Banging On My Sanity

Banging On My Sanity

When we came out into the house above there were a half a dozen Z’s right outside the door waiting for us. When the door came open I kept moving at hyper speed dodging their reach and making for the nearest exit.  I was so intent on keeping Sookie from their grasp that I misjudged and felt one of them rake my back with their claws hitting me with enough force to send me flying as he flayed my back. I turned to protect her from landing under my weight taking the brunt of the fall into the wooden side board of the dining room.

Pam picked that out, I thought as it splintered on impact, breaking my ribs and lodging several pieces of wood into my neck and back. One of them felt dangerously close to my heart.  I saw Sookie shake her head and rise to stand between me and the Z’s that were still coming.  Moving faster than I would have thought a human could she leaned down and took a mouthful of blood from my neck wound, turning as she swallowed her hands lighting up.

Blast after blast light she threw at them and even in my dazed pain I could register that she was doing some serious damage with her light bolts. They pulled back and stood as one staring at us again.  Keeping her eyes on them she moved behind me and raised me up to see the worst the damage.  I heard her take a breath and then she jerked the wood from my back.  My ribs were healing but I had lost a lot of blood.  She took another pull from my neck and then stuck her wrist in my mouth.

A thousand thoughts ran through my mind.  None of them were appropriate to the moment.  We were about to bond a second time. I had yet to explain the first one to her.  I knew what she intended was healing.  She had no idea what she was offering.  I was in no position to refuse her.  I was not sure I would have refused her even if we had all the time in the world to discuss this action.

I bit her without hesitation.  I took enough to heal as fast as possible. I took a part of her into me, and as she pulled at my neck for the third time, succinctly refusing to let my blood loss be a waste I gave another part of myself to her.

It was the most gloriously terrible moment of my entire existence.

I was on my feet in seconds the sound of my ribs popping back into place whole made a sick disgusting sound as I took her back in my arms ready to move again. The horde was still standing still observing us as one.  When they spoke as one actual gooseflesh broke out on my cool vampiric skin.

Fuck! I didn’t know that could even happen.

SSSSSSSSOOOOOOKKKKKKIEEEEEEEE!” In the shock of it I hesitated.  It was a mistake.  The togetherness that had saved my life collapsed like a house of cards and she started screaming and fighting in my arms.  Holding her tighter I moved again, bursting through the nearest widow and reaching for the sky like a lifeline.  Below me I saw more coming, moving in en masse toward the house.  A few more seconds and we could have been overrun. They cries of rage at being denied followed us into the night, barely perceivable over Sookie’s screams in my arms.

I shifted her so that she was pressed to me and wrapped my arms and legs around her as we flew.  “Sookie, we are safe,” I whispered to her, running my hands up and down her back trying to calm her.  I kept repeating it to her until eventually she did stop screaming but she was shaking so hard I feared she might fly to pieces.

After calming Sookie I raced to figure out where we might go.  She must have felt my hesitation because she managed to say between chattering teeth from her shock that we needed to go east.  My instinct had been to go west further from the sun and I stopped in mid-air to question her.  I had ignored her before, dismissed her words as madness and that had been an error that nearly cost us our lives.  Before I made that mistake again, I would try and listen.

“Why east?”

“W-we h-have t-to go to a p-place called F-Four Point in Mississippi.” Four Point, I was familiar with that place.  It was right over the border between Louisiana and Mississippi.

“Why, Sookie?”

“K-Karin says that she will m-meet us there.”

“Who is Karin?”

“S-someone who can h-help fix t-this.”  She buried her head in my chest then and refused to speak further.  Was Karin real or was she a figment of Sookie’s tortured mind?  There was no way to know other than to go to Four Points and see if she was there.  I turned it over in my mind.  ‘Karin’ had been right about our safe house not being safe.  That was one in favor of trying.  The bottom line though was that there really was nowhere else to go that would give us anything other than what we had just experienced.

Nodding, I kissed her head and reassured her.  “Four Points it is then, my Sookie.  Thank you for saving me back there.”  She nodded.

