Those We Trust/Part II

Last time on FauX…

“I’ve never done this before,” she whispered, unconsciously showing her telepathy tell as she waited to see what he thought about those apples.



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FauX- Those We Trust Part 2

“Geronimo,” she echoed out loud as she met his lips, her eyes drifting closed, giving herself over to him completely.  She had told him that she would do that, but when he saw it happen it pushed his boundaries again, testing his control.  So many thoughts, so much feeling, starting with her lithe beautiful naked body pressed to his.

As he had done when she offered herself to him outside Crème, his arms banded around her, his open palm now feeling her silky warm skin.  His hands were so large that they covered a large span of her back and she pressed closer to him, loving the feel of him covering her.  His other hand again tangled itself in her hair.  She was elated and disappointed.  He needed more hands to touch her in all the places that she needed him.

As if he could read her mind, he moved his hands around, one coming to rest on her hips, pressing her tighter against him and the evidence of his own need.  She rubbed against him, moaning in the kiss, not thinking now, not listening now, and only feeling now.

“Touch me, Eric. Don’t ever stop touching me,” she managed to get out between kisses.  She heard his fangs come down then, and it made her want him more.  Somewhere in her memories she knew that she had been warned about vampires and what could happen if they lost control.  She trusted him, foolishly, completely.

Her hands came to his shoulders and pushed off his leather jacket.  Then they moved up his back under his shirt, her fingernails gently scraping his skin as her arms pulled him closer to her, dreading the moment when she would have to let him go and remove that shirt that kept his cool skin from her own body that was on fire.

Putting off the inevitable her hands slid down to his ass where she indulged in the fantasy she had been suppressing since she saw him for the first time.  She squeezed pulling him closer and was rewarded by a growl and a thrust of his hips against her.  Her body responded, an ache in her middle intensifying as she wanted to hear that sound from him again and know that had caused it.

“Where’s the bed in this place?” he asked her, moving to her neck, which made her shiver. Would he bite her?  Did she want him bite her?  Her hand came up to the back of his head, pressing his face into her neck as she turned her head, offering herself to him, answering the unasked question that had pierced the haze of desire in her brain.

Yes, she wanted him to bite her.  She had said she wanted him, but those words were so small compared to the feeling that barreled through her when she let it go.

“Down the hall, second door on the right.”  His arms came around her, taking her feet off the floor.  Taking advantage of his move, she wrapped her legs around his hips and locked her ankles behind his back, rocking against him in just the right spot now, causing delicious tremors of pleasure to tingle through her.  She rocked harder, feeling him move against her in return drawing out the sensation.  “You feel amazing,” she whispered pulling his face up to hers and kissing him again.

She felt them move at vamp speed, but didn’t break their kiss, not even when she felt the softness of the bed touch her back as he bent over to lay her down. Refusing to release him when he pulled back to undress she rose with him, needing to keep her hands on him.

She placed a hand on his thigh and looked up at him as he removed his black tank top at vamp speed. It was there and then it was gone.  “Is this room light tight?” his voice was deep and commanding.  If it hadn’t already been she would have sealed it magically to keep this going.  Luckily, it was prepared for vampire guests.  There were several who worked for SIN and all safe houses were equipped to meet the needs of any supernaturals who might seek refuge there.

“Switch, next to the light.” He vamped over and hit them both, lighting up the room and triggering the shudders to come down over the windows.  He turned to look at her then, for just a moment.  His mouth fell open when he saw her there waiting for him, her lips swollen from their kisses, her nipples hard and calling to him.  He wanted to move back to her and he wanted to just look at her like this forever.  She solved the dilemma by holding her hand out to him.

“Please,” it was all she needed to say to put him in motion.  In a blink he was back in front of her, kneeling on the floor at her feet.  She swallowed and stared at this beautiful man before her.  Her hands would not stay away, touching his cheek, which he turned into and closed his eyes, clearly loving for her to touch him as much as she loved doing it.

“I’m new at this, but I think those jeans need to come off, Cowboy.”  He smiled at her words, his eyes still closed, turning his face in her hand to kiss her palm.

“I need them to slow me down.”  She gulped. “They remind me to savor this moment, to savor you, Sookie.”  She shivered when his eyes slowly came open and met hers.

“But I just want to touch you, Eric.  Everywhere.” He shivered then and she took a long breath, feeling her lungs expand and making her wonder if she had forgotten to breathe since he had removed his shirt.

“You will,” he said, coming up to kiss her again, slowly, sweetly, softly.

“Now,” she whined.

“Soon,” he told her sounding calm as he always did.  She couldn’t help it, she had to know what he was thinking.

Go slow, Northman.  Make her feel good.  This her first time, she deserves all the pleasure you can give her.  Gotta stay calm, gotta go slow.

It was on a running loop in his brain.

“You don’t have to worry about impressing me, Eric.  You impressed me the first time I laid eyes on you.”

It’s not about impressing you.

“It’s not about impressing you.” She swallowed, the tension and need in his voice killing her just a little more inside.

“Then why hold back, you know I want you.”

