The Book Of Us


Orbit/The Book Of Us



Three nights later I opened to door of our home to find King Bill on our porch dressed in khaki pants, a navy polo shirt, and a pair of glasses did not need tape to stay together.

Of course, vampires didn’t really need glasses, but the semantics of perfect night vision could be argued later, in a location far away from the person he had really come here to see in that get up.

“Sheriff,” he greeted me stiffly.

“Majesty,” I answered him the same.

“I had hoped to talk to Sookie this evening about helping me with the Festival of Tolerance that we have coming up soon.”  I raised a brow, and let my cold cynical smirk spread slowly across my face.

I see you, Billy, is what I told him with my look.

“Sookie, darling?  You have a guest here to see you.”

“Who is it?” her pleasant tone answered me, I could hear the devil in voice.  She knew very well who it was.

“King Bill,” I called back pleasantly, feeling anything but.

“Sookie, I’d like to talk to you about helping out with the Festival of Tolerance,” he called out, leaning as far in as the magical barrier would allow him to, attempting to see her through the walls and around the corner.  His best winning smile was on the display when she came into view, for a moment anyway.

The moment passed quickly when he realized she was wearing my tee shirt, and that my fang marks were very prominently displayed on her neck.  The little vixen had even pulled her hair around to her other shoulder to make sure he saw them.  She came up to me then, and though I had just left her moments before to answer the door, she curled around me, and proceeded to kiss me like she hadn’t seen me a month of Sundays.

One of her phrases.

I thought it was darling, like I thought she was darling.

She ran her fingers through my hair like she knew I liked it and I growled for her and moved to her neck to kiss my marks on her reverently before moving to stand before my Kermit colored King with my arm around her, a hand resting suggestively on her hip.  She added the scene by leaning her head against my chest before even looking at Bill.

“You were saying…?”

“Umm, the uh, The Festival of Tolerance that we are hosting next week-“

“I read about it,” she said, cutting him off, her tone only a degree above frosty.

“Right, of course.  I was hoping-“

“That coming here in that get up would convince me to come and work with you doing THE very last thing I ever want to do?  Really?  I can’t tolerate you Bill that was the point the last time we spoke.”  I watched his face, he was prepared for this.  Even I knew where he would go next.  It was the obvious play, one that he had enjoyed tremendous success with in the past.

“This is about more than you or I Sookie, this is about-“

“Human and vampire relations throughout the parish.  Yes, I know.  That is what I meant.  You and I together would not convey the message you are looking for with this festival.”

“Of course we would, everyone knows that you and I were deeply in love!”

I was deeply in love…with a liar, a manipulator, a monster.  They will take one look at us together and see me as your victim, the same way I did for a while.”

“But they don’t see that when they see you with, Eric?” he raged, fists clenched and fangs coming down in his anger.

“I don’t see myself that way,” she said, her tone starting even and then getting happier as it went on.  “I see myself as lucky, and special when I see myself with Eric.”  I glanced down to see her looking at me adoringly, which made this funny feeling happen in my chest.  If Bill would go the fuck away I wanted to make some handprints against some walls in our house.

“Was there something else, Majesty?” I asked in my deepest ‘Don’t fuck with me’ tone, switching my gaze from her to him, indicating that I was ready for this conversation to end.

“Yes, as your King I command you to come with me now.  I still need help planning for the festival, even if Sookie is not interested in helping.”

“I’ll send Pam to help you.”

“No, you will bring Pam, too.  I require you both.” Not only was I getting cockblocked by this Napoleon wannabe, this would leave Sookie alone.

Had that been his end game all along?  Nothing that had transpired here would be a surprise to anyone with half a brain.  I looked at him, still unsure if he was that smart, and then I recalled some of his past moves and realized that he might well be.

“I need a moment,” I said, bowing to him, because I truly needed that moment with Sookie before I left.



A moment ago I had wanted to tell Bill that beside Eric I saw myself as a woman in love, but I hadn’t told Eric himself yet what I had realized the night of our date to SBAS.  Now was not the time, and I was not where I wanted to be when I whispered in his ear that I loved him for the first time.  He definitely wasn’t where I wanted him, either.

