Thank you :)

Real life prevents me from being able to thank you each individually for you kind wishes and wonderful support to my message today. I smiled every time I saw one of you pop round and hug me. Thank you all so very much for kind words and prayers. I will be holding you each close to my heart as I hurry back to you as soon as possible. 💕 much love to you all! Idream3223

5 thoughts on “Thank you :)

  1. mom2goalies says:

    More hugs coming your way

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  2. motomary says:

    Just know we support you and wish the best for you. Appreciate your sharing of your gift with us.


  3. valady1 says:

    You have a large circle of virtual friends here. We will hold you in our hearts as you deal with what is happening. Take care of yourself


  4. jules3677 says:

    Our thoughts are with you. Concentrate on resolving all the difficulties. We will be here waiting for you to return. Best of luck.


  5. msbuffy says:

    Take care of what you need to. We’ll be here. Here’s some hugs for you, too. Take care of yourself, and love to you, too!


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