Failing Spectacularly



Keep Myself Awake- Failing Spectacularly




“Why can’t she ever stay where I leave her?” he screamed, rising from the bed and starting to tear the room apart in his frustration. As he moved and disturbed the air he caught a whiff of the impossible.




A fairy had come into his home and taken Sookie from his arms as he slept.  He roared again and continued to destroy the room, reveling in the wounds he made in his flesh as he tore apart the bed, the dresser, the walls, screaming in rage again as they healed almost instantaneously.


If I am healing it shouldn’t hurt this badly, he thought, and then realized it wasn’t his hands that were causing him pain.  His mind started racing, trying to figure out what he could do now.  He scanned the room for his mobile phone and then remembered he had pulverized it last night.  Moving to his closet he changed clothes quickly and headed to Fangtasia.


“Master,”  Pam greeted him as he walked in.  “What’s happened?”


“I need a new mobile phone.”


“I will take care of it and have it for you by the end of the night.”  She waited then to see if he was going to explain the rage she had felt from him when he awakened.  Since Sookie was not with him, it was likely his rage was related to her, as usual.


Still not speaking, he took out his rolodex and dialed Niall’s number.  If there was a fairy problem he would go right to the top.  Niall needed to know that what had happened to today broke every treaty in existence between their two nations and it would not remain unpunished.


“This is Northman,” he growled into the phone when someone picked up on the other end.  “Let me speak with the Prince.”


“Oh, I’m sorry, the Prince is not available right now,” the voice told him pleasantly.  “May I take a message?”


“Yes.  Tell the Prince that if I don’t hear back from him in the next ten minutes that it will be considered an open declaration of war against the vampire nation and his is the first fucking head I will be coming after!”  He ended the call and stopped himself from destroying the phone.  Niall needed to be able to call him back after all.  He could feel Pam’s curiosity in the bond and he tried to calm himself enough to give her some explanation.  None of this was her fault.  It was the sneaking meddling fairies that had taken Sookie while he was dead.


“Sookie was taken from my home today by a fairy.”  Pam’s eyes widened.


“A fairy? Why would a fairy-”


“That’s what I am trying to figure out!” he was yelling now, unable to maintain an even tone when she insisted on going on and on about it.


“Did you tell her-”


“No!” he barked at her again, refusing to explain what had happened in the dream to anyone before he had another chance to fix what had happened.  He was so fucked.  Why would they want her? She was only a waitress in a shifter’s bar.  What use could the Fae have for her?


They think she is important to me! They took her to get to me, he decided, becoming even angrier than he was before thinking that she had gotten pulled into more “vampire shit” as she called it, because of him.


I will get you back, Sookie.  I will make this right, he swore to her as he waited for Niall to call.  His phone rang exactly 9:59 seconds after he had left his message.


Fucking fairies.




“Please hold for the Prince.”  They put him on hold?  Oh, someone was definitely going to die for this.


“This is Niall Brigant.  What can I do for you, Northman?”


“You can return what was taken from my home today as I lay dead.”


“I don’t know what-”


“Cut the shit! You know that a fairy would not have broken the treaty without your permission.  BRING BACK WHAT IS MINE!”  Niall was quiet for a moment.


“Have you bonded with her?” So, that fucker DID have her!


“Not yet.”  What? Not yet? Was he thinking of bonding with her?


“But you were planning to?”


“Yes.” his tone cold and threatening.  “She is mine!”


“Does she agree that she is yours?” Eric hesitated.  If he told the truth then Niall would hang up and there would be nothing he could do.  He had to stake a claim here that Niall could not deny.  Oh, Sookie please forgive me.


“Yes,” he told Niall.


“Are you responsible for the spell my granddaughter is currently under?”




“Yes,” Niall said cutting him off, his tone now matching Eric’s for coldness.  “She was brought to me by one of our kin who watches over her.  Her watcher thought you planned to kill her for her Fae blood and believed her to be in imminent danger.”  Eric’s mind was racing.  He had just lied to the Prince of the Fae nation about his granddaughter and the relationship she had to him.


