A Date

Orbit/A Date


My Dearest Captain Kissy Pants,

Would you be so kind as to do me the favor of your company tomorrow evening?  Please wear the enclosed.  I will pick you up behind Fangtasia at 8:00pm.

Your Fairy, Sookie

coral lip print

I couldn’t help but laugh.  The imprint of her coral lips on the paper made me feel embarrassingly giddy.  A feeling that I would not have owned out loud and that was removed once I saw what else the box contained.

A pair of khaki pants, a navy blue polo shirt, loafers, complete with navy socks to match, and a pair of thick rimmed glasses complete with dirty white tape on the side.

There as a whoosh of air beside me immediately followed by the sound of Pam cackling like she was about to lay an egg.

“CAPTAIN KISSY PANTS!” I fell back in my chair and just let her go. She would either stop or I would command her to.

It’s good to be a maker.

“Oh, Eric, really?” She picked the clothes up off my desk and eyes them critically, and then with disdain.  “What does she think you are going to do with this?”

“Wear them.”

“No, no way, I forbid it.”  Before I could remind her that if any forbidding took place in this relationship it would be me forbidding her, she stopped and changed her tune completely.  “No, this is great! Will you try them on now? Let me take a picture?” It was my turn to laugh.

Clearly, this bitch had lost her mind.

She huffed and dropped the clothes on my desk.  I could tell she was circling the wagons and trying to get some new angle to have her way.  I shuddered a bit inside seeing a picture of me dressed like this splashed across the Fangtasia website that she maintained.  No fucking way that was going to happen.

“What does our little Sookie have in mind?” She asked, placing a hand on her hip while a devilish smile spread across her face.  “I must say, I’ve never been a fan, really, but I’m starting to think she could change my mind.”  I rolled my eyes, and adopted an air of complete disdain.

“Pamela, I command you to not take a photo of me in this clothes when Sookie comes to pick me up tomorrow night.”  She pouted, but something in her eyes told me this wasn’t done yet.


He was waiting in the alley when I pulled up in my little yellow car, Kylie Minogue’s I Just Can’t Get You Outta My Head blaring full blast.  He looked completely adorkable in the clothes I had sent him.  I could tell he was into it because he had slicked his hair down and over to the side.  He was also doing that thing I had seen him do at the church in Dallas, where he seemed to shrink five of six inches and look completely innocent.

I wanted him right there on the hood of my car.

Maybe later.

When he climbed in, smiling that innocent little boy smile, adding a panty melting soft, “Hi,” that maybe became a definite.  His ass was going to be mine.  “So, where are we going?” He asked, maintaining the shy college boy persona that his clothes proclaimed him to be.  I smiled and popped my gum. Loudly.

“SBAS,” I told him, smiling at him like I knew a college girl would.  Fifty percent innocence and fifty percent tigress.  He swallowed nervously, totally committing to the role.

I love him so much.

I hadn’t thought about it, hadn’t wondered and fretted.  Just seeing him like that in that moment I knew all the way to my core.  I loved him.  It felt amazing and the smile on my face must have showed it.

“SBAS?” he repeated in that same innocent young college man tone that was going to get him laid over the hood of my car just any minute now.

“Shreveport-Bossier Astronomical Society,” I said, smiling wider and was rewarded with another boyish smile.

I just can’t get you outta of my head, Kylie sang in the background and I thought, Lord, girl, you don’t even know the half of it!


Her outfit complimented mine, right down to the glasses that she put on before we climbed out of Big Bird.  Her car blended in perfectly with other POS college kid cars that filled the parking lot of the SBAS.

“The society is hosting an LSU stargazing event tonight.” She said, taking my hand as she came around the car and moved toward the door.  “We will need student ID’s to get in.”

“And you have those?  There was none in my box.”

“Nope.” She popped her gum again, adding some sass to her step and wiggle to her walk.  I let her get a few steps ahead so I could watch her hips sway as she walked.

“Then how do you plan to get in?” She giggled.

“Oh, I’m sure you will think of something.”

“Like what?” I thought I was picking up what she was laying down but wanted to be sure. Rather than answer, she just laughed again, and swayed her hips a little more as she picked up the pace toward the door.

