Quiet Lies Outtake- Cantos & Mira- So, This Is How It’s Going To Be?

A/N- All I could see in the crystal ball of my story mind was this.  I had to write it, and devote myself to it even though it takes us away from the action.  These two insisted they have this, and I am but their servant. 

I am still working on figuring out the showdown, and it will come soon, especially now that these two are quiet and happy.  Have some vitamin C 🙂 Pun intended. 

The song at the end, Second Chances by Imagine Dragons just fits them so perfectly.  Give it listen if you haven’t heard it before.


Cantos POV

After a while we helped each other stand, slowly making our way in to what was left of Claude’s party club.  I helped Mira up onto a stool at the bar before making my way around to the back.  I found the bottle that had contained the Water broken in half on the floor. There was enough for one of us remaining in the bottom.

Carefully, I came back around to her, placing it on the bar as I leaned next to her. “Drink.” She leaned over and looked at what remained of the magic that had been brought from Fae, and then sat back on her stool, sighing in relief.

“You drink it,” she said, looking me right in the eye.  “You need it more than I do.”

“How the fuck do you figure that?” She closed her eyes, but I saw them rolling before she did.

*Because you are planning to check on the ones we sent away, and then try and find your father.*


*You will need your strength for that, Cantos.*

I couldn’t fault her logic, but neither should she fault my heart.

*I owe my first allegiance to you now, Mira.*

“And what the hell do I owe you?” she yelled at me, going pale from the exertion.

“It’s not the same, and you know it!” I yelled back, reaching for the Water.  “Drink!” I held it to her lips, surprised when she took it all.  Surprised even more when she slid off the stool and into my arms, her hand tangling in my hair as she pulled my lips to hers in our first bonded kiss.

She was so soft, her new breasts pressed to my hard chest, all of the Light between us swirling with bright and determined colors. I opened my mouth, partially from shock, and partially because I really wanted to kiss my beautiful Mira the way she deserved to be kissed.

When the Water filled my mouth from hers, I swallowed it purely on reflex, feeling it warm me as it went down into the depths of me, finding my still remaining wound and healing it in a flash. I pulled back from her, grabbing her shoulders to make her look at me. “So, that’s how this is going to be?” I demanded, angry that she had defied me, and partially high on the magic Water.  I wanted to sound angry, but had to settle for something between that and wonder at her boldness.

“Probably,” she conceded, looking up into my eyes.  The top of her head would rest right under my chin when I held her, which I would do as soon as I decided not to strangle her.  My hands, large like my fathers, traveled down to her new soft womanly hips, at first to get away from the temptation of throttling her, but soon with other intentions.

I cupped her round soft ass with my hands, loving that it ran over them. “Baby got back,” I whispered to myself, using the slang I had picked up from watching television while all the vampires slept for the day.

“I would be insulted, if you didn’t make that sound like the best thing in the world.” Her green eyes glinted at me, as her lips curved into a perfect pink bow.

“Oh, it is! An ass like that will go a long way toward me forgiving you for acting like one.”

“And what fine attributes do you have that will bring such forgiveness from my womanly heart when you act like an ass?” She was teasing me, but her words reminded me that she was an innocent when it came to such matters. If she were one of my many conquests I would remove my blood soaked pants and show her what was asking for, but she wasn’t my conquest. She was my Mira.  She was my mate eternal.  I was frozen.


“Oh, that’s clever.  So, I can count on you to win me with your silver tongue then?” The images that brought up made me squirm, which inadvertently pressed what I had thought a second ago to show her against her body. Her eyes went wide for just a second before she tensed up, and then paled again from the exertion on her wounded muscles. Anger flared in me again that she had not taken the Water and healed herself like I told her to do.

I caught her as her knees gave way, sweeping her up in my arms, worry mixing in with the harsh words I wanted to shout at her. I decided there were better ways to spend my energy.  Holding her close to me, I closed my eyes and checked the gates to Fae.  Warlow had left them open.  I ported us through them to the Well of Truth.

The Well was in a garden that was always in bloom.  The light here had a fuzzy late evening quality to it that made everything seem extra alive.  Kneeling by the pool, I removed her clothes, porting them away with my mind, leaving her naked for the first time since her final effusion. I was undone from the just the sight of her.

