Chapter 6- Checkmate








“What happens if a war breaks out between supernaturals and humans?” Eric was pacing in his living room, lost in thought. The Britlingen was still on guard, watching the doors and windows and Godric had long ago learned to stay out his way when he was like this. He wasn’t asking them anyway, he was asking himself. Repeatedly. So far, repeatedly for the last two hours.

If they could have gotten a look into his mind they would have seen various scenarios played out beginning to end, starting with the discovery of the warehouse.

Bloodshed was the background color of all possible scenarios, but all possible scenarios distilled into two distinct possibilities.

The humans win and extinguish all known supernaturals.

The supernaturals win and extinguish humanity.

Understanding that either solution would likely take millennia to play out and resolve those were the two possible outcomes. “Something….” Eric paced faster, running his hand through his hair in frustration. “Something else…missing something…what am I missing…?” He continued pacing. The supes knew something was happening, they had twitter sites to avoid hunts and capture. Were they the same supes that went to Stardust? Stardust….stardust. “GODRIC!” he stopped pacing and turned to face Godric. His chair was empty. His eyebrow rose and he looked around the room, extending his senses to pick up his location. The Britlingen was still by the door, face impassive, and he could sense someone in his chamber below. Someone with a heartbeat. Someone with a heartbeat who had drank his blood!

Feeling his excitement rise, he vamped to his chamber and found Sookie there, asleep on his bed. Opening his blood tie to her, he could feel her sleeping, comfortable, warm. Instinctively, immediately he wanted to climb in and pull her closer to him, awaken her with kisses, but he hesitated, letting his mind take over and holding his warming heart at bay. Obviously, she trusted him, her form prostrate before him, vulnerable to attack if that was his goal. Obviously, she had been here awhile, she was sleeping deeply tangled in his covers, looking like she belonged there, belonged with him. His heart melted a little more.

Trust, comfort, safety, belonging. She demonstrated them effortlessly by simply climbing into his bed naked and letting herself fall asleep.

Naked? Focus!

But NAKED? Argh! She disrupted everything he was just by existing. He had always thought he would hate it, would rage against something that took him out of his comfort zone, away from HIS way of doing things. The smile on his face, quite boyish and happy, belied that expected rage.

Naked, he answered himself, smiling wider, as he removed his own clothes and pulled the covers back, sliding in behind her. He curved his large frame around hers, pulling her back flush to his front, before placing a soft gentle kiss on her exposed neck, burying his nose in her hair and inhaling deeply. Mentally, he sneered at himself, arguing that his actions were in flagrant disregard for everything he had professed himself to believe about other people, let alone entirely other people in love and –



Other people in love…obviously meaning that he was comparing himself to them…to other people in love. He froze in mid-sniff as he realization dawned. Eric Northman, was in love.


Oh, but it’s useless to deny the facts, his ever logical mind told him. Pretending a thing is not so does not change it. You would be better prepared to accept this and move on. Eric stopped resisting the idea that he loved the woman in his arms. His eyes drifted closed and he visualized himself turning not away, but into the warmth he could feel in his chest. He felt it expand around him and embrace him fully. He dove into the feeling.

His outer temperature never changed, but inside he was melting. Trust, comfort, safety, belonging. Belonging underscored as she turned his arms, still asleep snuggling further into him, pulling him closer. It was overwhelming. Her hand roamed across his chest, and she smiled with her eyes still closed. “Hello, my vampire,” her voice sultry with sleep as she snuggled him.

RIDICULOUS! His mind sneered, demanding he shove her away.

AMAZING! His heart responded, demanding he get closer.

His body was responding to her closeness, her warmth, his memory of her and what had transpired between them when last they met. To get out, I must go through, Eric told himself, diving deeper into these new sensations, surrendering to them rather than shoving them away. His body, already very aware and desirous of the fairy in his arms, now given free reign, wanted to claim her with an intensity that caused an ache in his middle. “My beautiful, fairy,” he whispered back as he leaned closer to her lips, her smile at his words changing the shape of his target. He felt an electric sensation pass over him from head to toe when his lips met hers, and he moaned as he sank deeper into the feeling, his calculating mind losing strength like someone dialing down the volume on a radio.

