Jesus For The Jugular *One Shot*

*SPOILERS* For those not familiar with the books, this is set after she has been taken by Neave and Lochlan and carved up like a Christmas turkey.  Eric has healed her physically but she is still emotionally damaged from what transpired at the hands of her Fae cousins.

 Eric’s maker Appius is in town, and he is keeping Eric and away from Sookie.  We may get to that later, but for now Alcide has taken Sookie to a pack meeting and drugged her to stand in as shaman.  Hey, from a dipshit wolf’s perspective the only difference between a telepath and a shaman is the money he saved by using a friend.

 This book was tough for me for a lot of reasons.  Number one of which was Sookie’s consistently off the chart level of self-involvement.  I thought this would be a good time to show her things from a perspective other than her own and ask the questions that Erics’s pride keeps locked deep inside him.


Jesus For The Jugular

 When we don’t know what to call a good thing happens to us we fall back to saying it was a miracle.  When we don’t know what to call a bad thing that happens to us we fall back to saying it was a nightmare.

The difference between the two is perspective.

I had thought Alcide was my friend.  When I realized he had drugged me in his clumsy efforts to make a telepath into a shaman I saw clearly through my hazy vision that he was not.  He had done this to me for his gain, not for mine.  He had done this because he knew that never in thousand years would have I had said yes.

I stood there by the fire shaking inside and outside as the stars moved over my head.  I could feel the earth moving beneath my feet!  It was an odd sensation that at once elated and terrified me.  It lent itself to the notion that at any moment I might fly off the skin of this world into the dark night forever.  I closed my eyes, raised my arms out straight and welcomed it.

I had never done drugs, I rarely even drank.  It was too hard to keep my shields up when my inhibitions went down.  I had, however, seen what alcohol and drug induced euphoria looked like in the mind of another.

There was a complete sense of connection and disconnection, of being apart and a part at the same time.  Somewhere around the bonfire that pack had going someone started banging on drum and my body fell into its slow sexy rhythm moving with the world as it spun. I was wide open and unable to shield myself.

I expected to hear the thoughts of the pack, and they were there, a dull roar under the beats of the drum that called my hips to follow its steady beat.  I found something else though that was louder, or maybe it found me.

Child, you should not be here, the voice said sternly.  There was also love it in though, like a father to a daughter who had done something that she should have known better than to do.  My body was still dancing, but my mind was flying.

I didn’t mean to.

 No matter.  You are here.  Ask your questions.

If Alcide had told me that he planned to do this then I might have asked him what his purpose was, what questions he had for me to ask.  He did not.   So, I asked my questions, ones I didn’t even know I had.

Will there be peace for me?

Child, you are so young.  There is no peace except in the quiet moments you carve from the chaos as you live out your existence on this plain. 

Then my life will always be this?  I showed it then, this voice the things that had happened to me.  Bill, the Queen, the bonding, my abduction and torture, asking if this was to be all I was to know.

 And more, the voice responded and before me flashed Niall, as he had been at the restaurant, but in this place I saw his true face and recoiled from it.  I had loved him instantly because of his beauty.  Beauty that had been a lie I could not see until now.  I saw him and Claude digging through my house looking for something, their true faces shining through as they ransacked my family treasures.

Destroyers! I called out.

Seekers, the voice answered and showed me a small green glowing object that rested in my hand.  Cluviel dor, the voice said. A love wish.  As soon as the words were spoken my heart called to Eric.

I saw him kneeling before his maker, Appius who had I met just a few nights before.  Then I saw so much more than I ever wanted.  I felt his pain as his maker forced him to do things that no one should ever be forced to do!  You will divorce the human, Appius said as he closed his eyes in pleasure over Eric’s ministrations to his body.  You will marry the vampire queen of Oklahoma. I command you!

No! I called out.  I will kill you Appius!

Cold laughter boomed out.  Ask me again child if this all your life will be!  My images came back to me then, Bill, the Queen, my abduction and torture, ending this time on Eric bonding to me in Rhodes.

