Half-Life Conclusion

Come With Me Now-Half-Life Conclusion


What’s the half-life on ‘Happily Ever After?  For me and Sookie it should be just about infinity divided by two, but things never quite work out like they should when it comes to me and Sookie.  I felt her stiffen against my back and knew she had just heard that.


“Damn right I did, Northman and you cut it the fuck out right now!”  Her hissed whisper made it plain she was not fucking around.  I felt the despair crack in my chest, a little light coming in at her words.  She chucked softly behind me and for a moment pressed her back tighter to mine.  Gods, she is amazing.  Looking down the barrel of a gun loaded with iron bullets and she is thinking of me.  “Fuckin’-A”, she confirmed.  Pulling out of my downward spiral I smiled slightly as I looked straight ahead and found myself facing a barrel full of silver bullets.


We were surrounded.  A dozen guns with various flavors of pain encircled me and woman I loved beyond all things.  It was so quiet in the room I could hear the sink drip…drip…dripping behind me and to the right.  The dozen adversaries that encircled us holding us at gunpoint were slowly realizing they had actually caught us.  When their brains caught up with their muscles things were going to come out of pause and we were going into fast forward. We had run out of places to hide in this world.  She deserved better than this!  She laughed then, out loud.


“There is nothing better than you, than us, Eric.”  My chest seized at her words.  I felt her in the full bond we now shared, there no fear.  No regret. Only love, deep spiraling, unending love.  No matter what happened when someone pushed play, right then I knew that the time we had was right.  It was the best of my thousand years and I would trade it for nothing, even if it ended right now.  I pushed that feeling of love and triumph back to her and again she pressed her back to mine. I wanted to touch her, hold her close, but like myself both her hands were full of metal.  We might die here but we would not be going to Valhalla alone.  We would be taking these assholes with us, and she would stand beside me and fight their unworthy shades all the way to Freya’s hall.


Today was a good day to die.  In the moments I had left, Sookie pressed to my back, guns in her hands, guns in mine and Death hovering in the corner, remembrance tugged at me. Like a loose thread in my mind I went back to where this all started.  I wanted to spend what time I had left remembering how I got my Happily Ever After, because that is what mattered.  How long it lasted was always beyond our control.  What mattered was that after so very long, I had reached that place with her at my side.  I had reached that place with Sookie, the woman of my undead dreams.


I saw her then, protecting me from Niall in the moonlight beside Caddo Lake…


…Her spark glowing bright as we danced in Fae…


…In that dappled forest of Fae asking me to say something about her beautiful new wings on display…


..Her smile when I proposed to her and she said, “Ask me again,”…


… Her face locked in ecstasy in the tree bed above that forest floor…


…Her face lit with joy as we explored the ocean floor around our home in the islands…


…The glory of her when she killed Neave and turned to me bleeding with her arms open, welcoming me…


…Her dancing in the snow like a mischievous child when I caught her using magic during target practice…


I had traveled through time the long way round to get to this place and everything I had endured had been worth the destination I finally arrived at, here with her in this moment.


We were in the Northman Industries building in New York, where I had come to sign the final paper work that would dissolve my corporation.  We had just arrived when the doors opened around us and a team of armed mercenaries poured in, no doubt hired by DeCastro.


As they invaded the room Sookie and I had moved back to back pulling the guns that we had concealed on bodies.  So far, not a shot had been fired, but that was because time seemed to have stopped.  I wondered what they were thinking, what they were waiting for, and dreaded what their hesitation might mean.


Before I let them take us apart I would force them to kill me here.  I would be no play toy for DeCastro, and neither would my precious Sookie.  If she could not get away I left her to that fate.


Three things happened at the same time in the space of another drip from the sink.



The mercenaries surrounding us collectively let out a sigh as their fingers started to squeeze the triggers on their weapons.



A dome of lavender light formed a shield around Sookie and myself, pulsing in what I hoped was our defense from the metal hell about to rain down.



