Hello from an old friend :)

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3…is this thing still on? 🙂

It’s been awhile.  I slipped in quietly for fear of frying pans and other sweet tortures you may have devised for me.  They would be well deserved, I have been quiet for too long, and for that I do apologize. I meant to swing round and say hi much sooner than this, but it’s been a crazy year for me, as it has for some of you, I am sure.

First, thank you to all the wonderful people who left comments asking when I would be returning, and sharing their love for my stories here.  They always make me smile, and they always lift me up when I’m having a tough day.  Your support and faith in my writing was, and still is, the foundation of everything I am trying to do right now.

What is that, you ask? Holding the frying pan up high, waiting to see if you are going to throw it at me?  🙂   I’ve been writing, trying to build a world of my own that inspires readers like yourselves to the level of passion that we all shared for TB and SVM.

In August I launched  a new pen name, Cybill Cain.  So far, she writes steamy contemporary romance stories that center around a group called The Chimera Club.  The first story I released was called Poker Face, and it told the story of Brandon,  a rich man who agrees to play a one night high stakes erotic poker game while wagering his entire fortune on being able to keep his head in the game while he simultaneously seduces a virgin.   Camille is the woman he winds up with for a partner, and though she is young and dealing with a lot, she has her head in the game to win, and to win his heart as well.  In that story we meet the head of Chimera, a seemingly shady man called Thomas Meenan, who orchestrates the entire affair. It’s funny, and romantic, though the description of the events around the love story seem fantastic and surreal, and it received good reviews from those who were willing to take a chance on it.

My second release, Escape, was the story of a movie star who falls in love with a reclusive artist while staying at her B&B on his vacation.  Thomas Meenan and Chimera co-own the B&B and we get to see a different side of his character, in addition to a great love story between the leads, Max and Annie.  This was more of straightforward old fashioned romance with some mystery thrown in, and again it was pretty well received.

My third book, Haunted, was a second chance romance about a security guard who works for Thomas Meenan and Chimera, named Stacy, and his old high school sweetheart Janine.  There’s some excitement, some intrigue and some action, of all kinds in this one, and readers seemed to enjoy seeing them get their second chance at love.

My fourth book, Delicious, comes out on 11/30 and is a Christmas love story about the billionaire behind Chimera, Thomas Meenan’s boss, and the woman he sees across a crowded restaurant that takes his breath away.  Before he can meet her, he is in a car accident that leaves him scarred and angry, and he locks himself away on the other side of the world, until Meenan finds her and sends her to him, believing only she can save him.

The true function of Chimera is something we are learning about as each story is released, but each story is a stand alone steamy romance that features the couple and how they get together.

It’s not the world we all love here, but it is my world, and I wanted to personally invite you all to join me there! It’s still growing, there is a lot going on both in front of the camera, so to speak,  and behind it, that I would genuinely love for you to be a part of.

Come and stalk me, bring your frying pans and your flying monkeys, and don’t be afraid to use them.  I need your passion there just as much as I did here!

It’s a little early, I know, but I wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons, and hope this finds you all well and good. Know that you are never far from my thoughts, and that many times as I write I stop and think of what you all might say about whatever fool thing that just traveled from my mind to my keyboard, and it always makes me smile.

All my love,


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