Signs & Wonders

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“You ready to blow this pop stand?”  Her words conjured a thousand images that blew through me starting a fire that only she could control.

 “Fuck, yes!” she laughed again, her head falling back, braced by my arm around her, her long hair nearly dragging the ground as she lit up and took us away into the magical living realm of Fae.


 Come With Me Now- Signs and Wonders


We landed still entangled and laughing on the edge of the forest alongside Niall’s beautiful white palace. She took my hand and started pulling me toward the entrance. I was still buzzed and feeling up for anything this world or any other might throw at us.  As soon as we were inside the cover of the forest she stopped and turned to me.  “You still wanna see my wings, cowboy?” Oh, I liked that!


“Yes!” It was Christmas again when she stepped back and shimmered before me, her clothes disappearing and revealing her form to me.  Slowly, starting at her feet I soaked in the vision before me.  She was older now than when last I had seen her, more fleshed out, and yet more comfortable in her own body than she had been at twenty-five when last I had beheld her.  While being incredibly soft and feminine still, her muscles were toned and firm, from the training she mentioned, perhaps.   She had finished baking, as her hero Buffy might say. My Sookie Cookie had grown into herself.  Her curves were dangerous and seductive, hips rounder, calling to my hands, making my palms do the impossible and itch to touch her.  Her breasts were fuller, heavier as well and my mouth started to salivate.  She was tearing me apart and she was just standing there, with a shy smile on her face!


My gaze took in her shoulders and I saw that she now had a green tattoo on her left shoulder of intertwining Celtic like symbols, it disappeared over her shoulder and it was there that I beheld her luminous wings for the first time.  They were so delicate in appearance that a breeze might tear them.  Iridescent in color and thin enough to see through I wanted to touch them almost as much as I wanted to taste her ink with my tongue.  Before I realized it I had closed the distance between us and my hand was poised to do just that.  I stopped, looking into her eyes.  “May I?”  She nodded, eyes large in anticipation of my reaction.


With the lightest of touches I ran my finger along the edge of her delicate wing.  She shivered and I saw her nipples harden.  My body hardened, too and I couldn’t stop my fangs coming down, a soft growl was emanating from my chest.  How strange we would have looked to an outsider in that moment. It was no doubt a fantasy artists wet dream.  A Fairy and her Night Beast gazing at each other with longing in a sun dappled forest.  It had been centuries since  I had painted, but I could see this image so clearly in my mind that I knew one day I would a paint it large and in living color that did justice to her beauty.


“Say somethin’,” she whispered.


“Don’t you know? Can’t you hear me?” I asked sounding breathless.


“I need you to tell me, please.”


“Words fail me in the face of your beauty.  I am struck silent.”  She smirked, clearly amused.


“You being Eric Northman and all, being at a loss for words probably says more than anything else actually could.”  I growled again, and entranced reached out to touch her again with my finger tip.  Her wing felt as soft as it looked.  Slowly, I leaned in to kiss it reverently.  This new part of her was as seductive as the rest.  Had she not already held my heart and soul she would have taken them in that moment with no fight from me.   I was totally and irrevocably hers.  My hand moved of its own volition down to her markings.


“Sky Tribe markings,” she whispered her eyes fluttering closed at my touch.


“Breathtaking,” I managed as I traced their intricate patterns and wondered at their meaning.  I leaned down and kissed them, too.  Soft butterfly kisses on her tribal tattoos.


“They came with the wings, just ‘Poof, you’re a Sky Fae’.”


Pulling back slightly to free my lips from their adorations I said,  “Poof, you’re my wife.”  My words jerked her from the bliss of my touch and she looked at me with wide eyes.


“Is that what you call a proposal, Eric Northman?”  Fascinating.  Under the wings and the ink she was still my proper Southern Belle.  I smiled at finding this warm familiarity in the new woman who stood before me.  This Sookie I danced with before, I knew the steps. I hoped we could incorporate some new ones as well.


