Confessions In The Islands


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Come With Me Now- Confessions In The Islands

The sun was setting when I awakened for the day and I immediately reached out to find Sookie, following our bond in time to see her rise from the ocean like the goddess she was.  Completely tanned and naked to my gaze the beads of water on her skin made me thirsty to chase them down her stomach, her legs, but I was a pleasure delayer.  Had she taught me that?  Before Sookie I had dived headlong into whatever I wanted with zeal and exuberance.  But, I had waited so long for her, and when I finally had been rewarded the doors of my soul had been blown open so wide I might never close them again.

That was scary.

I was all right with the fact that I might never be able to close them again.

That was even scarier.

She arched her back, wringing the water from her hair, making my body respond to her as if she was touching me.  When she opened her eyes and saw me, she licked her lips and smiled.

It was getting less scary.

I felt my skin tingle and then I was standing before her, teleported to her touch.  My Sookie was not a pleasure delayer.  My Sookie was a pleasure seeker.  I flashed on the young woman who stood before me so many years before and tried to reconcile that child with the goddess who reached out to me now, running her hand over my hips and squeezing down on what she called my ‘fabulous bottom’.  She pulled me toward her, and I let her move me closer.  The final rays slipped from the sky as her lips slipped around my hard erection and when I threw my head back screaming pleasure I saw the first star of the night pierce the darkening veil above us.  It made me dizzy when she did this to me and when I looked at the sky it felt like I was floating above the ground with no will of my own required.

My fingers came down to her back and found those little nodules that held her wings, rubbing them in slow circles.  She moaned and swallowed my entire cock down her throat, needing to be closer to me.  I loved that she could do that.  It was so rare to find a woman who could deep throat my entire shaft, and it was doubly erotic to me that touching her like this made her work to get to closer to me, to take me all into her like this.

There was nothing scary about this at all.

There was only love here now.  I could feel her love for me singing in our bond and she reached up to my chest with one hand as she hummed around my shaft and shot a bolt of fairy light into my chest I felt it flow through every cell in my body right down to my cock in her mouth.  I moaned her name as she loved me like this, I never wanted her stop.

Since our first night in Fae she had shown me that she had indeed been right, I had no idea who she was or who she had become in the three years since we had been apart.  Every new delight she shared with me was accompanied with a confession that left me decimated and wanting.  Helplessly, I compared the woman I had loved so innocently on her cubby to the firebrand that consumed me now and came back over and over to the difference between a caterpillar and butterfly.  She had taken those times and cocooned them into her very being, growing them in the beautiful form and fantasies that she now shared with abandon starting our first night here on this island sanctuary that I brought her to from Fae.  She had asked me to picture it in my mind and then she had teleported us to the island that I had bought with her in mind.Second Island Hideaway

A single rock formation that jutted out of the South Pacific.  A small house set atop its stone visage, a chamber beneath for me carved in the stone.  It had  seemed a foolish indulgence to buy a home with her in mind from my first Nu Blood profits, but now it seemed ordained to be here with her like this.

Frustrated with my wandering thoughts and wanting them back on her and slowly rose up my shaft, swirling her tongue along the underside making the deep need for release in my belly coil a little tighter.  She was going to kill me if she kept that up.  Swirling around the top of me, delving her tongue into the slit and then sliding down my shaft again, I felt the back of her throat open and take me back into her depths, at the same time her one hand still on my chest, she cupped me gently in her other hand and I felt her light up in time to know what she was about to do.  Anticipating it made me swell in throat, release coming fast now and when she shot light into my balls resting in her hand and my chest I roared like the king of the jungle and gave her what she had been wanting.  Minx that she was, she pulled back so that I came in her mouth, she wanted to taste me, and knowing that she longed for me in this intimate way made me come again on her tongue, every muscle in my body tensing, as I held onto her shoulders to remain standing and not break this precious connection until I had given her what she needed.

Getting every last drop of me, she kept swirling her tongue as she hummed her pleasure at my offering, making me hard again.  She wasn’t done with me yet.