When he told Bill he needed a moment he shut the door, and vamped us to the cubby where he kissed me softly, making me hate Bill even more for preventing what I had just seen in Eric’s eyes from happening.  He leaned down and whispered so quietly I could barely hear him, “I think this is plan to lure me and Pam away so he can try and get to you.”  I looked up at Eric, who was three parts concerned and one part absolutely fucking livid.

“How could he?” I whispered back?

“Were’s?”  Right, they didn’t need an invite.  I looked at Eric.

“What do you recommend we do?”  He blinked at me, and then he started to smile the sweetest little boy smile I had ever seen on his face.  My hatred for Bill grew that he was going to stop me from doing all the dirty little things that came to mind that would corrupt that sweet man before me.

“You never asked me that before,” he whispered back, still grinning like a fool.

“I never asked anybody that before, but what’s the point in hooking up with a thousand year old vampire if you can’t count on them to have some valuable input every now and then?”  He pulled me to him hugging me like he was never gonna see me again.

A streak of fear ran through me.  Did he think that Bill was gonna do something that prevent him from ever seeing me again?  If that asshole touched one hair on my Eric’s head I was going to fry him up with my fairy lights!   I growled then and hugged him tighter a moment before pulling back.

“What is it?”

“I will kill him if he tries to harm you!” I whispered still, because we had been to that point, but it did nothing to lessen the fury in my face and tone.

“I love you, Sookie.”  His eyes were so wide and innocent and I wanted to kiss him and strangle him at the same time.

“Damn it! I wanted to be the first one to say that!”  His face split into a grin and then our lips were busy doing other things for a moment or two. When the kiss ended he sat down on the bed and pulled me into his lap.

I straddled him, knees on the bed, my needy body resting against his arousal, I wanted and hated so much in that moment that something inside me popped and I felt it run through me like a hot flash before it receded.  “I want to taste you again,” I told him, hot breath whispering in his ear, panting.  The king was waiting, the world was waiting, but I had this moment.

In this moment I was in his arms, I was so close to him that I could hear the beat of my heart echoing in his quiet chest.  There was no way to know what might happen in a minute, in five, in ten, in a thousand.  The only thing I knew for sure that could happen in those minutes would be regret for what I failed to do in this one.

I had not tasted him since the night he gave the house back to me.  We hadn’t even discussed it.  When I thought if it at all it was with a certainty that when the time came we would both just know it.  Looking into his eyes, in this moment, I knew I had been right.

He kept them locked with mine when he dropped fang and tore his wrist open for me.  Moving quickly I popped the button on his jeans, and stroked him a few times, while I leaned in to take his bloody lips.  He thrust into my hand, then I turned, putting my back to his chest, and lowered myself onto him.

I had only been wearing his tee shirt, so it was very easy to give myself what I so desperately wanted in that moment.  I wanted Eric.  It was all I could think.



When she said that she wanted to taste me, it was like a dream.  When she turned in my lap and slid me into her warm tight body as she latched onto my wrist I was as close to nirvana as I was likely to ever get.

She moved on me in time with her sucks at my bleeding wrist, breathing deeply through her nose as she swallowed me down, making every little thing she felt more vibrant and real to me.


It sang inside me, echoing in my long chilled veins, chipping the ice away from the edges of my being.

It was instinct, not hunger that drove my fangs into her neck for the second time that evening.  I raised my body off the bed at the same time, levitating up so that I could move deeper into her welcoming flesh, passing my need for more of everything deep into her.

When my wrist healed her head fell back on my shoulder, my hand came up to cup her breast, teasing her nipple through my shirt, triggering her back to arch against me, and hips to move deeper into mine.  It was a move that forced me so deep inside I feared that it would hurt her.

If it did, it hurt so good, because all she could do was call my name, her body shaking in tremors and quakes of pleasure originating from the center of her  that twisted and pulled at me like I was hers to do with as she pleased.

And I was.

“I love you, Eric!” She called out, as I emptied my own love and passion into her.



I dressed slowly, thinking of his frantic whispers and touches after we made love. He wanted me to go to his house.  I was to leave exactly ten minutes after he left the house, assuming that my scans showed nothing outside.

I was to drive straight to the address that he gave me in Shreveport, use the code he gave me to get in, lock the doors and wait.  He would be there as soon as he could.

When I climbed up from the cubby it was eight minutes since he had left with Bill.  I listened outside, stretching out as far as I could to see if anyone was waiting for me when I opened the door.  While I knew Bill was a tricky son of a bitch I didn’t expect there to be anyone out there right now.  Soon, maybe, but not right now.