“No. That’s what I call stating a fact.” She tilted her head listening and processing. No other could be my match, I thought to her.


“Is that what you meant when you bought my house, and told me that I was yours?”  I paused then, considering.


“Yes.  I said it poorly, but yes, that is what I meant in my heart.”


“Well, at least your approach is improving.  If you practice some more you might get it right.”  A devilish smile appeared on her face, “If you can catch me, I’ll let you practice some more.”  Fairy Running AwayShe turned and popped away then, about two hundred yards further into the forest and I moved like she pulled me on a string to her side.  The act of chasing her was intoxicating, calling to the predator that lurked in me as well as the lover seeking his beloved.  She let me catch her there, and looked up at me.  “Ask me again.”


“You told me you loved me from the moment you saw me.   Show me.”


“Better.”  She popped another hundred yards into the forest and waited.  Again, I vamped to her side.


“Ask me again.”  Oh, this was infuriating and…perfect.  If she made it too easy she wouldn’t be Sookie, and I, well I wouldn’t love her with everything I was.  I didn’t understand it, but this worked for me.  It was beyond logic and reason.  It was her slapping my face, and rather than evoking my rage she stirred my passion.  I could not predict Sookie.  She moved in mysterious ways, and while I couldn’t see her patterns I knew that forever would not be long enough to try and decipher her.  The best part was…


“The best part of you, of us, Sookie, is that even if I never understand you and this thing between us, I accept you as you are.  I accept the anachronistic Southern Belle, the fiery Fairy Sookie, the Winged Warrior of the Sky and I ask you now, to do the same for me.  Be my wife, for now, for as long as we have, for forever if we are lucky.  Be mine.”  A tear slipped down her cheek and the sun was in her smile.


“Perfect,” she said softly.  “Yes, a forever of yes, always yes.  Eric, even if I never understand you and this thing between us, I accept you as you are.  I accept the anachronistic Viking, the dark raging beast in your heart that gentles itself only for me, the vampire lover of my dreams.  Be my husband, for now, for as long as we have, for forever if we are lucky. Be mine.”


“Yes, a forever of yes, always yes, my Sookie, my wife.”   I kissed her then, softly, pulling her to me needing to feel her, to reassure myself that I was not dreaming again, though even my dreams had never been this good. I felt her teleport us again and when I opened my eyes I looked up and beheld a strange and wondrous thing.  The First Night In FaeA bed.   A bed in a tree.  A bed in a tree and I had a naked Sookie in my arms.  A naked Sookie who was now the wife of my heart.

Definitely a dream.

Let me never wake up, I thought as I lifted us off the ground gently and floated up to the bed.  It was then that I remembered Niall’s words to us.  I have made a special place for you tonight, children.  Enjoy the night! Enjoy each other!  “Looks like I have won over the in-laws.”  She giggled as I lay her gently on the bed.  She raised up slightly and I heard a gentle whooshing sound when her wings disappeared.  I was disappointed that she hid them from me.  They were a part of her, and I never wanted her to hide herself from me.  She heard me and instantly they were back.

“OK,” she said, smiling at me, “But I want to see you, too.”  I raised an eyebrow not understanding.  Gently, she touched my lips.  “Your fangs.  They are a part of you, husband.  We go into this with fangs and wings flashing!  Together!”

“Together!” I swore, dropping fang and pushing back the growing certainty that this absolutely must be a fucking dream. It just didn’t get this good.  It just didn’t.

“Stop! We’re gonna make it this good!” Her eyes were fierce and I could not help but believe. Slowly, she slid her leg over my body, and I fell back on to the bed, hypnotized by the way the light flickered through her wings. She pulled my attention back to her as I felt her small hands slowly start unbuttoning the shirt that Niall had given me. One…by…one, until she slowly pushed it back, opening it like I was a present.  She stared down at my chest for a long moment and then zeroed in on the dimple between my pecs, running her tongue softly through the shallow valley of my flesh.  “Mmmmmm,” her sounds making me writhe underneath her, my hands came up to the back of her head to pull her closer, to pull her up, to touch her. I had to touch her.