Our first night here she had done this, after confessing that her nights in Fae had been filled with her desire to do this with me.  How she had run from the other fairies and their celebrations to her room where she locked the door and rolled in her satin sheets, bringing herself to orgasm over and over while she imagined tasting me on her tongue.  “I would come so hard when I thought of you like this that I was sure you could hear, me, feel me, Eric.  Only imagining you did this for me.  Remembering how you felt when you slid into me, thick and hard, stretching my body around yours and I would bite my hand to keep from screaming your name out loud.  I needed you so much,” her impassioned whisper in my ear made me hard then and now.

“I used to do the same,” I told her, revealing the depth of my need to her, something I had never imagined I would be able to do.  “I would think of you each night when first I rose.  I would imagine you there, your smell, your smile and how you felt around my cock and I would ache to come inside you again.  So many nights I touched myself and pretended it was your soft hand loving me.  Even when I only imagined you it felt like you were tearing my soul out when I came calling your name over and over.”

Fuck, I had just come for her and I was hard and aching again!  When she released me from her hot torturous lips and pulled me down to her I was mad with need to be inside her.  I was barely able to think but when she sat me down and turned her back to me, conjuring her words from another night to my mind.  “Sometimes, I imagined you taking me like this, my back pressed to your hard chest, your cock buried inside me as I rode you hard, taking you so deep as you pinched my nipples and demanded that I come for you.”  As she spoke she made word action and pressed back into my chest as she slid me into her then and now. She moaned as I filled her, leaning forward just a little, making me follow her to keep my body close to hers.  At this angle she could rub that sweet spot deep inside her with ever swivel of hips.  I could feel her wetness, she was dripping down my shaft and covering my thighs in her need for her body.  “Only you, only thoughts of you make come like this, Eric,” she had whispered to me that night, and as it had then my cock jerked at her confession.  She moaned, feeling me twitch deep inside her.

I wanted to move, to thrust my hips almost more than I wanted anything else in the world, but more than that I wanted her to come on my arms as she rode me now.  I wanted to please her as she had just done for me.  So, I encased her in my arms, cupping her breasts that hung heavy from body just a little because of the way she was leaning, and let them rest in my hands.  My fingers found her nipples and pinched them as I knew she wanted while she flexed her hips and internal muscles around me.

“I promised myself,” she had told me in the dark, “I promised myself that if I were ever lucky enough to love you, to deserve you that I would never ever hold back.  That I would do every little thing I had imagined, that I could imagine to you, for you, with you.  I would not waste a single chance to live out every dream I ever with you,”  Remembering that now, holding her a tightly in my arms as she rode me almost undid me again.  Knowing that she wanted me that way, the same all-consuming way that I wanted her, needed her was more than I had dared dream.  There was a sexiness in her shy innocence that I had found alluring, but this woman my arms now, she was the dream I never dared let my heart dream.

She was very close now, I could hear it in her breathing. I rolled her nipples between my fingers and flexed my hips gently, pressing deeper into her heat and she exploded in my lap, calling my name as her head fell back on my shoulder.  I kissed her neck softly, burying my face in her neck, shaking because I was still so hard inside her. “You didn’t wait for me to command you come,” I whispered in her ear.

“We’re not done yet, cowboy,” came her breathy reply before she turned her head and claimed my lips as she had the rest of me.  Her tongue tangled with mine and the faint taste of me on her tongue made my hips flex again, pressing into her hot depths.  Moaning she broke the kiss, panting in my arms.  Slowly she rose off me, moaning unconsciously at the loss of me.  I gasped as the cool evening breeze kissed my over sensitive shaft as she freed me. She took my hand and brought it between her legs, coating it with the moisture that was pooled there and then guiding it around to her other entrance.  My mind melted as I realized what she had planned. Another confession accompanied this glorious action.

“In Fae,” her breathy quiet words broke the night, “I dreamed of you taking me like this.  How it would feel to have you buried inside me like that would make me so fucking wet!  I would come again and again, trying to get you and this image of my mind, what you feel like, what you would say when I squeeze you so tight in this new way!”  She was positioning me at this new entrance now and I felt something slip down the side of my face.  It’s just my brain melting, I thought unable to speak, unwilling to move and break this spell she had woven around us.  She pressed down slowly, and gasped the most perfect sound I have ever heard as she started to stretch around my aching cock.  Her head was turned as far back as possible and her back was arched to try and see where we are about to be joined.  “Look, Eric.  Watch us together!”  My gaze flew down just in time to watch the head of my cock slide into her, to see how her tight body opened itself to me in this new way.

