Making the “Unknown” Known

This is Alexander Skargård.


He is a 6’4 Swedish import that packs more talent in his pinky that most actors can find in their entire body.  He is incredibly good looking and by all accounts an all around great guy to know.  I personally have not had the pleasure, but I look forward to the day.  He has a long list of film and TV credits that you can read about at your leisure on IMDB where he is credited as an actor, writer and director.

I read an article today about the current status of his upcoming release Tarzan that made my head explode and my pocketbook clench shut tighter than a virgin’s thighs at a college kegger.

And I quote:  “And a high-level executive at another studio expresses doubt about the viability of the Tarzan property and casting a relative unknown, Skarsgard, as the lead, saying, “You shouldn’t make that movie without an actor you’re dying to see in the part.”

Yeah, I need a minute to breathe….(deep breath in, deep breath out.)

So, I live in a world where political leaders running for office belong in a big top tent more than the White House.  I live a in a world where after seventeen years at a company I planned to retire from just told me to piss off, cause we are selling the place and we don’t need you.  I live in a world where absurdity is the norm and trifling is the flavor of the day.

I can deal with that, ALL of that, and probably even survive it.  Imma big girl.  I know how to bootstrap my way around this fucked up little galaxy but…this?  THIS is over the fucking line!

Let me tell you what I am not dying to see.

I am not dying to see another rehash of Peter Fucking Pan.

I am not dying to see fucking Ben Affleck pretend to be Bruce Wayne and I need no fingers to count the shits I give about Superman throwing down with him.

Frankly, I don’t think my life will be changed either for better or worse by  a Harry Potter spin off, but hey, I could be  wrong about that one.


How dare you say otherwise?  I have my quickly dwindling funds set aside with a post it that says TARZAN. I may be living in a box come summer 2016 but I will leaving it long enough to see that fucking movie.

I want to see this movie because Alex is in it.  That’s it, that’s all, and I am willing to bet that most if not all of his fans feel the same way.  Which is every single solitary fucking woman I know.  You know the 53% if the voting population that Hillary is always going on about?

In a world where one bad comment can destroy a thing before it even opens it eyes I can’t express how shitty it is for movie execs to be trash talking this film before it even has a chance.  It’s EP passed away, it’s director is working fucking weekends to finish the editing because he has been reassigned and they are blaming the so called “new guy”?

No.  No fucking way.

If they can manage to decide to give this movie its due and finish it and actually let it come to theaters then I will go.  Until then, fuck Warner Brothers, they won’t see a dime of my money.

Again, this is Alexander Skarsgård. He makes great fucking movies.  I will always pony up to support him.


You Want Blood Awards? They Come with tears of joy and SQUEEEEEE!

This was fantastic! Thank you all so much for reading, and letting me know you liked them.  It is inspiring and humbling!


But this…THIS?  OMG! For this one, I think I need to have a drink, pass out and then wake up and pinch myself to make sure it’s not a dream! *ouch!* It’s not! It’s just an idream ;). There are no words to express how much I appreciate this nomination!  It is beyond inspiring! It is…intimidating as hell to even be nominated here! The first thing I thought was “no f-ing way!” and I still can’t get the grin off my face.  Thank you, all for your support, you readership and your fabulous comments that keep me here trying to find new and cooler ways to impress and intrigue you!



These are all  just so fucking cool.  Wow.  🙂

Thank you for letting your voices me heard in the nominations! 🙂  You guys are awesome!

Make Art That You Enjoy!

We live in  moments.

Moments when something goes beautifully right, and moments when something goes horribly wrong. They pull us up and they push us down, and if we are very lucky we know that both will happen and that we will have the strength to get up and try again.

The world is full of bullies and nay sayers and critics.  They say things perhaps not thinking of the power of their words or perhaps they know and do it anyway and on purpose.  They don’t matter.  If they did they wouldn’t need to validate themselves by criticizing someone else who is doing something that they love and enjoy.

