Silver Chains & Guns of Light

I remembered that feeling now when I looked at my probably foolish, still too human Fae wife at my side.  Gods, I loved her.  I focused on the love and not the fear and asked her to tell me more of what she had done today while I rested.


Come With Me Now- The Mountains-Silver Chains & Guns of Light

She told me that Clinton had listened to her plead her case again, asking questions that she was careful to answer truthfully, but not to give too much away.  She could read his thoughts and could tell that he was asking because he was curious and not gathering intel to use against them, but still the risk was too great.  He wanted to know about fairies, and more about vampires in the wild.

“They’re people,” she had told him in all sincerity.  “Some of them good, some of them not so good, but they are no less worthy to live and have a chance to change than a human is.”

“We put our offenders in prison.  What do you the vampires and the fairies do?”

“Depending on the offense imprisonment or death, same as humans. Most often though it is execution.”  He had looked surprised at that.


“Too much risk in discovery by the populace at large.”  Being a career military man he had understood and even respected that a little. The needs of the many above the needs of the few.  Still, what could he do?

“The same that any of us can do general.  Make a difference where we can.  Stand up for what we believe.  Stay true to ourselves. If you truly think that what is being done here and in other places is wrong then do whatever you can to change it.”

“And if I don’t?”

“Well, like anyone else if you back them into a corner they will come out fighting.  I don’t want that any more than you do.”

“Because humans would lose?”

“We would all lose! Please you must see that after the life you have led! No one ever really wins in a war.”  He sat back and stared at her intently.  “If you have the ear of the decision makers, encourage them to make better decisions! Remind them that they made their names on fighting the kind of tyranny that they are leading here!”  Her passion touched him.

“What are you?” he asked finally voicing what had been on his mind since she had started appearing on his doorstep at random odd moments over the past couple of months.

“Like everyone else, I am good and bad, and wondrous and cursed.  I am mad and insightful, and terrified and filled with love.  Much like yourself, general. For a long time in this country it has been touted that no matter the color of our skin we are all the same underneath.  Why would that be different now?”

“What is your goal in all this?”

“To save the man I love.”

“Tell me more of this man who could inspire such passion.”  She had looked into the general then and saw that once he had also once known love.  Using the words she took from his heart to speak to him she tore down the final barrier that remained in his mind.

“He is wise and foolish, strong and tender.   I am only whole when I am with him, and this world and all its inhabitants only serve to remind me of what love can and should be.  He is mine and I am his and nothing, not even death could change that.”

“Do you think the general understood you?” I asked her, moved by her words beyond anything I could think to say in return.

“Yes, he felt the same about his wife.”  I kissed her forehead softly.

“As I do for mine.”


After she told me of her day we went for a swim.  It had become our second favorite activity since we had come to live here on this island.  We dived off the top of our rock island, going deep as I had no need for air and she, through the use of her magic, was able to create an air helmet of sorts that allowed her to take air with her below the surface. She could swim at depth for nearly thirty minutes before needing to surface again and refresh her bubble. We had spent many nights exploring the ocean around our home and I always found these times to be magical and amazing.

The variety of sea life just beneath the surface was unimaginable.  Once we had been caught in a school of tiny silver fish that tickled us as the swam around us in maddeningly dizzy and quick patterns.  Not knowing what else to call them we dubbed them vampire fish because they darted about so quickly to and fro.  Once we had seen a shark, and while at first we admired his form and beauty he had been a little too interested in Sookie for my taste.  I was about to grab her and rise from the sea when she tapped him with a ball of light and sent him scurrying on his way.

The rest of that night and the ones that followed were filled with the tranquil beauty of gliding beside her in the water.  We swam for miles, until she wore herself out, and would then climb on my back for me to take her home. Swimming was, for me, like flying, she would hold on tight and laugh as I flew beneath the waves fast and then slow.  Her pet name for me was Dolphin, and I let her tease me with it as I showed her what my bottle nose could do in the wee hours of our mornings together.

Never in all my years had I felt the peace that I felt with her in that time together on the island.

