Renegades *One Shot*

Renegades/TBS2/Timebomb/Eric & Sookie/M – We saw Eric tell Sookie that he would be fine when The Fellowship took him, and then we saw him under silver.  What happened in between that made him so concerned for her safety before he left the church?


“I’ll be fine,” I said as she stood beside me shaking.  It wasn’t fear, I would have smelled that.  No, Sookie was angry and fighting to contain it.  I knew how she felt.  This horrible little human had just told me that he planned to light me up come the dawn.  Rather than scare me, it angered me.  I didn’t know this man, but I could see that he was caught up in the religious fervor that I had seen in the eyes of many.  A fervor that boiled down to one simple fact.

He needed to feel important.

He planned to kill me so he could feel like he had done something with his miserable little existence.

Steve Newlin could not fathom what he would be extinguishing.  He, like all mortals, thought of time in increments so tiny it exhausted me to consider them.  I thought of time as an unending river that I could swim in forever.  Sometimes a river of blood, others a river of memories.  To me there was no need to break it down to its smallest variables because I had forever, or I did until this sniveling little weasel decided it was his moral obligation to take it from me.

Spill no blood, Godric had said. It chafed, but it was no real hardship to follow his command.  His commands were the purpose by which I walked.  It was inconceivable to defy him.  I knew I could take Sookie and run, moving so fast these mortals could not track me, but I could not leave Godric.  There might still be a chance to save him, even from himself.

“If they hurt you, I will kill them!” she snarled surprising me. I looked at her in askance.  “You’ve done nothing!  Godric has done nothing, you don’t deserve this!”  They were moving in around us now, cautiously, wisely, I thought.  On some level they knew that I was the one with the power, not the prancing human on the stage before us.  I saw then that this was like a play, everyone with a part to play.  They all made sense to me except her.  She wasn’t supposed to be this raw, this angry, or this fucking sexy, but she was.

It hit me then that all my time could end here, not likely but certainly possible. I knew already that I would trade my life for my maker if the chance came.  As I searched inside myself I found the only regret that I would have is not knowing her better. In every way.  “Tell me something that no one else knows about you,” I said to her surprising myself as much as her.  Any other human would have stammered and wasted our few precious seconds, but not this one. She answered right away, underscoring my regret at potentially losing more time with her.

“You’re starting to grow on me,” she said smiling slightly. I laughed out loud, enjoying her and this moment as though we were not surrounded by an enemy with hands of silver.  “Tell me something that no one knows,” she said back to me.

“If I die here tonight, I will regret not seeing how much more I can grow into you,” I raised a brow and flirted with her.  She laughed now with her clothes ripped and her skin bruised from her attack I took her mind off her circumstance long enough to make her laugh.  It felt very good deep inside me and I wanted to live more than ever then just so I could feel that again.

“I hate to tell you, but that’s a secret,” she shot back.


“Anyone with eyes can see you got a case of the Sookie’s.”  I laughed again.

“Sounds contagious,” I joked back.  Her smile faded.

“Not really, most folks are completely immune.” She seemed sad now and I needed to change that quickly.  I wanted her fire and her passion.  I needed those things if this was the end.

“Then I will go into quarantine with you.  We will leave this place and live the life of renegades.”

“Like in the old West?”

“If you wish it.  We can wear guns and hats and ride horses across the desert in the moonlight.”

“And we’ll deal out justice to anyone who does us wrong?”  They were almost upon us then, about to do us some serious wrong.

“I am a Sheriff, so yes, we will deal justice to the wrong doer.”  I saw a tear in her eye as she glanced behind me and I braced.


“Promise,” I said in my most serious tone before I started to burn and could speak no more.

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When they settled me on the altar like a sacrifice they restrained her and sat her down on the floor beside me.  I was smoking, suffering as the silver ate away my flesh.  I heard her turn around and moment later I felt her small hand on my leg.  “I’m right here, Eric,” she reassured me from the floor.  I thought for a moment that she must be hurting herself to twist around like that just to offer the comfort of her touch.  I couldn’t deny her though, it felt too good.  It almost offset the pain.

On any given day I hated to be touched.  I touched.  I never let anyone touch me. I never let anyone reach me, but somehow this tiny little person had slipped through all that when I wasn’t looking.  Her touch was most welcome.  “I want a golden palomino,” she said continuing to talk as though a group of zealots were not planning our demise just a few feet away.  “I’ll name her Stormy and braid her mane with pink bows.”  Her tone sounded dreamy and though I could have taken her words as nervous prattle I sensed she was speaking from the heart.  “I’ll ride her fast through the mesas and nothing will ever be able to catch me or hurt me again.”  She squeezed my leg gently then.

“You, Sheriff Northman will want a big black stallion.  You will let me name him and I will call him Thunder, because he belongs with Stormy.” I chuckled despite the pain.  She was a more than adequate distraction.  “They will never be separated from each other, no matter what,” she added.  “There will be nothing that the two of them can’t beat as long as they are together.”  I wanted to ask if she was still talking about horses or their riders but I didn’t dare. I needed this fantasy as much as she did in this moment.

I could feel Godric near and I worried for him. He was supposed to get out while I distracted them! Perhaps he would come with us on our adventures.  I closed my eyes and tried hard to focus.  The silver was starting to affect my mind.  I needed to stay alert if I was to find a way out of this.