It’s because you want me.  That is why I want to make this special.

“It’s because you want me.  That is why I want to make this special.”

“The fact that I want you makes it special, Eric.” His eyes closed again at her words and he hesitated again.

“I understand, Sookie, but you said you needed me to show you.  Will you trust me give you what you want?” His hands were rubbing the outside of her thighs now, and somehow instead of cooling her flushed skin with his touch he was igniting a fire there like he had in the middle of her.

“Yes,” she nodded as she spoke.  He leaned into her body, taking a nipple into his mouth as his hand moved between her legs.  When he found the spot he was looking for her head fell back, her eyes closed as he touched her.

He released her breast and kissed a trail down her belly, he placed a hand on her stomach indicating that she should lay back.  When he reached her center with his kiss, he replaced his hand with his mouth, and she thought she was going to come apart.  She wanted to get away from this new sensation, and she wanted to get closer to it.

Her sound of anguish brought his eyes to her and he reached a hand up to her, threading his fingers through hers as he continued to pleasure her with his tongue. His other hand went lower and when he slid a long finger into her slick channel she screamed his name and fell back on the bed, squeezing his hand tight in hers as she tried to make her body bend to his will.

Give yourself to me, Sookie, trust me.

His calming thoughts put her at ease again.  As it swept through her, she felt more certain than ever that trusting him was not only inevitable but right.

“Geronimo,” she whispered, just as he found some spot with his long beautiful fingers that he had never known existed.  The sounds she made when she gave herself over to him completely assured him that he had found the treasure he had been seeking, and when he added a second finger she arched off the bed, pressing herself against his hand and his mouth.  He used his tongue to extend her pleasure, refusing to let her back off the precipice of her pleasure.

Look at me, Sookie

Just as her eyes came open and locked with his he swirled his tongue and increased the pressure of his lips, sucking in time with his fingers that were massaging that magic place inside her.  She tried to keep eyes open, she tried so hard, but when the pleasure swept through her, her body refused to comply.  Her eyes slammed shut, and her mouth popped open to release the sounds he was forcing from her body. Wave after wave of furious pleasure took her breath and her mind as she exploded under this expert touch.

Before she caught her breath he covered her body with his and stole her lips in a kiss, his hands on her shoulders as he pressed his chest to hers.

You’re so beautiful.

Again, it was the first thing she heard him think, and as it had when she had first seen him it did things to her that no suggestive or sexually laden language could.  She broke the kiss.

“You’re the beautiful one, Eric. Your mind is amazing.  I have never met anyone like you, who sees things the way you do. Who sees me the way you do.”  He looked deeply into her eyes and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.  He kissed her forehead softly and then moved down her face with soft baby kisses.  She could feel his fangs behind his lips as he kissed her face and her mind tore in half as it tried to wrap itself around the vampire and the man before her.

How could such a creature be so gentle?

Her hand came up with a mind of its own and touched his lips, urging them to part for her.  When he complied she looked at this very large fully extended fangs and traced one with her finger.  His eyes fluttered shut and his hips pressed into her body, seeking relief from the pleasure her touch was bringing him.

“I want those, too, Eric,” she told him in a dreamy voice.

“Have you ever…” he trailed off, not able to finish.

“No, never done that either.”  His eyes fluttered shut again, and a groan came out of him that caused the wetness between her legs to increase.  She whimpered in response, her hand moving down to touch herself.  Before she got there she encountered him, and was distracted by the hardness pressed against his jeans.  She ran her hand over him lightly, and he pressed himself against her tentative touch.  His evident pleasure made her bolder, and she traced the length of him with her fingers.  He was very large, and her legs rubbed together in response to her mental images of him sharing himself with her, sliding into her eager body.

He was lost in her touch, pressing rhythmically into her hand mouth open, fangs out, making her even bolder still.  She popped the button on his jeans open and slid her hand inside to hold him in her hand.  His hips moving showed her how to move her hand and soon she was as lost as he was in the sensation of power and pleasure she felt at touching him like this.

She ran her thumb over the tip of him, feeling the wetness there that matched her own body drove a pang though her middle.  She moaned and it was the sound of that need that broke Eric’s trance.  He brought his hand down to cover hers, covering it slowly, gently, asking her to stop without speaking or thinking it.

As he stilled her hand, he kissed her, wanting to reassure her that she done nothing wrong, that everything had in fact been just too right to let her go on.

I was right.  I am going to love you, little Sookie.

Her answer was to wrap her arms around his neck and pull him deeper into the kiss they were sharing.  She left his lips long enough to express herself in the only word that was echoing over and over in her own mind.

“Please.”  There was a rush of air as he moved, but it was so fast that it seemed has though his pants and boots magically disappeared.  Feeling his skin against hers from head to toe made her own eyes flutter shut for a moment as she enjoyed the sensation.  She brought her hand up and pushed gently at his chest.  He let her roll him to the side.  “I want to see you,” she said, starting at his feet.  They were large like his hands, like his frame, but graceful, and perfect like the rest of him.  His calves and thighs were perfectly toned with the just the right amount of hair on them.  They were graceful, and all man and she loved the way they looked.