Rule one:  Make art that you enjoy.  No one else matters as much as you do in the artistic experience.  It is wonderful to connect with an audience because it makes us feel understood and appreciated.  I am just like everyone else in that myself.  But sometimes you are early, or your audience is late but they will come if you believe, hang on and keep trying!

At some point in time if you open yourself up and share a secret part of yourself someone will see it and they will appreciate it and they will be forever changed by it.  Don’t give up, and don’t let ANYONE ever tell you that you are doing it wrong because there is no wrong way to make art.  There are only people who are not equipped to handle it, to process it or to understand it.

Write plot.  Write porn.  Write porn with plot.  The important part is that you WRITE!

Make banners.  Make them as froofy and fantastical as YOUR heart desires because if you love it, and it brings you joy there is nothing else that matters.  Practice!  Play as you did when you were a child and the world was full of every possibility! Take back the magic that the world has taken from you.

I love the things that some of you put out for fan art that showcases drawings, or pictures of sexy people who inspire impure thoughts and late night writing bouts that leave me looking for a smoke at the end. I love that inspiration abounds and I refuse to let anyone else tell me what I should think or how I should feel or what I should do, because that is letting them win.

Faceless anonymous flamers, abusers and passive aggressive people who talk about styles and stories in the open on OTHER authors message boards and Facebook pages amuse me.  Cowards always do.  They amuse me because I know that they have to put their masks on before they come at me, or they come at me sideways and pretend they don’t know that words mean things, that they have power and with that power comes responsibility.

But any time you give them takes away from your time to make art.

They only win if you let them.  They only raise themselves up if you let them knock you down.  Do what they hate most…ignore them…and then make art.

Everyone I have ever met or talked to here has a story to tell and a unique and beautiful way to tell that story in words and banners.  It will be like no one else and that is what makes it special.  That is what makes you all special.

Five or ten years from now perhaps none of you will be writing about the Viking anymore, but that’s ok as long as you keep writing.  Support each other.  Welcome new folks and take them under your wing with the bitch that is WordPress.  When you can, shield them from pointless critics and nay sayers  who might try and take their dreams away. If it was done for you pay it back, and it wasn’t then pay it forward.

Respect yourselves and each other and make art.  Perhaps in a thousand years the server that holds WordPress will be found by some erstwhile archaeology student and they will find the stories we told ourselves and each other and wonder about all the marvelous people who took the time to write down and make banners for these characters in this time and in this place.  I think that would be great.  I think that would be the best thing ever!

I think that can only happen if we tune out the critics and do what our hearts tell us to do. I think that can only happen if we stand together and support each other and keep going with our dreams and the sharing of them with anyone who has the time to stop by, kick their feet up and stay a bit in these worlds we have created.

I love each of you who has ever been kind and supported me and I also strive to love those who have not because they are the ones who have told me that I am really doing something here.  If I weren’t they wouldn’t be trying so hard to stop me, or you for that matter.

Take care all of you, do what you love and believe in yourselves.  The only other thing that matters is the art. 🙂

***Added 2/5/15****

I am ashamed that I forgot to pay tribute to the beta readers who support our dreams by checking our spelling and our plot lines and offering their time and advice on how to make our art better.  They are often the unsung heroes that help and guide us through to the place we are trying to get to.  Thank you, all for everything that you do.  You have maybe the toughest jobs of all and many of us rely on you to do the magic that you do!  🙂

I would also  like to say one last thing.  I appreciate the opinions of each of you, even if you don’t agree with anything I said about our writing and art.  You who have traveled with me are all welcome here to share whatever thoughts and feelings that you want to, need to, or to just read and digest as you move on to whatever is next for you.  My site is set to moderate your comments only the FIRST time you comment.  After that, you are free to post as you wish and it goes right up.

I got a comment on this post from someone I don’t know, who had never spoken here on anything before  and who made it very plain that they were not part of our fan fiction community and had no respect for what we do here.  They were  upset that it was not posted immediately and was pending moderation.  Let me put you at ease.