And I heard a voice in my head that I had feared I would never hear again.  Tsk, Tsk, Viking, I am disappointed that you give up so easily.  Pick up your massive ego and use it to shield the woman you promised me you would protect to the last drop of your ancient blood.


The room exploded in gunfire, bullets bouncing around and off the shield of light turning on our enemies, dropping them one by one as surely as if they had turned their weapons on themselves.



Sookie and I were left standing knee deep in a room full of corpses, and we didn’t even so much as have a hair out of place.  Before us, just as the shield dropped appeared Niall, a twinkle in his eye and his sword strapped to his back.  He looked…energized and even madder than he had by Caddo Lake.


Something had happened since last we had met, something that pushed him right to his limits and he bore the scars of it on his mind and heart.  He stopped and looked at me sharply, hearing my thoughts.


There is no mistake you make that does not come back and demand that you finish it, lest it finish you, he sent to me and I nodded once, knowing what he meant better than most ever could.  Perhaps we could commiserate on our mutual fuckery some night around a warm fire as he had told me wanted to do when last we spoke. He nodded to me then, and moved to hug Sookie.


“How did you find us?” Sookie was asking as she held him tight and he closed his eyes, returning her embrace.


“You are my blood, both of you,” he said, looking at me meaningfully over her shoulder.  “I could find you anywhere.”


“We were so worried when Neave and Lochlan came for me, that you had perished in your war with Mab!”  She pulled back to look up at him, concern plain in her face. He smiled and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.


“You are well then? They did not hurt you?”  Her face transformed for a moment into the Sookie that had killed Neave and demanded that I finish Lochlan.  Still scary as hell, I thought.


“Nothing we couldn’t handle,” she said in a cold and confident tone that still did things to my libido that left my psyche scarred, confused and enslaved.  “And you, Granddaddy, are you well?”  He sighed before answering, six thousand years bearing down on him with its full weight and I was awed at his strength and tenacity.


“Yes, child, now that I know you are well, I am at peace.”


The wellspring of Sookie’s stubbornness could be traced to this old fairy before me.  They both turned to me, smirking at my thoughts.  I shrugged.  I wasn’t thinking anything that they didn’t already know.


“You have business here still?” he asked, likely hearing the thoughts of my terrified lawyer in the next room who was cowering under his desk, heart racing and from the smell, his bowels thoroughly emptied into his designer underwear.


“Yes, we’ll only be a moment.”  I took Sookie’s hand, consciously held my breath and advised Sookie to do the same as best she could.  It took longer to coax him from under the desk than it did to sign away NuBlood.  When we joined Niall the mad glint in his eye had returned and he had a look that rivaled the one that scared me so much from Sookie.  Another mystery solved.  She was channeling him when she did that.


“You ready to finish this now?” He asked, knowing the answer before he even asked the question.  One by one our adversaries had fallen. All that remained was DeCastro and his dog Madden.  Clinton was still a wild card that could go either way, but that too would be settled this night one way or the other.  We would hide no more and wait to be found.  It was time to take the battle to them.




When we landed in DeCastro’s private chambers I took a moment to appreciate travel by Fairy Express.  Flying was a gift that I could thank my maker for, and it was glorious but paled in comparison to willing your fucking self around the world by mere thought.


Of course, if I could think myself to any location it would be-


“Watch it, Eric! My Granddaddy can hear that, too!” She was actually blushing.  I found out why a moment later when she whispered, “Later,” to me, as if he couldn’t hear that, too.  I smiled and shook my head at her ability to turn even going into the proverbial lion’s den into a joy that made me want to take her into my arms and spin her around in time with the joy pounding through me.


Focus, children, focus! Came Niall’s warning that got us both facing forward again and our minds on the task at hand.


There was no one in the room we had appeared in, but there were sounds coming up from the stairs in the far corner of the room that sounded like someone being whipped below us.  The loud slap of leather on skin at regular timed intervals pulled us in that direction.


Let me go first, I sent to them, stepping in front and vamping down the stairs at top speed.  I found Madden shackled in silver in the middle of the room with DeCastro whipping him from behind.  In less than a second I had secured DeCastro in silver alongside Madden and like that, our enemies were at our mercy.