My fingers knew what to do, they wound themselves in her hair and ran through it like a comb. They followed her as she moved up slowly to my neck…my chin, another shallow valley she kissed and moved on to my cheeks.  Leaving her hair, my hands went to her shoulders and I pulled her to me.  Gently, she kissed my eyelids.  “I dreamed of this,” she breathed across my face.

“Tell me.”

“I dreamed that in Dallas you let me console you with my kisses, my body, like this.  I dreamed you let me show you all the love I had in my heart for you.”

“It was my dream, too.  Make that dream come true for both of us, Sookie.”  Her eyes were glazed with passion and she moved down my body continuing to slowly unwrap me,  Snap went the button, zip went the zipper and when I raised slightly to allow her to remove the dark blue trousers the sound of sliding material was drowned out by her moan.  I looked and saw her lick her lips as she stared at my arousal.  I followed her gaze and saw a small drop of fluid form on the tip.  In that second the smell of her arousal hit me full on and the drop became a dribble as a sharp pain hit me in my lower stomach.  I was aching with need for her and consoled only with knowing that she felt the same.  “Do with me as you will, wife.  I am yours.”  My words freed her and she leaned down to take just the barest tip of me into her sweet warm lips, using her tongue there as she had on my chest moments before.  I jerked and felt my body push out more dribbles to satisfy her.  Swirling her tongue and moaning at the taste of me, she pushed her head down taking more of me into the wet heat of mouth.  I know I screamed her name then through the trees of Fae, but I didn’t hear it.  The spell that she had woven around us was impenetrable to all but her touch on my body.

This was new.  I had been too eager for her to dally with such pleasure when last I had been her lover.   A thousand years of control and experience had been denied me when last I loved this woman.  I would make up for that now, I would be the consummate lover and not the eager virgin that had taken her in the woods and in all the rooms of her house with inexperience and unbridled zeal.  I knew that I had satisfied her then, but there was so much more I could have offered if I had been in possession of my memories.  Slowly, she slid up my shaft, increasing the suction to the point that my vision narrowed into a small tunnel as the blood rushed from my brain to my cock. She popped her lips when she released me.

“I hadn’t thought of it like that,” she said.

“Like what?” I ground out through a locked jaw, wanting to hear what she had to say and wanting her to quit talking at the same time.

“That you were a virgin with me.”  My eyes met hers.

“I was.  I had no memory of any other. You were my first lover, Sookie.”  A beautiful rosy hue rose to her cheeks and she dropped her gaze.

“If I had realized that, I would have taken more care with you in our time.  I feel foolish to not have realized.”  My physical need took a back seat to her emotional need.

“You were perfect, Sookie. You were kind and passionate and you let me love you in all the imaginative ways my innocent mind could conceive.  When I offered to be one with you, it was because I knew that you were everything I could ever want or need.  I didn’t know anything else at all, but I knew that! I know that!”  Her gaze came up and I pulled her to me, sliding her up, a leg on each side of me. I sat up to meet her halfway. Her hands went to my face and she looked at me so intensely it was all I could do not to look away.

“You were perfect, too, Eric.  So good that I missed out on realizing that you didn’t remember any other lovers before me.  It makes-” she stopped a minute and I waited for her to find the words she needed.  “It makes it all the more amazing that you just knew how to please me and that everything you did was everything I could have dreamed of.  It’s like…”

“I was made for you?”

“Yes, like you were made for me.”  She kissed me then and I felt another weight lift.  Somewhere, I had been hanging on to the notion that perhaps if I had been a better lover she would have accepted me and my bond back then. She sobbed into my mouth, “Please stop,” she whispered against my lips.  “It cuts me in my soul to know that I have hurt you like this.  Please, I can’t-” this time I cut her off with my fierce kiss.  I would drink her pain and take it all on myself, I would do whatever needed to be done to free her of the weights that she carried from our dark times apart.  I would fight all her demons and set her free at last if she would let me.