A few moments and a glamour or two later we were mingling in a crowd of kids dressed just like ourselves.  Sookie grabbed two drinks from a waiter passing by and handed one to me to help with the blending.  She took a sip and smiled up at me.

“So, tonight we will see the rings of Saturn.”  I raised an eyebrow behind my hideous horn rimmed glasses. “We will get five minutes alone with the giant refracting telescope to observe the heavens and educate ourselves about the stars.”

I was about to say something completely out of character when I felt a tug on my shoulder and turned around to face a group of college girls who had gathered around me.  I might have been dressed like a geek and playing the part perfectly, but I was still Eric Northman after all.

“Hi, I’m Sara!” the first one squealed, looking me over from head to toe like someone had just rang the dinner bell and I was the main course.

“Becky!” chimed the next one.


“Jamie,” the last one said, trying to sound sexy and seductive.

Before I could speak, Sookie slipped in front me and between us.

“And I’m Sookie!”  Her words were pleasant, her tone was not.

“Sookie?  Sookie?  What kind of name is that?” Jamie huffed, clearly not getting the not so subtle hints that were being sent her way.

“It’s the name of the girl who will wipe the floor with you if you don’t put your eyes back in your head, take you friends and walk away, now.” Jamie opened her mouth to speak again, but Sookie cut her off, doing a more than passable impersonation of me, “Now.”  I could swear I heard her growl at the end, vampire style.

I was so fucking turned on.

I started to say something. Anything that would release the tension around us as people started to stare and whisper.  I caught “catfight” and then put my attention back on Sookie, wondering what she would do next if this group of college hellcats insisted on pursuing me.


I felt my fists bunch and my legs ready themselves to propel me right into the middle of this band of girls who dared to approach him as though he were alone.  As if I hadn’t been standing right fucking there!

It wasn’t jealousy. I knew Eric could have anyone he wanted, and he had said he wanted me.  That was good enough for me.  No, it mostly wasn’t jealousy, not at all.  It was the complete lack of respect.  A complete lack of respect for him and for me who was obviously his date. I felt something turn over inside me, something large and powerful.

“Walk away,” I told them, waving my hand, and to my total surprise they did indeed just turn around and walk away.  I felt Eric come up against my back a moment before he whispered in my ear.

“What did you do, Sookie?” I turned to face him, looking into his beautiful blue eyes those hideous glasses did nothing to hide.

“I stood up for what is mine.”  He broke character for the first time since I had picked him up when he dipped me back old school movie star style and laid the mother of all kisses on me, right there, in the middle of the SBAS Rings of Saturn LSU event, proving that I didn’t need a telescope to see stars.


When we finally got our turn with the telescope I let Sookie look first. I was holding her hand in mine, my fingers laced through hers, needing to touch her but not wanting to distract her from star gazing.

“See if you can find The Big Dipper,” I teased her in my college boy tone as I kissed her fingers. I took a quick breath when her hand landed on my crotch.

“Got it,” she said, her voice filled with laughter.

“Yes, yes you do,” I answered her, in anything but a light college boy tone as I felt her caress linger.  “Did you mean it, Sookie?  Am I yours?”

“Come here,” she said, stepping back from the telescope and indicating that I should look now.  Despite wanting her to answer my question and feeling slightly aroused from her tour of my heavens a moment ago I was moved to see the beauty of the far distant planet with its glorious rings.

“Beautiful,” my inner college boy whispered.

“Yes, yes, it is,” she said and I was pretty sure that she didn’t mean Saturn or its rings.  I turned to look at her and saw that she was fixed on me, as though she had just discovered me for the first time.  I wanted to kiss her so very much in that moment, but the knock on the door came indicating our time was up.

When we left she drove us out of Shreveport toward Bon Temps, her hand in mine still and I thought she had forgotten my question.  Suddenly, she took a side road, and drove about a half a mile out into a wooded area to a turnaround spot.  She turned the car off and stepped out.  I followed only to find myself pushed back to the hood of Big Bird.  Her words came fast and breathy.

“When I picked you up tonight you looked so fucking good I wanted you right then and there on the hood of my car.”

