Download Stories by idream3223

SVM: The *One Shots* Complete Stories in PDF for downloading.

* I also have the full collection in Mobi format that I can email to you.  Send me an email at and I will pop them right over!*


The full collections of one shots in PDF:

One Shots Collection I Like This Better


Individual One Shots in PDF:

You Are A Tourist

Vicious Traditions

Velvet Divorce

The Demon Is In The Details




Jesus for the Jugular

I will not let you down

Fix You

All Alone

Thousand Miles


True Blood:  One Shots & Complete Stories for downloading

Take Me To Church

Orbit Full Story PDF.docx

Put Your Lights On



13 thoughts on “Download Stories by idream3223

  1. ericluver says:

    Could we possible have them all in one PFF? It will take forever to download them one at a time. I was going to create a cover for them for my Kindle using Calibre. “One-Shots by idream3223”.
    That way they’re all together in one place. Hope that’s possible. 🙏🙏 😄😄


  2. ericluver says:

    And in Chronological order? Asking too much?? ☺️☺️


  3. ericluver says:

    If not, I’m still very grateful for them. Loved them all ❤️


    • idream3223 says:

      I can do that, I started to do that in fact and then I thought the file might be too big. I will work on making a file for all of them in PDF and in the kindle format as well, once I get it together. It’s no problem at all. Can I see the cover when you make it? 🙂

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      • ericluver says:

        Of course! I’m not terribly good at them but hate just having page 1 with lots of words as the cover. I usually just google a Sookie/Eric pic and add the title. I have no clue how to photoshop so my suggestion is you could issue a challenge to some of the artists out there (and let your readers choose which they would like) for a cover for your “Collected Works”. Just make sure they produce a “portrait” style pic rather than a banner or “landscape” pic as the latter two are useless for adding on Calibre. You can have them on your site as a jpg download or add one to your PDF yourself.
        I really appreciate you putting them all together in chronological order in one PDF. Makes it soooooo much easier to change to whatever format is needed (although PDF is fine by me). I know others use mobi or epubs. I add the covers in Calibre. I have all my fave ff writer’s stories in my Kindle app on my iphone and ipad. Everyone of them has a cover I made 🙂


        • ericluver says:

          Oh and don’t worry about the file being too big. California Kat’s Come Back To Me is over 200 chapters long and a PDF was no problem on my computer, or Calibre, or the Kindle app. 🙂


          • ericluver says:

            Just don’t add photos (except for the cover) as converting doesn’t always allow for photos.


            • ericluver says:

              I’m emailing you a few of the covers I made. I did have one for Keep Myself Awake (cos that’s on my Kindle) but I can’t find it 😦


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  5. […] IDream3223 Put Your Lights On .pdf […]

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