“Come down!” I called out and moments later Sookie and Niall were at my side.


“Fucking Northman,” DeCastro ground out less than delighted to see me.


“Your mercenaries failed in New York.”


“But how did you get here so-“he stopped then and truly took in my companions for the first time.  “So, it’s true then.  Telepathy and teleportation.”  He looked at Sookie with dreamy eyes, like a human might see a well prepared T-bone steak, and a tiny sliver of drool fell from the corner of his mouth.  My fangs came down and I snapped his neck twisting his head around backwards so that he could no longer see my Beloved Sookie.


“I’m the one you want to keep your eye on here, DeCastro.  I’m the one who holds your life in my hands.”  He moaned from the pain and tilted his head from side to side, adjusting as his neck healed and turned the right way back around.  I was bluffing though, and if he had the sense of a sock he knew he was ten seconds away from being a puddle of goo that I was about to track back up his fine marble stairs.


Can you read him? I asked my telepathic companions.  Niall stepped forward and answered my question by asking DeCastro one.  “Who else knows of the Fae?”  DeCastro did not speak but he did not need to.  Niall tore into his mind like a paper bag, shredding as he sought the answers he wanted and sparing no mercy for the vampire before him.


“NO!” Madden screamed beside him, struggling against his bonds. I looked at Sookie and she stepped forward to question him.


“What do you know of fairies?”  Moments later his screams joined his masters and the room became a symphony of pain punctuated with the blood that poured from their ears and eyes.  They stepped back almost in unison, looking at each other, comparing notes and then turned to me as one.


“Viking, the honor is yours,” Niall made a slight bow and he and Sookie departed back upstairs leaving me with our prisoners.  I took a deep breath, reveling in their blood and their pain.


“You killed my Pam,” I growled at DeCastro.  He laughed.


“The Yakuza killed your progeny, not me.”


“You called them.”  He shrugged, he knew there was no point in arguing.  My gaze passed to Madden who was hanging by his arms, barely conscious from Sookie’s rampage through his mind.  I looked at DeCastro again, and for the first time saw unease in his eyes.  He cared for Madden in his own warped way. Good, that would make this even sweeter.


Faster than DeCastro could track I broke the leg off a chair in the corner and appeared before Madden, slapping him hard across the face to arouse him from his stupor. His eyes jerked open and he looked around the room, seeing DeCastro bound next to him he immediately began to plead.  “I’m so sorry master! I have failed you again by letting this happen.  Please you must forgive me, please say that you do!”  He was twisting in his chains, and they weren’t all literal, to see the vampire that had fine-tuned the monster lurking in his soul.


I sensed DeCastro was about to speak, so before he could grant the forgiveness that Madden had pleaded for so elegantly, I staked him in the heart, forever closing his ears to the peace his tortured soul desired from his pseudo maker.


The room reverberated with DeCastro’s scream, his garbled words of forgiveness that fell on squishy non-hearing ears.  I laughed and thought Pam would have truly have appreciated this moment.  I still ached for her sometimes.  I knew that I always would, but I would honor her now, as best I could.


“Ouch! That stings a bit doesn’t it?  To not be able to help those that you care for when they need you the most.”  I could have been talking about tea on a Sunday I sounded so calm and distant from the moment, but nothing was further from the truth.  I was right there, filled with murderous rage.


DeCastro let out a stream of boring curses.  Standard bad guy lines that left me bored and unmoved. I had expected him to be more original.  After all he had made some brilliant moves.  Moves that left me decimated, but still appreciating their symmetry. I could admire a thing and wish to destroy it at the same time.


“It’s funny you know, if you weren’t such a twisted fuck that you had Madden tied up when we arrived you could have at least put up a good fight.  I hope you enjoyed tapping that crazy ass just one last time, because it will be the last one you ever touch in this life.”  I moved in closer now, wiping the traces of Madden off the improvised stake in my hand, wanting to deprive him of even that last touch of his monstrous lover.