The image, the sensation, was too much. I wanted to pound into her, but feared hurting her.  “No, don’t be afraid, never be afraid!” She gasped as she kept pushing down on me until I buried completely in her beautiful round ass.  She was shuddering in my arms, breathing in gasps as she fell back against me again, this new sensation undoing her as it was me.  “It’s better than I ever imagined!” she ground out through a locked jaw as she started to squirm in my lap, adjusting her body to mine.  Needing to make this as good for her as I could I reached around her body and plunged my long fingers into her wetness.  She screamed her pleasure as I found her sacred spot again and started rubbing it slowly.  I could not hold back anymore and let my hips thrust up into her tight ass.  We moaned in unison, I could feel her tight around me and I could feel my shaft rub against my fingers inside her. “Fuck, Sookie,” I hissed in her ear, my other hand coming back up to cup her breast again as she rode me.

“Yes! Fuck Sookie!” she moaned raising up slightly giving me room to thrust into her.  I wasn’t going to last long, fuck I might die at any moment.  Twisting her nipple, pressing against her G-spot with my fingers I thrust into her as deep as I could and commanded in her ear,

“Come for me, Sookie!”  She moaned.

“So close.  Need you to bite.  I want everything, Eric.  Give me everything. Come! Come with me, now!”  Her head fell over, offering her neck to me and she clamped down on me inside her demanding my release as I had hers.” I thrust harder, pressed harder, twisted harder, and just before I slid my fangs into her long neck I whispered again.

“Come for me, Sookie!”

As soon as my fangs entered her she went off like a rocket, squeezing my cock and my fingers as she came in my arms.  My mouth full of her sweet blood was sensory overload and I emptied into her body everything  I was, had been, would ever be. I was hers completely.

I remembered to seal her neck with my tongue and then I remember only the black.


I woke in our bed to her kissing my face.  Her tongue darting out and caressing me in between.  “MMMMMM,” she vibrated against me and I noticed then that her warm sun kissed body was pressed to mine.

“What are you doing, wife?”  I asked, pulling her closer to my cool form.

“You cried,” she said softly continuing to kiss my cheeks softly, her tongue darting out to lick me clean in between.  Ah, not my brain melting after all,  I thought, realizing that it had been tears sliding down my face before.  This was back to being a little scary. Being so undone was…new.

“‘S’new for me, too,” she whispered back as she continued on. “I only ever dreamed that I would have the chance to show you my heart.  Bringing it to life is intense for me as well.”  Knowing I could hide nothing from her, and not really wanting to I asked what was on my mind.

“Does it scare you, too?”

“Yes, it does.  It’s so much MORE than I ever imagined.  It makes me feel hollow inside, and full up at the same time.  It’s..amazin’ and scary, but I don’t want to stop.”

“Me neither.”  She sighed then, and I felt her relax a little against me.  Had she been worried that I would pull away? Well, of course she was, that is after all what I did best!

“Shhh,” she said, snuggling into my chest.  “Don’t start over thinkin’ this, Eric.  We both were wrong for a long time.  We can’t get that back, but we can make it different from now on.  That we can do!”  She hugged me then and I tried to keep my thoughts there with her, here, in this moment but my mind refused to let that happen.  So many thoughts, regrets, losses.  I felt an ache in my chest as I thought of our most recent loss.


I had tried to protect her and I had failed.

I blamed myself for her death.  There was none other I could blame.  I had reached out to her when we returned from Fae, immediately warning her of the danger, begging her to find some place safe until we could figure out a plan. I asked her to join us on the island but she refused.

“Eric, I know what it means to you to finally have the fairy by your side. I don’t belong there.”

“You do, Pam! You have always belonged at my side, too.  If you know nothing else you know that!”

“I won’t make you choose again, Eric.  If this goes down with the Yakuza like it has in the past that is what it will come to and I can’t bear to see that look in your eyes again!”

“There will be no choice!  You must come here now so that I know you are safe!”

“Give my love to Sookie, Eric. You already know you have it, now and forever.”  She’d hung up then, and a month later I had felt her die, somewhere out there in the world, I felt my Pam meet the true death.

We’d been in Fae for a year and a half by the way time moves on this side. Perhaps if I had warned her sooner.  I should have gone to get her rather than counting on her to stay safe on  her own!

