16. The Sound of Rain

We are blessed with the ability to hear sounds that put us at ease. The sound of a lover’s voice in our ear, the pounding of the ocean surf, or even raindrops on tin roof.  Eric had always loved that about the house where he grew up.  The gentlest of rain, the hardest of tempests were made consoling by the thin layer of shiny metal that served as the roof for the old Northman farm house.

He had had a restless night after his intense conversation with Sookie.  His dreams chased him through the tunnels of his mind, growling and snarling on the heels of his frightened thoughts.  How could he beat Warlow?  How could he survive if Warlow got Sookie? What could he do to protect her, or even to protect them all from Warlow’s desire to destroy all the lives on the face on the earth?

It was almost five in the morning when the rain came down on his roof creating the soothing sounds that wound into his dreams and calmed him.  Within moments of the first sounds penetrating his fitful sleeping he stopped struggling with the covers and slid into a deeper calm sleep.   When he felt Sookie’s warm body slide into the covers next to him his arms reached out automatically to pull her closer to him releasing any remaining tension as the touch of her always did.

Sleepy thoughts flowed through his mind.  If it could always rain…If I could always stay here…If she could always be in my arms like this I could face anything

It’s a feeling you store up and take with you, a dream voice answered him.  That happened sometimes when he was sliding along the edge of deeper sleep.  Questions his mind posed, wishes he half formed were answered by disembodied voices, which might have been his own subconscious, came back with answers.  Eric didn’t really believe that he was answering his own questions though, because what they said was sometimes more insightful, more meaningful than anything he himself could have conjured.

These strangers in his sleeping mind seemed wise, kind, patient and knowledgeable.  Sometimes, they were confusing, too, offering only abstract incomplete thoughts that were more like poetry than answers.  As frustrating as those abstractions were those were often the most useful.  Those thoughts, partially unformed while completely informed offered a wide canvas for his hooked mind to paint on.  They were nudges to his own inner truths that he had to work out for himself, and in doing so they became more meaningful and were more easily remembered in times of want or need.

When Sookie turned into his chest and wound her legs through his, placing one hand on his back and one on his neck the feeling of peace and hope sank deeper into his long relaxed bones.  It was all still there, the war, Warlow, the Wrong, but she made it all seem so much more manageable with her touch and her warm sweet exhalations on his skin as she caressed him.

You need to move faster, the dream voice whispered to him as it made way for her to take center stage in his mind.

“It’s raining,” he said softly as he pressed into her touch and curved himself around her small form beside him in the bed.  His voice was deep with sleepy valleys and he felt her shiver in his arms, her desire to be closer to him telegraphing to his own skin which flooded with warmth. The feelings he got from her as he absorbed her affection and desire for him were a heady brew in his veins.

She made a small sound of affirmative in his neck and then her voice flooded his mind.  I love it when it’s like this.  The cloudy sky makes me feel like we are hidden and safe.  He stretched slowly, loving the feel of his muscles as they awoke for the day.

Like we are hidden from even God himself, he thought back to her and buried his face in her neck, taking deep breaths and feeling the slight dampness of her hair where a few drops has kissed her before she made it to the sanctuary of Eric’s bed.  She purred as he spoke to her mind to mind.

Why do you make everything all right? He thought to her as he slowly kissed and gently sucked the skin of her neck between his lips.

Same reason you make everything all right for me, she told him as she moved to return the kisses on his chest, her hands sliding down beneath the covers coming to rest on hips where she kneaded his flesh gently with her fingers.  He moved over her without thinking, pinning her to the bed with his body.  She opened for him, offering him the perfect place to rest as he moved from her neck to her lips, her hands coming up his back to rest her open palms on his shoulder blades even as her small heels caressed the back of his calves with sensuous slowness.

His kiss was deep and slow, his tongue dancing with hers in a rhythm that seeped into their bodies that picked it up and rocked together creating the feeling of being on a small boat rather than a bed, rocking, rocking, as the rain came down on them.  It was the height of decadence the way they moved and tasted each other in the dim early morning light completely open to each other.