“They will find her, you know that, don’t you?” DeCastro mumbled, raising his head one last time to look at me. “I told them all about the Fae and they will hunt her until there is no place left to run.  You will never see a moment’s peace on this world Viking, I promise you that!  You will run until the sun turns you to ash and then I will find you on the other side and fuck your ghost!”


I smiled then, recognizing the desperation of a dead man coming to grips with his fate.  “Not even in hell would I bottom for you, Felipe.  You would never be man enough for me,” I said leaning in close to him and driving the stake into his heart right along with my words.  The satisfying splash of him disintegrating at my feet actually did ease a little of the ache in my heart for Pam and I sent her a silent thank you for being my child and for her sacrifice.


Love you, Pam.  Always…


As promised, I walked right through DeCastro’s residue and up his stairs slowly, pressing a large gooey print onto each one with deep satisfaction, walking him off, and leaving him behind, symbolically as well as actually.  I had nearly reached the top when I heard gunfire break out in the room where I knew Sookie and Niall were waiting for me.


Moving at vamp speed I came in to see that DeCastro’s security team had discovered our infiltration of his compound and had come to save him.  Too late, I thought smugly as I watched the battle unfold between the fairies and the security team.


As before, Niall had shielded them from the bullets but this time, I saw Sookie empty clips in her own guns, dropping guard after guard, catching her shots and bringing them back to her target as she had in practice.  When her clips ran out, she dropped the mechanical guns and reached into her pockets coming out with two handfuls of wooden bullets that I had insisted she take as back up.


“Wooden bullets are designed to kill vampires, but they are still bullets and will at least inflict harm if not death on a target.”


I watched her now, form her guns of light and target the guards firing at them right between the eyes, taking them down one after the other.  Niall was there as back up, but he was holding back, maintaining the shield protecting them and letting her do the heavy lifting.  He seemed just as impressed as I was the first time I had seen that trick.


When she went back to her pockets again, I vamped into the shield and pulled both of them close.  Taking his cue, Niall teleported us to safety in the middle of the desert outside Vegas.

Immediately, I grabbed Sookie closer, checking her for wounds, running my hands all over her, not trusting the bond to tell me if she had been hit with a stray bullet.  When I got to her sides she started giggling, writhing to get away from me as I accidentally tickled her in my quest to determine that she was sound.


“STOP! STOP!” she screamed laughing uncontrollably.  I knew then she was safe and forgetting that I was covered in left over vampire juice I pulled her close, taking her feet off the ground and spun her around and around in my arms, kissing her soundly sending her my pride and love through the bond.


When I set her down and she saw that we were both now covered in blood her joy immediately disappeared, turning to concern as now she frisked me for wounds.  “I’m fine,” I told her gently, calming her with my words and hands, now caressing her shoulders gently.  Her touch rather than inducing peals of laughter from me instead aroused the beast in my heart, but we were not alone and there was still work to do this night.


She looked up at me, the moonlight reflecting in her eyes as it had that first night that the three of us had been together and as one we promised each other, “Later.”  I rested my forehead against hers for a moment, closing my eyes and giving thanks to the powers that be that we had come through that unscathed.  Finally, holding hands we turned to Niall and found him with his back to us, a few yards away, staring out into the desert night.


After a moment he turned to us and cleared his throat.  “So, Clinton?”  Sookie nodded and stepped closer, taking me with her as she held my hand.


“I want to go alone.”


“Is this wise?” he asked us both.  I wanted desperately to say no, but knew that to this point she had dealt with him alone, to show up now enforce could undo all her delicate work in attempting to make an ally of this man.


“Yes,” I answered surprising all three of us.  “Sookie can handle this,” sounding confident in her, and I was, completely confident in the amazing woman at my side.  Clinton was the source of any doubt that might live in my heart about this plan.  “But, you can’t go like that.  It would give the wrong impression.”  Looking down at herself, she nodded and changed before my eyes, and then she changed my clothes as well.  She stepped into my arms then and hugged me tight.


“I’ll be right back, promise,” she said to me.  I hugged her just as tight.