Moving to her neck I whispered between kisses, “You are the most amazing woman I have ever known.  It was hell to get to this moment with you but I wouldn’t change anything, not a single moment of it and risk losing what we have now!”  I moved my hand down to wet core of her and touched her there, making her moan in my ear.  “Let go, my love.  Let me take away your pain.”  I slid one of my long fingers inside her slowly, looking for the spot that would take her away from the dark and into the light. I knew I found it when she threw her head back and screamed my name like a prayer, a revelation.  “Yes, like that!” I pulled her lips back down to mine and swallowed her agony and her ecstasy.

This is what a husband does, Sookie. I thought to her.  He eases your body and he heals your soul.  He takes your burdens and shares them or makes them his if she needs time to heal before she can shoulder them. You are my wife!  Let me take you pain away!  I slid another finger into her and focused on that sacred spot inside her, until she came apart in my arms, tears on her face as she declared her love for me in sounds that echoed in the trees and through my ancient body like a firestorm.

“You are mine!” I told her fiercely, fangs all the way down now, I was burning for her and with her.

“Yours,” she echoed and pulled my head to her neck. She raised her body and my fingers slipped out of her wetness allowing her to line up my aching cock with her center.  “Do with me as you will, husband,” she echoed me as she slowly let me inside her tight, hot channel.  It felt like a piece of me was being pulled out as my cock pushed into her.   Once she had herself fully seated on me, she squeezed down, and it was her turn to swallow my ecstasy.  She started moving slowly, my hands coming to her hips of their own volition, to hold on more than guide.

“This is what a wife does, Eric. She takes her husband into her body, into her very soul and nourishes him in mind, body and spirit.  She gives herself over completely to his needs, his desires because in fulfilling him, she fulfills herself.  A good husband can be trusted with this gift of a soul, and you are a good husband, my love.  You give much more than you ask in return and you keep me safe even when I can’t do it for myself.  Let me take your pain away.”  I had to close my eyes and hide from the intensity of her words and the affect they had on my body.  She had just unmoored the very ties of my being.  I was floating as she moved on me, squeezing tight, working my body to a release that felt more spiritual than physical. I was afraid to go on, and afraid to stop, on the edge of something that would forever save or damn me and I knew not which.  “It’s OK,” she whispered to me then.  “I’ve got you. I won’t let go again!”

She started moving faster, making me respond by thrusting up to meet her as she came down on me. The bed was suspended on ropes in the tree and it started to swing gently from our movements.  It felt like the world was moving beneath me, making the whole experience even more ethereal. Instinctively, to hold on all the better, I buried my face in her neck and licked her there, letting her know I was going to bite.  Her hand came up to the back of my head as she continued to ride me, showing me that she wanted me to join with her like this as well.

Completely overwhelmed, I felt my fangs enter her flesh and a world of light exploded behind my eyes as I exploded into her body.  I could feel her coming around me again and that drew it out for me, making the waves of pleasure that shook me to my core go on and on. I was falling, sure that the ropes had broken on the bed and we were going down.  It was then that she bit into my neck, tearing my flesh causing a new wave of pleasure to roll through me.  My eyes rolled back into my head and I felt myself slipping away…falling. Suddenly, I felt my blood moving inside her, moving into all the places that needed healing and I latched onto to that and held on, coming back from the dark abyss of pleasure that had threatened to take me away, perhaps even to my true death.

I felt her reach for me then, with her mind, her life force and she grew warm in my arms.  I could see her lighting up with no need for eyes and knew in that moment that I had been accepted into the Sky Fae Tribe in a way more finite than our heartfelt vows could ever have done. She shared her light with me as I did my blood with her and in that moment finally, at long last, I became one with the woman in my arms.