Her gaze came up to the part of him that she had just been touching moments before.  She licked her lips, wondering what he would taste and feel like if she did to him what he had just done to her.  As though that part of him of could read her mind it twitched and began to drip faster at the tip.  She felt her mouth water in anticipation and was leaning in to satisfy her need and curiosity when she found herself covered in vampire, and vampire kisses.

I am so sorry, Sookie, he thought to her as he took her mouth, his tongue mimicking what she had just been thinking of doing to his body.  I can’t, I can’t let you do that right now.  I couldn’t take it and finish this the way I want to finish it.  Please, understand?

Her arms came up across his back and she kissed him back, reassuring him that she did understand.  To comfort him further she opened her legs, encouraging him to rest his long body there that she might hold him that way, too.

This new position though was not soothing as she intended, rather it stoked the fire that seemed to be burning in this beautiful man, causing him to shake in her arms.  He was like thoroughbred just before the gates opened.  He needed to move.  He pushed against the wet heat at the center of her, the tip of him grazing her entrance and then she was ready to run, too.

She opened wider to him and watched as he lined himself up with her entrance.  As he started to sink into her, so slowly she thought she was going to die before she could feel him the way she needed to, his eyes locked with hers.

“If you need me to stop, tell me.” His eyes were deep blue stormy pools that seemed to move like ocean waves as he rocked into her with his body.  A little, and then out, a little more, and then out again, stretching her so slowly that she wanted to scream and pull him down into her all the way.  Just then he went in a little further than before, and she felt her body give way to him.  She was right on the edge that he had taken her to before and he was still slowly working his way into her.

He watched her face for any sign of pain, any micro-expression tell that would let him know she was not enjoying this as much as he was.  It would be the True Death to leave her now, but if he saw anything on her face he would stop immediately.

Despite the fact that it couldn’t happen, his arms were shaking, as he concentrated on going slow, rocking in and out of her, wanting her to enjoy this as much as she could.  His balls were throbbing with the need to let go, but he pushed it back.  His fangs were out so far his gums were throbbing in time with the rest of him.  When she said she had never had sex before it was hell.  When she told him she wanted his bite and had never done that before either, he learned that hell had many levels.

He was slowly working his way into a new one right now, half of him still outside the heat of her body, every instinct he had begging him to just bury himself inside her and let go.

Her eyes locked with his held him back.  Every time his body flexed another color appeared there.  Another expression of her exquisite pleasure at this entrance floated over her beautiful face.  He clung to that, wanting to see how many colors there were, and how many expressions he could evoke from her that told her he was doing exactly what she wanted, exactly what she needed.

That was what held him together.  Even when he worked another inch into her and her head fell back on the bed unable to watch any more as pleasure over took her completely.  Her hands came up as her head rolled back and forth, clutching his ass, feeling his body tighten and release as he fought to gain ground in this war to conquer her body in the most pleasurable way possible.

Jaws locked he glanced down and saw that one more tiny push would bury him inside her completely and he felt another shiver run down his back.  The image of that pressed on him again to hurry.  Just as he pulled back for the last time to rock into her body again and fully seat himself there she pulled his mouth back to hers and lifted her legs to put her feet in the small of his back.

This time when he sank in he went deeper than he had thought possible.  He froze then, fighting for his own self-control and to give her time to adjust to his invasion.  She kissed him without moving her hips, running her hands through his hair, massaging his scalp with hands, and his fangs with her tongue.

He came down off his arms, letting his own hands tangle in her hair as he kissed her back, fighting to release the tension in his body through the kiss they shared.  Finally, it was too much, and he pulled back burying his face in her neck, hiding his shame at being able to control himself better than this.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, his voice deep and gravelly with repressed need right into her ear.  Her body responded instinctively to the sound of his need and clenched around the part of him that was buried inside her. His moan rushed into her ear next as he started to beg her to not do that, to not move.  “I don’t want to hurt you, please, I just need a minute.”  Against his will his hips rocked into the heat of her as he spoke and her sounds pushed him further away from being able to hold it together.

“It feels like if you move, just a little, I’m going to explode into a thousand pieces,” she panted into his ear.  “Do it.  Make me explode, baby.”  There was no way he could stop now. His eyes rolled back into his head as he pulled back and sank into her again.  Her legs tightened around him and she let out a breathless cry of pleasure, as he did it again and again.

In no time she came apart around him, exploding just like she had threatened to do, becoming impossibly tighter and hotter around him.  His head moved to her neck as his hips moved over and over again, wanting even in his desperation to make this last for her as long as he could.

When his fangs pierced her neck, she came again, and as he tasted her for the first time, his body pressed as deeply into her as it could, needing so much, and so many things that he had never needed before.  He roared into her neck when his own release followed hers, gulping down a mouthful of blood, taking her into him, as she was doing for his body below.

He did not need a lot of blood, but it was so hard for him to stop that he was afraid for her.  When he finally got her wound sealed he pulled back and called her name, worried that he had hurt her after all.  At first she didn’t answer. After the second time, she kept her eyes closed, but she smiled.

