Generation Kill Fanfiction

Disclaimer:  Sgt. Iceman, Brad Colbert, and Generation Kill are properties of HBO, Evan Wright and himself (if Wright used his real name) no copyright infringement is intended.  This story, and any others follow are meant a fan tribute to Alexander Skarsgård’s portrayal of that character.  No money changed hands.  These are just the tangled dreams of a fan, who enjoyed the performance so much that she wanted to pay tribute in her own way.

Iceman, wherever you are, I hope you are frosty.




~Completed Stories~


Pretty Fucking Ninja


Come As You Are– It’s hard to stay frosty when there is no place to go and get your head on straight.  Brad wanders into the desert one night, close to the breaking point and finds something that he didn’t know he was missing, but that he desperately needs to go on. AU/OOC/M for language

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