Come With Me Now- TWCS Feature January 17-23, 2016!

Featured Story January 17-23, 2016

Come With Me Now Banner Final


Come With Me Now–Eric’s Voice: Today was a good day to die. In the moments I had left, Sookie pressed to my back, guns in her hands, guns in mine and Death hovering in the corner, remembrance tugged at me. Like a loose thread in my mind I went back to where this all started. I wanted to spend what time I had left remembering how I got my Happily Ever After, because that is what mattered. How long it lasted was always beyond our control. What mattered was that after so very long, I had reached that place with her at my side. I had reached that place with Sookie, the woman of my undead dreams.”

Sometimes you don’t know what you think you know….

True Blood/Post Season 7/Eric & Sookie/OOC/NC-17
Inspired by Gyllene’s HEA Contest 2014


This story to me is about the mistakes that we make when we let our internal voices lead us to assuming the worst and the things we miss when we do.  It’s also about the great things that can happen when give ourselves a chance to trust and believe those voices don’t know it all.

Thanks to TWCS for featuring it this week! Hope you enjoy reading it again, or for the first time!


2 thoughts on “Come With Me Now- TWCS Feature January 17-23, 2016!

  1. Congrats for being showcased!

    This is one of my favorite stories you written. It’s another one which rips me inside out. You are the angst queen. As much as you claim to try to lighten the load, I can rarely read something of yours without a good sobfest. But, this is a skill you have, among many, which gives me joy. It allows me to reflect on things in my own life in a way I perhaps hadn’t thought to do.

    So, thanks for making me cry.

    All my love: 💛💙💜💚❤💕💓💖💞💔💗💝💟


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  2. This story is one of favorites!
    So glad that TWCS decided to featured it this week.


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