The sea was surprisingly empty tonight so we did not linger as we did sometimes did , instead returning home after only an hour or so among the waves.  Dawn was still a couple of hours away and we had time to talk and join together again before the sun took me away for the day.

I had just touched down on the stone dock when the silver chain rose from the sea and wrapped itself around my neck.  I shoved Sookie away and feeling my pain in the bond she teleported immediately, something that I had made her promise to do if we ever found ourselves under attack. I knew where she was headed and what she was going to do when she got there.  That allowed me to focus on the attacker.

Grabbing the chain I jerked hard and pulled my assailant from the water, tossing him over my head and freeing myself of the silver simultaneously.  I  watched as he crashed into the stone and bounced, thrilled to hear a bone or two break as he bounced up from the force of his landing, his screams of pain soon splitting the night air.  My hands and neck were already healing.

“NEAVE!” he called out, gasping for air, which told me it was his ribs which had let go, and that he was not alone.  Quickly, I searched the area with my senses and found no one else, but this one had been hiding underwater.  Neave could be as well.  I knew then who we were facing and I spared just a moment to worry for Niall.

If Mab’s children were here after Sookie it is possible that he did not survive his war.  Later, I told myself, pressing that down to focus on the moment.  It was then that I felt Sookie’s pain through our bond. Neave was in the house, which is where Sookie had teleported to get weapons.

I grabbed a groaning Lochlan by the neck and vamped to the house, bursting in, letting Lochlan take the brunt of the exploding door with his face, rendering him unconscious in my grasp.  I don’t know what I was expecting when I got there, but it surely was not what I beheld.

Sookie was bleeding from a wound in her side that was long and jagged but she was holding her own with a red haired fairy who must be Neave.  At the moment Sookie had her held in a ball of deep purple light that seemed to be causing the Water Fae immense pain.  The look of rage on my wife’s face would have made me want to run, had I not be absolutely sure that she would never hurt me.  She was that scary.

She had told me a little about her training in Fae over our time together.  I knew that she had mastered a good bit of magic because Niall had been adamant that she able to protect herself.  “I poured all my loneliness and regrets about you and us into learning,” she had told me one night.  “I think I wanted to make you proud of me, so that if we ever should meet again you would know that I was indeed worthy of a Viking such as yourself.”  Her voice rang out now, and I heard as well I saw her rage and pain.  It was almost enough to make me feel sorry for the Water Fae in her grasp.

“I see the things you had planned for me, Neave!  How you and Lochlan planned to torture and rape me for hours.  That’s bad enough, but what really, really pisses me off, is that you planned to make Eric watch before you killed him!”  Each time she said “really” Neave screamed a little bit louder and I found myself filled with rage at her revelation of their plans for Sookie and also incredibly turned on by Sookie’s words and actions. Once there had been a time when she needed my protection, but that time was no more.  Oh, she still had it, as long as there was enough blood in me to animate my body she had my protection, but I could see now in the strong woman before me that I was not needed, only wanted in her life.

It was oddly freeing somehow to finally, truly see my equal before me, and to know that she was mine.  In that moment, Sookie jerked her right hand and closed her fist, sucking all the air out of Neave’s lungs forcing them to collapse with a wet disgusting noise in her chest just before her eyes rolled back in her head and she died.  Releasing her instantly Sookie turned toward me, her eyes falling on Lochlan.  “Finish him!” she said, lightening in her eyes.  Never taking my eyes off her I tore his head from his shoulders and threw it across the room to land next to what remained of Neave.  Dropping his corpse I remained locked in place, waiting to see what she would do.

Slowly, she raised her arms, holding them open to me.  I caught her just as her knees gave way.  She was covered in blood and so was the floor, she had lost so much, maybe too much. Tearing open my wrist I offered her blood to heal.  She swallowed and for a moment nothing happened.  I felt my cold heart lurch as I feared I had lost her.  Then she started sucking at the wound in my wrist with renewed strength and I knew that she  would be all right after all.

Unless she has lost so much blood that this healing turns her.

Her eyes fluttered open and she pinned me with her gaze as her hands came up to my wrist, pulling it closer rather than pushing me  away.

