I’ll Protect You

Last time on Faux…

Just as she realized why Desmond would send Niall to get her she felt the air shimmer around them indicating the arrival of demon teleportation.  A moment later clouds of silver gas filled the room, dropping both Godric and Eric to the floor, their skin burning wherever the gas touched.  She moved toward Eric and reached him just as a gunshot rang out in the room.

She felt the bullet as it entered her side and heard Eric scream her name before everything went black.


FauX-I’ll Protect You

 “She wasn’t supposed to there, goddamnit! He as supposed to take her back to Fae! How could you shoot her?”

Susanna struggled to open her eyes.  The pain in her side was sharp and burning and she felt weakened to the point that she couldn’t move.

“And you placed her in iron? Are you trying to kill her?”

Desmond, she thought, struggling to hold on to consciousness, still struggling to move.  Eric!  What happened to Eric? Her eyes would still not obey her.

“Calm yourself, Desmond.  Really.  You see she is already healing from the wound.”  A woman’s voice, Hallow or Ravenscroft?

“Healing? How can that be?”  The woman chuckled.

“I think your precious fairy has taken the blood of one of the vampires we have captured.”  Captured?  Oh, my Eric!

“Never! My Susanna would never take a vampires blood!  They must have forced her!  They will pay for this trespass on the Princess of Fae! Niall will kill them all!”

“Now, Desmond, let’s think about this.  We need those vampires to attempt a new more successful version of FauX.  Do you really think it wise to alert Niall to their location so that he can eliminate them?  He doesn’t know what you are doing, and you have told me that you thought he would accept it once we had proven it successful, but in the meantime it was best to keep this from him.”  She heard Desmond sigh.

“Come away with me, now dear.  Let me make it better.  She will heal soon and then you can talk reason to her.  The iron content in her chains is very low.  It won’t inflict any permanent damage.  You have my word.”  They were moving away then, and she heard a door open and close as they moved further away.

She tried again to open her eyes, but a sharp pain, followed by the sound of metal hitting metal took her breath away.  She swam away in the darkness calling to Eric over and over as she slipped away.


She was moving when she came around.  Eric, are we flying again?  She tried to call to him, but realized a moment later that she was not flying with her beloved vampire, she was being pushed down a long hall on a table.  When she managed to crack her eyes open she saw a ceiling with lights passing above her.

Focusing on that she counted the lights as they passed over her head. Fourteen later she was pushed through swinging doors and she saw that was in some kind of lab.  The movement stopped and she relaxed again, feeling so tired that breathing was an effort.

Darkness took her again.


“Wake up, Susanna.”  Desmond?  Had Desmond come to visit her at the Palace?  She so loved her visits with him.  He seemed to understand her as her father never had.

“Susanna.” He called her name again, more urgently this time.  “Wake up, Susanna.”  Concentrating as hard she could her eyes opened to see Desmond leaning over looking worried.

“There you are, my Princess,” he said, smoothing her hair back from her brow as he had done many times in her life.  When she was ill, when she going to bed and he was tucking her in a story, when he knew how unhappy she was with the life that Niall had planned for her.

“Desmond,” she managed to rasp out.  Her throat was dry and her body felt like she had beaten.  He turned away a moment and then came back with a cup of water and a straw.  He held it for her to sip and when she had enough he set it down and turned back to her.

“Oh, Susanna!  Why didn’t you go back to Fae with Niall?  You would have been safe there!”  It started to come back to her then.

The conversation with Niall, the realization that Desmond had been behind FauX this whole time.  She looked around the room as much as her head would allow seeking Eric and Godric as she remembered the silver gas and the realization that the only reason Desmond would have sent Niall after her was so he could find her and in turn the ancient vampires that had been his true targets all along.  Eric…

She saw him then, behind her and to her right, strapped to a table with silver.  He was unconscious and hooked into an IV that was draining him slowly of his ancient and magical blood.

“No!” she rasped out, struggling to rise and go to him.  In her flailing she saw that Godric was next to him, trussed up in the same manner and also in the process of being drained.

“Shhhh, calm yourself, Susanna.  It’s nothing you need concern yourself about.”

“You’re killing them!” she continued to struggle, causing the iron chains to touch her skin directly.  The pain was biting and she hissed and stopped moving as she felt her strength fade even further.  The intensity of her pain caused Eric to stir in his chains as well.  His fangs coming down as his beautiful blue eyes opened, searching for her.

“Sookie!” he rasped out, his gaze finding her.  Feeling her distress and seeing her chained made him fight harder to come to her.  She heard the silver burn him and saw the blood start to drain from him faster.  He had to stop.

“Eric!  Eric, it’s ok, baby.  Don’t struggle.  Please stop.”  Hearing her speak eased him, and he stopped fighting and looked around for the first time seeing the predicament he found himself in.