“Welcome.”  I had more questions.  Did my blood make her stronger like it seemed to?  Is that why she drank before facing the Z’s? How did she know it was have that effect? Did she feel me now in our twice bonding like I felt her?  Cautiously I opened the bond.  I could not risk getting sucked into her madness.  She was a boiling pot of hot emotion up and down and all around and all over the place.  I kissed her head again and whispered my love to her and I felt part of her settle into something like complacency.

“I know,” was all she said.

“Thank you, Han Solo,” I said without thinking.  Once it left my lips I regretted teasing her, but she surprised me.

“Anytime, Princess,” she mumbled to my chest and I felt a tiny spark of amusement in our bond.  I started flying east thinking of where we might stop for the night.  She wasn’t going to like it but it was the best chance we had to stay safe and together.  Our other option was that I go to ground for the day and leave her alone and unprotected.  The Z’s needed to hide from the light but there were other things out here to worry about as well.  Survivors and what they might do if they found her alone and vulnerable.

No, leaving her alone was an absolute last resort.


When we landed at Russell’s old mansion in Jackson an hour before sunrise she took one look and then buried her head in my chest again.  I knew how she felt. I did a quick scan and surprisingly found that there were no Z’s in range of my senses. Still holding her I entered the house and moved through it at vampire speed.  No one was here, but other than that it looked just as it did when last we were here.

Odd, I had expected it to be gutted, all of Russell’s great treasures removed, but perhaps there had been things higher on The Authority’s agenda, when there had been an Authority.  The Sanguinista’s and Compton had ended that and since then the roller coaster had continued to run on I supposed.

Better things to do, more people to kill.  Lilith to release.  Was that what the Z’s were?  Lilith’s vision made flesh? Was she still out there somewhere?

I secured the doors and barricaded us into what had been Russell’s study.  Glancing around the room I noticed the remains of Talbot in the carpet and the hole I had punched into his treasure cabinet to take back my father’s crown.  Was that the moment that all of this had spun so completely out of control?

My action of vengeance had provoked Russell into his barbaric act of revenge on national television.  Had the humans been planning camps and anti-vampire weaponry before that moment or was that the planting of the seeds for this nightmare world?

So many questions, regrets and fears banging on my sanity that I could easily wind up in a ball beside Sookie rocking and drooling as I stared into distance seeing nothing but ghosts.

I needed answers.  Knowledge would quiet my fears and reason with my terrors.   She was sitting on the sofa in the dark when I lit the candles I had found in dining room. I sat beside her and took her hand in mine. So many questions.  Where to begin?

Begin with what is most important, Godric whispered in my mind again.   Right.  What’s most important?

“Sookie, what happened when we escaped the safe house…” she turned toward me, her eyes still open.  Her hand clenched mine.  “You saved me with your light.  How?  Was it because you drank for me?  Did my blood help?”  She nodded her head still looking at me as she though any minute I was going to disappear on her.  “How did you know?”  She shrugged but clenched my hand tighter still.  It would have hurt if I were human.

“I had some time to think about…things.”  I waited, hung by her every word.  “You said I was two Sookie’s?”  I nodded now.  “You liked fairy Sookie better, and I think that is because she is yours.”  I raised an eyebrow not following.  She sighed before going on.

“I was always a telepath, but I never shot light or nothin’ until I had your blood.” My other eyebrow went up.  “After Dallas…I was coming out of my shell…my skin…my mind.   After Dallas…I was fairy Sookie.”  I wanted to tell her that I loved her human side and her fairy side.  I loved all her sides but I held back hoping she would go on.  She pulled back from it though, shrugging again, distancing herself from saying that she was mine again.  I so desperately wanted to hear it.  I licked my lips as though I could taste the words she kept from me, from herself.

“It was just a hunch that your blood would boost me.  I had nothing to lose either way.” She dropped her head again.

“We shared blood like that before.  Do you remember when we drank together, in the cubby?”

“Yes,” she whispered, still refusing to look at me.  “You said ‘We will be one’,” she did a pretty decent imitation of my deep gravelly passion filled voice and I had to smile.  I had not known that she had a natural gift for mimicry.

It’s the little things…

“We bonded then in the cubby and again tonight.”  She nodded keeping her head down.  “You know what this means?”

“We are connected.  It’s why….why I could feel you even when you left me.”