“Stop, worrying.”

“Are you well?”



“I am fucking fabulous.”  He relaxed then and let his head drop down next to hers.

“Me, too,” he said, kissing her neck again, over the spot where he had bitten her.  Her arms tried to come up and hold him, to reassure him, but they wouldn’t cooperate and fell back like limp noodles to the bed.

He moved over and turned her so she was spooned in her back to his chest.  Slowly he ran his fingers along the edge of her hair line, as he looked down at her in awe.

In all his years, there was no experience that would compare with this. Why did she do this to him?  How did she do this to him?

“Dunno, but you do it to me, too, Cowboy.”  He smiled at the back of her sleepy head, and then lay his own head on the pillow.  He realized the light was still on, and left her just long enough to vamp over and turn it off.  Dawn had come while they were making love, and while he did not require much rest, he did die for a few hours every day.

Tucking her closer to him, kissing her head one last time, he closed his eyes and let death take him away.  The last thing he heard was her soft snore in his arms.  The last thing he felt was an unusual warmth in his chest at being there with her.



When he rose a few hours later it was to the sound of Sookie on the phone.

“How far is that from the safe house?”

“No, I won’t wait, I’m going now.  I’ll take one of the cars we keep here at the house.”

“And what did you find?”  There was a longer pause this time and Eric left the bed to join her in the living room.  She was dressed and he took a moment to go back for his clothes, reappearing almost immediately fully dressed and ready for action.

While she listened to whoever she was speaking with he noted appreciatively that she had closed the light tight blinds all over the house.  His internal clock told him that the sun was nearing its zenith outside.

She’s not going to wait.  This isn’t the morning I had hoped we would have.

Regret and fear at her going alone without him cut through his middle and he wondered if he would be able to so easily separate business and personal after what they had shared last night.

Hearing him, she reached out a hand to him, bringing him to her side as she still listened.  She laced her fingers through his and he felt her squeeze his hand, telling him that she shared at least part of his concerns, though he wasn’t sure which ones.

“I’ll pass that on before I head out.  I will report in as soon as I have something.” She hung up, dropped the phone and came into his arms in a single move that even he had trouble following. When her arms came around him, his face went down to her freshly showered hair and he took a deep breath. Unbidden his mind went back to last night and he lost himself a moment in the memory of what they had shared.

“I had a very different morning in mind, too.” She said regretfully pulling back and titling her head back for a kiss, which he gladly gave her.  He let himself linger longer than he should have since obviously things had been happening while he was dead.

“Tell me,” he said resting his forehead against hers.

“Alcide called, Amelia has figured out how they are making FauX.”  She paused, “They kill them, Eric.”  He pulled back and looked into her eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“Hallow, Pam, Compton and whoever else is involved are capturing supes are killing them to create the drug that allows humans to take a walk on the supernatural side.”  She stopped again, the words she was saying were clearly hard to accept.  “They cast a spell and trap them in the supe form if they change.  If they just are like you and me they hold them while they drain their magical life force and bottle it for sale to the highest bidder.”

“So, the corpse we found was a victim.”

“Yes.  Somehow they knew we were coming and they were reckless with disposal.  We’ve never found remains like that before.”

“If they can do this to any supernatural, then you are at risk, too,” he said to her, his worry plain on his face.

“You, too, Eric. We already know they wanted you for sure.”  That had slipped his mind in his worry for her.  “I think I know why, too.” He waited, knowing he wasn’t going to like this.

“Amelia thinks that the formula they are currently extracting has a high instability factor.  You told me that the older the vampire the more in control they are, of their instincts and the needs. I think that if they add some ancient vampire blood to their mix they believe it will stabilize the formula, get a higher high for the user, if you will.”  He blinked and then closed his eyes, feeling foolish to have missed something that now seemed so obvious.

“Potentially,” she went on, holding him tighter, “It could also make the transition easier to manage, or perhaps, even heal the user if any physical damage results from the transformation.” She swallowed then and closed her eyes a moment.  “There is also just the plain possibility that they just want to drain you and use you to make more vampire FauX.”

“A FauX vampire with my strength and speed is a weapon they could make a lot of noise with,” he said, thinking through her words and concluding that he had been right.  He didn’t like it at all.

“Amelia has another hit on the locator spell and I am headed out to check it.” He wanted to stop her, take her back to bed and keep her safe, but this was what she did.

This was what they did.  He had to accept it.

“Without backup?  What about Alcide?  Go get him, it will only take a moment.”  She shook her head.

“Alcide is out following up on another lead.  Desmond gave him the mission personally.”  Eric closed his eyes and tried to find a way to accept this gracefully.  His mind ran through dozens of possibilities and he could find nothing that comforted him.

“I know you have to go, and we are out of time, but I have a favor to ask.  I had planned to talk to you about it at length today, but, there just isn’t time.” He was less calm than she had ever seen him, and despite how often she had wished he would be as emotional as she was about everything, seeing it was unnerving.

“I want us to exchange blood.”

“What? Why?”

