3. What’s In A Name?

Moments before the attack at the diner…

500K13 in the form of a robin perched on a wire outside the diner watching Eric and a man through the window of restaurant.  She had listened to his broadcasts since the attack and she was worried that he was spiraling into madness as a result of her interference with his memories.  She had been over it thousands of times but was sure that she had done it correctly and that it had been the only choice open to her.  Still, his suffering was affecting her deeply.  She was trying to find some way to fix it when she saw the two large Dark Fae get out of an expensive looking car and head inside.

Her tiny bird heart froze as her mind raced through first what this would mean and second what she needed to do to get him out.  She left the wire and headed to the alley beside the diner where she came back to her normal form.  Glancing down at her naked curvy body she had tapped her magic again and summoned a trench coat, probably because it was the first thing her mind had conjured after seeing the assailants.  That coat however was the only thing she took the time to manage, pulling it around her and tying the belt tight she started for the door.

An attack in broad daylight was not anything she would have expected, but she had been expecting something.  The death of the vampire and Eric’s increasing instability on air would be drawing attention to them.  She felt regret press in for what she knew had to happen next but did not let it cloud her vision as she opened the door and walked in her focus only on Eric.

The Dark Fae were standing at the counter and as soon as she walked by the jig would be up, as they said the movies.  Inhaling as she passed them she winced inside.  She could smell the iron and silver in their weapons. She saw then the magnitude of her errors and she missed a step as she came toward the man she had spent the last thirty-four years protecting.  It seemed his greatest liability was her.  Part of her mind started working out what happened beyond this moment, while part of her stayed here to handle what was about to happen.

Not slowing her pace she grabbed his arm pulling him to his feet.  They had barely taken three steps when she sensed the Fae turn behind her, smelled their weapons come out and heard Eric tell her to save his friend.  Tapping her magic again she created a force field around the attractive young black man in the booth as well as Eric.  Did he know that she had to do what he told her, no matter how stupid it was?  This was part of why she was to remain in hiding.  If he discovered that she had been engineered to respond to his commands and that she was not able to override them no matter what she would lose an important edge that could save his life.

Still, she had no choice.  He had told her to save his friend, so she turned to him and offered a hand.   The man was hunkering down screaming as the bullets started to fly.  The shield held, but she heard the Fae murmuring a counter spell that would break through it in moments.  She would have been able to get Eric out the door at the other end if he hadn’t insisted she save his friend.  Now their only choice was one that would leave her drained and unable to defend him further for an extended period of time.  She hated teleportation, it was an emergency escape tool only, one that risked her very life but this definitely qualified as an emergency.

Her mind racing as she screamed at the man in the booth she tried to think of some place they could go and hold up for a least a few hours.  Weighing the risks she positioned them both in front of her, offering what cover she could to both of these large men and dug deep inside her to tap the power she would need to do this.  Just as they started to teleport she felt several bullets pierce her back but she held on and kept her focus.

The sound of shots faded as the moved through space.  She felt herself being torn apart which was how this normally felt, but the additional mass of Eric and his friend added a deeper shade of pain.  It took the space of a breath for them to re-materialize in her safe house on the edge of Shreveport.  It was one of several that she had set up for just such an emergency when they had moved here six months ago.  It was a risk, they knew about her, their ammunition had told her that more clearly than anything else could have.  Any bullet would kill a mortal but special bullets of silver and iron could only have been for her.

Damn! Damn that fucking vampire to hell for exposing them!

Lafayette was still screaming a high pitched scream when she felt the floor solidify beneath her feet.  Her first move was to slap him into silence.  The last thing she needed was more attention.  Immediately, he fell silent.  Eric watched her silent but with large eyes, she spared a small thought that he also seemed calm given what had just happened.  She moved to check the widows and then the wards.  Nothing outside waiting for them and with the wards still intact she knew that there was nothing inside waiting for them either.

“We stay here for now,” she said to them.  She saw them nod, her tone leaving no room for questions.  Assured that he was safe she let herself feel the pain of her wounds and the exhaustion in her very cells from the teleportation.  Her eyes fluttered and she took a step to sit down before she fell down.  Again, she missed her mark, crumpling toward the floor as her eyes rolled back in her head.

Eric caught her before she hit the floor, kneeling with her in his arms as he stared at this face that he still believed that he did and didn’t know.  He smoothed the hair back from her face and then looked up at Lafayette questions banging in his eyes.

“Well, fuck it all,” Lafayette said, running a hand over his head, a small smile playing on his lips.  “Guess you ain’t crazy after all.”

“Guess not,” Eric said looking back down at her.  He felt something on his hand beneath her and pulled it up to see blood.  “She was hit!” He was on his feet immediately picking her up and moving toward the small cot in the corner of the room.

