14. My Glass Coffin

There is nothing quite like swimming on a hot mid-summer day.  The water was warm, caressing her skin beneath the surface while the droplets on her neck and shoulders produced a chill when the wind stirred.  The kiss of the sun covered all the places his lips had left or were intrepidly working toward.  She floated in his embrace, free and tethered in what to her was the perfect place.  “You have freckles,” he said as he kissed her bare shoulders moving down toward the cleft of her breasts.

“I do not,” she argued, her eyes closed letting herself be kissed by the wind as much as him.  He chuckled but continued kissing her.  The curve of his lips on her skin from his smile tickled and she felt herself smile in return as she tilted her head arching her back to give him a better angle.  A large finger slowly caressed her shoulder, drawing a pattern she couldn’t quite follow because of his distracting kisses.

Below the water, her legs were wrapped around his waist, and she was really glad she had let him talk her into coming to his old childhood ‘swimmin’ hole’.  There had been dozens of them in the area where he grew up and he had spent countless summer days in them.  She had never been able to swim with him, but she had always been nearby keeping watch. More times than there were numbers in the universe she had dreamed of being in the cool waves with him like this.

The place was called The Blue Hole, and it was a fair description. A mini lake in what looked like it might once have been a quarry.  Surrounded by steep granite walls on all sides that offered fabulous points to leap from and that created the illusion that they were all alone in the world.  The entrance to this place was a pull off on the side of a dirt road way back in the mountains. You step out and then jump in from the ten foot drop on the edge.  Getting out was a winding path that climbed back up to the road, but no one thought of that until it was time to go.  When you were in The Blue Hole leaving was the last thing on your mind.

They had left the windows down on the car and the radio on so they could hear the music while they swam.  The sounds encouraged the notion that they were the only two people in the world and for a moment she let herself feel the pure joy of a dream come true.  Then his searing kiss took her mind away from everything but him.

Last night after sharing blood he had gone to take a shower and she had fixed the back door that had been destroyed when she burst in thinking he was in trouble.  Then they had settled on the sofa in their pajamas and talked for most of the night.  He had asked her to explain exactly what she could do with all her magical powers and genetic gifts.

“Are you sure you want to know?” she had asked him, burrowing her head into his shoulder and bringing her hand up to his chest.  He had covered her hand with his and kissed her forehead in answer.  “They weren’t taking any chances so they made me from the best of all the supernaturals so that I could protect you.  From the Fae I have the gifts of Light, Illusion, Sword fighting, and of course Teleportation, though that last one is a doozy.”

“So the swords you called”-

“Vengeance and Death.” He paused looking down at her.

“Vengeance and Death?”

“Their names.”

“Those are Fae? That is how you can send them away into nothing?”

“And call them back, too.” She said looking up at him seriously.

“Where do they go?”

“Someplace Niall called The Nether.”  He looked at her.  “Niall was the Fae who trained me in their use and my other Fae gifts as well.  He was…is I guess, a Light Fae Prince.”

“OK, what else?”

“From the Demons I gained Fire, Speed and Magic.  I can hurl fire bolts or”-

“Burn things like you did Lorena back in Shreveport?” She nodded.

“With the magic I can do spells and when that is combined with Fae power I am adequately talented in the arts of magic.”  Thinking of her shields in the diner that had stopped bullets and her infamous sleeping spells he supposed adequate was one way to put it.

“From the Shifter I gained the ability to imprint on any live creature and take its form, but because of the Were genes there is one form that I am more at home in than any other.”

“Wolf?” he guessed.

“No, bear.”

“Bear? You turn into a Were Bear?  What kind?”

“Grizzly.”  He pulled back to look at her and see if she was serious.  Her expression said she was.

“I want to see.”  She rose from the couch and looked around the room.

“It’s going to be little cramped in here,” she said and then a second later in the room with him was a full grown grizzly bear.  She stood stock still, not moving, desperately wanting to not scare him or break anything else.  He had looked at her, and then slowly reached out a hand to touch her long bear nose.  She had growled in pleasure at his touch on her golden brown fur.

“Fuck,” he said softly and stood to move around her slowly running his hands through her thick glossy coat.  She was so soft he could barely believe it.  He got the distinct impression that if there had been room she would have flopped over for a good belly rub and it made him laugh.  “This would have been way cooler than a golden retriever,” he said, mostly to himself.  “Mom would have shit a brick!” He thought the gruff growly sounds coming from her were her laughing, too as they imagined his parents coming home and finding Sookie in this form laid out across his bedroom floor where Lily had slept.

He moved back to his seat on the couch and opened his arms to the bear.  A second later Sookie stepped into them and they snuggled back down on the sofa.  “What’s it like to be a bear?”  She thought a moment.

“I can show you sometime, but it has to be outside where I can really be a bear.  Where I can run and revel in that form with all my senses heightened.  I will do it for you so you can feel it sometime, if you want?”

