eric Northman.  When I ran out of episodes I bought the books.

I knew I was totally in love with a fictional character in book two, when he is standing on her porch, dressed for the orgy and he says,  “That’s crazy.”  I knew I was right to be in love when he swept her away at the orgy, protecting her from wandering hands and unwanted thoughts.  I literally said out loud to Sookie Stackhouse, “You are crazy if you don’t love this man back!”

Yeah, I said “back” in book two.  I knew then, didn’t you?

I suspected when he killed Longshadow.  I knew in Dallas when he patched her up.  I knew when he took her call and agreed to escort her to the orgy, and showed up in the pink spandex.  It was, to me, the equivalent of wearing his heart on his sleeve for the world to see, while trying to distract them with his package.

He is Eric Northman, after all.

After reading all the books I found fanfiction.  I found Terri Botta, kjwrit, ficlet78 and got to see what that all COULD have been like in depth and from perspectives other than hers.  Their Eric Northman’s were perfect and I loved them even more.  *dreamy sigh*  I went on to read others and soon, the writer in me was awakened because I had seen things, possibilities that I had not found explored yet.  And so, Twenty Questions, my first fanfic and first story that I had written in five plus years was born.  I would not dare try and tell you it’s good, only that it is special to me, and will always be one of my favorite things I have ever done in my time here in this world.

My heart broke for him in the books when he lost her, and it did again in the show.  I know what it’s like to love someone like that, though I doubt I ever did it with half as much grace as the beautiful Viking managed in season 7.

I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for Alex to do those lines, and realize, as we did, only sooner that this was how it was going to go for his Northman.  I believe he probably wanted that to work out as much as we did, but I don’t know that for sure.  Something about the truth in the phrase “This just isn’t fucking working for me!” *dreamy sigh, again*  I put that one right up there with, “You’re going to invite me in so I can protect you, or have passionate primal sex with you.”


So, anyway, here I am now, in middle of three stories, a fourth I started yesterday set in Season 7, and I feel…like too much real life got into my fucking fantasy life.  If I wanted shitty endings, and most of the crap I got in season 7 I would have turned off the telly and just dealt with real life.

REALLY?  Yes, really.  As usual though, what got me was not what seems to have gotten most people.

First, and this had me spitting fire for days….”A FREE THINKER IS SATAN’S SLAVE”.  Did anyone even see that but me?  It was on the marquee at the church in the early episodes of Season 7 while they all ran around blaming Sookie for Hep-V and everything else.  While Willa was crashing with Lettie Mae and the Rev.  They never pointed it out, they never said anything about it, it was like subliminal fuckery.

“A FREE THINKER IS SATAN’S SLAVE.”  Oh, yeah?  Well fuck you, too. Guess there aren’t too many of those in Bon Temps since they can’t commit acts of idiocy in anything less than a group of six or more.  Perhaps it was meant ironically, perhaps it was meant to be funny.  I did not see the humor.  It translated to me as, “Sit down, shut up, and be grateful for this shit sandwich we just handed you.  To do anything else makes you…a joke to us.”

Second, what the hell is up with all the MORALITY?  They are VAMPIRES!  Why is Jessica so betrayed to see Lafayette and James?  Why is who you snog suddenly such a big deal from the vampire perspective? I get that the humans have always been hypocritical about it, but now the vamps have joined them?  Really?  Why was Violet, upset about Jessica and Jason?  Oh, yeah, she was crazy.  Actually though, it was that she thought Jason was beneath her, so his preferring someone else to her was a huge blow to her ego.  That and she was crazy.

Third, and perhaps the largest of all, the Doormat vs. The Long Suffering Hero.  I knew this already.  Most of you do, too.  I just never have had someone drag my nose through it over and over and again to such a degree.  Sookie, wetnap for Bill Compton and his bullshit drama…”oh I love you Bill, I can’t let go!”  It was disgusting for reasons we all know and rant about, but summarized to, HE IS UNWORTHY OF HER!  But she runs to him anyway.  If I had a nickle for every time someone, including myself called her a fool, I could retire and blog all day.  She is so foolish it makes us feel UNCOMFORTABLE, and that just adds to our dislike of Bill Compton.

But here’s the thing…

Eric is a wetnap for Sookie and her bullshit drama.  “What kind of trouble are you in tonight, Miss Stackhouse?”  “I came to tell you that I am going to be all right.”  His heartfelt, I know I am going to live now and I wanted you to be the FIRST person I told, is greeted with, “Bill is sick!”  It was just as disgusting as the things mentioned above, and boils down to SHE IS UNWORTHY OF HIM!  But Eric keeps going back to her anyway.  I don’t think he’s a fool, though I honestly don’t know why.  It is exactly the same situation.  But rather than making me uncomfortable and adding to my dislike of Sookie, I find myself sighing and feeling sad for him that his love is not returned.  I feel my heart breaking for him.

I would like to hide behind the idea that I like Eric and empathize with him, and I don’t like her, and what she has become.  But I fear that it is more than that.  I fear that a woman who acts as Eric and Sookie are acting, because they are both acting the same way, can ONLY be perceived as a DOORMAT and a man who acts as Eric and Sookie are acting can ONLY be perceived as THE LONG SUFFERING HERO.

I don’t want that to be true.  I DEFINITELY don’t want to be caught up in that gender profiling crap.  No matter what I want though, I am a product of the society that we live in.

Good news for me,   I am also a FREE THINKER.  So, I have a chance to see this, accept this, and possibly change this about myself.

I know that  a lot of people would go, “oh it’s just a show, get it over it!” and a still more disappointing crew would ask why there weren’t more boobs in this season.  Thankfully, I don’ t know any of those folks.  I met people like me, who were inspired to feel and think and do as a result of being exposed to this strange little world.  I have enjoyed meeting you all, here in this fanfiction world.

You all were the best and last gift I got from 2013 birthday purchase of True Blood.  So, in addition to my heartfelt thanks to Alexander Skarsgård, for bringing Eric to life I would also like to thank you all.  The folks who read me, who comment me who support me over and over no matter how tortured my muse is.   Even the folks who login and GUEST me on  They just make me want to write more.  I’m stubborn that way.  🙂

Bless you all, and don’t be offended if I wish for you all the be Free Thinkers, too.  It just means I think that the True Blood writers were a bunch of disappointing hacks, and I think that the cat is already out of the bag on that one.

I leave you with the many faces of Northman.  Muah!


Spoilers done.  *Hailing frequencies closed*








2 thoughts on “Follow the Bloody Brick Road

  1. msbuffy says:

    Amen! Keep on thinking freely, lady.

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  2. eaaustin85 says:

    Amen!!! Right there with you!!!

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