Your comment will not posted.  Ever.

Imagine this scenario if we were face to face.  I was walking down the street talking to people I know and that I have shared conversations, events and moments with for over a year now  and you just barged right up and became confrontational about a conversation that you had no part in, on a topic that you clearly hold nothing but contempt for.

I don’t know why in the world anyone would think that is acceptable behavior in any venue.  Particularly, when your actions make it seem like you only want to argue and not bring anything productive to the conversation.

Talking to each other on message boards and in comment sections is still TALKING TO EACH OTHER.  You are a person, a real person and so am I, and so are we all.  That was the point of respecting each other and being kind and supportive  when we could.

You are entitled to your opinion and I respect that.  I also respect myself and have no desire to argue about something that I believe in with someone I do not know.  I wish you the best, now move on.

There is some art that needs to be made. 🙂

Fanfiction- What do you think?

Good evening all,

As I was posting my update for Sacrifice last night I saw a link to an article about authors that support fanfiction being written about their stories and ones who did not.  I had never perused the list before so I took a few minutes and read the comments about who felt pro and con toward it and their reasons why.

It made me wonder…if I were published, how would I feel about fanfiction about my stories?  I have concluded that I would like it, very much.  That I would actually take the time to read it myself and comment and support it just like I do today.

First, because it is art.  All art is good.

Second, because as one writer said, I would feel so blown away that I had created something that inspired someone else to sit down and think about it enough to spend their time writing about it, honoring it in their own way.  It would leave me humbled and happy to have touched someone just as I am humbled and happy when someone takes the time to read my story and leave me a comment now.

I was wondering how you all would feel about it?  Would you support it, or would you be against it for your own published original works?  Maybe you are already published and have had to deal with this already.  I would love to hear what you think you would do, or if you shared your stories about how you did deal with it when faced with the choice.

Just to be clear,  I mean fanfiction, not plagiarism.  🙂

Here is a link to the list of those who do and those who don’t and why they feel that way in case you want to check it our yourself.  🙂


Happy Holidays From Me To You!


What a year! I have met so many wonderful people here in Fanfiction Land and done so many fulfilling and pleasing things it’s been like Christmas all year long for me! 

It’s because of that happy glowy feeling that y’all bring me that I want to take a moment and give thanks and hugs to all of you who have read, reviewed, re-blogged and voted for my stories in 2014!


What I do here with y’all is my favorite part of my day and I appreciate each and every one of you every day, not just during the holidays.

I hope we all get a Viking in our stockings this year!

(if this wish comes true I will be back in March, because I will be very very busy doing other things until then)

Eric Love To

Love and Smoochies!



The Labyrinth2

The Labyrinth2

In early November there was an art show of movie posters for movies we would love to see and that will never happen.  This one caught my eye.

I had not seen the Labyrinth since I saw it on the original theater run, but this poster intrigued me.  I watched the movie on Netflix this past weekend and I guess I never really fully processed that it was a love story.  There was so much going on and I was so young when I saw it that it all got lost in the puppets and the story of getting the baby back, but Bowie’s lyrics in the crystal globe ball scene and in the Escher like staircase scene at the end sunk in and I thought, wow, this was like Eric and Sookie before there was an Eric and Sookie. The lines (and I am paraphrasing) “That’s not fair!” and his response “Wonder what your basis for comparison is?” as he walked away from her…and his declaration “I’m exhausted from meeting all the demands you have laid on me!” put my little shipper head in a spin.

He had given her everything she asked for, was it his fault that she asked for stupid things and couldn’t make up her mind? She’s too young, he’s too old and why did he really give her special powers to call the goblins forth in the first place.

I now own two songs from the soundtrack and my brain is burning.

Anyway, I wanted to share the cool poster in case there were other fans out there.  Here is a link to the whole show .