I am so far beyond fucked.


Keeping his emotions out of his voice he continued, “Be that as it may, she is mine and I want her returned to me immediately.”


“You can free her from the spell and keep her safe?”  Maybe and probably not, he thought.


“Yes,” he said confidently.


“Fine.  I will bring my granddaughter to you shortly.  However, I will be remaining with her until she is freed from the spell and then we will see to the truth of your words.”


Eric hung up the phone and hung his head.


“So, our little Sookie is an honest to goodness, fairy princess,” Pam said, with a fangy smile.  “And you are going to bond with her.  Well, fuck me.”




Niall stared the phone after the call had ended and thought about his options.  He had already seen Sookie, and was confident that he could awaken her from the spell she was under, but the call from the Northman had took him by surprise.  Claudine had told him of Sookie’s involvement with vampires and he had been very concerned that they would use her for her blood and lose control killing her, but he was unsure how to approach her, to get her to understand the danger she was in.  He and Claudine were strangers to her.


When Claudine had returned with her from the vampire’s home he had thought this was the opportunity that he had been waiting for introduce himself to her,  but something about the Northman gave him pause.  He was ready to go to war to get Sookie back.  As much as Niall wanted her to know him and choose to stay with him, his protection also came with certain additional dangers.  If knowledge of her were to spread in the Fae realm his enemies would seek to use her against him.


If the Northman truly cared for her, then he could leave her with him, safe, protected and far away from the Fae politics that would leave her vulnerable as his granddaughter.  Factions that wouldn’t look at her twice if she were the bonded of a vampire.


It could be a good alternative, if the Northman truly cared for her, and if she cared for him, as the vampire claimed.


He would know what to do when she woke up.




“What did Sookie say when you asked her?” Pam asked, so excited she was bouncing up and down slightly in her seat.  He groaned.


“You’ll know when I do.”


“But you told Niall-”


“I told him what I had to tell him to get him  to bring her back,” he spat at her through clenched teeth.


“Oh, Master.  She won’t take this well when she finds out what you have done.”  Her excitement was fading now as she imagined Sookie screaming and throwing things while words like “high handed” and “inconsiderate” shot out of her mouth.


“She will tell him what I tell her to say!” he insisted rising from behind the desk to pace.  Pam shook her head, knowing better, and then knowing better than to correct him when he was this upset.  He felt her disappointment and decided to ignore it.  Pam didn’t know everything.  Her precious Abby didn’t know everything.  He knew how to handle this!  Moving back to his desk with purpose he called Olivia.




“I have been able to determine where the altar was, as I had hoped.  I was about to call you with the address.”


“I’ll send Pam and Chow to you.  You will all go there together and get the grimoire so that we can reverse the spell.” He hung up and nodded for Pam to go.  She hesitated a moment, wanting to say something.  Sighing, he looked at her and waited.


“If you tell her the truth, Master, I believe she would choose to stay with you.” He shook his head and waved her away.  How could he tell Sookie the truth when he didn’t know what the truth was?




Ten minutes after Pam left Niall teleported into his office with Sookie in his arms.  Eric was at his side immediately reaching for her.  Once he had her he sat down on the sofa and held her in his arms as he sniffed her, and checked her for injury.  Niall watched closely, concealing is surprise at the Viking’s reaction. A few moments later he heard the vampire speak to her softly.


“Sookie, can you hear me?”  She stirred slightly in his arms, mumbling something that sounded like “big boy.”  When he saw the slow smile spread over the Northman’s face he felt his shock go up another notch.  Whatever it was she had said to him had obviously struck a chord.


Niall had been able to determine that she had been placed under an Aurora spell.  It’s intent was to hold her in a form of stasis, neither alive nor dead until she was freed by admission of true love from the one who held her heart.


It was a complicated spell, and it had been centuries since he had seen it cast, but the witch who had attacked Sookie had been very adept with magics. If the vampire did care for Sookie and she for him, this spell should have been ended before Claudine snatched her from his dead arms.


I am missing something here.


