My Spookfest 2014 Story- Launch of The Transverse

Hello my lovelies! First, thank you all who read and voted for my story during Bertie Botts Every Flavor Spook Fest 2014!  It was so much fun to branch out and try something new and different!

Second, this story offered me the spring board that I had been looking for to launch a new section of idream2332 Fanfiction and Other Writing, The Transverse.

The Transverse will be the universe that will hold cross over stories, and original works of mine.  It will transcend the boundaries of genre and fandoms, as well as being a story in itself as we come to learn about The Lady in Red and The Man in Black who function as guardians and caretakers in this strange new world.

Some exciting things that are coming soon…

Image…what happens to our actor next when he turns from his image and finds himself in The Transverse?

Who are The Lady in Red and The Man in Black?

And MsBuffy and I are working on a cross over for Buffy/Angel/and my TB fanfiction Twenty Questions that I am very excited about!  She’s gonna keep me straight and help me get to that awesome place where Spike and Eric sit down over a warm cuppa and talk about the ladies in their lives.  I CAN’T WAIT! *squeeeee!*

So, without further ado, I bring you my entry in the Spook Fest 2014- Image.  Hope you Enjoy!

Image Banner



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