Anybody interested in some Labyrinth fanfiction?  Holla back! 🙂

To Photoshop or Not to Photoshop…

…this is the question.

I need some help, so for those who have a few minutes to share their thoughts I would appreciate it, muchly.

I need some banners for a new story idea that I came up with in the wee hours of why the hell aren’t you sleeping?

I used to have an older version of the photoshop software on my old PC that crashed and died, and I was ok, but not super adept with it.  I was into photography and I wanted to focus on getting the best shots I could and not patching them up later.

Anyhoo, I remember reading that some of you guys are kind of leasing the software for a monthly fee, because its like a fortune.  I wanted to get some feedback on the leasing, is that a good way to go?

Are there any sites you can recommend for tutorials on how to create banners and the like?

Most importantly I suppose is can I end the lease when I like or am I under contract?  I have less job security than I would like right now due to changes in my company. I would hate to be stuck with a bill while I stand in line looking for work.

Lastly, if photoshop purchase and lease are not options, are there any takers out there to help me make the banner I need for this crazy story idea?

Thanks in advance for the feedback! 🙂  Happy Tuesday!


One Lovely Blog



Since I am so tardy to this party everyone I have been blessed to know here has has been tagged.  If I have not had the pleasure and you are lurking out there please feel free to take this and pay it forward.  The support I have found here has been priceless, and I encourage each of you to reach out and take the time to get to know a little about each other.

So, as I promised Vic who started this for me, I will tell you seven of the best guarded secrets of  idream3223.

1.  The people who know me in real life consider me to be overly dramatic most of the time, which I don’t get because I think they are way more dramatic than I could ever be.  I suppose that is the way of it though.  No diva knows she is one. 😉  I think that if they are right it pays in my writing, where drama grabs readers and keeps them coming back for more.

2. I want to be professional writer some day.  Still, since I was child and even now when I am not.

3. I work in telecommunications currently.  At one point I studied psychology, and thought about being a therapist.  I also studied journalism and almost entered that field, but I realized that I didn’t want to talk about the world the way it was.  I wanted to talk about it the way it should be.

4. I can’t stand a blank page, whether its virtual or 3-D.  I have to draw on it, scribble on it, make notes on it.  It is one of the most offensive things to me that I can imagine.  Words mean things.  They were meant to be shared.

5. My favorite drink is merlot wine. I have never been intoxicated while writing, but I want to try it to see what impact it might have on how I do things.  If you ever see a post from me that looks like I might have been three sheets in the wind when I wrote it, then I probably was.  🙂

6. I genuinely believe that someday Alexander Skarsgård will find the letter I posted to him on my site and that he will smile when he reads it and wish he had met me. (see #1 on this list :))

7. I am currently writing two different novels that I hope to publish within the next two years.

That’s it, that’s me.  I am a story teller.  I can’t say I do it well, but I can say I have a blast when I am doing it.  It makes me feel whole and alive like nothing else I have ever done in my life.

Thank you all for reading my stories and sharing your thoughts with me.  It has given me the strength to keep going and to try the novels I mentioned in #7.

Blessings to you all,




Follow the Bloody Brick Road


This is going to cover the books the TV Show and possibly some of the best guarded secrets of the Universe.  Consider yourself warned.  Flee or read on brave soul.


I kept subconsciously trying to hijack everyone’s blog strings on the finale to tell my story.  Then I would remember I had my own voice and I needed to get over here and use it.

I found Eric Northman in May of 2013.  It was my birthday, and I was on vacation looking for something to amuse me when I saw that Amazon Prime had the first episode of  seasons 1-4 up for free.  I am blessed to be the kind of person who can start in the middle of the story and go forward or back so it was no hardship for me to skip around like that, in fact I rather enjoyed it.

The first episode of the first season showed me a heroine that I felt I could admire.  Sookie Stackhouse, standing up for the oppressed and helpless vampires by saving Bill Compton from the drainers, and proving that there was good in everyone.  Ok, I can dig that.

