Less Than A Second


Keep Myself Awake- Less Than A Second

She screamed, startled when Eric spoke from the shadows. She had been so intent on her own thoughts and feelings that she had forgotten it was dark and she should have been on the telepathic lookout for voids around her. After chastising herself for her own foolishness, she did a quick sweep around her and found no one else was there but him.

And why was he there?

Gathering herself she turned toward him and saw him step out of the shadows but he stopped not coming closer. She opened her mouth to speak and then shut it. She had no idea how long he had been there or what he had heard, and so far, she had done all the talking. He came to see her, obviously there was something on his mind. After a long moment of silence she turned and started for home. He was beside her instantly.

“Are you running away again?” he asked her, sounding angry. Flashes of the ride back from Jackson.

What does he have to be angry about?

She didn’t answer him, instead keeping the same steady pace waiting for something she could sink her teeth into in this moment. He walked beside her, seemingly lost in his thoughts. When he finally spoke, again he sounded angry.

“I should be out finding Hallow.”

Was he talking to her or to himself?

Not sure, she just kept walking. Again he kept pace. “Instead I am here with you. I don’t know why,” he added when she did not respond. She stopped then and looked at him as he stopped walking as well. He seemed as lost tonight as he had the night before.

“Did you get your memories back?” His eyes flew to hers, and though she had trouble reading him in the dim moonlight, she was sure he could see her fine.

“Yes.” She waited for more, but he shoved his hands in his pockets and looked down at the ground.

Why was he so uncomfortable? She wanted to ask him why he was there, but she didn’t really want the answer.

She started walking again, faster this time wondering what she was going to do when she got home.

Was he going to follow her all the way?

Was she going to leave him on the porch and go to bed?

Was she going to invite him?

Was she going to grab him and initiate a repeat of last night?

Her mind was a jumble of questions and once again she was not paying attention to what was going on around her.

“How fucking sweet,” Hallow called from the shadows, stepping out. Eric immediately stepped in front of Sookie to protect her from the witch. He wanted to kill her, but feared that she might have another memory spell on her person that would be triggered when he eviscerated her rotten form. “I leave you two alone for a minute and you just can’t stay away from each other.”

She’s not making it sound very sweet, Sookie thought as she watched Hallow take a step closer to them. Was it supposed to be sweet that tall, handsome powerful Eric Northman stalked her to the cemetery and was now following her home, not saying any of the words she wanted to hear?

Sookie, I am so sorry.

Sookie, I made a mistake.

Sookie, you are my heart’s desire.

Sookie I hold you above all others.

Sookie I think you’re a fang banging slut and I never want to see you again.

Ok, that last one would really suck, but still, even knowing that would be knowing something. Why did Hallow think that he felt something for her? She could certainly see no signs of it.

Am I missing something?

And what if, if in the clear evening of a non-spelled night he realized he did want her, that she was indeed his heart’s desire.

Was he hers?

Did she want him when she wasn’t trying to help him or in the grips of a magic lust spell?

Was now really the time for relationship analysis?

Eric and I have a “relationship”? When did that happen?

She looked back to Hallow then and waited for something to happen. She wasn’t scared, Eric was there, there was nothing to worry about so what did this witch really want? Feeling her sense of calm, Eric turned quickly to look at her. He certainly didn’t feel calm, and she was usually a tumbling ball of passion in one form or another so what the hell was going on with her?

He could only spare time for a quick glance but he saw her peeking around his shoulder at Hallow and thought that any minute now she was going to pop off that machine gun of a mouth and then things were going to spin out of control quickly.

Who am I kidding this has been out of control since the moment I got my memories back.

Catching the by play between them Hallow rolled her eyes and took another step closer. “I’ve had enough of this!” She had watched them. She had seen how they were with each other and how they had broken both of her spells effortlessly. Well, the human had broken both her spells effortlessly. She had underestimated her and the strength of her affection for the Viking. Each time that the human jumped into the fray, he had caught her, but had been unwilling to jump in himself.

If she really wanted to hurt him, stun him, then she needed to take the human out, not the vampire. She believed that while he would be desperate to get her back, he would not be willing or able to surrender and trust as the human had done last night. It would slowly eat him up and then when he was at his most vulnerable she could sweep in have his money and make him hers.

As she moved to cast the spell that would forever place his precious human beyond his reach, neither alive nor dead, he moved then too. He moved as fast as he could and less than a second later her head was on the ground, her body swayed before him for several seconds and then collapsed on the ground in front of him.

His supernatural hearing had picked up the sound of two bodies hitting the ground and he quickly turned, face awash in the gore that had been Hallow, fangs fully extended and saw Sookie on the ground as well. Less than a second, had been less than a second too late.

“NO!” his roar rang through the night echoing through the trees around them.


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3 thoughts on “Less Than A Second

  1. ericluver says:

    What a cliffy! Love this so far. Keep the chapters coming 🙂


  2. eaaustin85 says:

    wow, talk about a cliffy!!! love this so far, so can’t wait for more!!!


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