Geek Chic: The Collectiva Diva Can’t Stop Shipping To These 5 Albums

This is a really cool blog! If you aren’t reading it, take a minute to check out The Collective.

The Collective Blog

As I’ve said before, I am a bit of a music snob.

tina fey

Music inspires me so much, I create elaborate shipping soundtracks that differ with my mood and the type of fic I’m reading or writing. If I become ridiculously obsessed with an album or a band, I will murder their sound for months at a time, until a) I can’t stand to listen to them anymore or b) they come out with a new album for me to kill. I love to share music with friends, and so, dear readers, here are the top 5 albums to ship to. I can’t get enough of them. In fact, I’m listening to at least one right now over on Spotify and so should you.

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xoxo The Collectiva Diva

1) Hozier

I’ve been listening to my Hozier playlist on repeat this…

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