The fact that Sookie could defeat the spell enough to communicate with the Viking told him that the vampire did indeed hold her heart, and from the way he held her and whispered to her, she also had his.  So why hadn’t this spell already been broken?


Just then the vampire shot him a cold look.  “Leave us,” he told the Prince.  His tone immediately hit on Niall’s hot button, not many dared tell him what to do.  However this could be an opportunity.  He inclined his head.


“I will give you a few minutes alone, and then I will return.”


“Wait until I call for you. I have no patience left for interruptions.”  Niall disappeared from the room, concealing himself in the corner so that he watch what would happen next.  Eric looked around the room carefully using his senses to make sure the fairy had gone.  Once he was satisfied he turned back to the woman in his arms.


Softly, he placed kisses on her face, whispering her name over and over again, until she stirred in his arms, turning her head toward his cool lips and into his caresses.  “Sookie, can you hear me?”


“mmmhmmm,” she mumbled to him.  He pulled her closer and buried his face in her neck.  Niall almost came out of hiding, thinking he was about to bite her, but before he could move he realized that the vampire was just smelling her again.  Reassuring himself that she was there.


“I’m sorry about the witch,” he whispered to her.


“Which…witch?” she asked slowly.


“Yes, the witch,” he told her not realizing she was asking which one he was sorry for, the first that had cursed her or the second he had promised to bed.


“Please wake up,” he whispered into her hair.  “I have so much to tell you, to ask you and I can’t do it if you are like this.”


“Tell me,” she repeated.


“Yes, tell you,” he whispered again, thinking that she was just repeating what he was saying, rather than that she was demanding that he just tell her already!


“Can you wake up for me, Sookie?”  She moaned again in his arms, and if he didn’t know better he would think she was angry with him again for some reason.


Niall who was still watching from the corner was shocked beyond words.  He had never seen two beings trying to communicate so very hard and fail so spectacularly at every turn.  It was obvious in the way they responded to each other despite the magics that held them apart that they cared very deeply for each other.  Why couldn’t they see it or say it?  He heard the vampire whisper to hear again.


“The witch will be here soon, Sookie and then we will break this curse and speak of all the things that are between us.”  His words were filled with passion and promise, but she turned her face from his, trying to get as far away as her sleeping body would let her.  Why had what he said upset her?


“Damn witch,” she muttered.  The Northman reacted by hunching his shoulders and turning her face back to him.


“I am so sorry, Sookie.  I didn’t think that you would hear me.”  Niall was burning with curiosity now.  Sookie had heard him tell the witch something and the vampire felt the need to apologize? Was he apologizing for what he said, or for the fact that she had overheard him?  What could have been said that would harden her heart to him?


Niall sighed from the corner.  He had heard enough.  It was time to collect his granddaughter and go before the witch returned and caused further damage to either the connection between the vampire and his granddaughter or to his granddaughter by forcing the spell to be removed.  He did the courtesy for popping outside the door and knocking before coming back in, making it seem as though they had been alone the whole time.


“I’m afraid we must go now, Northman.  It is no longer beneficial for my granddaughter to remain here.”  Eric growled, holding her closer to his chest, but rising to his feet to face Niall eye to eye.  “Your histrionics will make no difference.  She is my blood and you will not keep her from me.”


“She is MY blood!” Eric growled back.


“Not yet she isn’t,” Niall said as he teleported himself and Sookie from the vampire’s office, hearing the vampire scream in frustration and anger as they disappeared.

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7 thoughts on “Failing Spectacularly

  1. lostinspace33 says:

    That was the perfect title for this!


  2. theonemama says:

    Another great chapter. Eric needs a whack upside the head. Lol. He just doesn’t get it.


    • idream3223 says:

      LOL, No he doesn’t get it, but to be fair, he doesn’t know about what the spell is or what it does.

      And Niall my clock him before this is over if he banishes him from the room one more time ;).


  3. missron80 says:

    I believe my current thought can be summed up thusly: AAAGGHHHH!!!!!!!!

    that is all 🙂


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