So be it, I heard her say in my mind, projecting her thoughts as Niall had done.  She had never done that before, but that was second to my thoughts of Sookie willingly turning in my arms. After a few more deep drags she let go, and I looked down to see the jagged wound healing in her side now.  Pulling her close to me, needing to get out of that abattoir that had been our main living area, I took her to my resting chamber.  “Do you  know if more are coming, Sookie?” There was still time to get us away from here if there was danger.  She shook her head against my chest.

“No, it was just them. I read her thoughts. Mab is dead, and they came to get me as vengeance on Niall.”

“He lives then?”

“Yes, as far as they knew.”  I felt no small measure of relief to hear that they old fairy was still among the living.

“How did they find us?”

“Water F-Fae,” she said stammering.  Despite my blood something was still wrong with her.

“Sookie?” I shook her gently laying her down on my bed and hovering over her, looking for wounds I might have missed on her body.  “What do you mean Water Fae?” I needed to keep her talking, keep her here with me until I could figure out what was wrong. I probed our bond looking for pain, and I found it, just not the physical kind.  She was in deep emotional pain.

“They found us in the water.  They found us because we were swimming.  S-spell, to find us if we happened to be in or near the w-water.”  She was really scaring the hell out of me now.

“What the fuck is wrong, Sookie? Talk to me goddamnit!”

“THEY WANTED TO HURT YOU!” she exploded off the bed, all alight, immediately removing the impression that she was weak or ill.  She was levitating a foot off the floor in front of me now, encased in lavender light that was swirling around her clashing and raging like a storm.  “THEY WANTED TO KILL YOU, ERIC!”  Understanding flowed through me now.  She wasn’t hurt physically at all, it was emotional and it was centered around me.

“I’m right here, I’m fine, Sookie.” I held my arms out to her and she floated into them, her emotional storm dimming as she came to rest, clinging to me.

“I can’t lose you!”  She was crying now, sobbing as she clutched at me, tearing my skin because we were both still nude from our swim. Her need swept through me as I opened the bond all the way and tried to lessen her pain, while pushing love and reassurance to her at the same time.  It only made her cling more tightly to me.  I rocked her gently as she cried out her rage and her anger and then when they had passed I reminded her in other more intimate ways that we had survived this together as would anything else that came at us from here on out.

I started with a kiss and a whisper, “As long as you can feel my lips on yours, you know I am fine, lover.”  I took my time, kissing her with every ounce of skill I had and making sure to hit all the ways that she liked to be kissed.   Then I moved on to love her long neck with soft butterfly kisses.  I wanted to adore her, and wanted me to make her feel me.  Her need was more important than mine, though I was not unaffected from seeing her wounded and fighting for her life against Neave.

When she guided me into her and crossed her arms and legs over my back holding me to tightly and so closely I could hardly move I surrendered and buried my face in her neck and hair, inhaling deeply as she held me close. After several minutes her clench on me loosened and she turned to look me in the eye.  “Make me feel you, Eric.  I need to feel you, know that you are really here.”  I rocked my hips, hard into her, taking her breath away as I stared into her eyes.  The connection so intense it felt like the rest of the world was burning around us.  I pushed in again, harder this time, and was rewarded by her breathy confirmation of pleasure and knowledge that I was indeed present, and buried to the hilt inside her.

“Stop teasing, and fuck me like you mean it!”  I raised an eyebrow at her words and placed a chaste kiss on her cheek.

“As you wish.”  I moved then at vamp speed, placing her on her knees in front of me, legs spread wide as I plunged back into her before returning to normal speed.  My long arms allowed me to come down over her and rest my hands on the bed outside hers, while remaining inside her and offered the advantage of freeing my hips to pound into her.  I kept our bond open to make sure that she was still all right and that I was giving her what she needed.  It would also let me know if I went too far.  She was pushing back against me now, grunting and straining, trying to take what she needed.  I breathed on her neck, shushing her, “I know, baby.  Just let me take care of you, Sookie.”  She stopped then and waited with her head hung down, I didn’t leave her there.

