Meme Monday: Philosoraptor Asks the Important Questions

I love this site. Every time I visit I find something cool and new. This time I read about why Donna Noble was the best companion. It was nice to remember all the great things about her and the 10th.

The Collective Blog

Happy Monday, Collectors!

This is my last Meme Monday before I hand the reigns back to the Collectiva Diva, and oh yes, that means that fanfic recs will be back in my court. Well, actually, right now as I type this it’s Sunday in the U.K. and the Collected Mutineer has made me a bit o’ salsa to go with my afternoon tea.

Such a food combination has me pondering the important questions, just like Philosoraptor.


But, ultimately, the Californian in me responds with an apathetic shrug and, because I can, here’s one last Grumpy Cat to set the mood for your work week.


Don’t worry, Grumpy Cat, this isn’t the end of our relationship. I’ll make sure you’re still well represented here at The Collective.

-The Collectress

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