The first episode of season two, there is a VERY large, VERY violent, VERY bloody vampire in foil, tearing a dude apart with his bare hands.  WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?

The first episode of season three, there is very LARGE, very NAKED, very HANDSOME vampire in what looked like the same basement where he had just ripped that other dude apart.  WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?

The first episode of season four there was a VERY HOT, VERY ELOQUENT, VERY SINCERE vampire uttering the words, “I. NEVER. DID.”

I was in.  I bought the seasons for myself for my birthday and lost myself in the world of Bon Temps.  It was seriously a great time.  I over identified, lost my sense of self and became obsessed with Eric Northman.  When I ran out of episodes I bought the books.

I knew I was totally in love with a fictional character in book two, when he is standing on her porch, dressed for the orgy and he says,  “That’s crazy.”  I knew I was right to be in love when he swept her away at the orgy, protecting her from wandering hands and unwanted thoughts.  I literally said out loud to Sookie Stackhouse, “You are crazy if you don’t love this man back!”

Yeah, I said “back” in book two.  I knew then, didn’t you?

I suspected when he killed Longshadow.  I knew in Dallas when he patched her up.  I knew when he took her call and agreed to escort her to the orgy, and showed up in the pink spandex.  It was, to me, the equivalent of wearing his heart on his sleeve for the world to see, while trying to distract them with his package.

He is Eric Northman, after all.

After reading all the books I found fanfiction.  I found Terri Botta, kjwrit, ficlet78 and got to see what that all COULD have been like in depth and from perspectives other than hers.  Their Eric Northman’s were perfect and I loved them even more.  *dreamy sigh*  I went on to read others and soon, the writer in me was awakened because I had seen things, possibilities that I had not found explored yet.  And so, Twenty Questions, my first fanfic and first story that I had written in five plus years was born.  I would not dare try and tell you it’s good, only that it is special to me, and will always be one of my favorite things I have ever done in my time here in this world.

My heart broke for him in the books when he lost her, and it did again in the show.  I know what it’s like to love someone like that, though I doubt I ever did it with half as much grace as the beautiful Viking managed in season 7.

I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for Alex to do those lines, and realize, as we did, only sooner that this was how it was going to go for his Northman.  I believe he probably wanted that to work out as much as we did, but I don’t know that for sure.  Something about the truth in the phrase “This just isn’t fucking working for me!” *dreamy sigh, again*  I put that one right up there with, “You’re going to invite me in so I can protect you, or have passionate primal sex with you.”


So, anyway, here I am now, in middle of three stories, a fourth I started yesterday set in Season 7, and I feel…like too much real life got into my fucking fantasy life.  If I wanted shitty endings, and most of the crap I got in season 7 I would have turned off the telly and just dealt with real life.

REALLY?  Yes, really.  As usual though, what got me was not what seems to have gotten most people.

First, and this had me spitting fire for days….”A FREE THINKER IS SATAN’S SLAVE”.  Did anyone even see that but me?  It was on the marquee at the church in the early episodes of Season 7 while they all ran around blaming Sookie for Hep-V and everything else.  While Willa was crashing with Lettie Mae and the Rev.  They never pointed it out, they never said anything about it, it was like subliminal fuckery.

“A FREE THINKER IS SATAN’S SLAVE.”  Oh, yeah?  Well fuck you, too. Guess there aren’t too many of those in Bon Temps since they can’t commit acts of idiocy in anything less than a group of six or more.  Perhaps it was meant ironically, perhaps it was meant to be funny.  I did not see the humor.  It translated to me as, “Sit down, shut up, and be grateful for this shit sandwich we just handed you.  To do anything else makes you…a joke to us.”

