Story Spotlight: Hollywood

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Kelpie's Korner

Fandom: True Blood/SVM
Rating: M
AU/Canon/AH: AH
Complete? yes

Summary: I think my inspiration for this was another trip to the salon, and no, I only got my hair done! (you’ll understand my reason for clarifying once you read, lol).

My oh-so-humble thoughts
OH.MY.GOD. This might be the pinnacle of my week-seriously, this story…. *hold for a moment while I compose myself*

Okay, now-yeah, this one shot is so many shades of awesome!!! I have so many things I could say, but I don’t want to ruin the brilliant amazingness that she’s managed to put together.

Let me just say, as a frequent patron of….this kind of thing…this story rocked so much. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard at a fic in so long…and then had to stifle moans in the gym sauna cause of how hot it was…and no, not the sauna. Yeah it…

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