“I’ll call 911,” Lafayette pulled out his phone.

“No!” Eric cut him off. “If we need to hide here then it means we can’t call anyone.”

“This don’t make no damned sense!”

“Shut up and help me!”

“Fuck!” he shoved the phone back in his pocket and moved toward Eric who had undone the belt of her coat and laid her on her stomach to see her back.  He registered that she was naked but was so focused on seeing where she was wounded it barely made a dent.  Her back had three bullet holes in it.  Two of them were smoking, like her flesh was burning.  Tremors ran through the smooth flesh of her back indicating that she was in great pain even if she was not conscious to feel it.

Eric froze.  He knew rudimentary first aid but this looked like she would need surgery.  “See if there are any medical supplies in this place,” he barked out.  As Lafayette moved away to search he saw something in the wound that wasn’t smoking like the others.  It was small and shiny and it was working itself out of her flesh like it was alive.  A moment later a bullet fell to the cot beside her body resting against her skin.  The contact started her skin smoking again, he could see a burn forming, not thinking he picked it up and threw it across the room.  Looking back down he was amazed to see the burn heal in a matter of seconds.  Gasping, he looked at the hole it had exited and saw that wound too was nearly closed.  He watched as it finished, leaning in close to make sure he was seeing what he thought he was seeing.

Who the hell is this woman?

He looked at the other two wounds.  They were still smoking and now he knew why.  The bullets lodged in her flesh were burning her, but they were not coming out like the other one had done.  He glanced around helplessly for something to remove the bullets.  There was nothing.  Looking down again at the tremors of pain shaking her body he didn’t think about it he just pressed his lips to her wound and sucked hoping that it would assist her body in expelling the bullet.  She jerked beneath him but he sucked harder and felt a small sense of triumph when the bullet came out into his mouth along with a massive mouthful of her blood.

He turned to the side and spat it all out, gasping for air from the shock of what he had done.  He wiped his mouth and then pressed his lips to the other wound applying the same suction.  This one was deeper and he had to suck several times, accidentally swallowing several mouthfuls of her blood before it popped into his mouth.  He spat the last mouthful out and wiped his mouth again, watching as the wounds started to close immediately.

He gagged a little from the taste in his mouth sitting back on his heels.  “I found some gauze and some peroxide,” Lafayette said coming back to kneel at his side.  He looked from Eric’s blood stained lips to the now perfect skin of the woman’s back and fell back on his ass.

“Thanks,” Eric said in a dreamy distant tone as he took them from Lafayette, slowly rising to his feet moving to the kitchen area to wash his hands and face of her blood.  A million things ran through Lafayette’s mind about what he realized Eric had done and the risks involved in it, but saying them at this point would serve no purpose.  If she was infected with something that could kill Eric he had already exposed himself to it.  Now his warnings would only serve to make him feel bad for being willing to risk himself to save her.

Behind that rational thinking came the terrifying wonder of her healing ability and like Eric before him he wondered what this woman really was.  After a few minutes of deep focusing breaths to calm himself he covered her naked form with her coat and followed Eric into the kitchen.  He was leaning on the sink, head down between his shoulders.

“Well, I guess you got some of your answers,” he said, trying to find the silver lining in what had happened.  Eric chuckled.

“And about a thousand more questions.”  There was nothing to say to that.


They were sitting around the kitchen table not talking when she stirred on the cot, sitting up quickly and looking around.  She let out a loud sigh of relief when she saw Eric still there, still safe.  Letting the coat fall to the floor she moved immediately to the windows checking the outside and the wards again.  Still intact.

She looked back to the men at the table and then moved toward them with purpose in her stride.  When she got there she looked at Lafayette and said, “Sleep.”  Immediately, his eyes closed and he slumped in his chair.  She turned to Eric, her face blank and opened her mouth to speak.

“NO!” he told her rising to his full height over her.  “Do not make me sleep again.”  Her hand dropped, her gaze did not.

“We are past that for you,” she said, with some regret in her tone.  He frowned.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that we have to leave this place and we have to do it now. It is no longer wise to keep the truth from you.”

“The truth about what?”  She laughed a genuine sound of amusement.

“The truth about the things you have been seeking your whole life, but with a vengeance since the vampire attack at your station.”

Vampire?  She said vampire?

“Yes, I said vampire,” she said out loud answering his thought.  “Lorena was a vampire.  A stupid one, albeit, but still a vampire.”

“She attacked me?”  500K13 sighed and moved toward him her hand upraised. He stepped back.

“I mean you no harm.”

“I don’t want to sleep and forget again!”

