13. Love You Right Back

“Come here,” he said with a deep voice when he caught his breath.  The sound of the ocean roared through his mind as she leaned down to kiss him, to share a breath of air with a drowning man.


So small.  Everything about him made her feel so small.  The size of his body compared to hers.  The size of his love now as well, pounding through his veins to hers, his heart to hers.  Even the strength of his words and beliefs made her feel small.  If someone had asked her if feeling small would have been all right with her she would have told them no.  She was supposed to be confident and strong and to always know what was going on and what needed to be done.  Nothing about her was small from the top of her magical head to the tip of her engineered toes she was larger than life. She was designed that way, to withstand anything.  She had been created to be fast, smart and strong and never say die or quit because when those became her truths she would no longer be able to speak them.  Words would be beyond her, as would the rest of life.

All of that should have made him less appealing, but it was the way that he picked at the core of her, his big long fingers looking for a loose thread to unravel her was one of the major attractions for her.  He was a puzzle, a large, warm, enigma that made the necessity of keeping him constantly at the center of her gaze a gift rather than a chore.   The way she had set about to memorize him left her excited and always longing for more.  What made him larger than life to her was that he always gave her more.  Growing before her very eyes, adding layers to himself that she enjoyed peeling back, and delighted in finding the same warm and caring core beneath the new unknown.

He was above all things a good man. He was not a perfect man, but he was consistently a kind man.  The strength of him originating from a place that she could not truly comprehend.

All of this was running through her mind until her lips touched his and then there was no more running.  His large hand came up from her back and cupped the back of her head even as he tilted his and deepened his kiss.  Her hands cupped his face as she pressed closer, so into the feeling of his mouth on hers that she missed him pulling her onto his lap and how her arms slid around his neck like they had come home there every night.

I was such a liar, she thought as she took control of the kiss, now tilting her head and pressing her lips into his.  I didn’t have this under control for a second!

“Stop thinking,” his whisper deep and strained as he lips moved to her jaw and then around to her neck right under her ear.  “Stop wondering.  Just feel me and believe.” This particular spot always made him shiver from the sensation, so he took a chance that she might feel similarly about it.  A second later his lips curled into a smile of triumph as her body was wracked with tiny delicious spasms that pulled a moan from her lips and started her hips rocking against him seeking more friction.

Her fangs had gone up while she had tried to explain how he was only feeling her emotions, but when she shivered they snapped back down.  He continued to use his mouth on that spot under her ear shivering himself as he imagined her biting him, surprised at the rush of arousal pressing inside him at the idea of her piercing his flesh.  It was such an opposition to how these things usually went for him.  He entered, always the stronger of the two; he was the one who needed to be conscious of his touch and his strength.

If he had tried to imagine this scenario before this moment he was sure he would have felt emasculated in the face of this creature in his arms.  She could crush him, or magic him away, or drain him, or change into a lioness and eat him alive, but instead she clung to him, rubbing against him and on him, intoxicated by his kisses and hypnotized by his words.  To seduce such a creature was a lonely musing in the dark, but to have one such as she actually return your love?  Nothing, nothing had ever made him feel more like a man.

In her arms he was the lion tamer, the jungle lord, and the explorer of dark and light continents.  He could do anything and everything as long as she loved him, simply because she loved him.  There was no greater proof of his masculinity or of his worthiness than the affections of the creature in his arms.

His large hands tangled in her hair, fisting it, an easily misunderstood gesture of seeming dominance which was actually a plea that she never leave him.  He needed her and he wanted her, but more than that he wanted to know her as she had told him she wanted to be known.  Oh, the things he had learned already. He knew that she liked cheese and tuna and above all else, Twinkies.  The image of her in the cookie isle searching for snack cakes caused a wave of joy to rise in his chest.  Overwhelmed, he broke their kiss, panting.  “You are so fucking amazing, Sookie,” he said quietly, resting his forehead on hers, his eyes closed as he just breathed in the scent of her and enjoyed the feeling of her in his arms, pressed tightly to his body.

“I was just thinking the same thing about you,” she answered him blazing a trail of kisses up his large jaw, purring a little each time her tongue slipped out to taste his skin.  His lioness reminded him more of a kitten in her delicate quick licks of him.

“You will take my blood then?” he gasped as she latched onto his neck in the same spot he had initiated on her moments before.  Her gentle sucking, the light scratch of her fangs on this sensitive spot almost undid him right there.  He wanted to be inside her so fucking bad, every movement of her hips against him, every touch of her small pink tongue took another piece of his reason like raindrops under a wiper blade.

