Come In Closer





The Big Bang- Come in Closer

“Oh, I like that!” she purred looking up at him a sexy smile on her lips pulling one to his own. “‘As we wish. I do wish, you know?” He shook his head, not clear on her meaning. “Right now, in this moment I want you. I. WANT. YOU. ” she stressed the words for emphasis, and he responded instinctively, showing her his fully extended fangs to demonstrate his own want of her. “There will come a time when I will need you. Do you understand the difference, Eric?” He nodded. “Tell me,” she commanded softly imperious.

“To want a thing is precious, it is a response to desire. To need a thing is to declare it essential to your very survival.”

“Oh, I did make the right choice in you. Sexy, smart, and unbelievably fucking hot. I am a lucky fairy.” He growled softly, vibrating against her as she praised him. It felt like she was snuggled next to a very large, very happy kitty cat. She rubbed herself against him. “Right now I want you, and it’s important that you know that. I will need you, but I intend this to be more than that.” Teased beyond his ability to hold on any longer he spun her around and pulled her tight against him, rubbing his arousal across her backside while he latched onto her neck, covering it in kisses. She purred now, and did not protest at his handling of her.

“No more talking,” he growled pulling her harder to him, resting his hard and ready cock in the impression of her ass. She pushed back against him, testing him further.

“More,” She echoed him pulling his arm up and to her lips and kissed his wrist softly before he heard her sharp little fairy fangs descend and pierce his flesh. He growled mouth open, his own fangs on display , and moved to her neck while he moved against her, in time with her moving against him. He felt her pull on the wound she had made and it felt like her lips were attached to the engorged flesh that wanted to slide into her like his fangs. He was moving on pure instinct now, the man battling the vampire. Fuck or suck, his mind screamed and he rebelled not understanding why he had to choose.

She let go of his wrist long enough to whisper fiercely, “No one said you had to choose!” before returning to her feast. His first taste of her then hit his tongue and his eyes rolled back into his head in pleasure. He pulled harder, taking more of her into him, feeling himself begin to burn inside as she slipped down his throat, touching him, lighting him up as he drank her down. He rubbed against her harder and continued to drink. She lost patience waiting for him and slipped her left hand down under her dress and up between her thighs, rubbing herself in time with the pulls on her neck and his thrusts to her backside.

Feeling her movements and her pleasure through their forming tie, his left hand traveled down and settled over hers, placing his large finger beside hers, and moving it at super vampire speed. She moaned around his wound and came hard in his arms still grinding against him. As she rode out her orgasm his hand slid further down where he slipped in one finger, moving it in circles around her opening, pushing out gently on each circle, stretching her open, alternating a deep thrust after every full circle. Soon, he added a second finger, swirling and diving in the same rhythm.

He felt his wrist wound start to close and reluctantly licked her neck wound closed. As he did, he slipped in a third finger, marveling at the heat and tightness of her body as she alternated grinding against his erection and pushing down on his swirling fingers. She was locked in motion, her only focus her pleasure and her much needed release that was just beyond her reach. She whimpered when he shifted his body to whisper in her ear. “Sookie….”

“Angh!” her only answer.

“Sookie,” he blew into her ear and brought his right hand up, plunging down the front of her dress to cup her breast, rolling it in his large hand, thumbing her hard nipple. It moved with his touch, hardening more and showing him how much she was enjoying his caress. “Sookie, I want to feel you cum. Let me feel it. Now!” His breathy command broke her, wanting only to please him and give into his simple, hard, much needed request. “Your lover commands it, Sookie. Let me feel you!” Her groan filled the room, as he felt his hand suddenly grow wetter from her release. He groaned and slid down and around her body in a move of pure grace, treating her like she was the pole and he the dancer. He landed on his knees in front of her, looking up a moment into her eyes, fangs still fully extended.

Rising up on his knees, never breaking her gaze, his hands came up and pulled the top her dress down, roughly, freeing her breasts to his gaze. Her flesh broke out in goose bumps under his gaze and he leaned in to take one in his mouth, purposely fully creating a shallow cut with his fang before taking it into his mouth to suck slowly and sensuously. She arched into his mouth, her hands coming up to cup the back of his head and keep him right there, doing that.