“You are only supposed to feel me after we do it three times,” I said softly.

“Yes, because I have always done just what I was supposed to do when it came to you.”  She amazed me, even now broken into pieces her sass and intelligence captivated me.

“So, can you feel more now after we have done it a second time?”  She nodded again.

“I’m sorry, Eric.  I should have asked but…I needed to save you…and…and I needed to be sure, really, really sure that you were really, really here.  I just had to know.  It was wrong I know, ‘cause who would wanna be tied to a nutcase?  Right?  Right.  But I had to do something and- “I cut off her babbling with a kiss to reassure her that there was no regret in me for our second bonding.  I pulled back and rested my forehead on hers with my eyes closed for change.

“Thank you,” I said again.  It covered all the wondrous things she had done this night and all the others since she had moved into my heart.  I opened my mouth to ask about Karin but this time it was her kiss that silenced me.  When she pulled back she asked her question instead.

“You are ok, right? I mean they didn’t bite you did they?”

“No,” I reassured her softly.

“Lemme see,” she said standing to move behind me and pull up the remains of my shirt.  She pulled it over my head and ran her hand over my once again flawless skin. Her touch was amazing.  It tingled.  I noticed the room was brighter and turned to see her hand on me alight with her amazing power.  Everywhere she touched was a like a small electrical charge.  I had felt that before when she zapped me to stop me from killing Bill and returned my memories to me.

Was that where it all went wrong? If she had left me an innocent would this have all turned out differently?  My body overrode my mind responding to her touch.  I wanted her, but she was not well enough to make this kind of decision.  I could not risk damaging her further by letting this go where I so very badly wanted it to go.

I could feel the bond pulling at me, wanting to be complete.  The circle so close to being closed was the sweetest of hell.  I reached out with my mind and opened the connection to her and found that I could feel the same desire in her.  Did she truly want that or was it just my blood calling to me from inside her body?  Was the blood working its will on us both?  Did it matter?

I heard the zipper on the top of her track suit come down and my body responded.  If I turned around and saw her there the choice would be made.  I remained frozen when I felt her press her naked breasts to my broad back, the tingle telling me that now her whole body was alight.  It made my body tingle and my cock throb with need.  It hurt and I needed to adjust myself but I still refused to let my body move.  She kissed my neck making me tingle more where her lips touched me softly.  “Will you finish the bond with me?  Do you want that, Eric?”  More than anything.  Ever.

“If that is what you want,” I said still not moving.  “What do you want, my Sookie?” My hands clenched fearing that this would stop now, or that I would wake and find this was a dream as she had been telling me since I found her in Bon Temps.

“Everything,” she whispered in my ear.  I turned and pulled her into my arms before she finished quoting me again, mimicking my tone sounding so deep and sexy as I had when I had said it to her.  I looked into her eyes, seeking reassurance, but she closed them and kissed me.  I was powerless in the face of her as I had always been.

My kryptonite.  My bane.  My poison. My pleasure.  My fairy.  “My Sookie,” I whispered before I took charge of the kiss and pulled her into my lap.

“My Eric,” she answered as her arms came around my neck and she pressed closer to me.  There was no time for this.  There was no time for anything but this.  So many questions.  So many kisses.  So much danger.  So much passion.  So much uncertainty.  So much certainty.  This was the only thing that mattered.

“I am yours,” I told her as I kissed her neck making her tremble in my arms.  “Make it true,” I begged her shameless in this stolen moment of undeniable need.  Her legs still covered in her track suit wrapped around my hips squeezing me as she rubbed her body against my hard cock.  She locked herself around me and nothing had ever felt so good as that moment in her arms.  She kissed my neck, and then she licked me just before she bit down with her blunt teeth breaking my skin and making me bleed for her.

My fangs sank into her a moment later and through my closed eyes I saw the room get brighter and she took more of me into her.  My hands came to her hips pulling her hard against as my hips rocked up into her over and over again as we feasted on each other.  She came in my arms moaning just as my neck healed and I followed right behind her exploding beneath her writhing hips. She pulled deep moans of pleasure from my body as I licked her neck clean and pricked my tongue to heal her wounds.