I pulled out to the tip of my shaft and then plunged into her again, and again, at vampire speed, vibrating my entire body on each down stroke to add to her pleasure and her awareness that I was really, truly here.  She came around me, screaming my name within moments, covering me in her slickness as she pushed back into me again and again.  I didn’t slow down, I kept fucking her fast and deep, through her screams and her orgasm that gripped me like a vise.  I came inside her, another way to let her feel me, and fucked her through my orgasm as well, staying hard because I could tell that she was still reaching for what she needed and I refused to let her down.  The sound of our bodies slamming together drown out even her deep panting breaths. I offered her my words.

“Sookie, feel me inside you?”  She grunted, a deeply female and animalistic sound that went straight to my cock making me swell.  She had me ready to come for her again, controlling me with her reactions. I ran my fangs along her neck, breaking the skin just ever so slightly, she shuddered beneath me and for just a moment I was reminded of this beautiful tan mare with a blonde mane that I had owned in the fifteenth century.  She would run with me at a gallop for hours until her sides were covered in sweat and chest heaved in and out.  She didn’t know when to stop running.   My Sookie was galloping beneath me now.  I needed to finish this, I needed to make her stop running from whatever was driving her into this frenzy in her mind.  She said she needed to feel me.

I reached down and locked my arms around her, pulling her up with me to sit, her spread across my thighs, using my strength to move her up and down my shaft while I thrust up into her at the same time, rubbing her G-spot.  “I have never been this hard, wife!” I moaned in her ear as her head thrashed on my shoulder.  “Open yourself up to me! Give yourself to me completely!”  My hands were bruising her, and she was moaning nonstop now as I worked her toward her finish.  “Come, Sookie, show me what I do to you!” I slid my fangs into her neck as I pulled her down that last time, bottoming out inside her and tripping the mother of all orgasms in Sookie as I held her there and let her thrash her pleasure against me, around me and on me.  I came with her just as hard, and felt my eyes roll back in my head and the black closing in. I fought to hold on and stay with her.  We fell over on the bed, still joined, her deep pants the only sound for miles.

Sealing her neck I held her and waited to see what she would say or do next.  I felt her arms come down over mine and her first words surprised me very much.  “I’m sorry, Eric.  I didn’t know how scary it was to almost lose me until tonight.”  I smiled against her neck at her use of words.  I knew exactly what she meant but the way she said it was humorous.

“Shhh,” I said kissing her anywhere my lips could reach.  Her hand came up to cup my face and she turned her head to look me in the eye.

“No! No, Shhh! I am so sorry, I didn’t know what it felt like to worry about losing me.  You feel this every time I leave here during the day?  Every time I go see Clinton?”  I nodded.  I could control it more effectively but I was always terrified that she would not be here when I rose and would not return to my side ever again.  I held her tighter.  I knew she was doing what she thought needed to be done when she left.  She wasn’t going just to worry me.  I rocked her for a while, spooning her close from behind.  Finally, she turned toward me and placed her hand on my chest rolling me over onto my back.  She then climbed atop my chest, wrapping me once again in her arms and her legs, covering as much of me as she could with her body.  She snuggled her head into my chest and I felt her relax then.

“Shield you,” she whispered half asleep already.  The same words I had used in Dallas after the bombing.  The opportunistic advantage I took immediately after forever obfuscating the action I had taken to protect her.  I was so lost that night, watching her with Compton, knowing how close I had come to losing her to the Fellowship.  I had never moved so fast as I did when I heard that foolish human child take the warning breath before he pushed the button.  It was only after that night, after the roof, after I got home, after Yvetta in the basement that I saw myself as my own worst enemy.

I had just wanted to be with her that night.  Next to her, inside her, touching her, I wasn’t thinking about why.  I wasn’t thinking it through but I had been completely serious when I told her that someday she might know the bond between maker and child.

What a long and winding road from that night to this one, where her wounds and my blood might make this bond evident to her by the time I rose the next evening.  I kissed her head softly, and felt the last of the tension leave my Sookie blanket when she finally fell into a fitful sleep in my arms just as the sun rose.