Sensing nothing I grabbed a few things from my room and headed out to my car.  Forty-five very long, very boring minutes later, I pulled into Eric’s driveway.  I sat there for a minute and thought, yeah, I wouldn’t have imagined this, but it suits him.

The drive way was circular, and the house was two, or more likely three story brick.  When I got inside I found that it was actually four stories with a floor beneath the basement.  Recalling the slight rise of the street on the way up to this cul-de-sac I realized my clever man had bought a plot on a tall hill and buried most of his house in that hill.

It would have been a trick to find land that rose high enough above the water table to do that, but when you had forever to house hunt, you could eventually find what you wanted.

After traipsing through his house, I looked at my watch, he had been gone from me for three hours.

Felt like three years.

I sighed and looked around for something to keep me occupied.  I had resigned myself to watching television when I noticed a sketch book on his coffee table.  Curious I picked it up and flipped through it quickly.  As my brain caught up with what my eyes had seen I took a deep breath, settled back on the couch, turned on the nearest lamp, and opened the book to the first page.

It was a drawing of me.  The night we met.  His view of me from the throne where was he seated, me in front of him.  I have never ever actually been as beautiful as I was in that picture.  In my face I can see confidence and shyness, bravery and fear, and just a glint of hellfire in my eyes.

Not really…”

The next page was me sitting a table in Fangtasia.  I could see my lips curled into a near smile and I could hear my words echoing distant, “I’ll make you a deal…”

Me leaning at a table in Fangtasia, “Why do I get the feeling you’re blowing me off…”

Me against the wall of porch, “Mr. Northman, won’t you please come in…

Me on my steps, “If I get in trouble, you’ll feel me, right…”

Me in his office, “What do you mean you won’t be around much longer…”

Me looking up at him just before he and Russell fed from me.  I knew that because this time he included his hand when he had caressed my face.  I looked so angry in that one, so hurt.

Me looking down at him with something akin to stubbornness and love in my eyes. I knew that this was when I brought him in from the sun. I remembered what I had felt in that moment and he had captured me and it perfectly.

He was an incredible artist and each moment of my life that he captured was haunting and breathtaking in its accuracy and life like portrayal.  A fact that was driven home like a stake to my heart when I saw myself in my doorway, face twisted in anguish the night he had told me about Bill.

 “I am truly sorry to see you suffer this way… 

I was glad he had told me.  I was grateful.  I stopped and wiped a tear from my cheek and realized that I had never told him that.

Perhaps I had just thought he knew.  That wasn’t fair.  I was the telepath, not him.  Resolving to tell him that I appreciated his honesty now as I should have that night I turned the page and saw my house.  Not the way it is now, but the way it had been after the maenad moved in and fucked it all up.

When I turned the page it was of the same room, but restored and looking exactly like it did now.  There was even a sketch of my car sitting in my drive way, waiting for me to come out and drive it away.  One of Merlotte’s, complete with people inside!  The detail was incredible.

He had haunted my life.  Looked for me in all the places that I used to be, even in the memories of his mind.  I was crying full force now, my little heart aching and breaking for me and for him and for all the time we had lost.

My phone buzzed.

You’re breaking my heart.  I can feel your sadness.  What’s wrong?

I miss you.  When will you be here?



Next was me from behind, naked.

“Such a strange sensation when the reality matches what you’ve pictured in your mind so precisely…”

I took a deep breath and turned the page to see myself that night in Fangtasia.  He had chosen the moment I stood in the crowd of his patrons, my hand extended, daring him, to come to me. Daring him to show the same bravery he demanded of me.


There was no middle ground.  I was awestruck.  At each image I had thought I couldn’t possibly have been that pretty, and then that somehow he managed to make me even more beautiful in the next.

It was then I realized that I was only so beautiful because I was reflecting the man who had been standing in front of me for each of those frozen moments.

These weren’t drawings, they were mirrors, and they showed not a Sookie, but a Sookie bathed in at first the beauty and then eventually the love of the man who had stood before her in each of these moments captured in the pages of his mind.

The last and the best one showed me from the side, the way he saw me the night he came to put the rocket together and I sat on his lap while we talked about us, without talking about us.

