“This can’t be good,” naked Eric said, his eyes large and confused as he stared at himself in the mirror.  The problem was that I had said it.

I was naked Eric.






I opened my mouth and then closed it again.  This was, to say the least, an unexpected turn of events.  “Eric?” she said, sounding scared and uncertain. I put my arm around her shoulders and stood closer.  We would get through this tog-

Were her biceps larger than mine?

I turned her to face me and looked her over carefully starting with her head.

Her hair was fuller, thicker than mine.

Her eyes bluer, and her lips looked fuller and just kissed.

Her shoulders were broader, her chest had better definition, her legs better tone and leaning down for a unnecessarily close inspection I carefully noted that-

“Sookie! Your cock is bigger than mine!”

“What?” she looked down quickly and realized for the first time that she had gone The Full Eric.  “Oh, Lord!” she screeched her hand coming up to cover herself, but a second later the look of embarrassed fear was replaced by wonder.

“Oooooh!” she said softly her hand starting to do more than offer camouflage for her significantly improved beta model of Eric I.

“Th-that feels aaaaaammmazzzing!”

Her hand was moving faster now, her eyes fluttering shut as she pleasured herself.  I ran my hand through my hair in frustration and growled.

There was only one conclusion to draw from this…one ineffable thought in my mind… echoing over and over…haunting me…



Oh…my….God! How could he ever not being doing this?  It felt so fucking good! Oh, how much better would it be if I had some kind of lubricant?  I stopped tugging on my new body and looked around.

“Eric?” I asked my voice all dark and filled with sex like his was when he was ready to take me.  This must be what he feels like just before he slides into my slick…tight…hot…

“ARGH!” My strangled cry filled the room just as I came all over Eric standing next to me.  The image of me from the other side of how this usually worked had proven too much for this new body’s sense of self control.  I was about to apologize when suddenly I felt quite dizzy and had to sit down on the floor.

“S-sorry, Eric,” I panted out, my hand on his leg to get his attention.

“You should be!” he huffed.

“It washes out! Trust me I would know,” I huffed back.

“What are you-” He glanced down at his not so black jeans and realized what I was talking about.  “Oh, its fine, Sookie.” He sat down heavily on the floor beside me.  I reached for his hand and for once, his didn’t swallow mine.

This was all so strange.

And being this close to him, smelling the wonderful smell that was just Eric, I could feel myself getting hard again.

With the slightest little thing turning me on I wondered again, in a totally different way, how could he ever not be doing this?


She was perfect.  So much better than me.  The only time I ever came close to looking this good was after she had her way with me and my lips were swollen from her kisses. My body pumped and hard from her touch, my eyes focused only on taking her to the next level of pleasure.

I was only beautiful because she made me so.

Needing to be consoled, I shifted on the floor I laid my head in her very large, very masculine lap. Looking up into her eyes, I let myself relax for the first time since Bill had done a balls up on our evening.

Her hand that looked like my hand came up to my face, resting there tenderly and I closed my eyes for a moment and just let myself experience the tenderness of that touch.

Was that what it was like for her?  A hand so large but so feather light in touch that all at once you felt protected and cherished with just a simple brush from the back of its fingers?

She started squirming under me, breaking the trance that I allowed to take me as she stroked my cheek.  “I need to get up, Eric. Please.”  I saw it then, her erection that brought mine to shame.  At least two inches longer, and about an inch wider in circumference.

I tried not to be hurt, but she was attacking my manhood, literally.

In a thousand years no lover had ever found me inadequate.

“Stay,” I said softly, taking her large hand again.  “It’s ok, Sookie.  It’s mostly nothing that I haven’t seen before.  Though,” I went on eyeing her body appreciatively, if still a little enviously, “I must admit the angle is entirely new and exciting.”  I let the S sound play out on my tongue as my barely noticeable accent was sometimes want to do.

“Eric,” she sounded heartbroken, and it pulled my gaze immediately from her southern hemisphere to her northern arctic blue gaze.  “I don’t know how this happened,” she confessed, a tear slipping down her cheek.

“I know you were upset earlier, I could feel you.  Can you tell me what happened?”  She nodded, wiping a tear before it fell down her face.

“Come on,” she said rising.  “I’ll show you.”

“Wait, Sookie.” I stepped into my closet and pulled out a robe for her.

“Thanks,” she said, stepping into it, and then taking my hand to lead me back downstairs.  She stopped when she saw the door splintered and on the floor.  I picked up and set it in the doorway, and mumbled about calling a repair man tomorrow.

When she took me to the living room and picked up the sketch book on the table I groaned inside.  I had totally forgotten that I left that out when I sent her here tonight!

Fucking Bill and his fucking, fucking up my fucking evening!

“You weren’t supposed to see that,” I said, taking a seat and now pulling her down beside me, before nudging her head into my lap, the way I had been in hers upstairs. Her long legs hung over the edge of the sofa.

I ran my hand through her thicker hair, and then down the side of her face gently, attempting to soothe her for a moment before pressing her to tell me what had started us down this road of bigger and improved cocks and perpetually kissed man lips of sexiness.