“Sookie, there is nothing between us but air and opportunity.”  She pounced on me then, pulling back from a mind blowing kiss long enough to grab the back of my hair and put her face right up into mine.

“Fuck, yes. Yes, you are mine!”

Later, after adding some new dents to Big Bird’s hood, we were snuggled together in our bed in the cubby when I heard my phone ding indicating a text message.

Reaching down beside the bed and pulling the phone out of my pants I saw it was a link to the Fangtasia website.  A moment later I saw me in all my geek glory smiling at something out of the frame.  I knew it was Sookie pulling up to get me for our date.

I looked at the angle and realized she must have made Ginger climb the tree in the parking lot across from the back of Fangtasia and use a telephoto lens.

I had to appreciate her ingenuity.  It was the perfect memento of my evening out with Sookie, which had been so incredible that I really didn’t even give a fuck that it already had already gone viral.


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A/N- The SBAS is real and so is the event described, though I took some liberties with the date and imagining how the event itself would be.





18 thoughts on “A Date

  1. suzyq591suzy says:

    That was a great date and I love bad-ass Sookie 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. geenakmom says:

    Loved it! Couldn’t keep the smile off my face. He’s just so Adorkable! Cackled at Pam’s ingenuity to get her pic of him dressed as a geek. Love when Sookie stakes her claim.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mom2goalies says:

    Love dorky Eric and in charge Sookie! And yes it is amazing how Alex can change Eric’s persona with the smallest hair or clothing difference.

    Liked by 1 person

    • idream3223 says:

      Yes! He is an incredible actor. The first time I saw that scene in season 2 in the church it literally took my breath away. I think that was the moment for me that I said I gotta know more about this character and this actor. So glad you liked it, too! 🙂


  4. VictoryInTrouble says:

    OOh, love!! Alex does Eric as human so so well. I loved imagining him here! It’s funny, in a couple chapters I have one of my Eric’s ask his Sookie the same question “am I yours,” but his answer is not like your Sookie’s lol. I love your feisty Fairy Sookie!

    “It’s good to be a maker” made me laugh. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • idream3223 says:

      Thank you! I like her, too. I’ve read so many wonderful fics where he plans the dates and he sends the clothes and they are all wonderful but I wanted to change this up a bit. Obviously, we are working with a budget, and she got her stuff second hand, which I knew but I didn’t say. Still, you can have a good time, and establish relationship boundaries on a shoe string budget 😉
      It’s good to be a maker, my little homage to Tom Petty and It’s Good To Be King, which is a great song! Glad you liked it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • VictoryInTrouble says:

        Ah, I was thinking Mel Brooks from History of the World. Lol.

        Yes, you can certainly do all that on a budget. Her date was almost free. Way to be thrifty and feisty all at once!

        I love to reverse roles too so I totally dig take charge Sookie. And I love that Eric played along with his soft voice and stance.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. ashmo2000 says:

    That was the cutest date ever😍 They’re kind of ignoring Sookie’s getting some power, they both brought it up though never really talked about it. Eric’s letting the picture of his geeky date go, but he has to act mad about it before Pam does something worse. That Pam 😘


  6. ericluver says:

    Love geeky Eric. Alex carries it off so well. Adorkable!


  7. askarsgirl says:

    That was really great!! As with all of your stories, I am anxiously awaiting more updates😃


  8. Thanks for this update idream! I loving this story so much..every time I read a chapter I’m in such a good mood …I adore Goofy Eric and how he pretends to be human! And Pam has it coming letting Ginger climb a tree to take a picture of him while he was waiting for Sookie to pick him up…Beautiful date by the way …going to SBAS to see Saturn! Wow !


  9. murgatroid98 says:

    What a wonderful date. I love the way Sookie staked out her territory. I can also imagine Fangtasia ‘ s fans swooning over the picture of geeky Eric. Of course, I knew Pam would get someone else to take the picture.


  10. lostinspace33 says:

    ROTFL! That was awesome! 🙂


  11. duckbutt60 says:

    Beautiful! Loved the name of the car, first. And….all I could picture was the adorkable Eric that showed up at the Governor’s home to talk about the Whooping Cranes. Yes, that is one fuckin’ tough bird 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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