“If what we started last night is going where I think it is, then it would be a natural part of what is next.  But this isn’t about that, not directly.  This is so I can find you, this is so I can know that you are safe and well.  Please, I need to know that you well if you leave this house without me, and with the sun up I can’t go with you!”

His passion about this moved her.  There was so much she wanted to say to him about what had happened last night, but there was no time.  If he needed this then she would do what she could to comfort to him until there was time to tell him how she felt, time to show him that she was his if he would have her.  That if he could accept that there was more than just the Sookie he had met, if he could handle the truth of who and what she was, that she wanted to be his more than anything!

“Yes, I will take your blood.”  His fangs came down and he tore open his wrist to feed her.

“We will be one,” he said to her, his feeling for her shining in his eyes as she took his wrist and drank deep of her lover, promising him wordlessly that as soon as she could she would tell him all the secrets of her heart and then they would truly be one.

As she drank, she felt him lean in and caress her neck, preparing to take her as he had last night.


He listened as she drove away, feeling his blood move away with her. He could also feel that she was as reluctant to leave him as he was to let her go, and that she felt just as strongly for him as he did for her.

It was a small comfort.  He paced like a wild animal, hating the sun and cursing his nature, completely out of control now that he was trapped and unable to be at her side.  He stopped when he realized that she would laugh at him and tease him about wearing a hole in the carpet with his pacing.

He fell on the sofa, mind racing, willing the sun to go down sooner, for time to pass faster so that he could be free to go to her.  Finally, he realized that this was wasted energy.  He took out his phone and called Godric to update him on what was happening.  It was early but Godric was a little older than Eric himself, so he knew he would be up.

After filling him in, Godric, having known him for a long time asked him what was wrong.  Eric ran a hand through his hair and started pacing again.  Where to begin?

“I fear my professional detachment has been compromised.”

“I see,” his boss and friend said, a smile evident in his voice.  “Someone has finally made a dent in that hard head of yours?”

“Not a dent, a hole clean through it.  She’s…she’s amazing Godric. Smart, funny, strong, and beautiful. I didn’t know that women like this existed.”

“I’m not sure they do, outside the rose colored filter of love,” Godric teased.

“I never said-“

“You didn’t have to.  It comes across quite clearly in the glowing review of her. So, I take it she told you who she is then?”  Eric frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“In addition to being SIN agent extraordinaire Sookie Stackhouse is also the-,” but before Godric could finish his sentence their connection was severed.  Eric pulled the phone away from his ear and saw that he had no signal.

Strange, he thought a second before he heard the heartbeats of four werewolves just outside the safe house. He turned as they burst in swinging silver chains clearly meant to capture him.  They hesitated, not expecting him to be awake while the sun was up, but only for a moment, so clearly they had been warned that he could be up.

Someone had sent them.

Sookie, his mind cried out as the first one came at him, throwing a silver net meant to slow him down and make it easier for the others to subdue him with their chains.


Leaving Eric had been harder than she wanted to admit.  When she had taken his blood, she had wanted to take him back to bed and spend the day learning firsthand what afternoon delight truly meant.  It was only the thought of more innocent supes being murdered and more humans being exposed to FauX that kept her going.

She spent the drive trying to get her head on straight, to focus on the task at hand, but thoughts of being with Eric the night before kept sneaking up on her.  In all her long three hundred years, she had never experienced anything like the things he had shared with her last night.

Now, she looked back over the long list of suitors that she had dismissed with a different perspective.  Before she had been untouched by their words and deeds.  Their desires completely unfathomable to her. Eric Northman though, from the moment he had stood before her had stripped that away from her, turned her upside down and inside out.  She had had plenty of chances to take a lover, but she had never wanted one before this beautiful vampire had entered her life.

She smiled now, thinking of how gentle he had been with her last night, how focused on her pleasure, even to the point that he held himself back from his own.  She shivered in her seat as she drove and nearly ran a red light because her mind was filled with the look of wonder and need on his face as he hovered above her.

Fuck, I gotta stop this!

She shook herself and mentally started reviewing what she knew.  It was critical that they stop Hallow and her crew before they tried again to get their hands on Eric!  That sobered her right up, and pissed her right off.

Thinking of her beautiful lover being tortured and drained of his blood and the magics that animated him had her seeing nothing but red.  By the time she got to the address Amelia had provided this morning she was shaking with rage.

Being reckless won’t help, Sookie. 

Great, now he’s trying to calm me down from my own psyche.  She smiled then and took a breath.  Psyche Eric was right.  Psycho Sookie needed to chill.  She took a moment and tried to make him proud.

When she reached for the handle and exited the car, she wished he was here to see, hell, she just wished he was here.

The address was for an office building in the middle of downtown Shreveport. As soon as she exited the car and started toward the building she reached out to see if there were any thoughts she could pick up.

Getting nothing, and not being sure if that meant that Hallow was inside shielding or the building was empty she entered cautiously, weapon drawn.  She was packing silver bullets, which would hurt some supernaturals but not all, still a bullet wound was the universal equalizer.

Everyone paused when you put a hole in them.

