Screening of The Cellar

awesome that you did the screening! I totally understand that moment you mentioned where others are seeing what you dreamed up. I have the advantage of not being right THERE if someone wants to boo me… Though I don’t think that distance makes the booing feel better. You are brave! Congrats!! 🙂

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The Cellar horror short film premiere
On Friday, September 26th, we screened The Cellar at the Weberknecht in Vienna.

Because of the short lenght of the film I was not sure whether to present the finished short film at all. I did not want to molest people by inviting them to a screening which was only five minutes long and I also did not have enough behind the scenes material to cut some kind of making of (that’s something I will take better care of next time).

But as several crew members kept asking me when the final short would be shown somewhere, I decided to go for it and arrange a limited screening of the short.

tickets for The Cellar horror short film premiere tickets kept in a box of headache pills – I did not have anything else 🙂

We met at Weberknecht – if it were in Ireland you would call it a pub – whose owner seems to be…

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