She was glowing like the sun now and I held her tighter not caring if it meant the end of me.  I felt our new bond open up between us rushing like a swollen river.  I tasted her madness, her loneliness and her love.   Her love for me.  The current swept me away.  I let it.  Images and thoughts came rushing at me.

Z’s killing Bill, Jason, Alcide, Tara.  So much blood but when they faced her they had backed away.  I felt her anguish and her pain as she screamed at them, raged that they left her when they had taken all else.

I saw a woman, no a fairy….no! A vampire fairy with red hair.  “You must come to Four Points, Sookie!  Bring Eric.  There is still time to stop this!  If we-“

“NO!” Sookie roared leaping from my arms, madness rampant in her eyes again as the bond slammed shut catching part of my soul in its hinges.  The psychic pain made me scream, too.  I grabbed my head and kept screaming at the blunt severing of our fully open bond. “NO! NO! NO!”  Sookie kept screaming over and over, her arms wrapped tightly around her, her body bent over as tears poured down her face.

I wanted to go to her but I was not able to move.  Blackness came in on me, my perfect vampire vision narrowing to a small circle.  Just before it closed and I blacked out I heard Karin again.

There is still time…


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    Uh-oh! What just happened there?!

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    Oh god I never know what is coming next in your stories! I love that 😀
    So it seems Karin is real and there might be a way to stop the chaos. Hopefully it will come to pass soon so Sookie can heal and Eric and she can move forward together.

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    Poor Sookie. Hope Eric will be okay. Madness seems to be effecting everyone.

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    • idream3223 says:

      I’m working on it now actually. Hopefully tomorrow night 🙂 Glad you like it, but sorry, no spoilers 🙂 It takes the fun out of it for me because then I might change my mind and where would we be then? I am just making this up as we go along so it’s happening for me as it’s happening for you! 🙂 Thanks for reading! Oh btw, I am not sure you know this but I went all metafiction on you and VictoryInTrouble and wrote you into my story The Rainbows End. You and Vic were Sookie’s Marine Corp sisters that she remembers in flashbacks. You didn’t say anything but you didn’t throw anything at me either so I hope that is ok? 🙂


      • gyllene says:

        I didn’t know. I haven’t read that yet. I’m behind on my fanfic stories. I will have to check it out. I”m excited. 🙂

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      • gyllene says:

        I’m highly honored that you wrote me into your story. I may have to wait until tomorrow to read it. Do I get to hook up with Eric? LOL. That would be awesome!

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          Not yet, but it’s not finished. You and Vic are kind of tough in the story because you are part of the first women’s recon unit. It’s a cross over between Generation Kill/True Blood/ The Wizard of Oz and The Transverse. It sounds crazy, but I love that story. I was into it and then I stopped to do Image and grow my original stuff more and just haven’t gotten back yet. I do love it though. I think it’s my favorite. Vic and Gyl took care of Sookie in Iraq when she couldn’t do it for herself. No rush on reading, I look forward to hearing what you think whenever you get there! It was kind of a homage to you both because of how you both took care of me when I got here to FF land :).

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        • VictoryInTrouble says:

          oh god! Someone write me hooking up with Eric! That’s awesome! 😀

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    OMG! So many things to say about this chapter but I will start with- fucking amazing! I loved how Eric kept thinking of things that could have changed this outcome or reasons for this. He needs that, I think. Or at least, that’s how his mind works– always thinking of a million ways to and from the same place. I love that they bonded again, twice! Love that they had a little sexy time even in the midst of the horror. But what the heck happened at the end? Did Eric faint? The closing of the bond so abruptly left him broken? Or did he get hurt from a Z and something is happening. I’m glad there is still time. I’m glad he listened to Sookie. But what is she screaming NO about? (I don’t really want answers because Spoilers, Sweetie!) I see River Song every time you write that. 🙂 I love this so much- as is evidenced by the novel I just wrote. LOL.