“You won’t.  Trust me.”  For some reason he did.  He let her hand come up to the side of his face and he felt a shock run through him when the hole in his mind filled in with vibrant color and sound.   He saw it all, Lorena’s attack, this woman saving him, her burning hands, her telling him to sleep.  Then she let him see the rest of how she had driven him home and put him in his own bed before she took his memory.  She even set his fucking alarm clock for him before she left.  The part that killed him though, was the soft kiss she had placed on his sleeping forehead before she had left closing the door softly behind her.  The look on her face in that moment was heartbreaking.

When the memory was restored with sideboards and additional information he looked down at her.  She had thick blond hair that hung to her midback, soft lips and possibly the most perfect and beautiful breasts he had ever seen.  His awareness of her nakedness ran through him like wildfire hitting all the sweet spots in him. She gasped.

“You’ve had my blood!” she accused him, frown coming down on her face.

“I sucked the bullets out of your back.”

“Why would you do that?”

“You were hurting.”  She opened her mouth again to say something but stopped herself.   “I thought you were dying.”  I may well have been, she thought sourly but again did not speak.

“How can you tell I had your blood?”

“I can feel you now.”

“What does that mean?”

“It’s…you…we…” she stopped.  She had rarely spoken to anyone in thirty-four years and now she was being called upon to explain things that were complicated and needed some serious back story before he would begin to understand.

“Is it bad?  Is that why you can’t tell me?  Is it going to kill me?”

“No,” she rushed to reassure him.  “You’ll be fine.  It’s just that I can feel your emotions now, and it is…disconcerting.”  Understatement of the century. It had taken her years to master her own emotions when it came to Eric Northman and now for the prize she got to master feeling his.  Fabulous.  Still, it could be an advantage.  She let herself feel the tie between them now, the resonance of it and the way he felt.  Desire was the biggest thing barreling to her.  He desired her!  Her mouth opened in a perfect O of shock. He took a step closer.  She took a step back.

This is my punishment for wanting him and being forced to bury it. Now I get to bury his, too.

“What’s your name?” His tone was soft and seductive.

“500K13,” she said.  His lip curled up.

“That’s not a name.”

“Yes, it is,” her head came up and she locked eyes with him.  “It’s my name.”  A ghost of a memory came to him of something he used to do as a child. A game he played with himself, a code he invented for himself that he never told anyone else about.  It involved the transposition of letters for numbers, while leaving some letters in place.  It wasn’t a one for one it was more specialized than that.

Doing some quick transposition in his head he swapped out the 5 for an S, the 00 for OO, left K for K, 1 to I and then last 3 for E. 500K13 was SOOKIE.

“Sookie,” he whispered, his hand coming up to cup her face.  “Your name is Sookie.”


17 thoughts on “3. What’s In A Name?

  1. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Love this! I love the role reversal. I love how powerful she is and you’ve set up an interesting dynamic that she has to obey him. I wonder who made her in the future… Can’t wait for more!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. ashmo2000 says:

    Their safe now, but for how long?


  3. Really interesting story so far. Love how Eric figured out her name using code from his childhood

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sophi715 says:

    I love, love, love this! I really enjoyed your nod to the Terminator in the last chapter…and I can’t wait to see where your amazing imagination takes this story.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Loving this more and more…
    Eric sucking out the bullets…Hehe!
    Sookie has some explaining to do…
    What will happen to Lafayette?
    Jackie 69

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  6. i remember doing those code things when i was a kid. well now at least Eric knows he is not crazy. 🙂

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  7. valady1 says:

    That she has to obey him can be both a blessing and a curse, understandable that she would not want him to know about it. I am enjoying discovering the twists on canon in this story. Eric sucking the bullets out of her back was a real surprise, but it fits this so perfectly.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. switbo says:

    Loved it!


  9. mindyb781 says:

    This is so good and exciting . I love the role reversal and glad they have meet in person.

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  10. mom2goalies says:

    Love love love this story! The reversal of him sucking the bullets out, her being the protector, everything.
    The fact that she has to do what he says can become VERY interesting (mind is clearly in the gutter! LOL)
    Looking forward to her explaining things to him (and us!) Very hard waiting for updates.

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  11. askarsgirl says:

    You always put a great twist on everything and I love it!!

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  12. lindie825 says:

    Enjoying this very much!

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  13. lzdiva4 says:

    Loving your twists in this story – things are familiar yet different. Great story so far!!


  14. Mmmhmm. Yup. Ragelove baby cooing for me now. Coochie-coochie-coo little sweetness!


  15. kinnik7104 says:

    God, this is SO GOOD!


  16. redjane12 says:

    Awwww…. They are both too cute for words… Glad he found out she is real and her name ‘is’ Sookie…


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