“You better be.”  Since our marriage she had never broken a promise to me.  I was counting on that streak to hold now.


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A/N- This is the final chapter of CWMN, but there will be an epilogue in the next few days that ties up what happened with Clinton, and explores some of what is next for Eric and Sookie with their HEA.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have writing it.  It was so much fun to turn TB upside down and hopefully use all the things that we didn’t see to combat the drivel that we did.

As always, thanks for reading! *hugs*


23 thoughts on “Half-Life Conclusion

  1. lostinspace33 says:

    This chapter made me much happier than the last one. I love it when Eric and Sookie kick butt!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. msbuffy says:

    Fantastic! I love it when Eric goes all Viking on Felipe & Victor & just annihilates them! LOL! I love it when Badass Sookie comes out to play too! Niall as their teleporting pilot is great. Can’t wait for the epilogue!

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  3. idream3223 says:

    Hey MsB! Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the chapter. 🙂


  4. Meridian says:

    Awesome!! I loved this! Heh, you need to do a small series on Niall’s adventures as a Teleportation Specialist, owner and operator of Fairy Express! Bai Madden and DeCastro!

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    • idream3223 says:

      You know…that ain’t half bad. I’ve been thinking about a Dr. Who crossover. What better companion for the two thousand year old Time Lord than a six thousand year old King of the Sky Fae? Can you even imagine the hi-jinks those two would get up to?

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      • Meridian says:

        Hey, now – now that you’ve thought it up you gotta WRITE it!! 😀 Imagine all the things they could screw up, erm, I mean, “fix”!! 😀


        • idream3223 says:

          LOL! Yes I can imagine some of it. I have too many stories unfinished and unstarted clambering around in my tiny brain as it is, but I will add this to the list. *thinking* ohhhh…I know…I know exactly what they might do…they could take Mab some Big Fairy Panties and stop her descent into Crazy Lady Land? It could be an interesting outtake from this story, since I know already there will be little revealed in the epilogue as to what exactly went down between them in Fae.

          Let me know if there is any interest in this idea and I will seriously add it to the list of things I need to start and finish is this crazy little land I call home. 🙂


  5. ericluver says:

    Great chapter. After leaving it with a cliffy I had no idea how they were going to get out of that one. Phew!
    Look forward to the epilogue. I really enjoyed this story 🙂

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  6. Excellent chapter ! Love it when Eric and Sookie kick ass together! De Castro and Madden got what they deserved…and Sookie’s fairy guns of light came handy …So happy for them now they can live their HEA..can’t wait for the epilogue so we can see how Clinton gets tracked down and handled.As I said before I’m sorry this story is near its end cuz I loved it! But on the other hand can’t wait to read a new chapter of FauX…I know that’s going to be another great story of yours! Take care

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    • idream3223 says:

      Thank you! I am so glad you liked the story and the chapter. I was just working in the epilogue when this came in. I too hate to see this end, its been great fun, but I am also looking forward to finding the threads of FauX. Talk to you soon! 🙂


  7. murgatroid98 says:

    Excellent. Yay for Niall turning up to help. I hope he sent Mab to the summerland or whatever passes for hell there.

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  9. geenakmom says:

    Awesome! Niall to the rescue with a shield to stop the bullets. The end of DeCastro and Madden by our Viking.

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  10. askarsgirl says:

    Loved it! I’m sad that this is coming to an end😞 but I do have an epilogue to read still and I know you won’t disappoint!


  11. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Yes! So awesome! Also- I want some Niall and the Doctor!!! You must do it!! Which doctor would you pick? Classic? New? I like Ten the best but that may just be because I have a thing for nerds with glasses. 🙂


    • idream3223 says:

      Hey Vic- I was thinking 12, his hard edge and rude mannerisms would be a nice contrast to this version of Niall. Maybe Niall, Sookie and Eric could help him find Gallifrey since it is still MIA as far I know. I mean if they are hoping through the nine realms, maybe they caught a glimpse? 🙂

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  12. gwynwyvar says:

    And now the enemies drop like flies. Yay!
    Onto the epilogue 🙂


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