When I finally opened my eyes, expecting the sky bed and us to have been expelled from the heavens and cast down on the ground, I beheld another sight entirely.  Sookie was still in my arms, her body wrapped around me protectively and we were back in handmade bed in the snowy forest that we had visited when last we shared blood.  For a moment I just looked around in wonder. It was like no time had passed from our last visit.  The snow was still falling gently and the furs that had covered the bed were still there.  I automatically reached down and pulled one up around Sookie’s back, and then around myself to protect us from a chill.  Her head was on my shoulder and I could feel her soft even breath on my neck, letting me know that she was all right, only resting.  Careful not to jostle her I turned my face up and closed my eyes, letting the soft kiss of the snow press itself to my skin.

I had thought this was a dream!  She stirred slightly, waking, and said softly in my ear.  “Illusion.”  I waited to see if there was more she would share.  She snuggled closer to me, sighing contentedly and went on.  “I know now it was an illusion.  The gift is inherent to the Sky Fae.  Somehow, when we were together you awakened that gift in me and I shared it with you.  When I taste your blood it reminds me of snowy woods. It’s like I smell your memories.  This place is what you smell like when you share yourself with me.  Manifesting it is my gift to you.”

Yet another dream she made come true.  “And the bed?” I asked, my smirk evident in my tone.

“Duh! Can’t you take a hint?” I could feel her lips curl into a smile against my neck. I decided to play along.

“Oh, you want take a nap?” She snorted, quite unladylike and quite adorable.  Then she shifted in my lap grinding down demanding, quite unladylike and quite perfectly.

“Yes, I conjured an illusion to win your heart because I want to take a nap now,” she deadpanned.

“Good, because I want a nap now, too,” I deadpanned right back, cupping her bottom and pressing her down on me as I thrust up, getting into the spirit of this new game.  She moaned and I mentally put a check in the I win column.  She attacked my neck then, biting and sucking but not breaking the skin.  I moaned.  “Score one for the fairy,” she giggled holding me tighter in her arms.  She could score them all if she kept doing that, because very soon we would both be winning.  I rolled us over on the bed and started kissing my way down her neck, marveling at the feel of snow against my naked back.  She was amazing and she was mine.


Time runs fast and wide, narrow and slow in Fae, not in the straight measurable units that coincided with how we marked it in the place she and I came from.  I had no idea how long we played in the snow or stayed in the tree.  There was only her body and mine, her soul and mine and each time we came together they entwined themselves more deeply, creating a bond that burned with a blinding intensity.  At times it drove me to take her hard and fast, demanding her promise of forever over and over.  Others it let me love her slowly and gently as though reaping the benefits of her vows.  In the moments I could think at all I shoved the dark times away and focused only on the now.  I needed to drink in every single breath of her and take them into myself to light the dark corners. In the tangled sheets, beneath the green bows around us we exchanged light and blood and I felt her love bloom inside me, and mine inside her.

At last, all doubt left me, and her I saw it in her eyes.  She could feel how much she meant to me now, and  I knew  that what she felt for me was just as real.  Nothing would ever make us unsure of  what we had again.  The knowledge kicked loose the last threads of fear that  discolored the beautiful tapestry that was our story.

We loved each other with everything we were until there was nothing left to give and exhaustion took us away.


Viking?  Someone was calling me.  Viking?  My eyes opened and I found Sookie asleep on top of me.  Her beautiful long hair tangled around her and me where we had collapsed, unable to go on.  Viking?  Gently, I slid from beneath her and sat up on the edge of the bed in the tree, looking around for who was calling to me.  I blinked in the muted sunlight and made my eyes focus.

Down here.  I looked down and found Niall smiling up at me.  Come. Let us take a walk. Don’t wake, Sookie. I want to talk to you alone.  My clothes were lost somewhere in the sheets, or the forest, who knew? I glanced around and I felt my skin tingle as they appeared again. I looked at him.   Sookie would not want to share what she has claimed as hers.  Best not to tempt any we might run into.  Unsure what was going to happen next I floated down from the bed to stand before him on the ground.  I glanced back up and saw that some of her long tresses were dangling over the edge of our heavenly resting place.