“Our first adventure,” she went on after a moment, her hand unconsciously petting me, “Will be to take a long vacation away from all assholes.”  Sorry Bill, you were just eliminated from our trip.  I could hardly wait to tell him.  Now that was worth living for! “We’ll find a lake somewhere and swim all night long!” she said quietly but I could hear her smiling.

I was smiling, too, picturing her naked and wet under a full moon, my bite marks on her neck.  I followed that out and saw her wrapped around me, writhing in my arms as I fucked her in the lake, on the shore, in the night sky.  We would stay so far away from the rest of the world my name would be the only word she would still need to know.

“Then, when we were ready we would go find some evil doers to put down.”  They came for her then, pulling her up roughly. The loss of her touch burned more than the silver.  I tried pointlessly to rise.  If they hurt her I would come back as a ghost and shove a candle stick up Newlin’s ass!

“Ya’ll are just havin’ too good a time over here, playin’ make believe.  Take his whore away. Let him feel nothing but the pain.”  I saw her struggling to get back to me from my peripheral and I wanted to tell her to calm and not provoke them.  Before I could find the strength to speak Newlin leaned down and whispered in my ear.

“You really care for her, don’t you, vampire?” I bared my fangs at him and cut him a sharp look that told him what would happen if I got free.  He laughed confirming for me that he was as dumb as he looked. “I was watching Gabe on the camera when he tried to tap that.  I wouldn’t touch her myself, but I am sure there is someone here who would be willing to teach her what a real human man feels like between her legs.”  Rage blew the top of my head off.  If I could get free I would rip his cock off and stomp it before him as bled out.  Newlin laughed enjoying my pain.

“Don’t listen to him, Eric! Don’t let him get in your head!” she called to me. I knew then she was reading his mind.  Newlin made a motion with his arm and I heard a loud crack when someone struck her.  I growled and tried to rise again. I was dizzy now from the silver poisoning barely able to think of anything at all, except Sookie and her safety. Newlin leaned back down to me with more taunting words.  Trying to salvage something I offered myself for her life and Godric’s.

I faded out after that and did not come to my senses until Sookie removed the silver from me.  I moved quickly noting that Bill was now here as I grabbed Newlin’s neck prepared to end him right there. It was Sookie’s pleas that stopped me as much as the memory of Godric’s command.  Still light headed I wondered how we would ever dole out rough justice if she went all cupcake every time we had the upper hand?

After the battle was over and Godric disarmed everyone with only his words I looked back her standing in Bill’s unworthy arms.  “Are you all right?” I asked her.  Bill answered for her and dared to dismiss me, but it was her eyes that I listened to.  In them I saw a golden palomino and a black stallion running across a moonlit mesa in search of safety and adventure.

Someday, my eyes said back her, and as if she had heard me she nodded a ghost of a smile on her face.  I left her there and went to find my maker.


16 thoughts on “Renegades *One Shot*

  1. lostinspace33 says:

    Mmmm…Eric on a black stallion. Now that’s an image I’d like to dream about! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ericluver says:

    I don’t know about the black stallion, but Eric could ride me all day long 😉😊
    Lovely version of events although I guess it didn’t really resolve anything between them. Nice thoughts though!


  3. mom2goalies says:

    Sookie painted a lovely picture of them together! Maybe in your universe it’ll happen sometime and we can all read about a wonderful vacation they took out west with moonlight horse riding and swimming among other pleasurable activities!


  4. I like how they created their own world. I had not heard the song before and really liked it. The song really fit well with the story. I enjoyed the story .


  5. ashmo2000 says:

    That was sad, but beautiful. Sookie was seeing a completely different Eric, sadly one that lives in her fantasy world. I’d love to see that fantasy made real for them😟


  6. Now I’m made that Sookie didn’t keep her promise. Great shot!


  7. kinnik7104 says:

    That was great! I wish there was more to come. Perhaps another one shot of a story in the not too distant future of this one with them on their horses…LOL Great job!


  8. lcrafts says:

    These stories are beautiful, but this one was poetry. How could you not love someone who spoke to you like that. I love all your stories, but these little fixes (both TB and SVM) are my favorites…they are stunning in their simplicity.


  9. VictoryInTrouble says:

    I love that she comforted him. Love your imagination, too. Your mind is always working!


  10. What a sweet little piece 🙂 … Warms me to remember that once upon a time True Blood had good times and story lines with tons of potential. I swear I still become so fucking depressed when I think about what this show became in the last season. Good of you to pick a good moment and move so well with it.


  11. That image of them in Sookie’s mind riding horses under the moonlight was wonderful…
    Too bad TB didn’t have the same imagination!


  12. valady1 says:

    Such beautiful imagery, they went to their happy place to escape the ugliness surrounding them. I would love to see how this interaction might change what follows in their story.


  13. gyllene says:

    I love the story that Sookie painted for them. Someday. 🙂


  14. duckbutt60 says:

    Beautiful imagery –really gets you in the heart. I often wondered why he didn’t just grab Sookie and fly away –the ceilings in that “church” were high –he could have just hovered –or whisked them out the doors –seems like poor planning on Eric’s part…..


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