Chapter 4 – Positional Play





They were together in the purple, limbs tangled, souls ensnared. Mouths locked and hands caressed as they tumbled neither right side up or upside down. The music had followed them and the beat still ruled his undead heart. Her taste, gods her taste, it was exquisite, it consumed him. Leaving her mouth he kissed her neck, his hands tangled in her hair. She was pure sensation, starvation, exultation! She purred in his arms. The sound made him instinctively pull her close, closer, closest.

He could feel her wrapped around him, pulling him nearer than should have been physically possible, accepting him, all of him, reveling in his baser vampiric instincts to consume her completely, to take all that was offered to him, to drink until the well ran dry and make her his. No one who had ever known him would have recognized the vampire she held to her pounding heart.

His fangs scraped her flesh and the taste of her blood washed over his tongue healing places he never knew were there inside him. She shivered in his arms, moaning, her hand coming the back of his head holding him there, as if afraid he would pull back from what was before him. He licked her pulsing vein, and slid into her, drinking deep gulps of her into him, feeling her enter him in yet another way. He heard her sounds of approval and need for him to drink her.

It had been years since he drank from a living person, subsisting on donated and synthetic blood, and never ever had he tasted Fae, that way laid madness. Here he surrendered willingly, spinning in the purple, reveling in being vampire for the first time in his long existence. The tiny part of his reasoning mind, held prisoner to his nature and desire told him that he should feel resentful that he had missed out of this for so long, but his instinct told him he had missed nothing. He would have felt this in no other place, and with no other person.

There is love in you, my vampire, she whispered in his mind.

Only for Sookie, his instinct whispered. He gulped her now, wallowing in the sensual taste of her, the overwhelming feel of her. A new need filled him now, another new feeling. His large hand cupped the back of her small head as he pushed her face to his neck.

Drink, his mind and actions told her. Drink me!

Are you begging, lover? He could hear the humor in question.

I have never begged. I will never beg, he denied, though he knew he was, that he had begged and would again if she would only taste him. I command, Sookie, I command you to drink. I want…I want to feel you…the last coming out as plea no matter his bravado over begging.

She held him closer, cradling his head in her hand, letting him continue to drink but she did not pierce his skin. “Soon,” she whispered in his ear. The taste of her took him away, from his body, from hers, and purple flashed brilliant and loudly behind his closed eyes.


Godric had been to Stardust many times over the past decade. It was where he went when he needed companionship beyond what he found with Eric. When he needed to be with likeminded individuals that helped him when the hopeless started to creep in around the edges of his immortal soul. It was there that he had met Claudine.

When she greeted him at the door of Stardust tonight it had been like she knew he was coming, that she had sensed his loss of control earlier when he was faced with the realization that their world was about to come crashing down on them all. The people he knew at Stardust all believed as he did, that there could be peace, should be peace and that through accepting each other they would find it someday.

He was still reeling from what he had seen and done this night so when she took his hand and led him away he had not resisted. Eric could handle himself, he had proven that time and again, and right now Godric needed this more than Eric needed him.

Claudine had taken him a few steps before teleporting them to her home, directly into her bed, where she pulled him close and asked her to tell him what had happened. “Later,” had been his only response before he kissed her, pouring all his need to be healed into their connection. She responded immediately, her hands sliding under his sweater to feel his cool smooth skin, not afraid of his intensity as he rocked against her with his hips. She willed their clothes away and sighed when she felt him slide between her thighs, seeking entrance, while still locked in her kiss. She welcomed him, moaning into his mouth when he slid into her wet heat, stretching her in that perfect way that she craved when he was not with her.

They had done this many times over the years, he was an excellent lover, and they had a connection that had just snapped into place the first time she had looked into his eyes. He had come to Stardust alone, and was standing in the middle of the bar, looking around at the dozens of humans and supernaturals that filled the establishment, something akin to wonder on his beautiful face. She had felt pulled to his side.

“We are one in Stardust,” she greeted him. It was Sookie’s words she spoke, her standard welcome that she insisted all her employees provide when someone entered her club, but Claudine had felt the words resonate this time when she spoke them. “How may I please you tonight, vampire?” “Godric,” he said looking deeply into her eyes. “Please call me, Godric,” and so she had from that night forward.

“Yes, Godric!” she screamed as he pushed deep inside her, moving at a frantic pace, pulling her legs up, holding them over his elbows, his palms resting on the mattress as he reached even deeper at this new angle. She felt her orgasm starting in the soles of her feet and sweeping through her body, crashing like waves, sweeping her away. He knew just where to touch her inside and out to cause her the deepest pleasure she had ever felt.

She opened her eyes to see him staring intently at her face, a look of awe on his as she came down from her release. “Beautiful,” he whispered reverently, coming deeply inside her over and over, falling apart in her arms, and collapsing on her. Her arms pulled him close, refusing to let him leave her. After a few moments, she felt his cool blood tears pelt her skin and heard him gasp as she shivered in her arms.

“Why?” he whispered in the dark, against her shoulder.