“Yes! That would be incredible!”  He was so excited at the idea that in the fledgling bond they now had he nearly overwhelmed her with his joy at the prospect of experiencing bear-hood with her.  “What else can do you, Sookie?”

“I also have the speed boost of the Vampire, as well as the healing and need for blood, which you have experienced firsthand.  It is necessary for the healing part.  The vamp speed is just an extra since I have Demon speed but I needed to be able to heal quickly to be an effective guardian and the price for that is the blood.”  He could feel how sorry she was for what had happened earlier.  So he pushed to her again that he was not the least bit sorry, not for any of it.

“So, you were engineered from five different races of supernaturals?  But how?  I mean I doubt that these species are genetically compatible?”

“No, that is where the science came in.  Somehow they found a way to make them compatible with their inherent gifts intact.  I don’t understand it all.  Maybe Older Eric explained the science to you, but he never explained it to me.  My earliest memory was of training in how to use these gifts.  It was all I knew until I was sent back to find you.”

“You said you had an accelerated growth rate?  That you were roughly eight human years old when you escaped the lab and went outside.  How old were you truly when that happened?”

“Four months.”  He thought about that and quickly realized that he could never truly comprehend her life.  At four months he was barely sitting up and she was already training.

“Wow.”  He held her closer.  “So, you reached full maturity when you were how old?”

“Sixteen months.  I had matured to the appearance you see now.  Roughly a twenty-four year old female.”  Trying to do the impossible math in his head he hesitated a moment.  “I was sent back to about a year before your birth when I was twenty-four months old.”

“So you were two years old when you came back to 1980?” His tone was incredulous.

“Yes.  In actual time I was two, but I was then as I am now.  I will be this way until I die.”  Her words of death disturbed him and he shoved them away to focus on the immediate situation of the woman in his arms who was in straight time thirty-six to his thirty-four years of age, and who didn’t look a day over her mid-twenties.

“You had no life at all did you?” he asked her, feeling incredibly guilty for what he had done, no what he would do to her in the future.  “You never got to be a kid, Sookie.” The regret so clear in his voice that all she could think was to make it better.

“Of course I did.  I was a kid with you, Eric.”  He frowned not understanding.

“I was there with you when your parents read you stories at bed time and I was right there with you for your childhood adventures!  When you learned of sleeping Princesses in glass coffins and thought of all the ways to rescue them it was me as Lily that you dressed as your horse so that you could be the Knight in Shining Armor!”  He shifted on the sofa sliding down to face her as she told him earnestly how wrong he had it all.

“I remember,” he said slowly as he looked deep into the past.  “I stole my Mom’s mega roll of aluminum foil and wrapped a stick with it to make sword.  Then I made a hat for you and covered you in it, too so that my steed had armor!”

“Yes,” she said smiling at him.  “You did and together you and I trekked around the farm looking for the sleeping Princess to save her from the evil witches spell.”   He actually blushed as he thought of what his five year old self had subjected her to. “Stop it,” she told him, kissing his cheek softly.  “It was a grand high adventure and I loved every minute of it.”

“I bet you did,” he said sarcastically.

“No, I did.  I really did!  In your imagination I found something I had never experienced before.  Innocence and hope that life could be more than training and detached coldness.  You really, really wanted to save that Princess, and in that I saw the good heart that beats in you.  The heart that still beats in you and makes you the incredible man you are.”

“You don’t have to say that to make me feel better,” he told her feeling uncomfortable from the memory and her words.

“I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it, Eric.”  He looked at her, and realized that she was not one to waste words.  If she was saying it then she meant it. “What you didn’t know then was that I was the Princess in the glass coffin.  You were saving me, Eric. You were saving me.”  He had kissed her then and imagined that he felt the glass coffin break around her.  “You always save me,” she told him as she held him close and let the magnitude of her words sink in.

“Mom was really pissed about that aluminum foil,” he said finally.  “I can still feel the wallop she laid on my butt when she saw you all bedecked standing beside me in the yard.”  Sookie laughed.

“Yes, I was glad to be an innocent bystander on that one.”


“What are you thinking, my Princess?” he asked her as they bobbed in the cool blue water tangled together, floating more than swimming.  The sound of the Dum Dum Girls singing Lord Knows floated down to her echoing on the rock walls around them making the scene even more surreal and perfect.

“Take me home,” she told him, her tone telling him that she wasn’t done, just done being here when they had a bed waiting for them back home.  Immediately, he started moving them toward the path that would lead up to the car and their towels.  He helped her out when she reached the edge and hand and hand they raced up the path together.  They did not speak on the short drive back to the house, there was no need.

As one they went in to the shower and took turns washing each other off from their ‘swimmin’ hole’ adventure.  Toward the end their touching led to kissing and the shower lasted a little longer than was truly necessary.  After last night it was unspoken that they wanted to go slow with each other.  It was only the cold water than reminded them to relocate to the bed.  He toweled her hair until it was nearly dry and she rubbed his long lean body in slow circles drying him with reverence, hypnotizing them both with her slow gentle gestures.