Sookie had cleaned our island home when I rose the next evening.  I was at once relieved and disappointed to find that she was not my vampire child.  “Not yet, anyway,” she said as she kissed me good evening.  I held her close, glad to feel in the bond that she had calmed since I last saw her.

“What happened to our uninvited guests?”

“I fed them to Sharky.” I chuckled against her neck and then admired her cleaning skills.  If I hadn’t known what had happened here last night I never would have guessed.  Teleportation, the answer every woman in the world needed for house cleaning.

“Darn, tootin’,” she said before kissing me taking my mind away.  When she finally broke the kiss I was surprised by her next words.

“Is there somewhere else we can go?”  I ran through my hideaways in my mind one by one letting her see what our options were.

“OH! That one!” she wriggled in my arms excitedly.

“Are you sure?  It won’t bother me, but it’s winter there now, and hardly the tropical paradise you have enjoyed here.”

“Yes!” she squealed dancing around now, excitedly.

“You’ll need warmer clothes, well come to that,  some clothes, Sookie.” Closing her eyes a moment she her form shimmered in front of me and she was dressed in layers of thermal with a parka and ski boots.  My own little snow bunny.  She eyed me a moment and then I felt my own clothing appear to match hers, right down to the parka.

“Think it again, picture it in your mind clearly, Eric.”  She stepped into my arms as I thought of my cabin deep in the mountains of Sweden I felt the temperature change and we were there! I barely had my eyes open when I snowball hit me square in the puss.  I heard her giggle and then her retreating footsteps.  My little love was feeling playful tonight.

I let her lead me in circles in the snow, tiring herself out as we ran around and around the cabin, amused by her peals of delighted giggles before I finally swooped her into my arms and into the cabin.  I could smell snow on the wind and I wanted to make sure that we were well provisioned with wood and that everything was secure as it had been when I had left this place.  It had been a year for me, but closer to two and half with the drift from my time in Fae.  I smiled as I thought about what awaited her inside, and then tried to think of anything else. I wanted to surprise her, which if course was near impossible with a telepath.

This home I had bought many years before I met Sookie.  It was my retreat from the world when the world became too much to bear.  I had come here during the year that she had been missing in Fae and I had returned when I had accepted that she would never love me as she did Compton.  I had thought then that I had lost her forever, but I had been unable to tear down the gift I had placed here for her when she was in Fae the first time.

I had told her that I had never given up in believing that she would return to me and that had been true.  I had proven it here when I made this gift for her, a bed worthy of my Sookie, a bed that I had longed to love her in for so very long, never quite believing that this dream would come true.

Stop thinking about it! I chastised myself, not wanting to give the surprise away.  She wriggled from my arms and headed for the bedroom like a shot.  I came up behind her just as she flipped the switch on.  Her gasp told me that I  had hit the mark I was seeking.  “Oh, Eric! It’s  perfect!”  I looked at it, really looked at it for the first time in years and realized just how perfect it actually was.

The bed itself was designed in king sized proportions, and the four tall posters with wires that ran between them were draped in dark blue and silver crepe material. Twining the wire were tiny blue and white lights that shimmered through the fabric like winking stars.  The room I had painted to match the hangings, melding the silver gray at the bottom into shades of blue that became a perfect match for the dark blue drapes on the bed.  Around the edge of the room where the wall met the ceiling was another string of tiny white shimmering lights, meaning to simulate a starry night.  In the middle of the room hung a large paper lantern, it looked like the moon had risen on this bed among the clouds.  I knew what it looked like but seeing it with Sookie made it just as wondrous to me as it was to her.  It had not been real to me until she was there with it.

I had spent many nights working on the headboard and when I saw it now I felt the air leave my chest in shock and in realization that there was something more at work here than I had ever realized.  It reassured me and it frightened me all at the same time.

