The Big Bang- Decisions

Before the light had cleared Eric knew there were two humans, two vampires, and two fairies present, and then he was in motion toward Compton who was prostrate on the floor.  He had just reached out to pull him up when Lorena attacked him from behind.  Dropping Compton he turned and removed her head, barely slowing to register her body disintegrating.  He had known her before, in another life and knew that even if she had information she would not give it up as easily as Compton would.

When he released Compton he had gone straight for Pam who was focused on Alcide.  He caught her just as she got to him and knocked her across the room and into the fairy that Eric had sensed.  At that moment Hamilton’s gun went off and the missed the fairy that Pam had just knocked down, hitting her instead. Compton was on her again in a minute screaming about the demise of his maker, blood tears coming down his face.

The humans saw this as their opportunity to escape, and turned to the door only to find Sookie there waiting for them.

“Not so fast, boys.”  One of them still held the majority of the lemon that he had used on Alcide, and he quickly brought it up and sprayed it directly in her face.  She  raised her hand quickly, using the air to form a shield that protected most of her, but she had been a little slow and some of it had gotten through, landing on her face, blisters forming immediately.  She did not scream or drop her shield, but Eric sensing her agony was distracted.  Coleman who had thrown off Pam’s limp form, took his chance pulling a wooden stake from his pocket and moving to stand behind Eric, poised to strike.

Through her agony Sookie saw Eric’s attention on her rather than Coleman and cried out, “Behind you!”  Eric turned in time to avoid a heart strike but still Coleman was still able to bury that stake in his shoulder.  Eric’s roar filled the room as he attacked Coleman, fangs out, going for the throat.  The terrified humans screamed when they saw Eric’s fangs and started yelling about vampires again.  Knowing she needed to end this quickly, Sookie removed the air from their lungs forcing them to unconsciousness, then she moved to Compton who was sitting on Pam punching her over and over screaming about Lorena.

“She was my maker, bitch! How dare you take her from me!”

“Pain” Sookie said touching his shoulder and sending him into screaming convulsions before turning back to Coleman.  Eric had him by the throat now and she could sense that Coleman was about to teleport away and take Eric with him.  They were next to Alcide who had what appeared to be a lemon wedge in this mouth.  In a blink of an eye, just as Coleman was starting to light up she teleported the lemon from Alcide’s mouth to Coleman’s.  His light was immediately replaced by muffled screams as he jerked in Eric’s hand, the pain rendering him helpless.

“Check Pam,” Eric ground out, dropping Coleman and falling to a knee, blood loss from his wound making him too weak to stand.  Pam by this time was sitting up and starting to crawl toward Alcide, leaving a trail of blood behind her on the floor from the gunshot.  Seeing Pam moving Sookie went immediately to Eric.

“Drink,” she told him and he allowed her to pull him to her neck, resting there a moment before taking her offering to heal himself.  When he pulled back her saw the blisters on her beautiful face from the lemons and rage filled him.  Taking some of the blood from his shirt her rubbed it on the wounds and watched as they healed, sighing as he felt her relief in the bond.

Hamilton was still standing exactly where he had been when he shot Pam, frozen by his own error, and also by the speed and ferocity of what had just happened before him.  He had never seen vampire fight before.   He had not been prepared for the speed of viciousness of their attack.

“Alcide!” Pam gasped as she finally reached his side and saw that he was barely alive, part of his handsome face eaten away from the lemon juice.  Immediately she tore her wrist open and tried to feed him, but he was too far gone to swallow and her blood ran out and down his chest.  “Come on!  Don’t do this!  Drink, goddamnit!  Don’t you bail on me.  Drink you fucking coward!  Drink and live!”

“Pam!  Pam, stop.  He’s too weak to drink we need to get him home, we can care for him there.”  Sookie tried to calm her, sensing that Alcide was fading fast.

“No, I will not give him up! I won’t!” Frantically, she pulled at his restraints in an effort to get him on the floor so that she could pour more blood into his mouth. She got him lose and had him laid on the ground when Eric spoke.

“Pam, it’s too late.”  She screamed then, denying the loss and refusing to accept it.

“Then I will turn him!  I won’t let him die, not like this, not now!  It’s too soon for me to lose him!”

“Is that what he would want?” Eric asked Pam as he looked to Sookie to see if she thought this was the right thing to do.

“I don’t give a fuck what he wants, it’s what I am going to do!  I can save him!” she latched onto his neck then and started to drain him.  Her action broke Hamilton from his freeze.

“Stop!  Whatever you are doing just stop, ok?” he was hysterical as he leveled his gun at her ready to take another shot.  Eric was on him before he could pull the trigger, tossing the gun away and restraining him from interrupting what Pam was attempting.  He again looked to Sookie for reassurance that Pam was making the right decision.  That this would work.

“I don’t know that it will work,” she told him her voice uncertain for the first time since he had met her, “but if it were me, I would want you to try, Eric.”  He nodded and they watched as Pam came up, her fangs covered in blood and tore her wrist open again.

“Drink damn you, drink!” she screamed at him, working his throat muscles to get the blood down.  After a  few moments he started to swallow on his own, bringing his hands up to hold her wrist in place as he gulped her blood.  She laughed then, stroking his hair back from his forehead gently, whispering words of encouragement to him as he drank.

“Stop!  Please don’t do this!” Hamilton screamed twisting uselessly in Eric’s grasp.  “You’re making him a monster like you are!  This is your fault!” he turned his blazing eyes to Sookie.  “You did this!  You brought them here!  It’s because  of you-”  Eric knocked him out then with a punch to the face before letting him fall to the ground.

Pam, weak from her wound and from giving Alcide so much of her blood passed out then, and Eric moved forward to pull her wrist away from Alcide, who then lay still beside her.  Standing he looked to Sookie and then surveyed the room around them.  The humans, Compton and Coleman were all unconscious on the floor around them.  He was about to ask her what she thought they should do next when he felt something ripple through the bond.  His eyes turned back to her and he saw a look of absolute terror on her face for a second before she masked it, and tried to reassure him with a smile.  She reached her hand out to him and he moved to her side instantly, pulling her into his arms.

“What is it?  What’s wrong, Sookie?”

“Promise me, promise me that you will fight, Eric.  That no matter what you won’t let them win!  Promise me!”  her body was now lighting up in his arms.

“What’s going on, Sookie?”  he was frantic now as he felt her start to disappear, he held on tighter, trying to go with her, but was unable.  She kissed him then, holding his face in her hands for a moment before her caress was too light to feel.

“I love you, Eric,” she whispered and then in a blinding flash of light she was gone.  He was alone.

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2 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Oh god is Alcide dead? did Pam turned him? But most of all where the heck did Sookie go?


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