They had fallen asleep talking last night without resuming what they had started when she fed from him.  The feelings flared up again though, strong between them and they were right back in the same spell that had taken them away the night before.  His hands rubbed her shoulders as they lay naked side by side on his bed.

“I can feel you,” he said softly as his hand slipped down her side tracing gentle patterns with his fingertips.  She knew he was speaking of the empathic connection and not the sensation of his glorious fingers on her skin. She licked her lips.

“I can feel you, too in the blood.”

“I love touching you,” he said, moving so that he could tangle his other hand in her damp locks and move her mouth toward his.  Her eyes met his with a question.

“Is…is this the beginning, finally?” she asked him, as she had in his dream.  He answered her with a kiss and moved his body over hers.  Yes, he thought and prayed she could hear him or feel his answer in the kiss.  Her soft sigh when she opened her legs for him to rest between them reassured him that she had heard him.

“How do you do it all, Sookie?” he asked her gasping for breath from her fiery kisses.

“Because, it’s for you, Eric.  I can do anything for you.”  He kissed her again and let his hand slide down to see if she was ready for him.  When he slid into her for the first time they both moaned at the feeling.  When he started to move watching her face to make sure she was feeling what he was feeling he felt himself slip away into the motion of their bodies and the mysteries of their past and future.  She pulled him back to her with her hands in his hair claiming his lips again.  Then she let her hands wander down to his hips pulling him closer to her, pulling him deeper into her.  He started moving faster. She brought her legs up and crossed them over his lower back.

The change in angle and sensation of sinking deeper into her made him say her name soft and panting.  She answered him in the same tone. The feeling was unlike anything he had experienced before in the arms of a woman.  He felt so close to her, so real with her that anything else no longer mattered.  He wanted her to bite him again.  Granting his wordless desire her heard her fangs come down and his cock jerked inside her as he remembered what it had felt like to bitten by her.  Moaning he pulled out of her warm slick body and sat back on his knees between her legs.

She saw the look in his eyes and it reassured her that he wanted her despite his abrupt departure.  When he held a hand out to her she took it and he pulled her to him kissing her roughly as he positioned his cock to enter her again.  They both sighed in relief when they were rejoined, his hands holding her hips to help her move up and down his hard shaft.  The feel of her hard nipples rubbing his chest made them both a little crazier, pushing them to press their bodies closer and deeper together.

In mid-thrust he turned his long graceful neck to the side and pressed it to her kiss swollen lips.  “Bite me,” his ragged whisper rose up over the sound of their bodies moving together seeking release.  He felt her tongue lick him once and then the delicious sensation of her fangs sinking into him brought him right to the edge of bliss. Her first suck felt like her lips around his cock and he exploded deep inside her, pulling her down hard on him sending her over the edge too, squeezing him hard inside her.

Lost in the sensation of her sucking his neck and milking his cock he turned into her neck and sure that he only meant to kiss her but was surprised when he felt her blood in his mouth.  The sensation brought them both to orgasm again as she burrowed tighter against him and he pressed deeper into her, arms locked around each other holding on for dear life.

A few moments later he felt her neck heal from the wound he had opened there and her licking his wounds, neither moving from their embrace.  Then he placed a soft kiss over the place where he had bitten her. “This is the beginning,” he said in her ear as he stroked her hair and was rewarded by feeling her joy come barreling at him through their empathic connection.

I love you, she thought as she held him closer.

“I love you, too, Sookie,” he said.  A second later it registered to them that she had not spoken out loud.  He just held her tighter.

It’ll be ok, Sookie.  I’ll make sure of it, he thought to her.  She relaxed her body against him and he held her tighter.


9 thoughts on “14. My Glass Coffin

  1. mindyb781 says:

    They can hear each others thoughts, that will come in handy. Seriously this story is amazing . Every chapter I’m more and more excited . Their first time was perfect . It was cute when Eric was excited about ‘bear ‘Sookie ‘. Great chapter . ‘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. candykorn0 says:

    I loved the story of little Eric and Lily with their aluminum foil. 🙂 and the grizzly bear is awesome.


  3. Wow so they can hear each others thoughts?
    The imagine of five year old Eric searching for a glass coffin so he could save a pretty princess from a wicked witch was so sweet…
    I’m still smiling!
    Oh I’m anxiously waiting for more


  4. murgatroid98 says:

    Beautiful. I love that she actually got to be a child with him. I hope their interlude lasts a little longer.


  5. lostinspace33 says:

    That was wonderful.


  6. askarsgirl says:

    Love this story!


  7. msbuffy says:

    So breathtaking, just perfect.


  8. valady1 says:

    The story from his childhood was so sweet, and that she got to share being a child through him is a lovely thought. And now they can read each others thoughts. I don’t think future Eric had any idea what he was setting in motion when he created her and sent her back to the past.


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