Under Your Spell

Orbit/Under Your Spell




Sometime later that same night I was pulled from down time by a finger tracing patterns on my naked chest and warm still mostly naked Sookie curled around me, one leg over mine, resting between them intimately.

“Yer naked,” she said in the dark when she felt me stir.

“You outta know,” I said back, my hand coming up to rest over hers where my heart beat would be if I had one.

“What’s that mean?” she asked a little indignant.

“You stole my clothes, Miss Stackhouse.”  Smug was rolling off me in waves.  “I walked in and you poofed them away.”

“I did not!”

“Oh, yes you do and it was fucking fabulous!”

“Why on earth would I do that even if I could?”

“Because you wanted to snuggle me.”

“Ha!” she said in a disbelieving tone, completely contradicted by her snuggling me closer.  I could not get the grin off my face and I was glad was dark or it would be one more thing for this hellion to tease me about.

“What happened with your mission tonight?” I filled her in, keeping her close.

“Witches?  Like Samantha, witches?”

“Yes and no.  These are real and they were working on controlling dead things.”  I felt her stiffen up beside me.

“But you took care of it, and you are safe now?”  I was touched, and suddenly I remembered I wanted to be touched.

“Well, they might have cast a spell on me before I defeated and banished them.  A spell that only you can cure.”  I actually heard her eyebrow go up.  She was picking up my mannerisms.  I loved it.

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, it’s quite a painful spell unless you help with it.”  I shifted my lower body brushing my arousal against her leg.  I was rewarded by a sharp intake of her breath as she realized what I was implying.

“Oh, my.  A witch did that to you?”

“Yes, she did.  She’s quite something.  About so tall, blonde hair, brown eyes and an ass that just doesn’t qui-“

“Eric Northman! You watch your language!”

“Right, sorry, perhaps I could point her out to you instead?  Would that be less offensive?” My hand slipped up to cup her breast then, my thumb brushing over her nipple.  Feeling it harden under my touch and hearing her breathy response made the ache I had worse and not better.

“That’s definitely less offensive,” she sighed leaning into my hand, and encouraging my continuing my efforts in identifying the woman who had spelled me tonight. “Tell me more.”

“Well,” I said leaning down to kiss her slowly along her collar bones headed toward the treasure that rested in my hand.  “She’s all I can think of now, all I want to think of.” I took her nipple into my mouth and sucked it gently, rewarded by her hand coming up to tangle itself in my hair.  I growled softly, torn between wanting to keep doing what I was doing and in letting go so that my head could follow her hand.  She was so warm, and she smelled heavenly, conjuring thoughts of what we had done last night.

“Touch me, Sookie, please.”  I groaned like a man lifting a heavy weight when she wrapped her warm hand around my shaft and started pumping it slowly in her hand.  The pressure she applied was exquisitely right, like she was just born knowing how to touch me.

“Like this?” she asked.

“Oh, yes.  Just like that.  You feel so good!” My hands tangled in her hair then as I pulled her lips to mine.  After a few minutes of her kisses I turned us over on the narrow bed, and as though she could read my thoughts she opened for me, letting me rest between her lovely thighs, letting me press my hard flesh into the wet heat of her core.  I shuddered as she moaned her pleasure beneath me.

“I want you, Sookie.  So much!” I was so drugged on her that I had no idea what I was saying.  I just knew that I needed her then, around me, holding me inside her body, inside her arms.  I just needed Sookie.


He said he needed me like he was afraid it was wrong to do so.  Crazy vampire. He was supposed to have thousand years of experience on his side, couldn’t he tell that I wanted him just as much?  Couldn’t he feel what he did to me?

“I thought I was going to die when I took your blood tonight I couldn’t take the rest of you with it,” I whispered in his ear.  “I was dizzy with need for you, Eric.  Please,” I said to him, working to give him the words he seemed to need before he could give us both what we wanted so desperately in that moment.

I had feared him once.  Thought him cold and uncaring, but I knew now in this moment that if I wanted to stop he would.  I could feel it. I didn’t want to stop though.  Maybe not ever.

“Damn you, little witch! I want to take you slow, pleasure you for hours but you make it impossible for me to do anything but pound you into this mattress until you give me everything!”


He had said he wanted everything, and now he was saying it again, with enough sex and need in his voice to make my body weep for him.  I gasped for air, feeling like I was losing myself in this moment and that it was all right to do that.