“You made me so beautiful, Eric…no, that is not where I want to start.” She took a breath then and pursed my lips together on her face, for a split second I wanted to kiss myself very badly.

What would that be like?

“Thank you for telling me about Bill and the Queen.  I’m sorry for taking my anger out on you that night.”

Ah, I see.  Her pain had been deep and consuming when Compton crawled away.  I knew that because I had felt it with her.

“So, it was thinking of that night that made you so sad?”  She nodded, wiping another tear before it fell.

“I am grateful to you, even if I didn’t act it at the time.  When I saw your book and how beautiful you made me, even in that terrible moment I remembered that in all that had happened since my return from Fae that I had not apologized to you.” I looked down at the book in my hands in wonder that such a small thing could bring her such pain.

At that moment the pages fell open and I saw myself…no…looking closer, I saw the version of myself that was sitting beside me with his head in my lap.

The one with the perfect pouty lips, and the enhanced man features that were no doubt hidden beneath his clothes.  “Who is this Sookie?”

I looked down into my own blue eyes and saw her brows furrow.  “That’s you, Eric.  I added you the way I see you to the book of us.”

I looked again from the picture to her and saw the same lustrous hair, and well defined muscles.  If there were any naked shots of me in here-


There I was naming the stars and from the size of me in her hand, I would say she got the proportions just about right for what she was now packing.

It was then I really heard what she said.

I added you the way I see you to the book of us.

This new and improved version of me was not a critique at all.

It was an homage!

It was how she saw me!

I felt my wounded ego right itself, and start to strut around.

That’s right fuckers! My woman thinks I am that fucking pretty!

Feeling elated I looked at how good looking I was, again.

There was much to admire. Once we got this shit fixed I was NEVER going to let her hear the end of how fucking pretty she thought I was.  My ego was rubbing its imaginary hands together in gleeful anticipation of how that was going to go.

But how did she become me?

I flipped through the rest of her pictures feeling my chest squeeze tighter and my ego grow larger as I saw each new image from her mind’s eye.  I was fast, and it had taken me months to do my drawings.  She had done near as many in the space of a few hours.

“How did you do these, Sookie?”

“Magic, I guess.”  I looked up at her sharply.

“Come again?”

“Jeez, I probably could.  I can’t seem to control this thing at all!” Immensely amused, and completely empathetic I still elected to ignore that comment in favor of staying on topic.

We could discuss philosophy of where the male brain truly existed later.

In depth.

If I was lucky.

“What kind of magic?” I asked, shifting subtly under her weight where she still rested in my lap.  In my lap so close to –

“Fae magic, I guess.”  Did my bottom lip come out like that when I was pouting?  Did it look as kissable as this one –

It does to her! My ego sang out loudly while rummaging around in the closet of my mind for its tap shoes.

“You’ve been doing a lot of magic lately, haven’t you?” I asked her softly, leaning down to kiss her forehead.

“Maybe,” she mumbled, now fiddling with her robe, pulling it closer around her neck, and wriggling in a way that left me…distracted.

“No maybe about it.  First my clothes go poof, and then the girls at the SBAS and now this.”

“No,” she said, eyes downcast.  “Your clothes weren’t the first time.”

“Oh, when was the first time?”  Her eyes closed then and she sighed outwardly, clearly not wanting to talk about this.

“It happened with the maenad, and with Russell once when you weren’t there, and once when you were.  Then in Fae  I…when I first got there, everything was so beautiful and pretty and it just seemed like, well, Heaven.  You know?” Her eyes cut up to mine and I tried to send her encouragement to go on.  “So, I don’t know how or why but it just felt…wrong to me.  Like, a trick or a trap or something and the more I thought about it, it kind started to crack open and let the truth spill through.”

“What truth was that?” I was smoothing her hair back now in a calming pattern watching a full gambit of emotions run across her face as she pressed herself harder to go on.

“That it wasn’t Heaven at all, it was a lie.  I could see Mab’s true face, Eric.  She appeared beautiful, but then for a split second I could see what was beneath that illusion was anything but beautiful.”

“And no one else could see?”

“Not at first, but, then, when I wouldn’t eat the fruit I told you about before, she came at me and I shot her with light from my hands.”

“You attacked the Queen of Fae, and not only pierced her illusion that held dozens of minds captive, but completely destroyed it with your magic?”  She nodded then, looking up at me, fear very evident in her gaze.


She was twenty-six years old.

What she knew at this moment of the supernatural world I could have put in the palm of my hand and still had room to park a 747 beside it.

Despite that lack of experience and knowledge she had now played a role in toppling three supernatural monarchies, caught the interest of a shifter, a werewolf, and a cadre of vampires, myself included.

Would I ever be enough for her once she figured out how amazing and unique she truly was?

Hey! What the fuck?  My ego yelled at me.  I tried to calm him.  I was still cool, I had the book to prove it.

“It’s been happening since I got back from doing whatever I did there.  I’m not trying, it’s just…happening.”

