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A Shout Out :)

Good evening all!

Let me start by saying, I miss the hell out of all of you!

Things have been quiet on the Storyteller front blogwise,  and I am hoping that you will follow me and come by for chats and coffee, soon.  You can even put your feet on the coffee table, and I can add a little something something of your choice to your coffee to make you feel right at home there as you have here!

One of the bugs I ran into when I launched the new site was that because it was hosted there was no FOLLOW ME button to get my posts into your Reader feeds.  I FINALLY cracked that issue last night!

If you want to follow me on all you have to do is this:

  1. Open your reader window
  2. Click on “Manage” Followed Sites
  3. In the bar the top where it says “Enter a site URL to follow” type  wait a few seconds, and it will confirm that you are now following me, and you are done! My posts from Storyteller should pop into your feeds immediately!

I hope, HOPE, HOPE that you do, because I do miss chatting with you. I am trying to publish a little something everyday to keep conversation going and to entertain you, and of course you would get updates for newly published stories as well.

I have also added a newsletter sign up this week. It’s on the menu bar at the top of the page.   Once I get some folks in on that, I plan to offer specials to the subscribers that will not be offered to the general public. Special prizes like signed books, and free short stories that add to the worlds I am creating, and even deleted scenes that might be too hot for just anyone to see! So please sign up while you are there looking around!

A quick update on where I am with writing and publishing. Since 9/1 I have published three books, Dreams, Nightmares and Put Your Lights On, which just came out this week.You can purchase them here on Amazon.  I have my third book of the Dreams series, Awakenings, launching on 11/1.

Once I get past 11/1, after I have room to breathe (cause what the hell was I thinking setting a schedule like that??) I am planning to do some posts talking more in depth about that experience over all. I have learned many things, and still have much more to learn, but I want to share the good and the bad to help any of you who are also thinking of taking a leap into publishing.

In the world of new news, the fourth book of the Dreams Series will be coming in 2017, more on an exact date in the weeks to come.  This will continue our story with Mads and Malik and what happened after they walked through the door.  I am very excited to get back into that world with you all and give you something new and exciting with those beloved characters! The working title is Mosaic, Dreams Series Book 4, and this is the first time  I have shared that! 🙂

Also, I have planned a second book in the PYLO series for next year called, The Gunslinger’s Wife, and will continue our story picking up with Barton and his wife after the epic battle that we saw in Chicago.  We will see other familiar faces as well as we move deeper into that world, and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Add me to your feeds, sign up for my newsletter and come by and say hi! 🙂


See you soon!


New Original Story- The Other Side

Hi 🙂

So in between other things I started working on something original, partially inspired by the NaNoWriMo contest that folks are buzzing about.  It’s brand new, probably full of typos and in a format I have never used before.  I am woefully late in starting this contest, if that is what I am doing, and I would appreciate your feedback.  Click on the cover I made to read the first two chapters of The Other Side and let me know what you think. I would label this Adult Fantasy (since everything needs a label these days).

Julie Asher bought a ring at a flea market in San Francisco three months ago that had a story to tell. At first, it seemed as though it was all a dream, a fantasy that she was just imagining, but as its story continued to unfold she found her life disrupted and herself on a quest for a truth that she hadn’t known she needed to know.

The Other Side Banner_edited-1