“Why what, my Godric?” she whispered into his hair.

“Why does the world that has such beautiful things in like you, have to be filled with so much hatred and anger?” The only answer she had was to hold him tighter, and kiss the top of his head. After a while, she spoke.

“Tell me,” and so he did. She listened and held him close until dawn took him away for the day.


Eric’s senses returned to him slowly. As they awakened he used them to catalog his environment. He was still dressed in his jeans and t-shirt, but his shoes and coat were off. He could feel covers resting on him. He inhaled to get the scents in the room and was hit with fragrance of honey, his mouth watered as he remembered the taste from his childhood, fleeting images of children at play, enjoying a treat in the warm summer sun flickered behind his still closed eyes. His arms were around something small and warm that smelled of honey, not opening his eyes, he pulled the bundle in his closer, taking a deeper breath, growling in appreciation as he moved forward and pressed his face into the top of the bundle in arms.

‘Hello, my vampire,” the bundle purred, snuggling closer into his large frame. He stiffened as it all came back to him.

“Sookie,” he whispered, opening his eyes and looking down at the back of her head while feeling her place her hands over top his where they met wrapped around the front of her. She continued to wriggle closer, spooning him.

Had that really happened? Had she really seduced and fed him? He could taste her on his tongue, but had it been real or imagined? Imagined was better he thought, immediately starting to argue with himself internally. Imagined meant that he had not lost control, that he had not had everything that he was so easily swept away by a flick of her hand. Real though, real held the promise of something more than he had ever imagined possible. Real was too good to be true. Real was frightening. “What happened?” he asked, still not moving, wanting and dreading her answer at the same time.

“How many followers do you have on Twitter, Eric?” she asked instead of answering his question, still with her back to him. He blinked taken by surprise.

“Several thousand, last I checked, why?”

“And how many follow Godric’s blog?” Ah, the blog again!

“Around ten thousand when he mentioned it last month, I believe.”

“And what does that tell you?”

“That people have too much time on their hands.” She laughed softly.

“And aside from that?”

“That despite the fact that I want to lead a private life, and do the things I want to do away from public scrutiny that I have a great number of people watching my every move.” He sighed now, and started to pull his arms away from her, but he found that he could not. She held him there in some way that he could not discern.

“Not all of those people wish you well, my vampire,” she whispered softly.

“Am I supposed to believe you are concerned?” he asked coldness creeping into his tone.

“Not yet, but you will.”

“Listen, Sookie-,” she cut him off.

“I know, Eric.” She turned now in his arms to face him, looking up into his eyes from the pillow they shared, close enough that he could feel her warm breath on his face. Honey, he thought again, feeling himself shiver. He pushed it back, not again, she would not take him unaware again! He looked into her cerulean blue eyes and listened as she continued. “I know that Burrell sent you to Stardust tonight to see me.” He raised an eyebrow in askance. She smiled. “I know because he did what I wanted him to. It was why I called him about the photos of Willa. You came to Stardust tonight because I summoned you.” He blinked.

“Do the photos even exist?”

“Yes, but that doesn’t matter. They have served their purpose. I wanted to prove something to you.” He waited.

“I wanted to prove that when something went down between humans and supes you would be the one put in the crossfire.” He understood then.

“You know about the-,” again she finished for him.

“The factory, yes I know.” He saw sadness in her eyes now, and anger flashing as well. “You have become the unwilling poster boy for interracial relations, Eric, and that makes you the biggest target of us all.” Reeling from this he pulled back and attacked.

“I would have thought that would be you, Mistress,” the contempt dripping from his words. “You take your clothes off for money and seduce the weak and the righteous for your own gains using magic and supernatural power in the full open! Wouldn’t that make you a larger target than I?” She frowned slightly.

“Is that what you think of me?”

“Isn’t that what everyone thinks of you!” he fired back.

“Yes, but you’re hardly ‘everyone’ are you, Eric? I thought you would make your own mind about me.”

“Oh, I did, that display you put on the impress me your club helped me make up mind considerably!”

“I only put on a display to impress you, if it worked.”

“You did try and impress me!” his tone triumphant.

“So, it did work then.” Her eyes were twinkling now, a smile playing about her lips as he realized she had won that round. He found himself fighting a smile of his own. He shouldn’t be so amused at being bested by the tiny naked fairy in his arms.

Tiny…naked…fairy…in his arms. That caused a shift in his thought pattern that he was not comfortable with in the least.

“So,” he started, seeking to change the track his thoughts were barreling down. “I am the poster boy for World War III. What does that mean to you?”

“No, no, no,” she said, still smiling as her hand moved up to cup his cheek and he fought everything in him to not lean into her touch, to kiss her palm. “That is not the right question, my vampire. Ask the right question.”

Question….question….why were they in a bed, likely her bed? Why did he want to touch her, kiss her and see if it was like he had imagined? Why was he not more concerned that she had just told him he had a bull’s eye on his back? Why did she feel so warm and good? WHY DID SHE SMELL LIKE HONEY? The right question, the right question, the right question…. Finally, it hit him.

