Nightmares Launch!

Hello Dreamers!

I am pleased to announce that Nightmares, Dreams Series Book 2 is now available in paperback to purchase today, and set up for pre-order in e-Book formats, set to be delivered on this coming Saturday 10/1!

I want to thank everyone who has purchased Dreams! And give a big hug for those of you who took the time to review it on Amazon to encourage other dreamers to join us!  Keep putting out the word, and stay tuned for some special promos coming in the next few weeks!

Happy Reading!

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Nightmares Cover2 FINAL

Three years ago, the vampire Eli Solomon fell in in love, and lived out the most passionate week of his immortal life in the arms of Sara Siler. They had planned their future together, promising to never part, until she disappeared without a trace, and was never heard from again.

He will never rest until he finds her again, but what will happen when he does? Will she remember the dream they shared when he vowed to fulfill her every need and desire for all of eternity? Will she still want him the way he has wanted her every terrible night of the three years they have been apart?

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3 thoughts on “Nightmares Launch!

  1. mom2goalies says:

    This is so wonderful!

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  2. That’s so great!

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