Her breasts were heavy and round, her nipples the same perfect pink as her lips.  My hands flexed around her as I thought of what it would feel like to touch her, delighted to realize that just like her ass, they would exceed the grasp of my hands.  She was soft all over, even the dark blonde down that marked the edge of her womanhood promised a softness I had never known.

I was standing there gaping like an idiot, with my dream girl naked in my arms, passed out from her own stubbornness.  I grunted in frustration to have this holy land denied to me.  “So, this is how it’s going to be?” I asked again, this time to the universe that seemed so cruel in this moment I would have run it through the heart, if I thought it had one.

I turned back to the Well, which was more a pool of pure crystal blue water, and removed my own clothes before I rose with her in my arms.  I stepped into the water, walking out slowly until the ugly wound across her stomach was submerged, and waited for the magic to bring her back to me.

When she was healed I was going to tell her that when I commanded her to do something, she had damn well better listen to me.  I was older.  I was more experienced.  I knew what I was talking about, and she damned well better listen to me.

*Is that what you think?*

I had been so caught up in my thoughts I missed her waking up in my arms. My eyes met hers as she looked at me with a very serious expression on her beautiful face.  Her freckles stood out against her skin in this light, replacing my rant with the desire to sit with her on the bank, and connect them with my finger into new and fascinating shapes.

I shook myself. I had to be serious now.  It was important to begin as you mean to finish.

*Yes, that is what I think.*

She wriggled to be let down. I obliged, and stood face to face with her, whole and awake for the first time. She was standing so close that her beautiful erect pink nipples were touching my chest.  My eyes flicked down to them, erasing my brain again.  I felt my mouth open slightly, wanting to kiss them, before I caught myself again and made my eyes go back to hers.

*You know what I think?*

*Yes, I have seen what you think.  You think you know better than me.  You think you can defy me when it suits you, and ignore my decisions if they don’t match yours.*  

Her eyes never wavered as I came at her full force with my thoughts.

*I think that your welfare is the most important thing to me.  I think that I will care for you, as I have for two hundred years.  I think that you are strong, and stubborn, and that in time you will see that I don’t wish to defy you at all.*

*Then what is it that you wish to do, Mira?*

*Only to cherish you, you amazing, wonderful, beautiful man.*

Her feelings for me came through, strong and true, taking my breath away.

*Don’t do that!*

*Don’t love you? It’s far too late for that.*

“I can’t,” I gasped out, my chest heaving as I struggled for air. “I can’t.”

“Yes, you can.  It’s why I was born, so that you could let yourself be seen, and be loved.  You’ve known it since the night I crashed into you.  Tell me you know it, please. I’ve waited so very long to hear it, Cantos.” She had waited, never changing her mind, or running from it, only toward it because Mira was braver than I could ever be.

“That’s not true, Cantos,” she said as her hands came up to my face.  Her touch was more magical than anything else in all of Fae.  My eyes closed to shut out anything that might distract me from how good she felt.  “I became the woman I am because of who you are.  I saw your bravery, your faith and your strength and made myself into someone worthy of a man like you.”

“No!” I pulled back from her words, even at the cost of her touch.  “You don’t know!”

“Of course I know.  Did you think that all the cruel people who teased and taunted me never told me the things that were whispered about you in the dark?”

“What?” I staggered back further from her, almost falling into the water in my haste to get away.  I fought my way to the bank even though it felt like the Well itself was determined to hold me there with her to face these things that I only wanted to run from forever. “This was a mistake,” I said, keeping my back to her as I made it up the bank and out of the water.

The sharpness of her pain from my words brought me to my knees. I pounded the ground with my fists in frustration.  I was stuck, and I hated that feeling. I hated feeling trapped.  I had sworn when I had finally escaped my mother that I would never feel that way again, but here I was.  Stuck in a bond with a woman who truly loved me, and it was because I loved her just as much that I never wanted her to see this part of me. I had held her at a distance all this time to protect her from the dark truths I could not change about my past.

When I looked up again, she was kneeling in front of me, her face covered in tears from my stupid denials of our bonding.  “All I am ever going to do is hurt you, Mira.”

