Countdown to Nightmares Cover Reveal!


We are six days away from the cover reveal for Nightmares, Dreams Series Book 2! Can you believe it? Are you ready for this next leg of the journey?

Have you picked up your copy of Dreams, yet?

Have you finished it?

And most importantly, have you left a review on the vendor site (Amazon/Apple, etc.), and on Goodreads, so that new readers can find us?

I am so excited to continue this story, and share it with each of you! Pass the word around to all your friends who would like the book, and encourage new readers to dream with us!

See you soon here on 9/18 for the reveal of Nightmares, Dreams Series Book 2- On sale 10/1/16!

J.A. Brown/Storyteller  

Dreams, Book 1, an erotic supernatural fantasy

Ever wish that vampires were real?  On a cold snowy night, college student Sara Siler imagemakes that wish to her friend Eli Solomon.  When her wish comes true, she slips into a dream world of unimaginable passion and hunger, where she learns that the world can still surprise even a dark little heart like hers.

Rated M for language, violence and sexual content.

Check out the Book Boyfriend Blog Review, where they said:

“Dreams is the perfect weekend read with romance, finding true love, and vampire’s added to the mix.”


Get your copy today!

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2 thoughts on “Countdown to Nightmares Cover Reveal!

  1. sweetmg says:

    You go, Girl!! XO


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