I wished I had his talent and that I could show him the images that lived in my mind from our time together.  I wished it with all my heart and I gasped when I felt my hand light up. Not thinking I placed it on the next blank page and saw him in my mind on his throne the night we met when he turned his head to look at me. The image appeared there in a style that was different from his, but just as accurate in its own way.

I saw him when I slapped his face and immediately wanted to kiss it better.

I saw him when he swept into the basement and saw Godric beside me.

When he leaned down and asked me to trust him.

When he let me take his hand on the roof, tears on his face.

His face above me from the dream where I comforted him and touched his fangs for the first time.  The tender ecstasy on his face at my touch brought fresh tears to my eyes.

His face when he told me I was going to invite him in to have passionate primal sex with me.  The devilish glint in his beautiful eyes made me smile and shake my head at this marvelous creature who magically appeared on the paper before me.

The stunned look on his face after our first kiss.

The face of desire that hovered above as we danced the night I claimed him.

The look of wonder on his face the night I made him name the stars.

I love you, Eric, I thought as I touched that image of his beautiful face, tracing the lines with my fingers as tears slid down my face.

My phone buzzed again.

OMW.  Need anything?

You.  I need you.  Hurry, please.

I put the book back where I found it and made my way to his room.   I wanted to surprise him when he came home.

I wanted to make a new memory of his beautiful face that I could add to the book of us.


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21 thoughts on “The Book Of Us

  1. suzyq591suzy says:

    That was so sweet Sookie seeing herself via Erics eyes. 🙂

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  2. VictoryInTrouble says:

    OMG, that was the best. All those moments of them! So beautiful!

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    • idream3223 says:

      thank you my friend. It is good to hear from you! 🙂 I know I owe you some back reviews from this week, too. Life has been a bit of bear this week and I am behind, but I have not forgotten you! Thanks for reading :).

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    • idream3223 says:

      Things are still crazy and I don’t know when they will change. Work stuff, which makes me wish even more than I had a writing career to fall back on. I didn’t know it was possible to want that more. And there are man problems. Why can’t the be like I write them? Tall, gorgeous, immortal? Maybe that’s the problem. My imagination is so good they can’t possibly ever meet the bar. 🙂
      Thanks again for reading. I will catch up on your stuff tomorrow! Looking forward to reading your updates!

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      • VictoryInTrouble says:

        Im sorry you’re so busy at work and having man problems. Thats no fun! I swear, if my husband said all the things I write for sweet Eric, things would be so perfect! Lol. Unfortunately(😜) he’s real. Sigh. Lol.

        I hope things in all areas of your life get better soon! 🙂 ❤

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  3. mom2goalies says:

    That was amazing! Any chance we will hear from Eric as he sees her drawings of him?

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  4. askarsgirl says:

    Ok I actually squealed when I saw there was an update from you!! I love this one time one shot that’s turned into a full blown lovely story! I thought the sketch book was soo brilliant and well done. Can’t wait for the next update to any of your stories!

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    • idream3223 says:

      It makes me feel so good to know that seeing an update for one of my stories makes someone feel good enough to squeal! thank you so much for sharing that with me. It encourages me to keep trying to wow you with the stuff that fills my strange little brain :). I am working on a FauX update right this minute for my usual Sunday post on that one. I realized the other day that I may have subconsciously been trying to compensate for the lack of new TB by updating this one each Sunday. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing, I can’t wait to hear what you think when I get the next update up! 🙂 *hugs*


  5. lostinspace33 says:

    That was beautiful!

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  6. This is so so amazing! The best chapter of this story…Sookie looking at Eric’s drawings is finally realizing how his feelings for her are “more” not only for sex and blood !
    You did a great job!
    Can Bill fall on a stake in this story by accident? He’s getting on my nerves!
    Take it easy….


  7. murgatroid98 says:

    The book is wonderful and its stories very moving. Bill wearing glasses? Seriously? Sounds like Stan from book two. Great chapter.


  8. I melted at Sookie’s POV! That was so perfect!


  9. duckbutt60 says:

    Oh my –tearing up –he loved her from the moment he saw her, no matter what his mind may have told him –his heart was already captured…..

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  10. valady1 says:

    When you look at someone through the eyes of love you see them in ways no one else ever could..and that is what I think his drawings reveal. He sees not just her physical beauty, but her soul as well. And I imagine what she added to the sketch pad will reflect the same thing in the way she sees him. This was achingly beautiful.


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