Sookie broke the kiss, moving her lips up his neck closer to his ear. “Your fairy?” she whispered, teasing him gently about the claim he had just staked on her. Eric, who had spent hundreds of years distancing himself from his instinctive responses now let them drive his actions as he turned onto his back, maneuvering her above him, guiding her to sit astride his body while he held her closer still, kissing her neck as well. She could feel his smile against her skin and her heart sped up slightly knowing that he was reacting to her, just as she was him.

“Oh, yes, my fairy,” each word punctuated with a kiss and a squeeze of her hips pushing her against his hardness. He knew in all his long life he had never wanted anyone as much as he wanted her right now. In matters of love Eric’s heart was pristine; he had never loved anyone before. He had never been disappointed or let down or hurt. For Eric, right now, this moment was perfect. It was like falling and flying, running and never moving again. He groaned that weight of these sensations, sinking deeper as his anticipation grew for what was about to happen between them.

His hands shifted her back and up, aligning himself at her entrance, and gasped as she took him inside, sliding down, moaning in his ear, breathing out, causing that electrical sensation on his skin again. Coupled with the tight wet heat of her body and he nearly lost control of the moment. “If you had fairy, what would you do with her?” Sookie teased him softly as they held still, letting her body adjust to him, squeezing him gently inside her to emphasize the question she posed. She pulled her head back and looked him in the eye, expecting some scathing commentary or smart ass remark, but gasped at the look she found instead. His face was a covered in wonder, and in love for her. He was so beautiful in that moment that he took her breath away.

Seeing the wonder on her face, he rolled them still joined so that he was on top, thrusting gently as they landed softly on his big bed, spurring her legs to lock around his lower back, as her hands tangled in his hair. “Love her, ” was his only answer as he kissed her again, slowly, sensuously. If he could have broken the contact and pulled back he would have seen the same look of awe and love on her face that she had seen on his moments before, but he couldn’t pull away. He could only try and get closer, deeper into her with each thrust of his hips, each nip of his fangs when she rolled her head away offering him her neck, her lifeblood. “Tell me,” he whispered to the column of her neck, while his he pressed even deeper into her tight heat. “Tell me that you are mine!” She sobbed, raising her legs higher on his hips to take him deeper, her own lips pressed to his neck now. He could feel how much she wanted to taste him, how much she wanted to take him into her as she worshiped his skin with her lips and teeth gently.

“If I could choose to be anyone’s, Eric, I would be yours. Only yours, forever,” she bit then, before he could process what she said, spurring him to bite as well, while he pressed himself closer to her, deeper still, pounding her now, unthinking, lost to instinct and swept away by her cries of affirmation while he claimed her.

“MINE!” he roared possessively before sliding his fangs into her neck, missing for a moment that she had not broken his skin when she bit his neck. The realization brought disappointment sweeping through him. In rapid succession though it was chased away by the taste of her on his tongue, the feel of her pulsing around his cock as she climaxed from his bite, holding him tightly in her arms while he emptied her and into her at the same time. He licked the marks on her neck and then buried his head there, unmoving while he listened to her heart race, her lungs heaving to air, and smelling her silent tears as she held him close, arms and legs still wrapped around him. “Why?” he whispered, face still buried in neck, afraid to look at her.

“If I could choose,” she whispered fiercely in his ear, holding him tighter, kissing his hair softly.

“You would choose me?” he whispered back to her, still hiding his face.

“Forever.” He raised his head now and looked at her tear stained cheeks, before kissing the tracks of her tears, licking her skin gently, tasting her anguish. He continued until he had kissed her tears away. He was humming to her, softly, offering comfort because he could feel how much she wanted to join with him, and her anguish at not being able to take their bond to the next level. “Did you figure it out?” she asked him softly.

“What?” All he wanted to know right now was why she couldn’t choose for herself.

“‘What happens if a war breaks out between supernaturals and humans?’ You were muttering to yourself when I arrived. Godric told me to let you be when you were like that.”

“Yes,” he said rolling back over onto his back and pulling her close to him. “There are two possible outcomes. First, the humans win and extinguish all known supernaturals or second, the supernaturals win and extinguish humanity. Where is Godric?” he asked glancing around his chamber as though expecting him to be in the corner. “And what are you doing here, Sookie?” Now that his mind was coming back to the forefront he had questions that had been pushed back by all these new emotions she had evoked inside him.