Her small hands came around to scratch lightly across his nipples and continue down his chest in light patterns that drove him wild, spurring him to deepen their kiss and rock his growing erection against her center.  She rocked back meeting him as he came into her, moaning at the heat of him teasing along her center.  His hand came up to her hard nipples, his fingers tugging them gently, making them stand up for his touch.

He broke the kiss and moved his head down to take a long hot wet suckle of first one and then the other, making her pant his name as she writhed beneath him. Her sounds went straight to his cock and he could feel the moisture gathering at the tip, anticipating the moment when she would take him into her.

The gentle sound of thunder rolled to him from a distance and the rain began to pour heavier on the tin roof reinforcing the illusion of safety in the cocoon of covers and kisses.  “Need you, Eric,” her passion filled voice filled the room and his mind.  “Need you so much right now,” she said, hitching her legs higher on his hips, her hot center resting against his throbbing shaft.  Her hand came down and grasped him, moving his tip to her entrance.

His answer to her unspoken question was to slide into her slowly, taking her body deeply and then stopping once he was buried inside her tight wet heat.  A tremor of need ran through him as he held his body still and kissed her again, deep and slow, needing her to feel every bit of what he was feeling nestled inside her snug channel.

She moaned and let him feel her, too.  The feeling of her body aching in slow waves that started between her legs where she was stretched tightly around him combined with the pounding of her heart as she anticipated the ecstasy of his impending movements.  He groaned and pulled back from her grasping heat slowly.

She scratched his back and raised her legs, crossing them over his lower back to offer him deeper access to her body and to pull him back down into her. They both needed him to move.  They both wanted him to just stay there inside her.  It was an impossible desire to fulfill, but Eric did his best to try.  He pulled back and then pressed as deeply as he could over and over in a slow rhythm that took her breath away.

Her quiet chants of approval filled his ears and his mind as he worked to satisfy all her needs and his own.  Her fingers came up to thread through his hair, lightly scratching his scalp.  The sensations made his back arch when he came down into her and she screamed as he touched her in this new way.

“Oh, do that again!” she said as she mussed his hair and clung to him, trying to get closer. He smiled a slow sexy smile and arched into her again, hitting that same delicious spot that he had just discovered.  He kept the same slow pace working to hit that spot inside her when he pressed in and when he pulled back.  She was bucking into him, now, saying his name over and over.

When he stopped moving in and out and pressed deep swiveling his hips she came in his arms screaming as the thunder rolled again outside. He held on tight and kept moving his hips in the same circular pattern to prolong her pleasure groaning as her slick muscles worked to pull him into her pleasure. He held on until her internal muscles clamped down hard on him demanding that he join her. His orgasm exploded from him making him call her name as he filled her again and again before he collapsed on top of her.  After a moment he rolled them over, placing her on top of him, her legs around him, his arms around her as the rain on the tin roof lulled them both into sleep.


The Tempus Key that Sookie had worn around her neck since the night he had called her back in a panic was pressed between their beating hearts. As they slept the Key wound itself into their dreams showing them one of the secrets it kept.   A secret that could only be known if you had all the breadth of space and time at your disposal.


She had searched for him for a very long time, her head full of stories that she had been told since her youth of his brave and fabulous exploits.  She was the Princess of the Light Fae and her home land rested against the Dark Lands.  Every day she took a walk along the edge of the Light and the Dark and dreamed that one day she would find him here. His honor and bravery made her feel excited at the prospect.  As she walked today Eric and Sookie walked with her in their dreams.

They heard her thoughts and felt the anticipation of the idea that he might find her here.  As she always did she thought of the long history of this man who filled her head and heart. In days of old the Dark Fae had been made slaves to the Light. The Light raided into the Dark lands and took them, bringing them back to serve and labor for the Light Fae.  In the distance of time the woman who walked understood that the subjugation of an entire race had been wrong, but that had been so long ago, over three thousand years before she was even born!

One man had dared to stand up to the Light.  Only one man had found the courage to raise his sword, and band his people together first to resist the slaving raids and then to cross to the Light and free those of his kind who had been trapped there for so very long.  He had battled the Light to a truce and peace had reigned between them since.