Before I could spiral any further down, I felt Sookie hug me tighter, trying to bring me back to the here and now.   It had been six months since I felt Pam pass, and it was still a raw gaping hole in my heart to feel her loss there.  It was the guilt as much as the loss.  I was her maker, I was supposed to protect her!

“Talk to me, Eric.  Please don’t shut me out now.”

“I should have done something!  I should have saved her!”

“If there was something you could have done, you would have done it!  You warned her, offered her a place here with us and she refused.  Pam had to make her own way, she told you that herself!”  I took a deep unnecessary breath.

“She did it to save me and you.”


“When I got back from talking to you about Bill that night Mr. Gus had figured out that you knew about the cure.  He had Pam under silver and was threatening to stake her if I didn’t tell him where you lived so he could come and kill you.”

“Oh, my God!”  She sat up now, trying to process what I had just shared.  “But no one came, Eric?”

“Oh, yes they did.  Three Yakuza assassins. I killed them in your yard and then took the bodies away without you knowing.”  Her face suddenly morphed into understanding.

“I heard that ruckus outside! It woke me up but when I got to the window there was nothing out there.”  I smiled faintly at her.

“I’m quick, what can I say?”

“Fuck, I wish you had told me, Eric.  That and so many things!”  Tears were in her eyes now.

“And what? Get a pity fuck from you?”

“It would not have been that! It was never that!”  I softened at her anger.

“I didn’t know that at the time.  I needed to keep you safe, but I couldn’t let you know.  I didn’t want you from obligation.  I wanted you to want me as I wanted you.”  She puffed her cheeks and expelled air out forcefully.  Then she nodded and settled back down next to me, hugging me again, reminding me once again of the difference between the girl and the woman.

“So,” I began again, holding her close to me, “When I got back, Pam and I killed Mr. Gus.  I was tired of fucking around, and he was the only one who knew about you.  I thought-” I stopped then, realizing the colossal idiocy of what I was about to say, “I thought I could keep you both safe if he was dead.  Instead, I signed Pam’s death warrant.”

“NO! She made her choice.  Pam always made her own choices.  I never understood them, sometimes you did, but she made her own choices, no matter what.  To second guess them is to devalue the brilliant woman she seems to have been.”

“What do you mean?”

“I didn’t know her like you did, Eric. But when I see her in your mind, when I see what she did for you, saving you out of sheer stubbornness, I wish I had known her.  I think underneath all the piss and vinegar I would have liked her.  And I think that while she didn’t have much to say to me before, she would have liked the me that I am now, too.  I regret not having a chance to see.”  I kissed the top of her head, agreeing that Pam might have found the new Sookie as acceptable as a friend indeed.  I felt her tears against my chest and while they cut me in a different way than my grief for Pam they also stirred many other emotions.

It was good to have someone to mourn Pam’s loss with me.  It struck me then, how I had cruised for so long and not lost anyone I cared for until I met the one person who could have helped me deal with those losses and go on.

“You get a good thing, and you get a crappy thing,” she said to my side, sniffling.  She looked up at me and saw my eye brow raised questioning her statement.  “Somethin’ my Gran used to say when I was little.  “Sookie,” she started doing what I had to assume was in imitation of grandmother, “Sometimes you get something really good, but then you get something else to balance that.  Life is neither good nor bad, we have to have the bad to appreciate the good things and to know the difference.”  Her grandmother sounded wise for a human.

“I’ve been around long enough to know a good thing when it’s pressed up against me,” I smiled at her.

“Me, too,” she answered me and hugged me again.  For a moment I forgot the ache in my chest and I kissed the top of her head.

“Thank you,” I told her speaking from the heart.  I meant for earlier that night, and for her comfort over the past few months.  Both actions rendered me incapable of further speech and once again I was glad that she could see my heart without words now.

“I should be thanking you.  That was my dream for a very long time.”  I kissed her head again.

“Mine, too.”  After a few moments I asked her what she had done today while I rested.

“I went to see Colonel Clinton.”  She knew how I felt about this, and I felt her brace for my anger.  Sookie had not been the only one to change though.  I stopped and appreciated the fact that she had been honest with me. I wanted her to feel like she could continue to be honest with me.  Large over emotional displays of fangs and screaming were not conducive to openness.  She was here now, and she was safe.  We had talked about the risks of her popping around the world while I was dead for the day and she knew them and what would happen to me if she were hurt or killed.  I had to believe that she understood that risk and that what she was after was worth it.

