The Big Bang- Connections

When her feet touched the ground she sheathed her swords and knelt next to the fallen Were. The pack, still kneeling watched her cautiously wondering what was coming next. She rolled him over, his human form having returned at his death on the end her sword. She placed him gently on his back on the soft grass, and then turned to face the pack again.

“Unite with me!” she called out placing both her palms flat on the ground before her.

“I am The Light, the Daughter of Air and Earth! Unite with me and together we can put right what is wrong!” As one the pack placed their hands on the ground, howling assent to her demand.

Eric watched, still frozen as he felt her in the bond reach down into the ground, into the heart of the world and tap into its power. She called forth the force of life itself at her command! He saw the ground around her light up, and the grass start to die and wither as its life force moved up her arms, infusing her with the power of life. It was thrumming in the bond, reaching him too, and for a moment it was so overwhelming so infusing he felt his own dead heart beat, once, twice, three times. His heart was pounding in time with pulsing light that covered his bonded’s body. Her scream split the night as she lit up so brightly he had to look away.

She was like the sun itself.

From behind his hand, raised to shield his eyes, he saw her turn and place her hands on the dead Were, the light passing from her to him in waves. The pack howled again, trapped in her spell of light and magic just as he was. She writhed in the light, leaning over the Were, her hands on his chest infusing him with the life force she pulled from the womb of the earth itself.

“LIVE!” she cried out, just as the light intensified one last time and body of the Were jerked beside her.

Slowly the light began to recede and the Were sat up, looking around. Confused he reached for his chest, looking for the mortal wound she had given him moments before. She smiled softly at him, and reached out to touch his face.

“First we did it your way. Now we do it mine. A warrior such as you should live on to fight and chase the moon for many cycles to come. I need an ally like you in the coming battle. Will you stand with me?” His face a mix of awe and adoration he nodded, placing his hand over hers on his face.

“To the bitter end, Milady.” She rose then and faced the pack.

“So say you all?” She called out, as the resurrected Wolf rose behind her to stand at her side.

“So say we all!” the pack answered as one.


“You know what to do now,” she told Flood when he approached her by the fire.

“Yes, Majesty. It will be done.” She nodded and started toward Eric, her gait steady, but he could feel her trembling in the bond. She was on the verge of collapse but determined not to let them see it. When she reached him she looked up at him, pulling on the bond for strength.

“Take me away from here, Eric.” She didn’t have to ask twice. He had her in his arms and in the air before she had finished speaking. His thoughts were moving like sludge as he tried to process what he witnessed. She clung to him, her body still vibrating from the power she had channeled to call the Were back from Death. Her skin still retained a glow that he could see plainly in the dark as they flew over the forest where the pack had gathered.

“Take us down,” she whispered and he immediately started looking for a place to land. She was growing hotter in his arms, almost burning his cool skin through his clothes. When the touched down he sat down on the ground and pulled her into his arms, rocking her.

“What is wrong, Sookie. Please tell me,” he said into her hair. She laughed a little shaking in his arms.

“All that and you want to know what’s wrong?”

“I could feel you before that, something is not right.” He was clearly worried. She grew hotter in his arms and suddenly jerked, seizing while he looked on helplessly. She moaned her eyes rolling back in her head.

“Connected,” she whispered, distantly. Like she was talking to someone she couldn’t see and not the worried vampire who held her in his arms. “All connected.” He was growing frantic, unsure what to do as she continued to seize uncontrollably in his arms. Not knowing what else to do he brought his wrist to his lips and tore it open.

“Drink,” he pleaded. When the first drops touched her tongue her hands came up to hold his wrist as she pulled his life blood into her. As their connection strengthened with each pull her saw what she was seeing, felt what she was feeling in the heart of the fire she had called forth from the earth.

Whispers of beings here and gone, holes in the web that tied all of creation together. “Connected,” he repeated as she continued to drink. The heat of her body was now passing into him, heating and burning him and he felt like he might burst into flames. So intense was his pain that he did not notice she had let go of his arm. She had pushed him back onto the ground now, tearing at his clothes savagely.

“Need you,” she said through clamped jaws. “Need you, please, need you now!” He felt it too ripped their clothes away with this supernatural strength, feeling like he was suffocating even though he had no need for air. Burning, burning so hot. He rolled them over and pushed into her, gasping at the relief he felt when they became one.

“Connected,” she whispered again wrapping her legs around his lower back, locking her ankles there, folding herself in half to allow him into her as deep as possible. He felt her around him, and through her he felt him in her. He moved, thrusting into her harder than he ever had before, seeking to relieve the pressure he felt in himself and in her.

“Connected,” he echoed her words, before he claimed her lips in a savage kiss, demanding that she surrender to him, to give him everything as she had promised earlier. Unbidden images of her in the well of light she had called forth from the earth filled his mind and he felt his flesh burn hotter, his need increase a thousand fold. She cried out beneath him, and he knew she saw it, too. “Life, he said as he continued to move in her, not able to get deep enough to satisfy his need. He wanted to be a part of her forever. Connected.

He reached down and unlocked her legs from his body pushing them down flat, folding her in the way that she could not manage alone, gaining that small distance that caused his length to bottom out inside her.

Her screams of pleasure filled the night forest and he moved faster. We can be one, if I can just reach you! Sookie! Please let me in. Let me in! His thoughts were disjointed and nonsensical but she heard him and answered by pulling him down to her, her fangs extended.

“Everything,” she said looking deeply into his eyes, and then she bit. He buried his face in her neck and tasted her again. Yes, this, this, he thought, this is what I need. I need you, Sookie!

As he drank he felt a flash of heat between them and he passed over the edge, letting go deep inside her, groaning. It was like nothing he had ever felt and kept getting better as he felt her hands on his back. There was another pulse of heat and the night lit up around them as her light entered his skin and he felt himself fill her again, his orgasm so intense that he lost himself totally, blacking out from the pleasure he felt. Her voice following him into the dark.



In a dream, in a vision, he did not know which he floated, disembodied, around him the shining web of creation. There were beings all around him, their hearts shining warmth as they held their strings in place.

They are our Fathers…they are our Mothers, Sookie spoke.

He turned to find her but she wasn’t there. On his left was a large white wolf, chasing a moon that never moved and that he never caught. He could feel the wolfs joy at the run that never ended.

To his right he saw a man shift into a bird and take to the sky, trailing his string as though he were a kite, again joy pierced him as the bird took flight.

He looked further and saw a vampire, fangs flashing, the master of destruction. He tried to turn away.

No, look closer.

He forced himself to look back and saw that there was more. There was strength, and with control there was passion and compassion in the Vampire Father before him. He stared in awe, never having seen what his species could be, that they were part of the Light. Forcing his gaze away he looked for her. She was there, he could feel her. Moving on he finally saw her pulsing brightly in the web. He moved to her and stood before her ethereal beauty.

This was her true face, the one she worried he could not love. She was beautiful to his eyes, glowing as she had when she channeled the Earth to save the Were.


He turned from her to look the way he had come and saw Darkness closing in. One by one the Fathers and Mothers fell to the Darkness.

NO! he screamed turning back to her. It was then that he saw it. Life. Inside her. Glowing as brightly as the web that held them all.

ERIC! She screamed for him, but the Darkness closed in taking her and their child and he couldn’t save them. In the dark another voice spoke.

Go west. Don’t stop until you find your sun.


Ask me when we meet again.

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3 thoughts on “Connections

  1. Holy Hotness! Time for a cold shower! That was amazing!


  2. Great chapter!!! Sookie ressurected the dead were and the connection between Eric and Sookie so awesome


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