Entering cautiously, she did a sweep of each floor, and then moved up to the next.  The building had seven floors, and she found nothing but empty space on all of them.  Expecting the same on the seventh floor she was surprised to find two people there waiting for her.

One of them was the magical were that had eluded her at Crème two nights before.  The other was her boss, the head of SIN Desmond Cataliades.  Her shock at seeing him, her hesitation at processing what this meant was just long enough for Hallow to cast a spell that froze her where she stood.

When she realized that her limbs were frozen she tried to teleport away, back to the safe house, but found that she was also unable to teleport.  Desmond stepped forward to stand before her.

“I am so very sorry about this, Sookie.”  He sighed then, and looked at her with the same eyes he had used when she was tiny and he would come to visit her, always bringing a special present for his special fairy girl, as he called her.  “I didn’t want it to come to this, but things got complicated.”

Sookie tried to read his mind then, but Desmond was accomplished demon telepath himself.  If he wanted to block his thoughts, he was more than able to do it.  Hoping against hope she tried to read the witch beside him, but Hallow was also a blank wall.

It was then, in her anger and fear for what was coming next that she remembered Eric had insisted that she take his blood so he feel her, so he could find her.  Worried that he would take on the sun to find her, she made a concentrated effort to calm the fuck down, and think about this.

She tried to find some logical and rational way to detach herself from the realization that the man she had trusted like a father was not only betraying her but everything they had both sworn to believe in and protect.

What was it he had said, “Trust is a funny thing, isn’t it, Sookie?” Thank all the powers that be that you are safe, my Eric, was the last thought she let herself have about the man she loved before she focused every ounce of energy she had into being calm and finding a way out of the mess she found herself in now.


Four werewolves to subdue a vampire as old and strong as Eric Northman bordered on insulting.  Forty would have had a hard time, and that was before he felt the spike of fear and anger from Sookie.   When he felt his blood convey her emotion to him, it was over before it started.

When the first were threw his net at Eric he saw it pass through empty air and land on the floor.  He had close view of it because he his head landed at the same time the net did.  His body fell a moment later.

The others, seeing what happened tried to retreat, but there wasn’t time.  The next one fell with a hole in his chest where his heart had been beating a moment before.  The third lost his head, his eyes blinking as he watched his body fall.  The fourth was suspended above the floor, a cold vice around his throat and his mind swept away by glamour.


“Hallow,” he choked out dreamily, not able to breathe but not really concerned about it.


“Waiting for the fairy.”  A moment later his throat was crushed and he landed beside his companions.

Eric was covered in blood and viscera, his fangs down, and his eyes nearly black.  He was so caught up in what had happened, what he felt from her and the confirmation that she was in danger that at first he did not realize he was standing in the open door in full on sunlight.

And he was not burning.

He held his wrist out, turning it slowly, watching to see what would happen.  Nothing did.  He took a couple of steps outside and looked up, feeling sun warm his face for the first time in two thousand years.

There was a moment of pure joy, and then there was only rage and determination.  He launched himself into the sky zeroing in on her location and moving faster than he had ever moved before in his immortal life.


“You weren’t supposed to be this good, Sookie.  I thought it would be a passing thing.  If I had dreamed for one moment that you could accomplished all that you have, I would never have let you join SIN.”  Her mind raced as he tried to justify what was happening here.

Why are you doing this? Why FauX?  She sent this to him telepathically, taking a chance that just because he was blocking it didn’t mean that he wasn’t listening.

“The human race needs to be brought down!” he said, his eyes lighting up, revealing his usually hidden demon nature. “They waste this world, they don’t deserve it!”

That’s not for you to decide!

“If not me, who? They will be converted or they will fall.  I care not which, but they will not be allowed to go on destroying the world with reckless abandon!”  He started pacing now, lost in his rhetoric.  “Soon there will be no water left to drink because they poison the land with everything they do. And we’ve all seen what happened when vampires made themselves known! If they find out about the rest of us they will hunt and persecute us from existence!”

So you risk exposure with FauX?  Great plan!

“No, Sookie.  You have to look at the bigger picture! When we perfect FauX we will make them all like us!  By changing their fundamental natures we will change their set path to destruction!  They can’t persecute their own kind, and once we change their nature they will stop destroying their own environment!  The human race is a dead end, supernaturals should rule this world!”

Clearly, you are not a student of history, Desmond.  Do you remember the Holocaust? The Inquisition?  Humans are excellent at persecuting each other, but they don’t have a corner on the market. 

What about the Fae Wars?  The hatred among supernaturals for those not of their kind?

“We’ve proven that can be overcome! SIN is proof of that.  Every day werewolf, vampire, fairy, demon, and witches they all work together for a common goal.  It can work, Sookie!”

You are betraying that trust right now, Desmond! Can’t you see that what you are doing is breaking that fragile trust we have established?

“No! You are wrong, Sookie.  Someday you will see.  I just need to get you out of the way and someday you will see!”  He turned then to Hallow.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes,” she said speaking for the first time since Sookie had arrived.

“And you’re sure you can do it?”