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    • idream3223 says:

      First, I love your reviews! 🙂 always…the bigger the better 🙂 I love that YOUR mind is spinning as fast as his is. I love River Song. 🙂 I am glad you are having fun with this. It is a very dark story and I just thought if this were me and I had five minutes without a zombie trying to eat me what would I do with that dang Viking and I realized…I would be making with the sexy time while there was still time. However, the things that happened as a result well, just cause it was the best plan that Sookie and I had doesn’t mean it was a good plan, ya know? But in an apocalypse…what’s a girl to do? I follow the Buffy philosophy…grab a hot vamp and make out! 🙂 *hugs* thanks for reading!

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      • VictoryInTrouble says:

        That’s a good philosophy but I might amend it to be grab a viking vampire sex god and make out! I think that wold totally happen too. You are safe and you’ve just had ten thousand gallons of adrenaline pumping through your veins. Your endorphins are through the roof and there is a smoldering vampire with honey/wine blood(because this is how I imagine it would taste) running though his veins and a monster erection. Yeah…I know JUST what I would do. 🙂

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        • idream3223 says:

          You would tear apart Russell’s mansion looking for a scrabble game to play, right? 😀


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            ha ha! Riiiiiiight. Is there such a thing as strip scrabble? Cuz I could be down with some strip scrabble. Didn’t use all 7 of your letters for one word? Uh-oh, time to take off, hmm 1,2,3 articles of clothing. Oh, that leaves you naked? Drat.

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        omg, that’s hilarious! I never played strip anything that I can remember. I think we never needed an excuse- we just got naked. LOL

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          yep there is the scene: “Vic tore the mansion apart as Eric watched her with one eyebrow up. “Ah ha!” she yelled triumphantly running over and slamming the scrabble box down on the table. “Get naked!” she yelled. Eric willing complied. *the rest has been redacted to protect the innocent.” —the part that got me in the instructions on the site was the GROUP and the TOURNAMENT instructions. I mean really? KINKY!! 😀


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            Ha ha, the innocent… 😉 Well, I guess these strip games are for groups. It’s not as fun with only two. I liked that they stressed a safe word. Like if you think you need a safe word for game like that, where nobody is even touching, restrained, etc- then you should not be playing strip games with those people!

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            • idream3223 says:

              I dunno… it amuses me endlessly to imagine standing up and yelling “SNUFFLEUPPAGUS!” rather than refusing to take off my bra in front of a group of people. I learned how crazy can put people off awhile back. It would shift the attention off my nudity and onto my sanity. It’s a good trick. You can use it of you like. 😉


    • switbo says:

      You two are cracking me up!

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    I loved the Star Wars reference. One of my oldest friends swears that’s the best love scene ever.

    So glad they bonded and that Sookie seemed better. At least until there at the end. You’re killing me with these cliffies! Evil (brilliant) writer.


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      I would have to agree with your friend. It is one of the bedt ever! I still remember how it felt when i saw it the first time. Perfection!
      A pet viking would lead to less writing 😘 but i would take him anyway!! Glad you are having fun!!


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  19. Oh, this is torturous! Sweet agony.

    I’m trying not to cry in the middle of a Chinese restaurant!

    Oh, fuck it. Here come the waterworks.


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    • idream3223 says:

      Your reviews are…awesome…they offer peeks at something that makes me curious to see the whole picture. I found myself and my twisted little writer’s mind picturing the Chinese restaurant, were you alone, and what you must have looked like as the tears ran down your cheeks as you looked at your phone/tablet and read this story. And then there was someone with you or at a table next to you seeing you there and wondering what you were so overwhelmed with…and how they imagined your story. It goes on and on like a kaleidoscope and it makes me stop and turn around and wonder…who is that?

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      • Yay for adding backdrops to your life, like you add them to mine!

        I go to this restaurant a few times per month, sometimes dining in and sometimes getting take-out. [Their cashew chicken and moo goo gai pan are yummy!] The staff know me, they bring my drink choice [Cherry Pepsi] to my table before I even sit down. I dine there alone, as this is one restaurant that is strangely empty in the evenings and the quiet tinkling of Chinese muzak playing over the loud speakers relaxes me.

        My server is always patient with my desire to sit there and read [on my Android phone] for a while after finishing my meal, some days for a few hours, since I’m not keeping them from serving the empty dining room.

        If anyone noticed my display of emotions, it would have been the owner’s twelve and ten year old sons, but that is unlikely since they hardly take their eyes away from Angry Birds playing on their tablets.