“Who stands to gain from the war?” She smiled.

“There’s my brilliant, brilliant, boy,” she purred.

“Well?” he prompted, still fighting for control of his instincts. Was the scent suppression wearing off? Now he could smell honey, sunlight, and something else that was making his mouth water. His fangs came down of their own volition. He was embarrassed by yet another display of how his senses ruled his intellect. She seemed delighted but did not reach out to caress them, perhaps sensing that he was indeed a loaded spring.

“Taking you out would be like the shot heard round the world,” she whispered as she stared at his fangs with longing.

“Stake,” he corrected softly leaning toward her almost imperceptibly.

“Stake?” she asked in a dreamy distant tone.

“Stake heard round the world,” leaning in closer to her plump kissable lips.

“Right, stake,” she repeated, her tongue slipping out to caress her bottom lip quickly before darting back into her mouth. He growled softly and closed the rest of the distance between them. As soon as his lips touched hers he knew he had imagined nothing. She tasted just like he knew she would. Perfection.

She broke the kiss, pulling back her lips but sliding up in the bed to press her forehead to his, still wanting to be close. “You have to trust me, Eric,” she whispered, her eyes closed, her voice quiet but passionate in her plea.

“Are you begging?” he teased her, a smile curling his lips.

“If that’s what it takes to get the job done, then yes, I am not ashamed to beg,” came her breathy quiet whisper.

“You wouldn’t drink from me?” he whispered back.

“Not then, you were…not yourself in that moment. I wanted you to offer yourself to me when you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you wanted that.” Her consideration undid him just a little more.

“And now?” he pressed, pulling back to look in her eyes.

“Now you have a choice.”

He looked deep into her eyes and shut out his reason and cold calculation, cramming it behind the door that used to hold his instincts and nature. He took a deep unnecessary breath and pulled his arm to his mouth, tearing open his wrist.

He offered it to her, the first time in his entire existence that he had made such an offer. “Please,” was all he said, knowing that they had reduced each other to beggars this night.

“Feel me,” she whispered, holding his gaze as her lips covered his wound and she swallowed. He closed his eyes and found himself standing in the sun.

He was in a meadow of tiny white and yellow flowers, standing under the sun he hadn’t seen in so long he had forgotten what it felt like to feel warm from the inside out. His blood rushed through her thousand year old fairy body sweeping him through her memories of dancing in that meadow on a fine spring day.

As his blood ran deeper into her flesh he felt her loneliness as well, the emptiness that had sometimes over taken her during her long, long life. He also felt her joy in moments of passion shared with lovers throughout time and her excitement at being here with him. There was drum beating somewhere, it pounded in his ears, before realization hit that it was her heart.

He felt the truth of her, her genuine desire to stop this war, and to protect him, to help him. Her genuine desire that her words, ‘we are one in Stardust’ would cover this world like a warm blanket and save them all from themselves.

He saw how she had been misunderstood, sometimes because she wanted it that way. She liked to give people what they wanted, and had let that image live in the minds of most who ever met her. She was Fae, mischievous by nature, it was in her very make up to cause a disturbance where she could, to stir up convention and open minds. Those who saw her persona of dominatrix missed the passionate loving woman inside her. Their contempt for themselves and the things they wanted was pushed off on her for being their deliverer.

“Too…much,” Eric ground out his eyes still closed. “There’s too much!” She pulled back, as his wrist healed, she licked his skin clean and kissed where the wound had been.

“There’s too much!” he said again, fighting to not be overwhelmed by what his blood inside her was telling him.

She kissed him then, silencing his protests, demanding that he relax his knotted muscles and let her in another way. He gave over to her and let her take some of it from him. He felt his clothes leave him, and while at any other time he might have wondered or cursed fairy magic, he didn’t. He pulled her beneath him, her legs cradling him, as her arms held him close. There as only need and he it told him that he needed her, now.

She rolled them over, and sat back, positioning him at her entrance and then slid down seating him fully, deeply inside her. He moaned and sat up to be closer to her, and his blood that pounded inside her. He couldn’t get her close enough, hold her tight enough and when she started to move, he bit her neck again, as he had before, drinking deep while his hips rose to meet her in time with the pulls on her neck.

She came in his arms, clutching at him. “Give it all to me, Eric. It’s not too much, for us together,” she whispered in his ear as her hands tangled in his hair, tugging gently demanding that he surrender to her. His hands came down to her hips and he pushed as deeply into her as he could go, thrust after thrust, pounding her, the way his blood was pounding through her heart right now.

He gave her everything and found that she was right. Together, it wasn’t too much, it was just enough.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 4 – Positional Play

  1. theladykt says:

    Like this self assured sookie and a somewhat vulnerable Eric.

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  2. VictoryInTrouble says:

    It must be scary for him to let go like that but luckily Sookie is an excellent guide. I like that she wants to protect him and open him up.

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  3. idream3223 says:

    I imagine it would be terrifying! All those years in control, perfectly safe in your unbreakable bubble of control and to have that taken away…I couldn’t resist! 🙂


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