I had told Bill I belonged to me now. That meant that I could do what I wanted to do. For the first time ever I could do what I wanted to do.

“Then do it.”


Her command removed my last hesitation and my last doubt that she wanted me.  When I buried myself inside her, the last of my restraint left, too. I had told her that I wanted her to give me everything, but I found myself giving it instead of taking it.

When she gasped her pleasure I gave her my kisses to calm her.  When her legs came up, crossing over my plunging hips I worked to find that spot that would show her the stars she had made me name earlier tonight on the lawn.  She was so responsive to me, so open to what was happening that I had barely found it when she came apart beneath me.  I saw her face in the dark and was moved near to tears at the joy I saw when her head fell back, her mouth a perfect O of ecstasy from my caress inside her.  I lowered my head and took her hard nipple into my mouth again, prolonging her pleasure and pressing deeper into her when her nails ripped my back open in her mindless passion.

I wanted to love her for hours in the dark, but I couldn’t hold back.  She stripped me bare and I came into her again and again, calling her name before I kissed her, letting her taste the sounds of my pleasure.

I told her I wanted everything, and she gave it to me.  I returned it to her and hoped that nothing would ever break the spell we found ourselves under.


The next night I awoke to find her sitting at the foot of the bed, a baffled look on her face. “Where are your clothes, Eric?” I looked around the cubby and didn’t see them.  I hadn’t given it much thought last night, but I could tell she had given it plenty today.

“Umm, I told you. You poofed them away when I got here last night.”

“Explain that, please,” she said looking at me sharply.

“You wanted me to undress, but you were half asleep and when you didn’t get what you wanted to waved your hand and made them disappear. It was awesome!”

“Unh-huh, awesome.  Will it be awesome when you have to walk around here naked?”

“It could be awesome?”

“Pfft,” but at least she was smiling. “Seriously, Eric.  I can’t find them and if you hid them just so you could distract with you awesome as-“

“Sookie Stackhouse! You watch your language!”  She giggled now, and climbed onto the bed with me.

“Sorry,” she said coming in for a good evening kiss. I snuggled her next to me and started thinking about trying for some of long slow loving that had eluded us last night, but I could tell she was not thinking about that right now.

“I really don’t know what happened to them, Sookie.  Have you really ever not done anything like that before?”  She shook her head and looked at me with fear clear in her eyes.  I pulled her closer.  “It doesn’t matter.  I will wear whatever you have here, and we will figure it out together.”

“If I did do what you said, and you’re not funnin’ me, then something must have happened when I was in Fae.”

“I’m not funnin’ you, Sookie.  I might tease you, but I will never lie to you or cause you pain.  I would never betray you.”  She stared at me a long time and then said the best thing I could have hoped for.

“I believe you.”  I kissed her forehead then, lingering there with her despite knowing that I needed to rise and report my success to the king. I also had matters that needed attending at the bar tonight.  I was going to have to shower and go soon.

It was the last thing I wanted to do.

I held her closer as I tried to figure out how to make this work with her when real life was such a bitch bent on keeping us apart.  She shook me from my thoughts a moment later.

“I need to tell you what happened with Bill last night.”


Talking about my asshat ex was the last thing I wanted to do.  I wanted to stay here in his arms, and forget that I had apparently entered into some advanced stage of freakdom where I could make things disappear with just a thought.

But, I couldn’t let him walk into his next meeting with his king unaware of what had transpired last night after he left.  I expected him to be angry.  Instead he seemed more interested in what I had said than what Bill had attempted to do in warning me off him.

“You mean this, Sookie?  You would leave with me?”  Of course I mean it.  I said it didn’t I?  Did he not want me? Was last night’s disappearing clothes a deal breaker for him?

“If you wanted me to, then yes I would.  Do you not want me to? Was last night’s mystery of the disappearing clothes too much for you?”

“Woman, are you insane? You ask me, me, Eric Northman if I have been overwhelmed by your magical ability to get me naked? Did you fall and bump you head today?”

I laughed. What else could I do?

“Well, when you put it that way, it does sound kind of silly, huh?”  He rolled his eyes at me.  He was picking up my mannerisms.  I loved it! “Do you think Bill will send you away?  Or worse yet, try and kill you as he said?”

“Perhaps, but knowing that you would go with me opens the door for us to just leave of our own accord.”

“And go where?”