“Mmm-hmm,” she moaned in the affirmative as she came back around to his lips again.   She was so open and so completely trusting he felt his heart crack a little, making it hard to breathe for a moment.  It came to him then that this, this one time, this first time, needed to be all about her.  She had given her whole life to him.  This one time he could put her first. He wanted to please her more than he had ever wanted anything in his life.

“How do I get you out of this sexy armor?” he rasped in her ear, his hot breath making her shiver again. She tensed in his arms a moment and then there was nothing under his hands but her warm skin.  “So soft,” he sighed in pleasure as his hand caressed her neck and then down to the top of her hips.  “So good,” he said before he kissed her again.  Wanting her to feel how good she felt to him, he pressed his pleasure to her making her sigh and break the kiss to arch her back.   Her perfect pink nipples presenting themselves to his lips.  Was it accident that she fit him so perfectly?   Was it by design that everything about her called to him?  Gently taking one of her nipples into his mouth and sucking.  The taste of her filling his senses in a new way, he grabbed on to what was and let go of all his questions.

She was here.  She was perfect.  She was his.   Anything beyond that was irrelevant.  “I…I can take your clothes, too?” She said as she arched into his lips.  Giving her hard nipple one last tug, he let go to speak.

“Later,” and then he took the other one his mouth giving it the same gentle treatment he had the first.  Her fingers tangled in his hair again.  The same plea he had made earlier, underscoring that this was best.  This was right.  When he let go, he placed a soft kiss in the middle between her breasts and sighed in pleasure.  “Tonight, I want to take care of you, Sookie.”

“You do,” she told him, pulling her head back up to pin him with her gaze.  He smiled at her, and then the hand not resting on her hip slipped down between her thighs.

“I want to make this pleasurable for you, my love,” he told her as he brushed his fingers across her damp folds. Her incoherent noises of pleasure guiding him to discovering just how to touch her. He started in tight small circles around her engorged clitoris.  Her mouth forming a perfect O as she leaned forward, taking his lips again.  Her tongue unconsciously picking up the rhythm of his finger on her.  He broke his pattern and pressed hard on her before resuming his tight circles now counterclockwise.  He felt her grow wetter from his touch and without thinking he slipped one of his long fingers down to her entrance and probed there gently.

Her reaction was electric. “Eric!” she screamed, her body pressing down to take him deeper and he obliged her, sliding in as deep as he could get while his thumb continued to work her clit.  He was so hard he felt dizzy, the room was spinning as she moved in his lap.  Still, he found the will to gently pull her face to his neck.

“Let me give you what you need,” he said to her, curling his finger inside her, knowing he had found just the right spot when she sobbed in his shoulder struggling to breathe.  Her slick channel was massaging his finger now, fluttering around him in a way that made his cock weep bitter drops of pre-cum, crying to feel what his finger was experiencing.  He groaned as his body tortured his good intentions.  He pressed his thumb against her one more time, curling his finger inside her as she sank her fangs into the secret spot of his neck.

She was like silk on his hand and in his neck.  He felt her suck and then she exploded in his arms moaning and rocking as she took him into her by the mouthfuls.  He came beneath her, his hand holding her face to his neck as his hips rose up bucking on the couch.  She held him tightly and took another suck at his neck.  Her body squeezing his finger as her orgasm went on and on.  “Love you,” he said into her hair as his vision dimmed. He let himself fall back holding her to him as she fed.

When he fell back on the couch beneath her and she felt his body go slack Sookie was knocked from her euphoria, feeling dizzy herself as the most intense pleasure she had ever experienced turned into terror.  “Eric?” she said, raising a hand to his face.  “Eric?” she called again, shaking him slightly, her thoughts screaming that she had taken too much.  “Have I killed you?” she screamed at him in a high state of panic.  In her terror she slapped his face, “ERIC!”  Slowly his eyes blinked open, trying to focus on the hysterical woman in his arms.

“Waz wrong?” he mumbled, his arms feeling too weak to come up around her and console her, he tried though.  When they fell back to the sofa like deadened stumps she really started to freak out. “ERIC!” she screamed again. Then there was a wet sound of tearing flesh and something sweet and thick was in his mouth. He swallowed on reflex.  One mouthful, sliding down his throat, sweet and salty, like the ocean smelled but tasting oh so much better.  Sensation returned to his limbs and his hand came up to hold her wrist to his mouth so he could get another drink of this elixir.  He growled around the wrist in his mouth, holding it closer, drinking another mouthful before she pulled it away.

He growled in protest reaching to pull her arm back, and again in disappointment when he saw that the wound had healed. His mind started to right itself then, intellect rising over instinct once again.  He blinked and looked around his eyes coming to rest on her tear stained face.  Her mouth was still covered in his blood, her fangs still down from where she had torn her wrist open.  “What happened?” he asked her. She just looked at him, getting herself under control now that she could see he was all right.  He asked her again.  “Sookie, what just happened?  Is it always like that?” She shook her head and he heard her fangs recede.  She continued to look at him as if she was waiting for something.

