The Tarzan Everyone Wanted to Kiss

*Spoilers* If you haven’t seen the movie save this for after.


So, I just read this article and discovered there was a scene where Waltz’s character laid one on our jungle prince while he was unconscious!

They cut it out because the test audiences were confused and it didn’t seem to match the tone of the rest of the movie, according to Yates.

To me, this was one of the missing plot pieces that would have made a lot more sense.  We were supposed to think that Waltz’s character wanted Jane (based on the cut we saw.) The swanky dinner, the special attention, but it never came off.  Not because of her disgust with him as a human being, but because he wanted to talk about her husband.

“You’re husband’s wildness disturbs me…” he says to her as she plots to stab him with his dinner knife. It was an odd statement that showed more about Waltz’s character than anything else, and left me confused until I read this article and went, ohhhhhhh.  Now, I get it.

It is a theme that is perhaps too sophisticated for today’s average movie goer, and that is a shame.  It is those little things, the marks we make on each other that gives depth, range and color to people and characters.

What do you think?  Does it make as much sense to you as it did to me, that a tight button down little man like Rom would want to liplock our beautiful jungle hero as much as we did?

Personally, I hope it’s in the extras! 🙂



Tarzan- A Piece of My Childhood


Just my thoughts after seeing the movie today, no spoilers.

If you aren’t planning to see it, you should change your mind.  He is amazing, and the movie is unbelievably beautiful! It brings back some of the best things from your first Tarzan experiences, and has the added bonus of Alex. That’s a win-win.

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