Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Northman…


Valentine’s Day…you either love it or hate it.  People who find themselves single and alone find the day the hardest sometimes but that’s because we have been pushed to believe that it is all about chocolate or diamonds or grand gestures that make up for the rest of the year not being so grand.  We are pushed to believe that without that special someone we are nothing.

Here’s the thing though…You are the special someone in your life.  🙂

I know right, it sounds weird?  It’s true though.  Valentine’s Day is about love and it is great if you have someone that you are moved to share it with, but most important is the love you show yourself.  Be nice to yourself.   If you want to, buy something nice for yourself, but love doesn’t always have to be about the things you purchase.  It can also be about appreciating the things you already have.

Read a book you’ve been putting off.  Take a long hot bath with scented candles.  Make yourself a cup of tea and let yourself sip it slowly while you think the thoughts that are often pushed aside by busy schedules and busy lives.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves or anyone else in our lives is to value ourselves.

I hope this special days finds you appreciating everyone who is important to you and that you are counted among them.

Here is a little something to show how much I appreciate each of you this holiday.  Hope you enjoy!

This is a one shot from the FauX universe…  As Valentine’s Day approaches Sookie has love on her mind, but can she convince her two thousand year old lover to open his heart and embrace the true spirit of the human holiday?

TB/The FauX Universe/OOC/Rated T

Happy Valentines Day



3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Northman…

  1. Truer words were never spoken. That was so lovely. I’m married and planning on spending today doing fun things, as we do everyday. Or try. The love and care you give yourself is #1. How can you lead a happy life helping others without it! 🙂 Looking forward to this one-shot. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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