Update! Night Vision- Imagine That!

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Night Vision

Eric ‘The Northman’ is a late night talk show host on WKDED in Shreveport.  His call in show, Night Vision, has brought him into the supernatural spotlight when a local vampire becomes a fan.  When her desire for him brings her out into the night to claim him as her own she is interrupted by a fiery assailant who ends her life and removes Eric’s memories of the event.  His need to remember and understand what happened takes him down a dark and winding path into the world of the supernatural where he meets a woman who takes his breath and his heart with her fiery magical ways.

TB/SVM-Pre the Great Revelation-Eric & Sookie-AU-OOC-NC17

3 thoughts on “Update! Night Vision- Imagine That!

  1. suzymeinen says:

    I hear it’s your birthday! Happy birthday! I wish I had a gift to give you because I feel like every time you write something it’s a gift to all of us and I would love to give you something back.

    Liked by 1 person

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