I had not always been so reasonable.  Shortly after Pam died she came up with the idea that we should investigate the forces gathered against us and see if we could come up with any idea on what the hell to do next.  I had planned to kill them all, so I didn’t think any deep plotting would be required, and didn’t take kindly to Sookie calling me out on that.

“There is a larger picture here, Eric.  So you kill Clinton, what then? Are you going to take on the entire US military? Are you going to stand up the National Guard and the armed forces if they turn on us in the open?  Right now they are operating in the shadows, but a bloody rampage would give them the ammunition they need to come out and hunt us in the open! You’re smarter than that!  I know it because I learned it from you!

“Grandfather said he had a spy in Clinton’s camp.  Let’s see if we can figure out who that is and whether we can be of any help to stop this blood bath before it happens!” In the end I had seen the reason that she spoke, but it wasn’t easy.  My grief was driving me then and I had to keep myself on a tight leash as she popped us to Las Vegas to find the fairy spy in the general’s ranks.  It turned out to be a fairy named Dermot, who looked disturbingly like Jason Stackhouse. Their eyes were a different color and after a few minutes I realized that there was also a variance in intelligence that fell in Dermot’s favor.  The only thing that made uncomfortable with him was how he looked at me.  Clearly, he thought I was attractive.

“HE IS MINE!” Sookie had stepped in front of me, claiming me in front of her kin, quite fiercely.  So. Fucking. Hot.

“Easy, little Halfling.  I got, I got it!  Put your light away.”  He had laughed then and turned his flirting down several degrees, but I could still sense his desire for me smoldering beneath the surface.  Sookie could, too because she kept herself between us at all times during that meeting. Perhaps this fairy had more in common with Stackhouse than his appearance. Jason had quite a reputation with the ladies. A dirty look from Sookie made that train change tracks midstream.

Through Dermot we had found the general’s residence.  “He’s not a bad sort,” Dermot had said as he stood with us in the bushes.  “He doesn’t hate supernaturals, in fact he feels that the treatment they are being subjected to makes his country a hypocritical mockery of itself and him since he has dedicated his life to serving it.”

“But he works with DeCastro carrying on the monstrous work that was begun in Louisiana!” My fangs were down and my rage was up.

“It wasn’t just in Louisiana, vampire.  It was going on in other places, too, though perhaps not as aggressively.  They seemed  have a real hard on for your kind down on the bayou.”  Dermot lapsed into a Louisiana accent as he spoke and for a second I was sure I was standing with Sookie’s brother after all.  “What they did down there has definitely given  jump start to some of their other programs, though.”

“Can Clinton be turned to our side?”  I admired Sookie’s focus in the face of this new information and chided myself for not exhibiting more control than my young wife.  I was supposed to set the example here, or so I thought until I watched her outshine me.  Dermot seemed to think over her question.

“Maybe. If he is handled right, maybe he could turned.”  We had left that night, returning to our island to consider our next move and when I rose the next evening she told me that she had been to visit Clinton during the day.  I had exploded and we had fought.  Eventually, we calmed down and talked it out, but I made sure that she heard my side and was aware of the danger that she was placing us both in if she continued down this path.

She argued that we needed an ally on that side and that it was worth the risk to save my race and hers.

The truth in my heart made me a selfish cold bastard, but I had told her before.  I cared only for a small handful of vampires and her.  Most of those vampires were gone now, and that left only her.  The rest of the world could burn, as long as she was fine I didn’t care.

“But that’s just it, Eric.  I won’t be fine if we let the world burn.”


She usually screamed back at me when I lost my shit like that.  I was surprised when she sat down and motioned to the seat next to her.  I wanted to break some shit, not sit down and be reasonable, but, breaking shit was not going to solve this issue between us.  I dropped down beside her and she took my hand, rubbing her thumb against mine in slow soothing circles.  Slowly, my rage faded, but I still needed an answer to my question.

“Why, Sookie?”

“I’ve been alone for most of my life, trapped in myself with everyone’s thoughts.  You know this.”  I nodded, not seeing where she was going with this.  “Some people have ugly minds, ugly thoughts and ugly souls, but not everyone.  Some people are what we imagine we would like ourselves to be, open, kind, loving, gentle.  They accept others for who and what they are.  They walk through life seeing the wonder in everyone and everything around them.

