New Story from The Transverse! – ZODIAC



Hello dear readers!  This is the setup to the story that some of you signed up to metafiction with me on.  I will be working on that over the next few days and hope to have that together soon.

Tonight, I offer you ZODIAC, told from Will Farmer’s POV it picks up a few days after What I Do and shows us more of his new world as well as revealing more about The Man In Black.  I hope you enjoy!

5 thoughts on “New Story from The Transverse! – ZODIAC

  1. redjane12 says:

    Hiya! Apologies in advance if my question is somewhat redundant but is the Transverse basically stories about non-SVM/TB characters? That is what I thought initially but then The Rainbows End with the really cool combo of Wizard of Oz/Gen Kill etc. does have Eric & Sookie so not sure anymore….
    Sorry if this is obvious and I am being slow….

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    • idream3223 says:

      Hey redjane12! That’s a great question! The Transverse is a place for Crossovers (like Rainbows End) and for Originals (like Image and its sequels).

      If I am doing straight up fanfiction for a show or book it has it’s own category like TB/SVM and Generation Kill and those will deal with only characters from that Universe.
      It is possible in The Transverse to see characters like Eric and Sookie because they can Crossover there to any story that I have written for that Universe.
      I will also let you know that there are little easter egg like connections between my Transverse tales that tie them together and answer or cause more questions that will be explained as we learn more about the Transverse.
      I hope this helps! 🙂

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      • redjane12 says:

        Thank you! That’s really helpful… It also took me several months to understand the concept of that amazing genius that was EricIzMine’s Multi-verse which I loved once I got my head round it…

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        • idream3223 says:

          Her work was amazing and I loved it, too! Thank you so much for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts! Look forward to more as we learn together in this new Universe!


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