Second, what the hell is up with all the MORALITY?  They are VAMPIRES!  Why is Jessica so betrayed to see Lafayette and James?  Why is who you snog suddenly such a big deal from the vampire perspective? I get that the humans have always been hypocritical about it, but now the vamps have joined them?  Really?  Why was Violet, upset about Jessica and Jason?  Oh, yeah, she was crazy.  Actually though, it was that she thought Jason was beneath her, so his preferring someone else to her was a huge blow to her ego.  That and she was crazy.

Third, and perhaps the largest of all, the Doormat vs. The Long Suffering Hero.  I knew this already.  Most of you do, too.  I just never have had someone drag my nose through it over and over and again to such a degree.  Sookie, wetnap for Bill Compton and his bullshit drama…”oh I love you Bill, I can’t let go!”  It was disgusting for reasons we all know and rant about, but summarized to, HE IS UNWORTHY OF HER!  But she runs to him anyway.  If I had a nickle for every time someone, including myself called her a fool, I could retire and blog all day.  She is so foolish it makes us feel UNCOMFORTABLE, and that just adds to our dislike of Bill Compton.

But here’s the thing…

Eric is a wetnap for Sookie and her bullshit drama.  “What kind of trouble are you in tonight, Miss Stackhouse?”  “I came to tell you that I am going to be all right.”  His heartfelt, I know I am going to live now and I wanted you to be the FIRST person I told, is greeted with, “Bill is sick!”  It was just as disgusting as the things mentioned above, and boils down to SHE IS UNWORTHY OF HIM!  But Eric keeps going back to her anyway.  I don’t think he’s a fool, though I honestly don’t know why.  It is exactly the same situation.  But rather than making me uncomfortable and adding to my dislike of Sookie, I find myself sighing and feeling sad for him that his love is not returned.  I feel my heart breaking for him.

I would like to hide behind the idea that I like Eric and empathize with him, and I don’t like her, and what she has become.  But I fear that it is more than that.  I fear that a woman who acts as Eric and Sookie are acting, because they are both acting the same way, can ONLY be perceived as a DOORMAT and a man who acts as Eric and Sookie are acting can ONLY be perceived as THE LONG SUFFERING HERO.

I don’t want that to be true.  I DEFINITELY don’t want to be caught up in that gender profiling crap.  No matter what I want though, I am a product of the society that we live in.

Good news for me,   I am also a FREE THINKER.  So, I have a chance to see this, accept this, and possibly change this about myself.

I know that  a lot of people would go, “oh it’s just a show, get it over it!” and a still more disappointing crew would ask why there weren’t more boobs in this season.  Thankfully, I don’ t know any of those folks.  I met people like me, who were inspired to feel and think and do as a result of being exposed to this strange little world.  I have enjoyed meeting you all, here in this fanfiction world.

You all were the best and last gift I got from 2013 birthday purchase of True Blood.  So, in addition to my heartfelt thanks to Alexander Skarsgård, for bringing Eric to life I would also like to thank you all.  The folks who read me, who comment me who support me over and over no matter how tortured my muse is.   Even the folks who login and GUEST me on  They just make me want to write more.  I’m stubborn that way.  🙂

Bless you all, and don’t be offended if I wish for you all the be Free Thinkers, too.  It just means I think that the True Blood writers were a bunch of disappointing hacks, and I think that the cat is already out of the bag on that one.

I leave you with the many faces of Northman.  Muah!


Spoilers done.  *Hailing frequencies closed*








Dear Mr. Skarsgård

It’s like putting a note in a bottle and casting it into the sea.  You hope it will get to where it is intended to go, but you don’t really believe it will find it’s way through the dark and churning water.

You satisfy yourself with the notion that what you send out into the world comes back to you three fold.

You satisfy yourself with that knowing that it is the best you can do from where you sit in the world.

There is so much negativity out there that it felt important not only for me to do this, but to do this now.  To remind myself what was important to hold onto from the experience of True Blood.

To show appreciation and gratitude for the gifts that I have received, I say thank you, and remember that I don’t actually know this person.  I only wish I did.


Dear Mr. Skarsgård