Come With Me Now*Complete*


Come With Me Now Banner Final


Eric’s Voice:  “Today was a good day to die.  In the moments I had left, Sookie pressed to my back, guns in her hands, guns in mine and Death hovering in the corner, remembrance tugged at me. Like a loose thread in my mind I went back to where this all started.  I wanted to spend what time I had left remembering how I got my Happily Ever After, because that is what mattered.  How long it lasted was always beyond our control.  What mattered was that after so very long, I had reached that place with her at my side.  I had reached that place with Sookie, the woman of my undead dreams.”

 Sometimes you don’t know what you think you know….

True Blood/Post Season 7/Eric & Sookie/Rated M/Inspired by Gyllene’s HEA Contest

Disclaimer:  All characters are property of other less deserving folks who were smart enough to dream up one the coolest universes ever created, and yet so ridiculous as to have no idea what to do in it, or with the people who lived there.  They got paid, I did not.  To me, this was purely a moment of adoration for a world I can only look in on from the outside.


Special thanks go out to, Gyllene for holding the HEA Contest that spawned this story; Forever for True Blood Transcripts; True for screen caps; Fairie World on Facebook for beautiful ethereal photos that I borrowed to pain the backdrop of this story;  Kronos for their brilliant tune “Come With Me Now”; The Fray for “Look After You”, which I listened to for hours as I tried to show the other side of what we had so far been allowed to see;  all the readers during the contest that reviewed it before you knew it was mine and said wonderful, warm and encouraging things; Eternal Sunshine of A Spotless Mind;  and saving the best for last, to Alexander Skarsgard for lighting me on fire with his portrayal of Eric Northman.  I keep hoping that of all the gin joints, in all the world, you will someday walk into mine.  If you ever do, oh, the stories that we will tell, my friend, oh, the stories! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Come With Me Now*Complete*

  1. msbuffy says:

    Play it again, Sam.

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  2. Reading this one again!


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