Valentine’s Day *One Shot* Night Vision 24. Things I Never Gave You


So, the winner was Night Vision for an update!

I love this story and I love that you all wanted to visit here again.  It was close in the votes though, this story won by three votes while The Big Bang and FauX actually tied! It’s the best Valentine present ever to have so many of my stories loved by so many!

Timeline wise, this presented a bit of a pickle because it was early fall in the NV timeline.  I think I managed to find away around that and deliver some good hearts and flowers for the special day while also keeping the story moving for when I can get back and finish it.

Between you and me, I will tell you the hold up is Godric and what he wants to happen when they arrive in Dallas.  For months now he and I have been in deep serious negotiation about how to maintain the integrity of the story and deliver what he wants to happen.  That has been part of the hold up on continuing. I think that eventually he and I will agree on a satisfactory resolution.  In the meantime I have some other things to work on, but Night Vision is always present in my thoughts.  I am glad to know that I am not alone!

May there be chocolate and love and sweet hugs and kisses in all your days.  And if you are still waiting on that special someone, don’t worry.  I will see you in the candy isles on the 15th when all the sweet goodness is 70% off! 🙂


love to you all!


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3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day *One Shot* Night Vision 24. Things I Never Gave You

  1. msbuffy says:

    Thank you! Out of the thousands of stories I’ve read over the many years, this is one of my favorites. It’s haunting in it’s beauty, so excellently designed and written, and perfect for Valentine’s Day. 🙂


  2. murgatroid98 says:

    What a lovely interlude for them. Thank you so much.


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