“Baby?” Desmond asked, his tone dripping with contempt.  “Baby?  So, it’s true then?  You have exchanged blood with this vampire?”  Her eyes came back to him and he saw the fury there aimed at him.  He gasped.

In all the centuries he had known her she had never looked at him with anything other than love and kindness.  When they had removed her memories of being a SIN Agent he had believed they could go back to the way things had been before.  How wrong he had been!

“Oh, Sookie.  I never should have left you with him when we took your memories.”

“You never should have taken my memories in the first place!” she fired back at him, sounding angry if weak. “I know you are behind FauX, Desmond.  I know that you have been killing supernaturals to make this poison to sell for profit!”

“No, no my darling, you don’t understand at all.”  He ran his hand through his hair then in frustration.  “I am doing this to save the supernaturals!”

“Let me go, Desmond.  Let us all go!” she pleaded, seeing Eric start to slip away again and barely holding on herself.

“I can’t do that, Princess.  This will work!  I will find a way to change all humans into what we are, and save us from the kind of persecution we have seen the vampires subjected to since the Great Revelation!

“I will put an end to The Fellowship of The Sun once and for all and prevent others of their ilk from ever rising!  I will stop the senseless destruction of this world that we all share and bring about an age of peace and harmony such as this world has never seen!”  She looked into his eyes, they were the empty eyes of a mad man.

“Then Princess, you can take your rightful place as Queen and I will rule at your side, as I was always meant to do!”


“You never knew did you?  You never saw how much I loved you.  Century after century I stood at your side and consoled you when you needed a friend.  Each time you would greet a new suitor I would hold my breath dreading that this would be the one that you would accept, but none of them ever moved you.

“You always came to me, and I knew then that I held a place in your heart that no one else ever could!  When you came to SIN it was a dream come true.  I could shelter you and protect you while convincing Niall that it was for the best to let you stay with me!

“Oh, you were glorious, Susanna!  Glorious! It was scary how good you were at being a SIN Agent.  I thought it would pass, I thought you would lose interest that it would be too hard for you but no matter the challenge you rose to it, exceeding even my wildest expectations!

“You were Queen incarnate, Susanna, and I knew that I needed to give you a world that was truly worthy of you to rule!  Your successes just proved to me again and again how you were meant to be mine!”

“You were like…a father to me, Desmond.  Never did I see you as anything else.”

“But this vampire you see as worthy of one such as you?  You dare to sully yourself with his blood willingly?!”  There was nothing she could say that would not make this worse.  They were all completely at his mercy to make him angrier would not be of benefit.

But he was a telepath, so she couldn’t lie to him either.  Silence was the only honor she could offer him.

“IT’S TRUE! YOU LOVE THE VAMPIRE?” he jumped up then, his chair skittering back crashing into the table that held her vampire.  She heard him grunt from the impact jarring the table and forcing the silver that much deeper into his flesh.

Desmond was standing beside her shaking with his rage, his hands clenching and unclenching as he thought of his next move.  Summoning the last of her strength she slid into this thoughts seeking some advantage that could save them.

I should kill her for this mockery she had made of me!  It would be so easy.  He glanced at a tray by her head.  Right here I have vampire and wolf FauX. I could inject her, it would be fitting to make her what she covets above my love. 

She saw his hand reach out and pick up a needle, staring at it for a long moment before putting it back.

No, she just needs some time.  She will come around in time.

But I am out of time, she thought, fading into the black again as he turned and fled from the room.



Sookie stirred feeling pain in her face.


“Wake up fairy bitch!” Sookie’s eyes opened making her groan with the effort.


“Did you know how he felt about you?”


“Desmond you whore, did you know that all of this was for you?”

And the crazy just keeps on coming. 

She looked at Eric and found that more his blood was drained now.  If she didn’t stop this soon he would be truly dead.

“Bitch! Look at me! Did you know?  I heard what he said to you! Did you fucking know that he planned all this for you?”

“N-no,” she struggled to get her answer out and her mind tried sluggishly the think of plan.  Hallow stepped back hitting the tray next to the table, knocking it closer to Sookie.   She was so enraged that she didn’t even notice.

“Fuck! I thought…we…he…ARGHHHH!” she screamed then and balled up in knot as the truth came over her.  Apparently, Desmond had used her and this was just becoming evident to her.

“How dare he treat me this way!”  She stood then and turned on her heel headed out the door to confront Desmond for his deception.

Sookie struggled to hang on to consciousness, and reached her hand out toward that tray that was so close.  The iron dug in deeper and she hissed in pain and kept reaching.