“Can you tell me what you were thinking when you turned into me?”  She closed my eyes and scrunched her face up, blowing out a breath.

“Um…I was thinking that I wished I was as beautiful as you are.  That I wish I was like you.” I froze.

“When?” My voice was barely just above a whisper.  I had wished for something, too, and I was suddenly very afraid I had more to do with this than I had realized.

“Just before you got here.  I was scared when it started happening…”

“I felt you.”

Fuck! Fuck!

“Sookie, I was maybe wishing at the same time.”  Her eyes snapped open.

“What were you wishin’ for?”

“I was thinking of us tonight, and I maybe kind of sort of wished that you were more like me, too.”  I hunched my shoulders waiting for her to explode.

“More like you, how?”  She didn’t sound angry, and when I checked the tie, she didn’t feel angry either.  I relaxed my shoulders and sat back.

“I thought tonight for the first time that I would lose you someday and it…it made me feel disturbingly…human.”

“Scared, you mean, Eric?”

“Yeah, maybe, something like that.  Sure.”

“Lose me how?”

“You’re mortal, Sookie.” I stopped there hoping she would fill in the rest and not make me say it!

“Says the thousand year old vampire to his fairy hybrid doppelganger in his lap.”

She had a point.  She didn’t know what she was, yet.  What made me think I did?

That would be ME! My ego yelled out from the back of mind.  I sighed.  Arrogant little fucker!

“The other times, did you wish then, too?”

“I think so, yes.  I don’t remember stripping your clothes and sending them to Never Land, but I think it more than likely that I would want you naked when I was waiting in bed for you to come home.”

Home.  That still made me tingle.

“And those girls, I just wished they would leave us alone so we could enjoy our date.”

“And they did.”  She nodded.  I recalled something I had read in her absence as I searched for her.

“The book you were holding when I came home that night, the one about Fae, it said something about Fae magic and how it was in reality much like it was in fairy tales of old.” I rubbed her head again, soothing her.

“Like how?”

“Well, most of it is all about wishes and your heart’s desire given action and form.”

“Like the kiss that woke Snow White?”

“Something like that.”

“So, if we kiss now, do you think that this will go away?”

“Well, I think that depends.”

“On what?”

“That it is our hearts true desire to have you change back.”  She looked at me sharply.

“You mean you aren’t sure you want me to change back?”

“Of course I do, Sookie! Of course I do.  Just…maybe not right away.”

“WHAT?” she sat up then, and put her face in mine.  “What are you talking about, Eric Northman?”

What was I talking about?

“You made me really pretty, Sookie.”  She blinked.  “You have these incredible kissable lips, and you have a body that makes me want to do sinful things that leave me confused and hard at the same time.” She blinked again, and shifted beside me.

I knew why, I wanted to shift in my seat, too.

“I didn’t make you pretty, Eric.  This is how I see you.”  I shivered at the depth of how she loved me.

“Before we try to change you back, I think I would like to see me as you do?”

“Oh,” she said, her tone getting deeper, like mine did when she said something to me that made me crazy to take her.  “But does that mean that you like you better than you do me?”

“No, not at all, dearest,” I said leaning in for kiss of those perfect lips.  “It means that I like me just as much as I do you.”

“Oh, really?” she asked her hand locating my Big Dipper with unerring accuracy.  This time I could reciprocate.  She moaned so perfectly when I wrapped my hand around her I lost my mind and pulled her into that kiss I had been thinking about forever now.

I had no idea my lips were so soft.

I moved to her neck, now long and graceful like my own, but still smelling like Sookie.  So, sweet like Sookie.  Gods, my neck was fabulous!  I could kiss it for hours and not cover the span of it.  Did she appreciate my neck as she did the rest of me?

I rubbed my stubbly cheek against hers and felt her hands working my jeans.  This truly was a night for wishes to come true, I thought when I felt her hot breath fall across my hips.

Oh, my Sookie!  What delights I can show you.  A hairs breadth away from sending me into heavens waiting arms she pulled back from me and looked up.

“So, later, Eric, can we wish that you were more like me?”  My mind traveling to where she was I felt my shaft jerk in her hand.  The chance to feel her like that was mind bending.

“Yes!” Like she thought I would say no?  Was she crazy? Did she think I was crazy?  She was supposed to be me right now.  “Come here, Sookie, let me show you what do with what you have in your hand.”

“Are you implying I don’t already know?” she sassed me.

“You are an artist, Sookie, have no doubt, but I can make you a master.” I leaned in and whispered into her ear and moment later she sat back her eyes large and dripping sex.

“You can really do that?”

“Twice on Sundays,” I assured her, turning her to stretch out beneath me on the sofa.

“Oh, please let it be Sunday,” she moaned.

“Pray for me, Sookie.”

“Someone sure needs to,” she groaned out as I put word to action.

“You’re the prettiest man I’ve ever seen,” I told her before I surrendered my ability to speak to higher purpose.

“That’s just ‘cause I look like yooooooooooou,” was the last thing she managed to say.

Damn straight! My ego yelled, tying up his tap shoes and getting ready to dance like he had never danced before.

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