“I don’t believe that.  I may not be as old as you, but I know some things, too.” She reached out to me, pulling me to her breast as she rocked me gently, kissing the top of my head over and over between her words of all the things she knew. “I know that you don’t have to afraid with me. I know that you can show me nothing that would ever change the love I have for you.  I know that if you truly wish it, I will let you go, because I love you enough to do that for you.  I can’t undo our bond, but I can set you free from obligation to me, and you can go your own way.”

I couldn’t speak, but my arms answered her by coming up around her back and holding her just as tightly as she was holding me.  “I know that I will not always agree with you, particularly if you are as high handed as you were thinking you were going to be with me, but I will fight it out with you, and then fight beside you as long as I draw breath every day, until you know with perfect certainty that you can trust me with anything, my sweet, sweet man.”

She was quiet for a long time, just holding me. I had fucked my way through more nights than I could even remember, but no one had ever just held me before.  I didn’t know how much I needed it until she did it.  “May I kiss your beautiful ears?” she asked me softly. Her request made me smile.

“Yes.” When her lips touched me, it was the softest touch I had ever felt, filled with the same love and adoration that I felt in her embrace.  She sighed sweetly, and kissed the top of my head again.  “I have wanted to do that for so very long,” she whispered to me. “It was as amazing as I had imagined I would be.”

“Fantasize about me a lot, did you?” I kept my head down, but she could hear the humor in my voice, and no doubt feel it in our bond.

“So many nights.  You would hardly believe it.”

“Try me.”

“I would like to.” I wasn’t expecting that, but my body was listening to her sweet words, and responded immediately. “Oh,” she gasped softly when she saw me harden for her. “Is that for me?” She sounded as happy about it as I felt.

“Yes,” I told her again, making myself stay where I was.   I wanted to see what she would do.  I thought I would immolate when her soft little hand closed around me tightly, moving up and down cautiously. I lost my fight to stay still, my body uncoiling from hers to let my hips thrust into the hold she had on me. My head was still resting on her breast, giving me the perfect view of her body’s reaction to mine as her nipple swelled, calling to me.  I hardly had to move to take it between my lips.

Her hand stilled on me as the sensations I caused in her took hold. “OH!” she gasped.  “Does it feel like when I touch you?” I hummed around her nipple, tugging it gently with my teeth, delighted when she found enough control to resume stroking me, this time with more confidence.

My hand slipped down between her thighs, finding her clit, and stroking her in time with her movements on my cock.  She gasped again, as her legs opened wider for my touch. I turned my head to give her other nipple the same lavish treatment the first had enjoyed.  She was squeezing me tighter now, her pleasure distracting her from my body, but it was still perfect.  I was so hard it hurt.  When her hand came to the top of my cock, she found that I was leaking.  She stopped, curious, and I felt her shift to see what she was feeling.

I nearly screamed when her thumb rolled around the tip of my cock, sliding through the slickness she found there over and over, increasing the fluid that her touch was pulling out of me.  I slipped my fingers down to her entrance, and slid one into her, massaging her in the same rhythm she was using on me.  She gushed for me then, soaking my hand with her readiness to join.

“I need to be inside you,” I told her, looking up to meet her eyes for the first time since this had started.  Her emerald eyes were nearly black from her pleasure dilated pupils. She gulped air and closed her slack jaw to speak.

“Th-this?” Her hand squeezed me again, making me thrust hard into her slick hand.


“But it’s so big!  Will it feel good? Like your hand?”

“Oh, yes, better even,” I growled as I slipped a second finger into her. Her head fell back as she rocked on my fingers.

“Not possible,” she moaned, then her head came up, her eyes glinting.  “Show me.  Show me how to give you what you need, sweet man.” When her eyes locked with mine, I felt a pull in the center of me that I had never experienced before.  It might have been the bond, or maybe it was just her.  My Mira, the woman who had always loved me, even when I couldn’t love myself.

In my time in the human world, which far exceeded my most recent visit, because I had hid there from Claudine for centuries before Warlow’s war, I had seen enough movies to know that when two lovers kissed the rest of the world was supposed to fade.  Time stopped for them on the silver screen, and even on the smaller television screen.  Their bodies did things that their minds were unaware of entirely.  Kisses were supposed to be magic.

