Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover


Fuuuuck, I should have bought a lottery ticket.


Eric straightened  from his bow and looked into the dark eyes of Queen Brigant again, the charge still filling the air, brushing his skin like he wanted her lips to do.  She smiled, like she heard him.


“I did,” she said, turning from him so fast her hair flipped over her shoulder, almost brushing him as she moved back to the sofa.


“Ah…you did what, Majesty?” he moved to follow her, his steps automatic, wanting to be close to her.  Her laugh made him shiver again as she sat and turned to look at him again.


“Hear you.  I did hear you, Eric.  I am sure you know I am a telepath.”  He sat suddenly, his grace deserting him momentarily as he felt a knot of resentment form in his middle at her intrusion.


“I had heard that rumor, yes, but I don’t believe everything I hear.”   He leaned back now, composing himself, and maintaining his mask of indifference as he crammed all the thoughts he didn’t want to share down deep into the darkest corners of his mind.  He would not allow himself to be violated in this way in addition to everything else.  It was not acceptable.


She had watched him compose himself and waited until his seemed ready to go on with their conversation.


“I am not listening now, Eric, and I won’t again until we are finished talking.”  He inclined his head, doubting her, so he thought about attacking her, ripping her throat open and gorging on her precious Fae blood until she turned to powder on his shoes.  She didn’t even so much as flinch at this vicious imagery.  Perhaps she was telling the truth.  Perhaps she was a liar.  Time would reveal the truth.  She leaned forward and picked her glass of merlot, taking a small sip before cupping the glass between her hands and looking at him intently.


“When Appius agreed to our deal I knew that you would have to come, but whether you stay will be your decision.  If you want to leave I will release you.”  Eric’s eyebrow went up, he was intrigued.  She went on when he didn’t speak.  “The Great Reveal six years ago let the world know that the Fae were real and that we were here to stay.  So far no other Supernaturals have come forth, and having to guard against the humans as well as other races has left us at a disadvantage.”  She paused, before pinning him with her stare again.  “It’s left me more vulnerable than I am comfortable with at this time.  I have ruled here as part of the Fae regime for centuries, openly since the Reveal.  I am much sought after for…many reasons.”  Again she hesitated.  She shook her head again, flicking her long blond hair over her shoulder in that unconscious way that all women who wear their hair long have.  “I want to offer you a deal.”


“Go on,” he prompted his voice low, almost a growl.


“I am approaching the time in my life when I need to take a mate.”  His eyebrow went up again, his cock seemingly tied to it rose as well.  Noticing the change in his body she exhaled softly, moaning so low that no one other than a vampire could have heard it.  She licked her lips again, before pulling her focus back to his eyes.  “Many want me to choose them, but I refuse to tie myself to any other royal Fae house through offspring that would inevitably result from our undeniable union.  However, I can’t deny what is going to happen, and I can’t stop it.  For many days I will be weak and unable to protect myself as my body seeks to reproduce.  I need…I need a mate who can service me, produce no offspring and protect me while I am at my weakest.”


“And you think this is me you speak of?” his voice even deeper now as he inevitably imagined her legs splayed open and wrapped around him while he pleasured her over and over again.


“Your maker is a monster, but somehow that monster produced a child of honor and strength.  If you tell me that you will be the man I seek, then I will believe you.”  He leaned back now, looking for the hook, while again regretting that he had no lottery ticket for tonight’s mega ball millions.  Mega balling millions, his mind whispered, and a ghost of a smile crossed his face.  He shifted his hips seeking to find some relief from the tailored suit that was not designed to comfortably contain an aroused vampire.


“And, what’s in this for me?”  he pinned her now, demanding truth.


“You mean besides the best sex of your existence?”  She tilted her head, and smiled before taking another drink of wine, this one bigger than before.  He watched the muscles of her throat work as she swallowed and shifted again as he grew impossibly harder imagining her swallowing him, moaning as her throat muscles worked to take him all the way down her throat.  “If you are so inclined, once I am recovered, I would like you to stay and work for me as my enforcer.  Your reputation as a lover is second only to your reputation as a warrior.”  She set the glass down now, and moved closer to him.  “I am brave, and strong, but I need someone I can put my back against when things get crazy.”  Her hand came up now to cup his jaw, her eyes still locked on his and he fought the impulse to lean into her touch.


“I would be your slave?” he asked, his rage and contempt of his perceived situation coming through clearly in his tone as well as his choice of words.


“Never that, never a slave, Eric.”  She moved closer now, still looking him in the eye as she caressed his face.  “You would be my lover,” she kissed his cheek softly, “You would be my Protector,” she kissed his other cheek now, “You would be my friend.”  She stopped then and waited for him to speak.


“Your ‘friend’?” he repeated, sounding surprised


“Have so many do you, Viking that you don’t need another?”


“No, I don’t think I have any at all.”


“Me either.  I have enemies, and suitors, and usurpers, but no friends.  No one I can count on but myself.  Has your life been so different, Eric?”  Rather than speak he brought his hand up to cup her face now, mirroring her caress of him.


“No, not that different at all.”


“I have no illusions, Eric.  I know what you are, and I know what that means.  We are natural enemies, we are both opportunistic creatures, but we also understand honor, and passion, and the value of comrades in arms.  It is your choice, Eric.”