“I was always drawn to those people, whenever I was lucky enough to find one, and I will grant you they are extremely rare individuals.” She laughed then, “I remember I was at the Shreveport mall this one time and I found one of those people. I followed him around for hours, just bathing in his thoughts, his goodness.  It was a man who was very much in love with this wife.  They had just found each other and while he had always been this kind of rare individual being with someone like himself took him to a whole new level!  As he walked through the mall he looked at the people around him and thought, ‘Everyone is someone’s Melinda.’  Melinda was his wife’s name.

“I found this to be a beautiful thought in a beautiful mind.  Hell, I followed him almost to his car, not wanting that light to fade for me.  For years I remembered him, but it wasn’t until our time in Fae that I really understood what he meant.”  She looked at me then, and I saw tears in her eyes, her other hand joined her first, sandwiching mine between them, squeezing tightly. “Everyone is someone’s Eric.”  She pushed her feelings to me in the bond we shared and in the connection of our hands with her light.

This feeling of warmth and love and safety invaded me, relaxing my muscles, and calming me entirely.  It was like nothing I had ever felt before, no it was like what I felt for her, only magnified and multiplied by the magic that was Sookie.  “This is what I feel when I think of you, of what it’s like to be one with you at last.  I don’t understand how we got here, and I don’t understand how we ever stayed away from it as long we did, but this feeling, this FEELING is what that man meant that day when he thought of his wife Melinda.  It’s what I FEEL when I think of you, husband.

“Those people out there, every one of them is someone’s Eric.  He either comes to home to them every night, or he is on his way to them with every choice he makes and every path he takes.  He may find them in this life, he may find them in the next, but he will find them, as surely as we found each other I know this.”  She stopped now, and took a breath.

“I choose to believe that even the really ugly ones are on the same path, just not as far along.  Not ready yet, to feel THIS,” she pushed it to me again and gasped as it flowed through me.  “Not ready to BE THIS, not yet.  But given their own time, and allowed to walk their own path they will get there.  I wasn’t ready myself,  I didn’t know myself until I found you, beloved.

“It’s not that I care more about them than you, or us, Eric.  It’s that the love I have for you makes me want to share it with the world, and give them a chance to feel it, too.”  I had stopped her words with kisses then, and I had loved her for hours to show her that she was not in this alone.  It was days later, when I recalled that conversation that I saw that I had only proven her point.

That feeling was precious. It was what made living into being alive.  Everyone needed a little of that.  Even an old soulless creature of the night like me knew that.

I remembered that feeling now when I looked at my probably foolish, still too human Fae wife at my side.  Gods, I loved her.  I focused on the love and not the fear and asked her to tell me more of what she had done today while I rested.


A/N- I do not plan to let Pam go the way Tara did, off camera, so to speak.  Her story will be the fifth and final interlude.

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  1. lostinspace33 says:

    Oh no! Not Pam!!!!

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  2. Oh no Pam is gone! That chapter will be so hard to read! I liked how Eric and Sookie are getting closer and trying to solve their problems! They can’t hide forever! Loved the line “Everyone is someone’s Eric” Can’t wait for more…Take care

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  3. murgatroid98 says:

    Wow, I wondered what Pam was up to. Now Eric has lost all his family except Sookie. So, I wonder what she got from Clinton. Also, that house is so cool. I can’t imagine how they got it to the top of that rock.

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    • idream3223 says:

      I know! Me either. Perhaps it’s not as remote as the photo leads us to believe? As soon as I saw it though I new where it belonged, here in this story. 🙂 Thanks for reading!
      PS- Willa is still out there somewhere.


  4. geenakmom says:

    You wowed us with that lemon. 🙂 Tore our heart with the loss of Pam. Scared us with Sookie sneaking into enemy territory. Loved the line ‘Everyone is someone’s Eric’.
    The pic of the remote house on the rock is awesome.


  5. gwynwyvar says:

    Oh Pam.
    I’m glad we’ll get to say goodbye to her. I’m thinking she goes out with a bang, taking a few with her!

    I love that house on the rock!
    And if they pop to and from it, who would ever find them?


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