“Where wouldn’t we go?”

“Could we go to Egypt?”

“If you like.”






“Why?” he raised an eyebrow at that one.

“Why not?” I answered him in his own fashion.

“Why not, indeed.  Yes, even Cleveland, if you like.”

“Paris?  London? Madrid? Estonia?”  He snorted then.  “What?  There is ass there that I might need to kick if the stars aligned.”

“You and your stars, Miss Stackhouse.  Do you plan to blast off into orbit from all these exotic locals?”



“Whether yer willing to assist.”  He kissed me then, and I knew that I could see the stars from anywhere in the world as long as he was beside me.


When I came out of the shower she was waiting with a pair of basketball shorts and blue sweatshirt with the sleeves cut out.  It was hardly the designer fair that I was accustomed to. I appreciated her efforts though, at least I did right up until I got them on and she burst into a fit of giggles.

“What?” I asked, turning around in a circle trying to see what she thought was so funny about me in her brother’s left overs.  She laughed harder.

“We had a dog when I was kid that used to chase his tail just like that!” Fine, two can play at this game.  I vamped to her and pulled her against me, kissing the smart ass right out of her.  She was all dewy eyed and panting when I let her go.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover, Sookie.” She opened her mouth and closed it again. Score one for the Harlem Globetrotter’s reject!  I strutted through the house to the cubby feeling confident that I had just showed her what for, but good.

My joy was squashed a moment later when I went to get my phone, only to realize that it too was MIA with my pants.  That meant I had to go see the king in person.  Which was not going to happen dressed like this.  No fucking way.  I was about to ask Sookie if she was interested in flying to Shreveport with me for some clothes when I heard a knock at our door, immediately followed by a voice and words that chilled my undead heart.

“Sookie, I’ve come for you.”

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24 thoughts on “Under Your Spell

  1. saldred75 says:

    not bill!!! but then who could it be? you are evil!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. askarsgirl says:

    Arrg!! Evil evil cliffie! Two updates from you today and in both stories the last line has left me crazy for more!!
    Who could it be? Russell? Maybe too early for him to be sprung from his cement grave, timeline wise. Bill’s voice certainly wouldn’t chill Eric’s heart…Claudine perhaps?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I guess you like to play with our shipper hearts! It was way too good that Eric and Sookie could have some happy time together! Well who could it be!? Somebody so powerful to chill Eric’s heart! Could it be Naill!?… or a one of Eric’s enemies? Oh lord I guess I have to be patient! …Until the next update take care

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ashmo2000 says:

    That was funny! What happened to Eric’s clothes? Lol. I really like this Sookie, she’s willing to leave that small town for Eric if he has to go. Who is at the door that would scare Eric, a fairy perhaps? Eric is scared Sookie will get taken again so it’s a possibility?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. mom2goalies says:

    Arg! Sigh, cliffies are nasty! So hard to patiently wait for updates…

    Liked by 1 person

  6. murgatroid98 says:

    Aww, and they were having such a nice time. I can’t imagine Bill saying that after the previous nights conversation. Claudine? If so she is awfully brave to go to a house where a vampire is staying. I can’t think of anything else except Warlow, but it’s too early for him. I hope the next chapter is coming soon.

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  7. lostinspace33 says:

    WTH??? Who dat?!

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  8. Warlow??? Say it ain’t so?

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  9. VictoryInTrouble says:

    UH-oh! Is Eric going to eat her?
    Your love scene was poetry. So beautiful! I love these guys! I am intrigued that Sookie didn’t know she used fairy magic to poof Eric’s clothes! And I agree with Eric–a naked Eric is always awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

    • idream3223 says:

      I read that twice and laughed both times. For some reason my brain took “is he going to eat her?” and combined it with your comment about my love scene and wound up on the corner of Dirty and Daring. It was AWESOME! 🙂
      I am glad you think I did that scene well. I was talking to Meridian the other night about scenes like that and I wanted to find the special small place between dirty and sweet that is so hard to hit, but feels so good when you get there…you know, like we all imagine snogging a Viking might be, when we indulge in such extravagances. 🙂 Thank you for you wonderful comments and support.


  10. geenakmom says:

    Their banter just makes my heart happy. I love it!

    I was reading everyone’s comments to who it is at the door and they all guess Claudine to which you said yes. I was thinking it was Pam because she hadn’t seen Eric since the night in the office.


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