        It is peaceful.

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        • idream3223 says:

          The Chinese place I go to sounds almost exactly like that. That is kind of cool if you think about it. 🙂 I like eating alone but only out of town, I am not sure why because I enjoy the experience…maybe it is because I don’t know anyone there and so there is no risk of someone coming up to me to talk. Out of town it seems…decadent and interesting, like I can focus on just what I want and be alone even if the place is crowded with people. I don’t know any places with Cherry Pepsi though, and that makes me sad cause Cherry Pepsi is the bomb! 🙂 Thanks for sharing that with me.

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          • I get that decadence in dining alone in a crowded place where no one knows you, and you can revel in the chaos that somehow brings your mind back to centered.

            I actually feel that freedom if I dine anywhere in this town [the Twin Cities, actually] because it’s so well populated I never see people I know unless I bring them with.

            I’m lucky it does not feel lonely to me. I really enjoy people-watching, too. It’s almost an impersonal intimacy we share with our fellow patrons.

            I recently witnessed the sweetest son, who takes his elderly mother and aunt out for lunch every Tuesday, talking and sharing and openly loving these women in such an unassuming way, that it was obvious they meant a great deal to him. He took his mother to the restroom with grace and kindness when it seemed her incontinence had made the trip an urgent one.

            I was so moved, nearing the end of their time at the table, I told him he was a good son, and thanked him.

            His mother beamed with pride and you could see the love in her eyes to see someone recognize her 60 year old boy for his good deeds.

            I definitely cried after that!

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            • idream3223 says:

              That is a great story. Do you write as well? The way you told that makes me think you got some skills there :). I like to people watch, too. I also like the drive by compliment, the perfection of the perfect stranger saying something warm and compelling in an unexpected way. It makes me feel a little bit like a masked hero, though I have only the mask of anonymity to cover me in strange cities and strange places that I pass through and linger but a moment. It gives me the warm fuzzies to smile and wonder what they thought of that strange masked woman who was there one moment and gone the next :).

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              • Ooooh. Masked, driveby kindness. I like that!

                I have started writing fiction [original], many many times, but I must not be writing the right things [I may have to steal your muse] because I never get past the first chapter before I get bored. I think I have a gig of unfinished work lurking and mocking me.

                I do however write poetry and songs that I record for me only [while I do claim to carry my tunes in a bucket, unlike our Sookie, I don’t have the best soloist voice. I do better in a choral setting where I can be one of many voices.]

                Liked by 1 person

                • idream3223 says:

                  I was in the same boat. I would start something and then get bored and start to have doubts that anyone else would ever find it interesting or worth reading. The “This is dumb” fear sets in about chapter three and then there goes the passion and the muse. I totally get it. Fanfiction can be great for exercising those muscles. I find the more I write the more I need to write and the more reviews I get that are good (yours are phenomenal) they encourage me to try new things. Here on WP I branched off into some original work that doesn’t get the accolades that E&S do, but that I still find them fun and very fulfilling to write. Those are under The Transverse on the menu tree, in case you are interested. Whatever you do I believe if you feed the muse, the muse will grow…:) As for stealing my muse…well, he’s six foot tall and Swedish, and the fictional version is immortal so there is time, and plenty to go around. plaster his handsome puss on the wall behind your PC and get to imagining 🙂

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • I am definitely going to check out your Transverse stuff!

                    And, *ahem*.

                    Six foot tall?

                    You forgot five whole inches! And these are VERY important inches, Missy!

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • idream3223 says:

                      See even I can’t appreciate it all, there is a gracious plenty to go around 😀

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Thank you for all the compliments! I realized I didn’t already say!

                      And, pishaw, you deserve every word of these reviews. YOUR work is phenomenal.

                      Thank you for sharing. Dang it! Now I gotta share mine. Can’t be a hypocrite.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • idream3223 says:

                      I look forward to seeing or hearing whatever you decide to share. If you sing, you could record it and put it on your WP site if you want to. (no pressure, seriously, it would just be something new) I was thinking of doing some readings of my stories and uploading them…but haven’t committed to that yet 🙂 Just different mediums for different folks 🙂

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