I had dismissed it utterly as tripe.  I had kissed many people, and never once had time stopped. When I leaned up to kiss Mira I expected something special, because she was special.  I did not expect a movie kiss.  It was just like they did it on the screen, because I had no knowledge of moving our bodies until I felt my cock press into her.  It was her gasp that broke our kiss, and brought me back from the magic our lips had made. “You can take me,” I told her, wanting to reassure her wide eyes that looked just a little afraid for the first time, ever.  “I know you can, because I know that you were born so that I could be seen, and loved by a woman as wonderful and magical as you, Mira.”

I pushed in further as I spoke the words she had waited so long to hear, rocking my hips slowly, easing in a little further every time I pushed.  My words were like sunlight to her, making her open wider to take me, and her arms come around my back to hold on.

“Yes!” she said in answer to my confession.  “Yes!” she said again, as I rocked into her, halfway inside now, sure that I would die before I felt her take me all the way.  I kept rocking, loving the expressions her face made as she felt me come into her like this. Telepaths are jaded about intimacy, because sex is empty compared to mind walking.  Every gasp and wriggle of the woman beneath me chipped a piece of that jade from my eyes.

I groaned when I felt her take all of me, squeezing me almost in rebellion against this new invasion.  She was quivering, her eyes wide as she looked up at me.  “See?  We fit.” She smiled, uncertain at first, but when I rocked gently again, letting her feel all of me, her smile became brighter.

“It does feel better than your finger,” she told me, before her eyes drifted shut to contain what she was feeling.  I kissed her again, attacking her lips while her eyes were closed, wanting all of her attention on me even now as I possessed her so intimately. The sensations her kiss sent through me made me move in her, again, not realizing I was until she broke the kiss to moan.  She pressed her forehead to mine, her face going blurry in my vision from its closeness.

“I need to move, Mira.  Please, I need to feel you!” She answered me by raising her hips and taking me deeper.  “Fuck, yes!” I started as slow as I could, which wasn’t what she deserved, but the feeling was too much for me. When I heard her call my name I rocked into her harder and faster, doing everything I could to answer her call. I placed a kiss between her big beautiful breasts that were moving in time with my thrusts.  I could not stop and taste them like I wanted, and I prayed to them, asking them to understand.  Later, I promised them, before my eyes met hers again, and I felt her move in my soul like the wind through the trees.

The sensation ran through our bodies, making us quiver and jerk together as I fucked her harder and faster.

*Open to me, Mira.  Let yourself fly in my arms.*

I felt her tighten and knew she was almost there.

“I love you,” I said to her, never meaning anything more in my life. She knew that, she felt that, and she gave it back to me tenfold as I claimed her first orgasm as mine. She moved around me like oiled silk, pulling me into it with her.  I think I left my body when I came into her, hard thick jets of come filling her again and again that made my whole body numb as she cried out and held me tightly. My face fell into her shoulder as I gasped for air.

I felt her legs come up around me, and her arms hold me tighter as she cooed soft sounds in my ear.  Her tongue darted out to trace its pointy edge, making me shiver when I felt her hot breath. “So, this is how it’s going to be,” she said, humor dancing in her voice.

“Yes,” I told her, not able to manage much beyond that.

“Good.”  And it was. It really, really was.



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    So, so beautiful!!

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  3. Cant wait for Eric and Sookie to destroy Warlow! So loving this story!

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  5. mom2goalies says:

    Cantos is like an extra large mini me! He is so like his father that it is not surprising that he would fall for a strong woman who will stand up to him! I love that she can make him loose his mind and words, lol. They are perfect together and I cannot wait for them to defeat Warlow so all four of them can have some downtime to get to know each other. (Even as I so don’t want this story to end. So conflicted…) thanks so much for this outtake!

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    • idream3223 says:

      It’s so funny you said mini-me, cause in the part that he insisted I write after this outtake I had to stop and just go WOW! He rolls into some dark possessive Eric territory that made me completely agree with you that he is his father’s son. If folks are interested I may post the additional Cantos sexy time :).

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    These two can insist on this any time! I think it’s time for a cigarette…

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    Beautifully written. A nice interlude before harsh reality comes back in.

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    Beautiful! So glad we didn’t miss this scene.

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