There are no men like that today, she thought somewhat bitterly as she walked.  There were definitely no honorable men like that in her world.  She knew, just knew it in her heart that if she could meet this man he would see that she understood him, that she was made for him.  In reality though, she knew she had been coming here for years and had never seen so much as a glimpse of anyone, let alone this mythical warrior of old.

Since the truce had been established between the Light and the Dark over a thousand years ago there had been almost no contact with the Dark Fae.  They sent ambassadors to state functions but no one had seen the man she sought for a very long time.  It had been rumored that perhaps he was dead even.

Sighing, she turned back away from the Dark and started for the castle in the distance.  She had taken several steps when a voice called out from the Dark. “Lady?”  She spun around her hands coming up to her chest.

The split of Dark and Light Fae was dramatic. It was a line that you could cross in a single step.  One moment you were in the Light and the next you were in the Dark.  Even this close to the line her vision could not pierce the inky blackness that lay before her.  “Who’s there?” she answered. She heard a man chuckle and then sounds of someone coming closer.

“A dreamer, lady.”   Her heartbeat sped up. Could it be?  She took a step back toward the Dark.

“What do you dream?” she asked the voice in the night.

“Of a beautiful Lady of Light who walks my borders, perhaps seeking a dream of her own.”  She held her head high, having the feeling that this unseen man was teasing her.  “Are you a dreamer, too, my lady?”  She swallowed, her emotions spinning out of control first ruled by fear, and then by hope.  She took a step closer.

“Mayhap, I am,” she said.

“And what do you dream of, lady?”  His tone was clearly teasing her now, and that made her angry.  She stood tall and took another step determined to be true to herself and her heart’s desire, even if it made her look the fool.  You are worth nothing if you lack the faith of your convictions, her father told her again in her head as he had since she was a tiny spark.

“Of a brave and noble Dark Knight who seeks a dream of his own,” she said, her voice strong and unwavering.  The steps came closer and in a moment the owner of the voice stepped out before her into the Light.  He was magnificent!  Long dark flowing hair the color of raven’s wing, eyes such a dark brown they looked almost black. His face handsome and his tall warrior’s body covered in armor the color of midnight.  He had a large Fae sword strapped to his back, both of his hand empty and held relaxed at his sides. He smiled at her and her heart did a flip in her chest.  One look into his warm eyes told her that this man was the man she had sought for so long.  She closed the distance between them and then curtsied before him, bowing her head.

“I am Sookie, the Light Fae Princess,” she told him.  Then she raised her head and looked into his warm kind eyes waiting on what felt like the edge of blade to hear him say what her heart and had already sworn to be true.  He bowed to her, a smile on his lips.

“Warlow, the Dark Fae King, at your service, Princess.”


8 thoughts on “16. The Sound of Rain

  1. mindyb781 says:

    I really liked the closeness between E/S at the start of the chapter. The imagery with rain and their love was beautifully written. Very interesting …the history of Warlow. Hmmm scorned lovers msybe, I can’t wait to find out.

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  2. lostinspace33 says:

    Hmmm…not sure exactly what to make of that dream, but I’m dying to know more.

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  3. askarsgirl says:

    Yikes! What does this mean?! Great chapter as always. 😃

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  4. Gosh the meeting between Princess Sookie and King Warlow was so intriguing!
    Can’t wait to see what is this about!

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  5. murgatroid98 says:

    Wow. If the dream is a true remembrance, I wonder what happened to turn Warlow evil, or if he was already evil and was able to hide it. This is an intriguing look at the character’s history. Eric and Sookie together make beautiful music.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. mom2goalies says:

    The scene between Eric and Sookie was so sensual!
    But I’m so worried about what exactly that final dream meant…Sookie belongs with Eric not Warlow. Anxiously awaiting more.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. valady1 says:

    The first part of this chapter, with the references to rain on the roof and sounds in general is almost ethereal. And then the dream…I know there are more chapters posted (the benefit of being on vacation and not having internet access is coming back to multiple chapters)..What happened to Warlow? Can’t wait to learn more.


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