The edge of the frame was roped in a Celtic design, exactly like what Sookie now bore on her left shoulder, like the tiny tattoo that I too had since our wedding night.  Tattoos that I had not seen when I carved this for her.  In the middle of the frame was the sacred Viking tree Yggdrasil, backbone of the nine realms and the Tree of Life.  I saw now that in her branches I had carried over the Celtic design and peeking from amongst them was a tiny winged fairy girl that I had no memory of carving.  “Is that me?” she asked me in a whisper, as though she were afraid someone might hear her.  I slipped my arms around her and pressed myself to her back, responding to her questions and my own by wordlessly promising to shield her again.

“I honestly don’t know,” I whispered back to her.  “I made this for you, with my own hands, but I have no memory of specifically carving the fairy.”  She stepped closer, taking me with her since I refused to let her go.  As our perspective shifted we saw the fairy change into a more generic Celtic knot design that flowed perfectly with the rest of the branches of Yggdrasil.  “Interesting,” I said as I observed this change.

“It’s like the MAD Magazines me and Jason used to read when we were kids,” she said absently, her attention completely focused on the images that came and went depending on where we were standing in the room.  “You have a sheet of paper that you have to fold and when you do it right the image that was one thing becomes something else entirely.”  She was about to touch it now.

“Sookie, wait!” she stopped and looked at me.

“You made this for me, right?” I nodded helplessly.

“Yes, but now I am not sure I knew exactly what I was doing.”  She reached for my hand.

“Then we go in together?” I nodded and stepped beside her

“Always, Sookie.”  Together we reached out and touched the headboard.  Nothing happened.  We looked at each other, eyebrows raised and then cautiously looked around the room, nothing changed.  She giggled, releasing tension and I smiled as well.  Sometimes a cigar was just a cigar, as they say.

I pulled her hand up to my lips and kissed it softly.  “I need to go get some wood.  It will be snowing soon after daybreak.”

“Are there shutters for the windows in here?  Surely, you didn’t mean to send me adrift on cloudy dreams alone?”

“Yes, there are light proof shutters in here, as there are in all the rooms of this cabin.  This is my retreat.”

“I know,” she said looking into my eyes letting me know that she had heard me thoughts before about coming here when I refused to give up hope, and then again when all hope had abandoned me.

“Conjure yourself some dinner, Sookie, whilst I see to the wood and windows.  We lost most of the night coming here.”  She moved toward the kitchen area and I heard her opening cabinets and checking the pantry.  She would find little in the way of human sustenance, but I knew she could provide for herself.

When I came in a short while later, arms loaded with wood, she had lit the fireplace, opened a bottle of merlot, and was sitting on the sofa looking for patterns in the flames.  Stacking the wood quickly I closed the door, lowered the shutters and joined her on the sofa.  She moved to me immediately, wrapping her arms around me and placing her head on my chest so that she could still see the brightly twisting flames.

I sighed in pleasure.  I could barely remember now what it had been like to not sit near her and not be touching her, not have her arms around me.  She was a part of me now, as I was her, and that it had ever been any different was nearly inconceivable.  “I’m worried for Niall,” she confessed to my chest as my hand rubbed her neck soothingly.   There was nothing I could say to that.  I was worried, too.


The nights were long that winter we spent in our cabin.  I took up  painting  again to capture the image of Sookie that still haunted me from our first night in Fae.  She became very interested in Norse mythology spending hours questioning me about the strangest things. What do these runic symbols mean?  Which in the pantheon would be referred to in this and that way?  Who is the red haired man?  Were there portals through water to other worlds?  Had I ever seen evidence that Odin and the rest were real?

What did I know of Alfheim, the realm of the light elves, and how were they connected to Celtic mythos? She found some connections to the legends of the Fae here in Midgard, and postulated to me one night next to the fire that this is where her people had come from originally.  I could not dispute her theories, I was intrigued that she had found yet another way to tie herself to me, binding us closer and validating how I saw her, as a goddess.  My goddess.

Then she would disappear into a book that I had told her about and that she had called to her from some musty library around the world, only to return with more questions.  As spring approached I started to feel like she might know about my heritage that I did, despite having been the one to live it firsthand.