“Sookie,” Eric’s voice was so weak she could barely hear him.  Her pain had wakened him again.  She kept her focus on getting that tray.  Almost, just a little more.  She heaved her whole body over a tiny bit on the table and felt her fingers brush it.  A rush of adrenaline went through her weakened body, giving her that extra push she needed to get her fingers around the edge and start inching it toward her.

“Sookie,” he said again, his voice more urgent now and he sussed out her plan.  “No, Sookie, you can’t!”

Just then the tray came close enough for her to get her hand around the closest syringe.  She grasped it and pulled it over to table.

“Sookie!” he said again.  “Please.”  She looked at him then.  Tears made her vision blurry hiding his beautifully anguished face from her.  She blinked and looked at him, thinking how very much she loved him, had loved, and would always love this totally perfect man who had shown her what it was to love.

“Eric, listen to me. I was born the night you found me and again when I awakened in your arms.  You taught me what it was to love.  I will always love you, my beautiful vampire.”

“I know, Sookie, I love you, too. Please! There must be another way!”

“I will protect you.”

Her face grim with determination, she jabbed the needle into her thigh and pressed the plunger.

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28 thoughts on “I’ll Protect You

  1. suzyq591suzy says:

    Crap was it vampire or were in the syringe that was quite the cliffie 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. murgatroid98 says:

    Whatever is in that syringe, I hope it gives her the strength to help Godric and Eric. I almost feel sorry for Desmond, he’s delusional. Hallow is just evil. Maybe she and Desmond will kill each other.

    Liked by 1 person

    • idream3223 says:

      Hi 🙂 Thanks of reading. I agree that Desmond is off the rails and that he went about it all totally wrong, but the idea is interesting. Would we all get along better if we thought we were the same? I find the idea fascinating myself. 🙂 See you next update!


  3. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Wow, I can’t believe Desmond thinks she’d want to marry him when he was there as a father figure as she grew up. Yuck! And Hallow! All kinds of deluded individuals!

    I felt for Eric and Sookie- each trying to save the other. I wonder what was in the syringe she got to. I hope it works! Damn!

    I don’t know how you manage to keep up with all your stories! They are all so intricate and complicated and you update them so frequently! I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • idream3223 says:

      That’s the key, going back into those worlds frequently keeps it straight for me. Before I start a new chapter I reread the last one. I believe (possibly deluded but still believe) that each one has its own special tone.

      I try for that anyway.

      The music that I include sometimes is important. It’s like in my head I find music that matches the tone of the story and that helps put me in the right head space.

      It’s all around my head all the time, the strings of stories that need to get out. I love that. I hate when I can’t find the origin thread that lets me in though. that is very frustrating.

      One of my favorite things in this world is that I have heard stories whispered to me that I have not written, and have later seen that other writers picked up. Stories find the right teller, or so I believe :).


      • VictoryInTrouble says:

        I write with music too. It makes things flow much easier for me. Different things depending on the mood of my writing.

        Your brain is an awesome place!

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  4. mom2goalies says:

    Wow, Desmond reincarnated as Bill! LOL
    I hope it wad the vampire syringe and she gets enough strength to get them all free.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow. What a chapter. I’m nervous about what will happen to Sookie. I really hope it is not Were. I hope she is able to save Eric and Godric.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. switbo says:

    Oh my! What a cliffie. I really hope that was vampire in the syringe. And, “ew” on Desmond, her godfather, wanting her. That’s just wrong. He is seriously crazy. I almost feel sorry for him. Almost. But, he did make our sweet Eric suffer, so he’s gotta go down!

    Next chapter soon please!

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  7. lostinspace33 says:

    This story’s just full of delusional crazies, isn’t it? LOL

    Liked by 1 person

  8. askarsgirl says:

    Arrgh!! You are the cliffie Queen! Genius woman, leaving us begging and crying for more! I’ve been waiting all week for this update and will be anxiously awaiting the next.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Calling Desmond delusional wouldn’t be enough!
    All this so Sookie could be Queen and he’ll rule next to her… Desmond is bat crazy I guess!
    Please make them escape!
    What was in that syringe Sookie used!?


  10. ericluver says:

    Ok. Which syringe did she pick up? I hope vampire but whatever makes her strong enough to help Eric and Godric. Can’t wait to find out 😨

    Liked by 1 person

  11. redjane12 says:

    Wow what drama!!!! Love how you have changed so many characters from canon…. Desmond is a total creep…. In truth even in the books where he’s supposed to be a friend, he didn’t help Sookie that much in the end… Not in her childhood not when she faced so many supernatural enemies… Like the fairies, he mainly looked after himself… I hope Sookie will kick his hateful deluded ass


  12. bytemebill says:

    I just found your story and now I’m hooked! My head is just spinning. Thanks so much for something quite original 🙂

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