“And you will be my lover,” he kissed her cheek now, “My Protector, ” he kissed her other cheek, “You would be my friend?”


“Yes,  I would be all that, Eric, to you as you are to me.”  He broke her gaze and looked down at her moist kissable lips.  His eyes drifted shut as he allowed himself to feel the warmth of her closeness, and the wonderful smell of her.


“For how long?” he whispered, leaning in closer to her mouth.


“Who knows?” she asked, leaning in as well.  “What is time to two immortal creatures such as us?”


“Indeed,” he mumbled just as his lips touched hers, slowly, softly.  They were so sweet, so fucking sweet and when she moved into his arms to deepen the kiss and wrap her limbs around him, he pulled her closer and claimed her lips for himself.  After long, slow, hot minutes of kissing, he moved to her neck, instinctively finding the spot he knew she would have, and where it would be on her neck right below her ear.  He blew air across her skin damp from his kisses and she ground down on his aching flesh that had found its way to the heat radiating from between her legs.  She knew his spots, too.


“It’s your choice, Eric.”  He growled in response pulling her hips against his aching erection again.


“If I say yes, can we get out of these clothes and seal this deal with sweat and cum?”


“Ummm, no.”  It took a moment for her words to sink into his sex addled mind.


“Whatdoyoumeanno?” his words came out in a frustrated rush.  She pushed down on him again, moaning now herself.


“If you say yes, then we seal the agreement with a dance and a drink.  I want you to have no doubts that I seduced you into agreement.  I want your mind clear when you decide, so that there are no doubts when I claim your body for myself as to how you got there.”


“Got where?” he asked, looking at her with large drugged blue eyes, barely tracking what she was saying.  She leaned down then, pressing her lips to his ear and whispering softly.


“Buried inside me, screaming my name as I ride you at a gallop.”  His whole body shuddered in desire and need as her words penetrated the haze in his mind.  As he fought for control she slipped out of his arms and away.


“You play dangerous games, Highness,” he growled at her.


“They’re the only kind that are any fun at all, ” she smiled at him and downed the rest of her wine before standing and holding her hand out to him.  He stood and she pulled him to the middle of the red room and into her arms.  Music started playing from somewhere and they moved their bodies together in time with the music.  His chin resting on the top of her head.  “This is dangerous for you, too, Eric,” she whispered.  “Many will want to kill you for taking this position alone, not to mention the ones who will try and take you out to get to me, and then there is me.”


“You?” he asked, kissing the top of her head, still moving in time with the music.


“There is the remotest possibility that you will not survive my voracious sexual appetite.”  He chuckled.


“Oh, but what a way to go.”  She laughed then, too.


“I’m not kidding.  My guard was right,  you should be scared.”


“A hero is not a man who is never scared, he is a man who is scared and acts in spite of it.”


“And you will be my hero?” she asked looking up at him, suddenly serious.  He knew what she was asking, and he considered a moment what she offered him.


“Yes.”  She pulled his head down then toward her neck.


“Then let us drink to seal the deal.”


“What?”  he pulled back slightly unsure what she was playing at.


“I can and will read your mind.  It will be a gift and curse for us as it has always been for me.  In return, I will share blood with you once so that you might feel me as well. So that you might know the truth of me as I will know it of you.”  He hesitated.  “You know it’s the only way.  We are not trusting creatures. We didn’t survive this long by trusting blindly.”  He still hesitated.  He never shared his blood but he knew the truth of what she was saying.  Finally, he nodded.


“As you wish, Majesty.”


“No,” she shook her head, “As we both wish, and Eric?  When it’s just us like this, call me Sookie.”  He nodded a serious expression in his face.


“As we wish, Sookie.”



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8 thoughts on “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover

  1. Loved how this story started Sookie queen of Oklahoma!!! I wanna see where this leads to…….


  2. VictoryInTrouble says:

    “Buried inside me, screaming my name as I ride you at a gallop.” — damn! This is quite a visual! How have I not read this?


    • idream3223 says:

      LOL! I don’t know! But it seems like you are having a good time now! 🙂 Is this the only thing you haven’t read of mine yet?

      Liked by 1 person

      • VictoryInTrouble says:

        Having the best time. I had to put it away last night and I have a book club mtg tonight so will be itching to get back to it after that! There are other things I haven’t read. The Psychic is on my list. Not sure what else but I want to read your Original fiction too.

        Liked by 1 person

        • idream3223 says:

          Well let me prep you now its not finished but i do plan to wrap it up over the holidays. Lots of folks have been yelling for more 🙂 i think i will use the holidays as a wrap up of things that have been lingering. Book club? I always wanted to be in one of those. Do you like it? What are you reading now?

          Liked by 1 person

          • VictoryInTrouble says:

            I do like it. I’ve been going for over a year but it’s getting harder to read the books when I want to spend my free time writing. Luckily no one much cares. We’re all friends- we eat and drink wine and discuss the book and then just chat. Now we’re reading Tell the Wolves I’m Home.

            Liked by 1 person

  3. trubie35 says:

    Good God! Every story I start is better than the great one I just finished! It’s like I’ve found the fountain of Eric and Sookie! Thank you!


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