For the first weeks that we were there she insisted on blanketing me each time we fell asleep, I understood the need and so I let her, gratefully holding her close until she fell asleep, then I would gently turn us over, curving myself around her for protection until the day took me away.  Always when I woke up she was there.  She loved me furiously in those early evening moments as the sun slid from the sky she would take me into her and wring her name from my lips over and over. I never stopped wanting her, and I could feel that it was the same with her.  Some nights we gave into that, never leaving the bed at all.  She would summon sustenance, and I would feed her as she fed me.

I kept track of my business through the satellite internet connection I had.  Northman Industries has its own satellite system that orbited the Earth and kept me connected.  For these events I could not avoid I video conferenced in and directed my company as needed.  With Pam gone, I had lost my passion for business and started to move the pieces around the board that would eventually free me and secure our fortune.  I was very close to making a sale and freeing us completely.  There were just a few things I needed to take care of and it would be done.  Tonight’s conference with my buyers should seal the deal.  Something was nagging me at the back of my mind though.  Coming out of hiding to finish this deal did pose some risk to us. There was nothing to be done about it though, I had to personally sign the final paperwork in front of witnesses so the plan was to have Sookie teleport us to the location and get in and out as quickly as possible.

We had talked about it and decided together that she would be my beneficiary should anything happen to me, something she allowed by convincing me to let her set up Jason as her beneficiary. “If, and as far as I am concerned that is a big if, you go out,  I will be going with you, so I won’t need anything.  So, if you let me provide for Jason I will let you provide for me.”  Jason and Bridgette had been three kids now and I could understand her desire to provide for her blood, her family.  It was how I felt about her, and since he had saved her from Warlow, I felt I kind of owed him one.

When we decided that this was our path we had spent some of long winter nights learning about weapons.  We each had our own inherent strengths but figured that being as prepared as possible would only serve our benefit.  I taught her what I knew of guns and shooting.  As she demonstrated for me years before she was a natural shot, and soon her marksmanship was on par with my own, and I had the advantage of perfect vampire sight on my side.  Once at practice I saw her shoot and knew that that the bullet was going to pass the target wide, when suddenly, defying all the laws of physics it turned on its course and hit the target dead center.

“SOOKIE! THAT’S CHEATING!”  she laughed and danced gleefully in the snow like a little girl and not a lethal fairy woman armed to the teeth.

“It’s only cheating if the opposition does it,” she laughed.  I had to chuckle. She always surprised me.

“It would have been most handy if you could have done that when you shot me in your living room,” I said drolly.

“Bitch, bitch, bitch,” she said, rolling her eyes playfully at me.  I shook my head, she made everything a joy, even this unwanted task of teaching her additional self-defense.  “A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down,” she said in a sing song voice as she continued to delight in her latest trick.  I smirked.

“Ok, show me some sugar,” I said turning her back to the target and standing behind her.  “You have to be able to focus, even in the most distracting of circumstances,” I told her, pressing myself against her tightly.  She relaxed into me.

“What do you want me to do?” humor had been replaced by seriousness and desire now in her tone.

“Shoot this way, and make it hit the target behind us.”  I expected her to resist, fool that I was, I never learned when it came to my Sookie.  She let out her breath and pulled the trigger as the last “t” cleared my lips, and I felt the air shift as it passed by us, indeed moving to hit the target behind us.  I turned us at vamp speed and saw it hit the target dead center.

“You gonna me this hard?” She said pushing her hips back into mine seductively. I growled, having trouble focusing myself now.  Exasperated and oh so fucking turned on by this latest turn of events I took the gun from her hand and popped a shell out.  I placed it in her hand.

“Hit the target without the gun firing the bullet.”  She scrunched her face at me, and looked up with mischief in her eyes.  I took my place behind her again, looking down over her shoulder and watched in wonder as in her hand light in the form of a gun took shape around the bullet, now cradling it in a chamber.  A moment later Sookie pulled the light trigger and the projectile bullet left the “gun” just as it did when she had fired from the mechanical weapon, to land dead center in the target.

“Hard enough?” she asked, looking up at me coquettishly.

“Yes, definitely,” and I pressed into her so she could verify it for herself.  That was the end of shooting lessons for that evening.

Later, out of breath  she collapsed onto my chest, kissing me softly as she ran her hands through my sex tousled hair.  I loved it when she did that.