She’ll be fine, he told me, still not speaking aloud as he walked away, deeper into the forest.  I followed anxious to see what was on his mind. After some distance he turned to me and pulled up his sleeve.  “Drink,” he said gently.   I hesitated.  I might not be able to stop without her here.

“I have shared Sookie’s blood many times.  Is this truly necessary?” I asked him.  He nodded and held his arm toward me again.  Bracing myself I stepped to him and bit into his wrist. It tasted different than it had before.  Now, Sookie was more obvious in his blood and while he still tasted  pleasant I did not feel myself grow intoxicated as I had before.  When he told me to stop, I had no trouble pulling back and sealing his wounds.  Wiping my lips with my fingers I waited for him to speak.

“You have bonded to her.”  It was not a question.  “More importantly, she has shared her light with you.  It was something that she unknowingly started when you stayed with her long ago.  You asked her to be one, and she accepted.  Do you remember?”

“How do you know this?”

“I have always watched over Sookie.  I will always watch over her.”  I nodded, appreciating his commitment to keep her safe as we faced whatever come next.  “You have accepted her bond and you are now even more a part of my family.” He motioned to my left shoulder and I slid my shirt over to see a small green tattoo that was in the same design as Sookie’s.

“Will I get wings, too?”

“No,” he shook his head, smiling.  “You really are quite taken with them aren’t you?”  I shrugged.  Some people like feet, what could I say?  Sookie’s wings were far more delightful than feet.  He laughed then, out loud and his joy stirred my blood as it had before when we danced. My ears were slow.

“What do you mean ‘even more’?” Niall hesitated and I could tell he was unsure of how to proceed.

“I walked the world you come from for thousands of years.  I assisted in the creation of this world where my kind could hide when there was no place left for us in what was our home. Once I had set things right I returned to the other side in my quest for vengeance.  This is a quest you understand, I believe.”  Images of my parents and their deaths filled my mind and he nodded. “I gave up many things for my quest, but I gained things as well.

“While I was there searching for Warlow I found a woman who inspired me to feel what you feel for Sookie. We had a child together and when she aged and passed I watched over my line in that world just as I watched over my line this world.  I could not always protect them.  It is difficult to walk in two worlds.  You understand this as well, I think.”

“Yes, as few could.”

“You know that Sookie is part of that legacy.  What you don’t know is that Godric, your maker, was of my line as well.”

“Did Godric know?”

“No, I did not tell him.  He was many generations removed from me and I had been pulled away here for moment, and when I returned he had been made vampire.  I blamed myself for failing him for a long time.  My heart bled with him as he fought his darkness and tried so hard to find his way back to the light.  It was a struggle that he did not fully understand and a pain that in the end was too much for  him to bear.”  A tear slid down his cheek.  “I was called here again when he died on that rooftop in Dallas.  I channeled the spirit of nature and saw that you offered yourself to die with him.”   The wound his words touched in me was still raw as it had been then.  My face must have betrayed me, because he reached out to me, laying a comforting hand on my shoulder.

“You need to know, Eric, that you were that light for him.  When he made you, it was the beginning of his path back to the light.  He loved you, delighted in you and that feeling showed him the way from the darkness that had held him for a thousand years!  It was in teaching you to be who you are now that he too learned who he wanted to be and strive to get there.  In some ways, you were as much his maker as he was yours.”  Perhaps it was the Fae blood, perhaps it was that I was still undone from my time in Sookie’s arms, but I felt the anguish push out of me and I cried out, roaring into the forest, sharing my pain because I could no longer contain it inside the smallness that was me.  I did not resist when he pulled me into his arms and held me close, crying with me at the loss we both shared with Godric’s passing.  Finally, squeezing me one last time he stepped back.