Will you save your lover?


 Will you kill for your love?


 Will you die for him as he would for you?

YES!  This time the stars above shook with the power of my answer.

Then open your eyes child!  See the chances before you and be only weak when there are other options left. Love is a gift!

Love is a gift, I repeated.

 Love is a wish!

Love is a wish, I repeated.

Do you see? It asked me.


Then open your eyes.



I fell to my knees tripping over my own feet.  The impact made me open my eyes and I saw Alcide watching me, waiting for my proclamations as pack shaman, his eyes greedy, beady and dark.  The only friendship between us had been from me.  I turned from it closing my eyes again, only to face Niall again in the restaurant.

Would you like me to kill this vampire for you? His eyes the same as Alcide’s behind his beautiful fake human face.

Can I stay with you, cousin?  Claude asked smiling as inside he rubbed his long clawed hands in glee.  Power, his mind chanted, power!

Hands were grabbing me then, pulling at me, pulling me down, breaking the skin and I screamed reaching for something to hold on to.  At first there was nothing and then…there was Eric lifting me up and holding me tight as he always did.

Lover, what is wrong?  You must tell me!

 Everything has led to this! The voice intoned again.  A necessary preparation to make you strong! To make you ready!

Ready for what? I asked holding on to Eric like a lifeline.

“To fight for what you love,” the voice spoke through Eric.  “You know now that there is nothing your vampire will not do for you!  What will you do for him?  Will you bleed for him as he has for you?”

“Yes,” I said kissing the Eric that held me in his arms.  “Yes,” I said again as I heard his fangs come down and felt them pierce my neck as he held me gently, reverently in his grasp.  I was his life and he was mine.

I felt in my hands then the small green compact, the cluviel dor.

Love is a wish, the voice said again, and then everything turned to black.

When I awoke I was on the ground, retching from the poison that Alcide had given me.  As soon as I could move I thought of my beautiful Eric and knew that I had to go him tonight.  Now.

“Sookie!” Alcide shook me, “What did you see?”

“Love is a wish,” I told him then I struggled up from the ground and into the night to find my lover.

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31 thoughts on “Jesus For The Jugular *One Shot*

  1. ericluver says:

    Finally! Eyes opened. Loved it 😄 (would love to know what she actually wishes for)


  2. sluggysmom says:


    I strongly disliked the book (disliked from book 9 to the end) where Sookie met Appius. I thought she acted so selfishly when Eric needed her the most.

    LOVING your fix-its!!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Aww, so good! Eric is her life and she is his! beautiful. Did Alcide really drug her and do this? What was she supposed to tell him?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. duckbutt60 says:

    wow! If only…if only that kind of writing genius could have been employed in the book……

    Liked by 4 people

  5. I always wondered if Appius had commanded Eric before he was killed. It’s what made Eric do and say things as a work around. I loved this. CH really hit us over the head with self absorbed Sookie. Fabulous re-write! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I had forgotten Alcide roofied her but he was an all round asshole ‘nice guy’. Remember him waiting in Sookie’s bed after Amelia egged him on.. 😷

    How I wish Sookie had a moment of realisation like that. She became increasingly selfish as the books went on and never cut Eric any slack… Much like tv Sookie.

    Great story.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. gyllene says:

    I would love to see what she wishes and how that changes their future.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. saldred75 says:

    yes alcide is a douche in the books, well the show too. and I too thought appius commanded eric to do more than he let on. but again your story leaves me wanting!!! good tease!!!


  9. Fucking Appius just makes me want to vomit. Now that you’ve introduced those specific commands into the story, it might be interesting to see how Sookie dealt with that little (huge) hurdle. What exactly would she wish? That could potentially be a horrifyingly angsty story if Sookie acted like a self-involved bitch, but then again, it could be incredibly satisfying if she used her brain to take care of business…

    And yeah, Alcide was the most shit ‘friend’ ever. Why she bothered with that asshole was beyond me.