Like he had planned to leave. Never, he thought sucking harder, tasting her blood and her flesh, was at a loss to figure which tasted more exquisite. His hands were still tangled in her dress which was ripped from her body when he unconsciously flexed in response to her touching him, moaning for him. He released her nipple then and sat back to take her in. She was naked now except for her red heels and he was struck at the softness of her flesh, the yards of toned alabaster flesh on display before him. She was curvy in all the right places, her breasts heavy demanding that he release the shreds of her garment and cup them in his hands. They fit perfectly and she leaned forward to let him take the weight of them full in his palms. His thumbs stroked her nipples again and she closed eyes in pleasure. He stayed that way for seconds, minutes, days.

What is time to two immortal creatures such as us? Her question echoed in his mind again and he understood even better now the value of such a gift like immortality. All that time. All those things he might do with it. The mind boggled.

The mind boggled until the tongue took control, zeroing in on her wet thighs. It came out and started at her knee licking up, not wanting to miss a drop as he tasted her in this new way, all the way up to the core of her. His tongue took the opening of her as his fingers had, sliding in and then swirling the entrance of her, stretching her again and then sliding in deeper only to come out and swirl again. She whimpered and when his fingers came up to massage her aroused clitoris this time her hand came to rest over his, pressing him harder against her. A stream of obscenities fell from her lips as he increased and decreased the pressure going harder on her clitoris when he relaxed his tongue and then reversing it. He worked her like that until he felt her legs start to tremble telling him clearly that she was close to release again. That was when he equalized the pressure and worked at stretching her with his tongue while he pressed hard and rotated on her pleasure button. She screamed and this time his mouth was positioned to get every last drop. He drank her release as greedily as he had her blood, catching her before she crumpled to the floor just as her knees gave way once and for all.

Pulling her to him he attacked her mouth voraciously. The taste of merlot, his blood and her cum rolling over his taste buds driving him on, but despite his own pressing need for release he forced himself to pull back and rest his forehead against hers for a moment. She needed time to recover and he would not take her until she was ready and recovered. He had just resolved himself to the biggest case of blue balls in vampire history when he felt her amusement roll through their tie. He opened his eyes and looked at her.

“Oh, come on. You don’t think you are done, do you?” Her words barely registered when she pushed him back and looked down at him, her face flush with pleasure and desire dancing in her eyes. “You look incredible in that suit, but you have entirely too many fucking clothes on for what I have in mind now.”

“What you have in mind?”

“Oh, yes.” She leaned down now and took his mouth as he had taken hers. “I like the taste of me on your lips.” She reached down then, running her fingers through her wet folds before pressing them into his mouth, coating him in her again before kissing him deeply again. “Yes, just like that. MMMM. I should always be on you like this.” He pulled her closer seeking to taste more of her, kissing her hard and rough attempting to express his driving need to be in her in any way he could. Suddenly she pulled back.

“Eric, can you rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time?”

“W-WHAT?” he screamed from frustration and need more than because of the words she said. Her breasts jiggled as she laughed, entrancing him again for a moment. He was leaning in for another taste when she suddenly stood and held out her hand. Not questioning he let her pull him up beside her as he moved to pull her closer she stepped back just out of reach looking him over from head to toe.

She waved her hand and his clothes disappeared, leaving him naked in his erect glory before her. “Oh!” she gasped as she took in the sight before her. Six feet and four inches of golden god, perfectly formed. She waved her hand again and the tie he had used to gather his shoulder length golden mane was free and falling around his face like it had been caught in the wind. She walked around him then, admiring his sculpted form moaning in pleasure. Her sounds went right to his cock, which was now dripping his need he was so aroused. When she stopped in front of him, it actually twitched under her admiring gaze, demanding her touch, which still did not come.

“It’s a human game,” she said softly. “Pat your head and rub your stomach. Can you do more than one thing at a time, Eric?” He growled and moved to take her, to show her what he could do and she danced back again, the devil in her eyes. “Did you know I am a Sky Fae, Eric?” He nodded. “Do you know what it means?” If it meant that he could slide into her wet heat he didn’t care at that point what else it might entail. She laughed and he wondered if she was listening to him again.

She moved toward the wall of glass behind them and a door opened in it, the wind sweeping into the room, and caressing them both with a warm summer breeze. She looked over her shoulder and winked at him as she leaped into the sky and took flight.

Fuck, she can fly!

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8 thoughts on “Come In Closer

  1. Awesome chapter…loved how you are potraying Sookie with new power ..Gosh she can fly like Eric….


  2. They are going to join the mile high club 🙂


  3. VictoryInTrouble says:

    Omg girl! Fucking in flight? Mmmm.


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