“I saw something else when I channeled nature’s memory of his passing. Something that I want to share with you now.”  He put his hands on my face and suddenly I was back on that rooftop watching myself walk away from him as he had commanded me to do.  I watched myself stop in front of Sookie.

“I’ll stay with him.  As long as it takes.”  I saw myself nod and felt my heart hitch at her beauty in that tragic moment as it had then.  I had wanted to crawl into her soft arms and cry out my broken heart.  But I had walked away, starting a pattern that was to last for years to come. Turning back, I saw what I had wondered about for some time, but had never dared to ask.  The only time I might have been brave enough I had forgotten that I wanted so badly to know.

“It won’t take long, not at my age.”

“You know, it wasn’t very smart.  The Fellowship of the Sun part.”  Oh, my love.  So brave and reckless to lecture a two thousand year old vampire on his lack of wisdom.  To my surprise, he simply agreed with her.

“I know.  I thought it might fix everything somehow.  But I don’t think like a vampire anymore.” Then he surprised me even more when he turned to her, “Do you believe in God?”

“Yes,” she said as she shook her head no.  Did my love realize she was so conflicted on this subject?

“If you’re right, how will be punish me?”

“God doesn’t punish, God forgives.”  She believed that her body language told me so.

“I don’t deserve it.  But I hope for it.”

“We all do.”  Ah, so that is the source of her conflict.  What does my lover hope to be forgiven for?

“You’ll care for him, Eric?”  I felt the bottom drop out of me.  I had told him that she stirred me in our moments together on the roof before she arrived.  I never dreamed he would share that with her.

“I’m not sure.  You know how he is.”  I had to laugh, because I did know how I was, how I could be.

“I can take the blame for that, too.”

“Maybe not, Eric’s pretty much himself.”  She hesitated then.  “Are you very afraid?”

“No.  No!  I am full of joy!

“But the pain…”

“I want to burn.”  And in that moment I saw his joy and knew that he did indeed want to be on that rooftop.  It had been a very long time since I had seen my maker look so happy.

“Well, I’m afraid for you.”  Oh, my love, so brave even then, and then I saw something that I never would have expected.  He turned to her with a curious joyful expression that made me cry out again at his beauty.

“A human with me at the end, and human tears. Two thousand years and I can still be surprised.   In this, I see God.”

“Goodbye, Godric”  He stepped forward and then he was gone in a brilliant blue flash.  Niall rested his hands on my shoulders and looked deeply into my eyes.

“Sookie did what neither of us could do.  She finished what I started, and you carried in the middle.  She sent him on his journey with love and kindness.  I owe her a debt that can never be repaid.”

“As do I.”  For so long I had imagined the pain and fear that Godric must have felt as he faced the sun.  Now, I knew it had not been so.  He had been filled with joy and my love had kept her word, stood beside him and inspired him to believe in something that might welcome him in the next life.  Just when I thought I had finally got to top of how much I could love my wife, I found more.  My feelings for her had already hallowed me out and made room for her inside me. I felt myself expand to take in more and knew that as I had grown with Godric and he with me,  I would grow still more with her at my side.


We walked on for a while each thinking our thoughts about what we had just shared.  Now, at least I knew why he seemed familiar.  In a way, he was my grandfather as well.  He was my family.  A little bit of the empty that had been Godric, Nora and my human family had filled itself in.  I was healing.

“When I was called back during the time of Godric’s passing it was because things had shifted here in Fae.  Mab, the Water Fae Queen had started gathering all the Halflings from your side and trapping them here.  She was telling everyone it was to protect Fae and prevent the dilution of Fae blood from these children that we had left on the other side, but that was not the truth.  The Water Fae have corrupted their environment to the point that it is poisoning them and they have lost the ability to reproduce.  She wanted the Halflings to start a breeding program.”  My fists clenched.  Mab and Sophie Anne would have gotten on famously!