“Did you figure it out?” she asked him again, placing soft kisses on his chest.

“Figure out what? I told you-” he stopped. In the Holmes stories Doyle had said that he needed drugs and a violin to handle his thought processes, one to engage and one to disengage from the process. Perhaps he had been right in his own fumbling human way. It seems that both of these needs were met by the woman in his arms. She was his distraction and his clarity all in one beautiful bundle. He kissed her then, thoroughly, cupping her bottom in an intimate caress while he claimed her lips possessively, thoroughly. After he staking his claim he pulled back and smiled at her triumphantly, declaring, “The humans win and extinguish all known supernaturals.”


Following The Great Reveal other supes had waited on pins and needles to see what the fallout would be. Eventually, the dust settled and the Were, Shifter and Dae populations revealed themselves. These transitions were less smooth, likely because these races could move among the human populace undetected unless observed in the middle of a change. When it became evident that the armed services were a natural pull for the Were population the government realized that they were in a prime position to explore the deeper meaning of these heretofore unknown racial elements. In other words, the Were soldiers were ordered to comply with testing and experimentation or they were imprisoned by their dear Uncle Sam.

This was not a well known fact, it was classified compartmentalized and protected at the highest circles but even the willing participants in The Program, as it was called suffered a 100% mortality rate. If the testing didn’t kill them they were summarily executed once the testing was done. The government was cold to its supernatural sons and daughters but not reckless. They feared that the truth would start a war.

They were right, and they were not alone.

As the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing and the humans were seeking ways to maintain global domination, the supernaturals were exploring ways to achieve it for themselves. The most violent and well organized supernatural faction was known as The Sanguinista’s, some smart ass vamps spin on The Sandinista’s, Nicaraguan rebels that came to some popular fame in the late ’80’s along with a certain lieutenant colonel.

If Eric had been in possession of these facts he no doubt would have been able to connect the dots much sooner. He had heard rumors of the Sangunista’s but had no proof they were real. Still though, assuming they were real and that they had an active agenda that would fall into what he had been seeing here fit. Thoughts flew through Eric’s mind at the speed of light, and he forgot where he was and who was with him when he jumped up from bed to pace frantically again, his body demonstrating what was happening in his mind. Sookie watched, a smile on her face as her beloved vampire connected the dots. Had the Sanguanista’s murdered Burrell? If so, why? Oh!

“Burrell is dead,” he stopped and looked at her. Her smile faded and she nodded, maintaining eye contact with him.

“I heard.”

“Do you know who did it?”

“No.” She looked down now and he knew that she knew something. He waited for her to continue. “I had a visit from Detective Compton today.” Eric’s face showed his contempt as he moved back to the bed.

“Why? How did he know of the connection between you?”

“Willa.” Then Eric saw it play out. Compton had questioned Willa and Sookie’s name had been mentioned.

“Did Willa know about the blackmail?” She shook her head and looked into his eyes again.

“No, it was routine questioning of associates and my name came up.”

“I assume you didn’t tell him about the photos, or me?” he asked gently, bringing his large hand up to cup her face. She leaned into his touch, eyes fluttering shut, as she turned to kiss his palm before answering.

“It didn’t come up.” Her devilish smile taking his breath away. He loved her like this, hell he loved her in all ways. He loved her! The thought brought out a protective growl out of him. Another new experience, never protective before. He hated the idea of Compton being near her! His desire to kill that asshole grew to uncontrollable proportions. Even if she couldn’t feel his emotions she could sense him, now coiled tightly ready to spring. “Shhh,” she soothed, moving closer to him and wrapping her body around his. “It’s fine. I am fine, my vampire.” Softly she kissed his cheek and she felt him start to relax again. His arms went around her and he buried his face in her neck.

“You attack everything about me, that makes me ME!” he whispered savagely into her neck, holding her closer still. She didn’t try to move. “I can’t think around you…I have to be able to think or this is going to turn ugly fast!” She held him tighter a moment and then pulled back, kissing his cheek.