“Make sure you only take the surface.  Remember how I showed it to you?  I want you take everything but the trunk in the corner of her mind.”

“I understand,” she said before she started muttering under her breath.  Desmond turned back to her.

“It’ll all be fine in a minute, Sookie.  Just hold on.”  Realizing what he was planning, she started to panic.

No! Don’t do this.  Please!

Hallow continued chanting and Sookie felt her mind being pried open.  She fought as hard as she could, using all the techniques she had learned over the centuries to shut her out, but it was a losing battle.  Desmond had taught her most of those same techniques, so he knew better than anyone how to get around them.

Deeper in Hallow slid, and Sookie could not stop her.  The witch waved her arms and flash of light passed over Sookie.  She closed her eyes and tried hard to hold on to something, anything of who she was.

Her mind showed her Eric, his face from last night, and then it slipped away.

Him offering her his wrist just a short time ago, and then that too slipped away.

Crème, dancing, Alcide, her coming to SIN and making her way in this world of excitement and intrigue.

One by one it was all stripped away from her.

She tried to scream out her denial as the trunk in the corner of her mind opened, and all those old memories came out, like clothes that didn’t fit any longer.

She had wanted to tell him…something.


At that moment the windows on the west side of the building imploded, raining glass across the floor when Eric entered moving faster than anyone could see.  He caught Sookie as she fell to the ground, freed now from Hallow’s spell.

Hallow reached out to Desmond and he teleported them away while Eric’s attention was focused on the girl.  Eric felt the air shift and turned seeing nothing there, he took a deep breath but the only scent in the room was Sookie.

He knew that a man a woman had been present, but he could not regret that his focus had been on the woman he now held in his arms, terrified that she had been damaged beyond repair because he had not arrived in time.

“Sookie?” he called her name, shaking her gently.  She moaned and her eyelids fluttered. He let out a breath of relief, showering her face with kisses.

“Talk to me, Sookie. What happened?  Are you well?”  Her eyes opened and after a moment they focused on his face.  She blinked and then frowned.

“Sookie?” he said again, sounding uncertain and scared. Her lips moved, and she tried to speak.  At first, even his sharp ears couldn’t hear her and then he couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“What’s a Sookie?” Surely, she was teasing him.

“Sookie, please, don’t do that.  Tell me that you are well!”  She started to struggle then and he released her when it seemed that she would fling herself from his arms if he did not set her away from him.

“My name, sir, is Princess Susanna Brigant.  I don’t know what a Sookie is, or where you might find one, and I would thank you to keep your hands to yourself!”

“Princess…” he said softly, his eyes wide and filled with fear and wonder as he stared at the stranger before him. “…Susanna Brigant.”

“Yes, that’s right.  Who the hell are you?”

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27 thoughts on “Those We Trust/Part II

  1. suzyq591suzy says:

    So Desmond a bad guy huh does this make Alcide one too or just a pawn. I hope the Princess comes to her senses soon and does not make it horrible for Eric. I know we need the bitter to get to sweet so write on. 🙂

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    • idream3223 says:

      Good question about Alcide! Can’t wait to see how that goes myself! 🙂 I’m excited to see if the Princess is immune to the man that has swept Sookie off her feet. Will she spurn him or is this truly as unique and undeniable as Sookie thought it was when she saw him for the first time at Creme?
      I know what I would do, Princess or not, but Susanna, well we haven’t met her yet, not really. It’s hard to say what she might get up to! 🙂 Thanks for reading :).

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  2. murgatroid98 says:

    It really hurts to be betrayed by someone you trust. I wonder who else is betraying them. And she doesn’t remember Eric. That’s tragic.

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    • idream3223 says:

      Yes, I agree it is the worst feeling in the world to find out that someone you thought you knew is not who you thought they were. I imagine Eric himself is feeling some of that right now. He met Sookie, and he fell for Sookie, but that isn’t really who she is, now is it? Thanks for reading! 🙂


  3. Gosh I didn’t see Desmond as a bad guy! That really surprised me… he was like a father to Sookie! Now Sookie has amnesia and doesn’t remember Eric so sad! I guess Godric was trying to tell Eric about Sookie’s heritage…Princess Susanna Brigant… Well we don’t know her will she love Eric like Sookie did? Can’t wait for more

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  4. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Oh wow! (I feel like I write that a lot in reviewing your work) Her memories are gone and only the princess remains. I wonder if she will let Eric talk to her and explain. Desmond, what a snake! How could he betray her like that!? So, she is 300, do we know for how long she has been Sookie Stackhouse? I can’t remember. Maybe Niall can help her if there is a Niall. I’m so tired right now and I can’t remember. It seems like the older I get the more daylight savings messes with me. Are you in the US? I think I know the answer to that…Or at least, I think you are on the east coast like me…Ugh, I’m tired. I loved the chapter! i loved the love at the beginning. He was so slow and gentle. I liked his self talk and his apologies. This Eric is not so afraid of feelings, so nice! I have a feeling this Susanna is exactly the opposite.

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    • idream3223 says:

      Wow is good. You got one from me today :), if we’re counting. She has been at SIN a decade, so a blip on her radar.