“She tricked Sookie into crossing over the night you were nearly killed by Compton.  Her rage is beyond measure that Sookie dared defy her and escape.  Then, she did not know that Sookie was my blood, but if she had found out it would have only made it more dangerous for her.  Mab and I have been at odds for centuries.  She believes that the Fae are the superior race over all races and would see your realm under her control. She will attempt to raise an army to achieve that and with all the halflings that she was able to collect she may in time be able to do this.”  Sookie had never told me what happened in Fae, or confirmed for me that that was where she had been.  I had heard Compton rattling on about it the night she returned but had dismissed it.  I was too excited to have her back.  And then of course, I had screwed up our reunion by trying to claim her without revealing my heart.  I sighed.

“We have both made mistakes when it comes to handling Sookie.  We are lucky that her heart is as big as her stubborn streak and she loves us in spite ourselves.”  I really liked this old fairy.  He seemed to understand me.  Perhaps because we were both men from another time.  I would enjoy talking to him when we were past this danger he had shown us.

“If Mab believes that the Fae are superior what is it that you believe?”

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose. That no one race is above another, we all serve a greater purpose.”  He looked at me and winked.  I had no idea what that meant. “The reason that I am telling you about Mab is that I think she knows that Sookie is here now.”  I stopped.


“At the party, you may not have noticed but there was one fairy who was out of sorts?”  I shook my head.  I had been so stoned on Fae blood and the vision of Sookie that I had let my guard down.  “His name is Preston, and he had hoped that Sookie might in time come to love him.  Seeing her with you, and how bright her spark was in your arms he knew that his dreams were dead.  She would never be his.”

“Where is this Preston?  I will find him and end him now if he is a threat to her!”

“That’s just it.  He’s disappeared.  I cannot be certain, but I suspect he has gone to Mab and will tell her of Sookie’s connection to me.”

“Then we are no longer safe here, either.”

“I am afraid not, child.”  It was so strange to be called child by any but Godric, but if anyone had the right it was this man before me.  He was six times my age and had been the blood ancestor of my maker. He could probably send me to my room with no dinner.  Niall chuckled, seeing the image in my mind.  “I am so very sorry.  I had hoped to keep you both here safe for a long time.  At least until the danger had passed on the other side.  Human lives pass in a blink, and soon you would be free of all but DeCastro and his dog.  As to that, who  can say when a stake might find its way to his heart?” His eyes twinkled as he calmly suggested killing the vampire king of Nevada.

I could grow to love this man.

“If I am right Mab will bring her war to my doorstep.  I may be needed here for some time and you will be on your own out there.  Can you keep her safe?”

“She is my life.  If it comes to it, I will die for her.”

“I am sure she would rather you live for her.  I know that I would, too.  I fancy having the time to know you better.  It would do my heart good to hear of Godric and the times you had with him around a warm fire some long night.”

“Where ever I am you will always be welcome.”  Grandfather.  I didn’t say it but he heard it anyway.  I could tell from the way his mouth crooked up at the corner as it had that night beside Caddo Lake when he had found me and Sookie there. He nodded and we turned back to where hopefully Sookie was still sleeping in our tree.

“There will come a time when you can return here as well, Viking, and I look forward to that very much.”  I did, too, more than I could say and I was grateful that he could read my thoughts and I didn’t need to find the words to show him my heart.  Just as our bed came into sight and I saw her there still sleeping peacefully I remembered something he had said about human lives being over in a flash. I stopped him.

“Niall, what about Sookie? Does she only have a mortal lifetime now?”

“Her time here and your blood have made her more than mortal.  As to how long exactly, who can ever say with such things? But, her spark is strong, and you have promised her forever.  Do you really think she is going to let you out of it now?”  In my mind I saw her with her hair in curlers with a frying pan in her hand coming after me like a woman in a movie I had once seen going after her welshing husband.  I knew that I was in this for the long haul with my fairy princess.

I was laughing when she looked down over the edge of the sky bed, her hair in a disarray from sleep and asked just what was so darn funny? For some reason she did not find the image in my mind amusing, and that only made it funnier to both me and Niall.


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