“I should go then.”

“No!” he held her tighter. “Well, yes you should, but I don’t want you to go!” He still couldn’t look at her, afraid to see that his admission would have pushed her away, into leaving. Then she took her hands and pulled his face up to hers, looking into his eyes, her love shining through, causing an ache to form him that was wholly new and foreign to him.

“If I could choose, I would choose to stay here with you forever! Believe that!” Her tone matching his in fierceness and he knew that he had not scared her.

“Why? Why can’t you choose, Sookie? Why can’t you stay with me?” In her eyes, he saw her heart break, and her sad smile did nothing to say otherwise.

“I am but a pawn in this, Eric. At least to the players who really run the show.”

“Tell me! I will kill them all, anything, everything, so you can stay!” His fangs popped out in anger at the thought of someone forcing his beautiful fairy to do something she didn’t want to do. Her smile shifted then, becoming warm and genuine as she looked at him in perfect love.

“I know, my vampire. I know that in every part of my soul, and that is why I can’t stay.” His eyebrow went up in askance at her. “I didn’t expect this when I met you.”

“This?” he questioned, pushing for more.

“I didn’t expect to love you, Eric.” Her admission of feeling what he was feeling was devastating to him. He had not kept the bond open when she refused to drink, not wanting to feel her if she didn’t care for him as he did for her. Now he threw it open and he was hit like a kick in the chest. She loved him, too! Completely, totally, irrevocably and this made him feel incredible, invincible! Until…her felt her sadness as well. She truly did not want to go, and she truly believed that there was no choice. Digging into their connection deeper he also saw a tiny bit of hope inside her. Hope for…them? Hope for him? Hope for herself? The bond did not deliver such detail, but be allowed himself to take shelter in that hope anyway, he had no choice, to accept that this was the end for them was not something he could stand.

“I…I love you too, Sookie,” he whispered to her. He had never said that to anyone before in his entire existence. Only she could have brought about that change in him. Only she could have done this to him. Her mouth claimed his savagely, her tongue caressing his fangs intimately with her kiss. Reason fled again. There was so much he needed to do, to figure out and so little time, but it would seem he had even less time with her.

“Then love me,” she whispered against her lips, and so he did.


12 thoughts on “Chapter 6- Checkmate

  1. theladykt says:

    hmmm pawn of the council or pawn of the fairies or both? hmmm

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  2. jules3677 says:

    Games within games. All very frustrating for these two. Hopefully its turns out better than canon. 🙂

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  3. idream3223 says:

    I hope it turns out better than canon, too. Not just TB/SVM but also Sherlock canon. My brain is still turning and I have not given up on this piece yet. 🙂 Thanks for reading.


  4. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Ah! Where’s the rest? 😉 I hope you continue this soon! 😊

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  5. idream3223 says:

    Thanks again for reading! Loved hearing your thoughts and that you enjoyed the story. The rest is in my brain, percolating, where it has been since April, but as I said, your enjoyment had definitely sparked my muse. Not many appreciated this story, one author on FF made a point to stop by and tell me it was the dumbest idea she had ever read, and then I went and looked at what she was writing. Of course, after reading her stuff, it did indeed seem like she might recognize dumb when she saw it, so I went off to think on that for a bit. 😉 I don’t like people who go out of their way to be mean. I think birds should follow them around outside and poop on them every chance they get.
    One day, when I rule the world, it shall be so! 🙂 *hugs* Happy Monday!

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  6. bytemebill says:

    *sigh* They really have an uphill battle ahead of them…


  7. askarsgirl says:

    OMG! I hope you will update this awesome story again! I just discovered it yesterday and as always I am loving it!


  8. Awww, these two seem destined to be star crossed. I hope Sookie can figure out how to vanquish Russell, the bastard!

    Love this quirky Eric.


  9. I really do hope you eventually continue this story. Your mash up of TB & Sherlock is awesome.


  10. georgiasuzy says:

    I’m in awe of your great imagination. This is a very different faery Sookie and abstinent Eric, and they’ve already fallen in love in a completely magically believable way. I don’t know how they’re going to win the upcoming Great War or if they can stop it from ever happening, but I’m following faithfully to see what you come up with. Kudos!


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