“I love it when you do that” she said against my lips, echoing my thoughts.  “I love it when you push me to be more than I think I could ever be.  When you dare me to step up and impress you.  I am only who I am because of the love I feel for you.”  Her words made my chest ache.

“Those are powerful words, Sookie.” My hands came up to frame her face, looking deeply into her eyes letting her see how she moved me in the muted light of our bed in the clouds.

“It’s a powerful feeling,” she whispered back before kissing me again, pushing her love to me on our bond.


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22 thoughts on “Silver Chains & Guns of Light

  1. murgatroid98 says:

    I’m glad they have had this time together and got to rid of the evil fairy twins.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Meridian says:

    Glad Neave and Lochlan are gone…hope Sharky doesn’t get heartburn! 😀

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  3. Gosh thanks for this excellent update! So happy the deadly twins made only an appearance : they didn’t know that Sookie can look after herself right!? Weak Sookie doesn’t live here anymore now we have a strong and wonderful warrior…one to make Eric so proud! Loved the scene where Eric swins like a dolphin and when they are in his Swedish cabin making love…Can’i wait for another update ( hopefully soon ) Take care

    Liked by 1 person

    • idream3223 says:

      Thanks for reading 🙂 I was worried that I let them die too easily but then I figured they had been pampered their whole lives and other other than being twisted and sadistic they likely would not have too many practical battle skills.


  4. ericluver says:

    Awww! They got to kill Neave and Lochlan together. Practice with guns together. How romantic! Hehe! Loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. kinnik7104 says:

    Great chapter! Love that Neave and Lochlan are gone and the way that Sookie killed her…very imaginative! This winter together has been wonderful and now I’m preparing for the next obstacle they will face when they go to sign the contract. Hope they see Niall soon and that he is ok. Loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. geenakmom says:

    Love all the time and adventures they shared on their island retreat and now at the snowy cabin. Their love is only growing for one another.
    Glad that together they got rid of Neave and Lochlan. Hope Mab is gone and that Niall is ok. We have two down and three to go.
    Kind of scared for them to come out of hiding to make this business deal.


  7. VictoryInTrouble says:

    I love how much they love each other! This story is healing my little shipper heart! They are so fucking hot together!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • idream3223 says:

      Mine, too. When Gyllene posted her HEA I was up to my eyeballs in season 7 and thought, how the fuck do I get a HEA out of this mess??? This was the only way I could think to do it, I went Tarantino on the bitch, right down the guns which I had never used in a supe story before because you don’t need them, but you can’t pay homage to Tarantino without blowing and shooting some shit up. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Seriously, this is incredible! I love the guns, the passion and well, everything!
    Tarantino is the man!
    Fun fact: Once upon a time Tarantino lived next door to Alan Ball. Alan Ball has a menagerie of loud obnoxious birds. Alan was asked repeatedly by his neighbor to quite the birds, but Ball refused. Hence Tarantino sued Ball and now Ball has just moved to another home. Score one for the Kill Bill director. 🙂

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  9. Now, I’m really curious to see how you imagined Yggdrasil. I found a beautiful picture doing a Google image search (I may even add it to the other tree designs I hoard for my someday tattoo). Did you find one that resonated with you to inspire the headboard? If you’re curious to see the one I picked, let me know and I will send it to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • idream3223 says:

      I would love to see it! Your reviews have been a balm these past few days. It always makes me so happy to see a reader enjoying one of my stories. Hope to hear from you soon 🙂 Take care. id3223

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  10. gwynwyvar says:

    Bye bye Mulder and Scully, I mean Neave and Lochlan lol.

    Ok, so Niall is ok??? Then where is he if Mab is dead, why hasn’t he come to bring them back to Fae?

    And I’m thinking the sale is the trap that started this story…. But then why didn’t Sookie just Pop them both away?

    Mysteries! Gotta love them. More to read!


  11. trubie35 says:

    I cannot put this down! I’m reading or rereading everything you’ve written. Such an excellent storyteller! I’m really worried from how this story began. I have faith for a HEA!


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