      I am in the US and on the East coast as well. DST also screws with my head. Seems like time slows down and no clock is ever right because it feels like more than a hour has changed. For some screwy reason I can NEVER sleep the night of the change. It takes a couple of weeks before my hyper-awareness of time goes away.

      His ability to feel was why I made him so much older than canon Eric’s. I wanted him to be more like Godric was in TB without the sadness. I wanted her to be older and more settled, too, but she is still a babe compared to him. Still feisty without being so foolish in her choices. It took me about fifteen hours to write this chapter, (three times longer than normal) because I wanted so much to do it in a way that I had never done a love scene before and because I wanted to show as much of how they are as I could before I upended the board at the end.

      Susanna, is complicated. It’s not that she can’t process or is afraid, it’s that her options were limited. She put her foot down after centuries of fighting and ran away from her life as the Princess. She counted on Desmond to hide her from the family that he obviously knew as well. He seems to have allowed that thinking that this was passing fancy and she would fold up way before now.

      It is possible that Sookie/Susanna knows herself better than anyone else and would have been able to bridge that distance for Eric if they had had time to talk that morning before she had to go. He was going to meet the Princess if he stayed in her life. That was unavoidable.

      I am pretty stoked about what might happen next with the two of them. Will she listen to him? Will he disappoint us and still pull back despite being much older and calmer than other versions of Eric we have seen or will he just say Geronimo, grab her and kiss until she swoons as her alter ego did at his feet?

      The possibilities are limitless! Thanks so much for reading, get some rest! 🙂

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  5. mom2goalies says:


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  6. saldred75 says:

    oh that just sucks, I knew something would come along and mess everything up, sigh. I am enjoying your story very much!!!

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    • idream3223 says:

      Thank you! It’s great to know that you are having a good time! 🙂


      • saldred75 says:

        and I hope eric will fight for her. maybe godric will help? and Amelia?


        • idream3223 says:

          This story has some of the same elements that we are familiar with but there are some differences, too. Sookie’s memory of the last 10 years she spent at SIN and the fact that her dear Uncle Desmond is the bad guy is gone, but all he took was the persona that she had projected to be a successful SIN agent. He left the core of her, which is not what happened in Eric’s canon amnesia story.

          Eric said that everything about her captivated him, but how much of the real woman was he seeing? How much was core to her personality? How much of his attraction was just to her outside and not who she was inside? Sookie would beat the crap out of people if they made her angry, but what will the Princess, do?

          If she had been able to tell Eric, and move forward introducing him to the Princess that is part of Sookie it would have been different than stripping Sookie away completely and going back to who she was ten years ago.

          I am pretty excited to see how it goes when they meet for the first time, again in the next chapter. Will he still want her? Will he fight for her? Will he find her as captivating as he did Sookie on that stage at Creme? Will she still think he is beautiful or is that attitude something that only developed from being part of an organization where the different supes worked side by side? Canon wise Fae and Vampire are not close and avoid each other. Will she run from him because he is a vampire?

          I hope that I can make this comfortable and familiar while its also exciting and new and unpredictable. I am going to do my best to not let you down! 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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  7. askarsgirl says:

    Oh my poor, sweet Viking. Finally finds the girl of his dreams only to lose her! I hope her amnesia doesn’t go on for too long😃 and you evil evil woman for writing such a wonderful chapter, only to end it with a cliffie!!😜

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  8. ericluver says:

    Ok. Not so sure about this development. I’ll stick with it, but I’m afraid the whole memory loss thing is getting done to death. Whether it be Eric or Sookie.
    Hmmm. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


  9. What an amazing chapter!!!! Their love scene was perfect. I like how gentle Eric was and how close they were in that moment. It’s interesting that Godric was about to tell Eric. Maybe Godric can help in this situation. I hope Sookie or should I say Susanna doesn’t run from Eric. I never say it coming that Mr. C could be evil, very interesting. This was so good, I look forward to more.


  10. lostinspace33 says:

    Oh shit!!! Poor Sookie! Right now she can’t even remember being betrayed by someone she thought of as family. Thank goodness Eric got away and got to her. The next steps should be very interesting…

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  11. baronessjai says:

    Damn betrayed by desmond……omg….. what of alcide? …..i hope she can still remember or feel the partial bond her and Eric created……omg…. this is so good…. can’t wait for more 😉


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    omg amnesia sookie!!!! desmond’s evil!!! love this story


  13. I am being torn in two directions.

    One: I am over the top in love with every moment of their first time and can’t believe some [okay, most] people never experience that bliss. Each time he trembled while holding back his full force to make sure she wasn’t immeasurably injured just pierced my heart with his love! Each time he thought those beautiful words of his love to her just grabbed my heart and held on for dear life. Each time they were looking each other in the eyes to peer into their souls just crushed my heart to smithereens! Absolutely terrific.

    Two: I hate every second since she lost her memory of Eric, and it makes me feel like my heart never even existed! It makes me want to come in there and shake the memories loose from wherever they are hiding!

    You… You…YOU! Oh.

    I just can’t even.


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