  10. BTW, all the other one-shot fixes have been so happy-making that this one is super bumming me out. I’m happy Sookie’s seeing clearly, but feeling weighed down by all the horrible stuff in Sook’s life. Seriously, that Appius situation has my stomachs in knots. I really, really, really hate that guy. He’s the ultimate villain.


  11. ashmo2000 says:

    Wow, had Sookie seen this before she made all those terrible decisions…


  12. askarsgirl says:

    Loved it! Another wrong righted😃
    Here’s one I’d love to see you right, after they kill Victor and they are celebrating at Fangtasia. I hated how that all went down, from Eric’s painful bite to Sookie’s sour attitude about everything that happened.
    …just a thought 😃

    Liked by 1 person

  13. ooohhh I was already a little emo tonight. Now I am crying more emo tears after reading this… This was good 🙂


  14. yaffom says:

    As always, I love this one and all your stories. I wish I could read and see the books, and TV show through your eyes and mind. I’m sure they would have been a heck of a lot better than the originals.


  15. Yeah how I can forget this scene in book 10!
    Alcide was a fucktard!
    But I like how you have changed things to make Sookie open her eyes!
    To fight for the love of the only one who wanted her for her …
    CH really gave a shitty fate to both Eric and Sookie!


  16. valady1 says:

    Sookie’s awakening awareness of what is really important (Eric’s love for her, and willingness to do anything for her) is cathartic. I hadn’t considered the possibility that Appius could have given him a maker’s command regarding Oklahoma, but from what we know about him, that would certainly be something he could do. And Alcide’s action here, drugging her as he did was reprehensible.He was supposed to be a friend. This proved he wasn’t. Would love to see a second chapter to this one shot, showing what happens when she gets back to Eric.


  17. mom2goalies says:

    Again, you have given us a fantastic fix to a scene that was wrong on so many levels!


  18. switbo says:

    Okay, this is another one I’d really love to see you continue. You set the happy ending up, but didn’t really give it to us. I NEED the happy! ;). It’s like a drug and you’re supposed to provide the ‘fix’! Lol.

    Seriously, I hated Alcide after he did this. This book was pretty much the end for me. I didn’t read anymore after this. I know what horrors CH perpetrated because of the forums, but just couldn’t subject myself to reading them, and I sure as heck wasn’t going to spend money on the books! This book was when I realized that Sookie was just getting stupider and more selfish and I couldn’t see how there could possibly be a happy ending. Plus the whole Eric ‘learning to enjoy it’ thing really, REALLY turned me off. It had been bad enough that Sookie forgave Bill and continued to be friends with him, but when I read that about Eric it really left a bad taste in my mouth about CH and her attitude about rape.

    Okay, sorry. Serious tangent there. Wonderful story as always. So glad to see Sookie’s eyes opened, but I would love to see this story developed a little more!


  19. baronessjai says:

    I loved it. …. hope this is more than a one shot. … cause its poppin. .. different. … New. …great reading food 😉


  20. redjane12 says:

    Great fix!!!!glad that Sookie saw the light or more accurately here, heard the Voice of reason!!!! Good that you showed alcide for the jackass he was…

    Exceptionally I’d say this one could call for a nice pendant where Sookie takes action following her enlightenment…


  21. suzyq591suzy says:

    Really profound and I think this was one of the best stories I have read where Sookies eyes have been really opened and she looked and there was the truth about the people and things that she thought mattered more than Eric. It was sad that she had to see what Appius had did to him but she needed it. Thank you for unfucking CH abuse and mind raping that she did to all of her fans. I think it is sad that she did this but what is sadder is that she does not care that she did it. I know they are her characters to do with as she pleased but damn what a vindictive person hope that all the money she made makes her happy because I don’t think anything else will. (sorry but I have wanted to say that for a long time.) I will say again that you are making Sookie grow and become a more likable character 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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  23. Love it! Leaves me wanting more!

    Liked by 1 person

  24. That song and these blessed words held me in rapturous glee. Bloody moving!


    Liked by 1 person

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