“What is it, Sookie?” he asked her more softly, his hand coming up to her face. “I’ve had your blood before.  It’s ok,” he said trying to soothe her.  She let out a breath of air from her pursed lips.  Her eyes growing large as she searched for the words.

“I’m sorry,” she said quietly.  “I shouldn’t have taken so much.  It’s just that…It’s never been like…that was new for me,” she finally blurted out as her tongue came out to clean her lips of his blood.  He smiled.

“It’s new for me, too.  I’ve never been a sippy box before.”  He tried to joke to lighten the moment but she didn’t return it.  “It was good though, right?  You’re ok now, right?”

“Yeah,” she said dropping her eyes down to his chest refusing to meet his gaze. He had seen a million things since she had swept into the diner and teleported him away but he had never seen this.  She was unsure.  She was undone.  She was scared.

“Tell me,” he said bringing her eyes up to his.

“I didn’t mean to do it.”

“Do what?”

“I wasn’t thinking straight.  I’m so sorry, Eric.”

“Tell me,” he said again his tone growing more serious and stern.

“We just started a blood bond.”  The unknown words spiked ice into his heart.

“What does that mean?  Am I going to be a vampire now?” his voice growing louder as he started to rise from the couch.  Exhibiting the strength that he had been thinking of a short time ago as not being emasculating she held him down and wrapped herself around him in an effort to calm him and get him to listen to the answer to his question.

“No, you are not going to be a vampire.”  He stopped struggling and relaxed a little.

“Then what does it mean, Sookie?”

“Older Eric said that vampire blood bonds are strong psychic connections between a vampire and a human that happen when they exchange blood at the same time.  He said that if they did it three times it becomes a permanent connection.”

“So, what does ‘a strong psychic connection’ mean exactly?”  Her eyes still round with fear and uncertainty looked into his.

“In a normal human vampire exchange it means that they are eventually able to feel each other’s feelings and moods and locations.” He relaxed a little more.

“But…we already can do that with the blood tie and the empathy?”  She nodded still not relaxing.  “So, what’s the problem?”

“The problem,” she said licking her lips slowly, “Is that I don’t know what the increased magic of the new bond will do on top of the connection we already have.”

“Well, how bad do you think it could be?”  She shrugged. Forcing himself to be calm in the face of this new unknown he took a deep breath and then pulled her to his chest.  “Maybe it will be a good thing?  Maybe now that you know my feelings for you and I know yours for me that this is just the next step in us being closer, in me knowing you like you wanted.”  He was running his hands up and down her back in a comforting gesture.  Her arms came up around his neck and she held him tightly as though it might be for the last time.

“What if…”she started and then stopped.  He continued to stroke her back, wordlessly encouraging her to go on.  “What if you don’t like me anymore when you really know me?”  He could feel her fear pressing up between their bodies and he fought the urge to move back and give it room.

“You pretty much know everything about me that there is to know, don’t you?  Things that I don’t even know because you know me from the future, right?” She nodded her head, bobbing it on his shoulder and he thought he heard her sniffle a little.  “And did you always like me, Sookie?”  Slowly, she pulled back from him until she could look him in the eye again.  Her hand coming back up to his worried face to soothe away the lines with her fingers.

“No, but I always loved you, Eric.” He brought her hand to his lips and placed a gentle kiss on her palm, keeping their gazes locked.

“Then all I ask is that you give me the same chance to love you right back.”


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  1. aaaawwww! they are perfect for each other, that’s for certain. such love and devotion.

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  2. msbuffy says:

    Sigh… I love this story. They are perfect for one another!

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  3. mom2goalies says:

    So sweet! And so perfectly written!! I adore this story and this couple, but have to laugh that it is Sookie explaining a blood bond! What a total change from normal stories, so great.

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  4. mindyb781 says:

    This story is beyond awesome . Every chapter , I love it more and more. It’s almost like they are teenagers with their first time it makes it fun. I like the idea of a bond, so many possibilities .

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  5. This chapter was absolutely awesome.
    They are bonded now …
    Can’t wait for more!

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  6. candykorn0 says:

    Awesome chapter! Love this story!

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    God your chapters are always a treat to the senses!!! Thanks for the update!!!!

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    That was beautiful!

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    Very, very nice.

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    Loved this chapter, and now they understand how they feel about each other…Perfect

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  11. ashmo2000 says:

    An accidental exchange may be a good thing. I’d think them having a better would be best, but we’ll see.

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